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  6. Infernoid - Discussion

        I've never missed Cyclone since cutting it entirely. And idk why you're still defending Vanishment, even when we've basically established that VI isn't very good. So you're running 1-2 useless cards to search out 1-2 worthless cards. It does nothing to further your position or get you out of the early game which is this deck's biggest weakness. Needle Bug is gonna be live the turn after you set it no matter what you drew/milled/etc. While VI needs them having a monster from Extra on field for it to be useful. And Terra just sucks, clogging up your own Extra for no reason. Not a fan of Torrential just because you'll rarely ever see it, and when you do, the dead mst's your opponent had in hand all game all of a sudden become live.   I think everyone should be running 2 Breakthrough skill at this point for monster floods like Vanity's Fiend, and more importantly, Retaliating C. No worse feeling than resolving Reasoning when that shit hits the field.
  7. Infernoid - Discussion

      What? I don't understand the logic here. Of course the chances of drawing Dekatron or Reasoning are higher than drawing Dream, you have more of them. You're also discounting the fact that it's searchable with Vanishment (and so is Seer - searchable protection from anything is very good).   Oh, and as for ARG, are they still using that fake list? Unless I read VI wrong u have to use Onu and Devy to fuse right? So the chances of you already having milled them by the time you draw VI is pretty high, making it dead in a sense. And there are 39475627284 other cards I'd run before Void Vanishment..
  8. Infernoid - Discussion

    the list from the ARG event this weekend:   Shawn Rai Deck: Infernoids Monsters: 21 1 Raden Hand of the Lightsworn 3 Infernoid Decatron 3 Infernoid Harmadik 3 Infernoid Patrulea 2 Infernoid Antra 1 Infernoid Onuncu 1 Infernoid Devyaty 3 Infernoid Attondel 2 Infernoid Seistemas 2 Infernoid Piramis Spells: 14 3 Reasoning 1 Monster Gate 3 Upstart Goblin 3 Dragged Down to the Grave 1 One for One 1 Burial from a Different Dimension 2 Void Seer Traps: 5 3 Mind Crush 2 Torrential Tribute Extra Deck: 15 1 Castel the Skyblaster Musketeer 1 Evilswarm Exciton Knight 1 Gem Knight Pearl 1 Star Eater 1 Scap Dragon 1 Crimson Blaer 1 Number 11: Big Eye 1 Mecha Phantom Draccosack 1 Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand 1 Gaia Force of Earth 1 Scrap Archfiend 1 Black Rose Dragon 1 Alsei Sylvan Protector 1 Ally of Justice Decisive Armor 1 Armades Keeper of Boundries Side Deck: 15 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Spell Canceller 1 Thunder King Rai-Oh 3 Light Imprisoning Mirror 1 Mistake 2 Royal Decree 3 Breakthrough Skill 1 Majesty’s Fiend   Although I understand the 4 reasoning targets, I'm almost certain he lost due to bricking. Seems like he'd draw countless Noid-only hands, but Upstart and the Draggeds helped probably   Thoughts?
  9. Infernoid - Discussion

    The chances of drawing Decatron / hitting it via Reasoning > chances of drawing VI, which is reason enough not to run it imo, unless you're running multiples, which is even worse. A lot of times you'll want to Deca -> Onu/Devy depending on what you need, making VI dead
  10. Infernoid - Discussion

    Is that a good thing though? In regards to your previous post though, you are right about Trish not really being the best card in this extra deck. Summoning Trish in this deck essentially means you are "goat-locking" yourself, except your "goats" are actually a tiny bit threatening. Not to mention, when you make Trish, you have to devote quite a bit of resources into summoning it. I tried running Rekindling so I can re-occur the Decatrons, but I ended up milling it more than seeing it, so I personally cut it. But do others think it's a good card and that I might of just hastily cut it, or is it really just one of those "cute" cards that shouldn't really be in the deck? Why would you want to run a card that's either dead or milled 80% of the time, in a deck already prone to bricking terribly on its own? For the deck to progress we need to cut the cute shit out and run cards that will better our position or speed the deck up. I'm testing a needlebug at the moment, worked pretty well back when Deca was illegal so we'll see how that goes
  11. Infernoid - Discussion

        - Why no mained Seers? Dropping Devy into backrow protected by Seer's one of my favorite plays, and it stops so many other things I'm not sure why u wouldn't run at least 2 - You seem to have built your main to deal with heavy bacrow with 3 Pirmais, 2 Lyla, and 3 mst's for w.e reason I'm not sure. Most of those would be pretty dead vs Nekroz, Shaddolls, ritual beasts, and the mirror. I'd run only 1 Pirmais and 1 Lyla, maybe side the 2nd but I honestly never felt the need. I'd rather side the MST's and main 1-2 Cyclones - I'd run at least 2-3 Antra, really great for bouncing Shaddoll fusions, Dantes, Virgils, tellar Diamonds, Dark Law, etc with little investment - I'd side at least 2-3 Lancea or Chaos Hunter for the mirror, Nekroz, and Ritual Beasts - Agreed on Lumina, I only run 1. But I'm testing 3 Raidens atm just to speed things up and have a higher chance of being able to drop the light synchros when needed - Not sure about the rank 7 and 8s in your extra, I've never felt the need to drop a rank 7 and have it be worth the 4-card investment, much less an 8. I'd drop those for some rank 3's, maybe 101, Dweller, and Crimson Blader as well. Was thinking of also running Berzerk after having it played so many times against me. Extra is a little tight though - Lastly, I'd side 2-3 Breakthroughs just for shit like Vanity's, Dark Law, Winda, etc
  12. Infernoid - Discussion

        Yea the deck's working wonders. Still using the same build I posted above, only changed the side count to 2 Hunter and 2 SIM. My most annoying matchup is honestly BA but only because they can out-resource you fairly quickly. I've already addressed the Imagination issue above; decided against running it. Cyclone was ok when I was playing it, and it did its job here and there, but I found myself just hating to draw it. I already main 3 decree, Lyla, 3 Patru, 3 Deca, and 2 Seer for b/r, and 7 of which do other things on their own. Most of the traps sided against this need to be shotgunned asap to be of any use, in which case Cyclone is dead for that moment, which could be the diff between winning/losing.         Urthor hit me up about that a couple weeks back. It seemed great in testing, but I've been having a lot of success with Decree and hesitant to drop them. The endphase decree on set Vanity, Lose 1 turn, reqliate, fiendish, call, etc has felt better, and come up more often than devastating Dragged plays.
  13. Infernoid - Discussion

    I believe your making a mistake not including void imagination. While yes the fusion is meh, VI provides a future fusion-esque mill while punishing players for entering their extra deck similar to shaddoll fusion. And even though the fusion is meh the effect can be very devastating at times. It essentially is can be a more precise reasoning #5-9 without blowing through your s/t.       I mean I've used it in testing for about a month and just hated drawing it dead. Running multiples was just terrible because if you dropped the fusion already then the rest of the VI's are dead in a sense (cuz rarely is there a situation in which I'd summon Devy or Onu just to fuse and it be the best play). And if you mill Onu or Devy, then they're [i]all[/i] dead. Ofc there's the similarity with shaddoll fusion but that card is just...way better lol.         There are better cards to side against the decks I really need to side against.