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  1. DuelistGroundz username: iFocus Discord username: Wakeen Crew Formats: Prefer Current Format / Goats Expected level of activity: Usually on 5-6 days out the week on for 6-10 hours a day Want to be on a team with (list any DGZ users that apply): I just want to develop myself and others (Optional) Credentials/why you would be a good team member: I am always down to learn, ive warred before on dn/db and other war teams. I play loads of yugioh
  2. I liked this. I'll agree with ACP on the fact that people aren't set to win. They don't think, they don't test correctly, and they don't take time to understand interactions or read the cards tbh. You can spend hours, days, or more testing and it not getting anywhere. Just because you are playing many games and switching cards in an out vs the matchups you are testing doesn't mean that you were prepared correctly.
  3. Infernoid - Discussion

    this deck got lit again because of PK Fire being a deck. THANK U BASED IMAGINATION
  4. Infernoid - Discussion

    Lost last round at Indy to Traptrix Raff. Nat Beast. Iron Wall. Strike. Really nothing you can do.   I got 15th of 256. All in all. deck performed well.      The reason that decklist was trash was first it wasn't mine second he played cards that were just really awful. Like the level 1 and more Antra, he also played 2 harma and that made no sense why Antra and the lv1 would be better than the 3rd harma...He literally also played the lv5 like SERIOUSLY they suck.   lv8s are broken well rank8s and he played 2 attondel 2 seits I don't mind successor card but bts is kinda mediocre and Solemn cards are superior.    HE MAINED IMAGINATION IN A MONARCH KOZMO PEPE FORMAT....Like wtf and the decks he'd wanna play vs he has a solid matchup vs -_- i think the void stuff is really just meh when the launch means  need to go first and pure is meh when it dies if u are doing stuff not noid related which cards like Omega and stuff.   How the fuck did he get 5th.
  5. Infernoid - Discussion

    what are u even serious...that list is trash
  6. Infernoid - Discussion

    why are we talking about Imagination and Ntss right now... Anyone going to Vegas should be playing something similar to what I posted and everyone not going should be waiting on banlist or attending regionals. Literally no reason to imagination unless you wanna brick when they force you first. This is why I sided it in the first place, but eventually cut it. Also I'm at 4 counter traps and bts. 2 upstart and system down in the side so 4 cards for Kozmo.
  7. Infernoid - Discussion

    oh no doubt, I've seen so many players outright drop easily won games because they leave themselves open by locking themselves under too many levels or not really fully utilising defense from the extra deck/main deck options because they just think opening reasoning is gg how often do pepe play into quaking from your experience?       Depends really. Most of the good players have either seen my build or they have seen the build I have given to the people mentioned so really they are now assuming the backrow is real. In a long round tourney though I assume that won't be the case and many assume Noids don't play relevant cards and so they lose to the first Strike/Quaking that is played on them.    I'd say though 4/10 times I've resolved quaking vs Pepe which to be honest is better than expected.
  8. Infernoid - Discussion

    To Jimmy. - It's not that players don't decide to play this deck it's just they aren't competent enough. To be fair some of DN's finest Infernoid players use list very similar to the one I was going to play for YCS Vegas(below)   HumanBlueprint88 Bomberleriot ShootingBLS Extravagant Endless-Waltz   All these guys I work with and none of them are from the United States. They all ask and come to me for advice and I'm not trying to sound full of myself, but I've worked extremely hard on this deck and I know when I build a list for a format it is great. It's very hard to share ideas with players when they don't understand interactions and why my build is the way it is.    5 Normal Summons.  I have experimented with 4 and 6 and you only need 5. The duel is more in your favor the longer you can wait to use the normal in the turn. Because of Level Restriction(LR) you can't always out every board or place max damage. You want to be able to summon a lv7/8 and summon another next to it and then normal. Sometimes turns make you summon the Deca or Raiden first and that is where the problems occur. The only reason these are the only normal summons are because Deca is the best and Raiden is second best. Lumina is terrible outside of having the target in grave and does nothin t1 and same for cards like Lyla. You want as many playable cards in the turn and Raiden being a way to mill, a tuner, and lv4 provides you with the best possible chances of outing a board along with Patrulea when you can afford to not use Deca as the normal. Too many normals is cloggy.   1 of Him. 1 of Her. Devy is falling out of favor as being the better of the 2. I want to always see Onuncu before Devy usually. The reason you want only 1 is because Noids aren't rulers. They can't replace themselves so drawing hands of monsters is terrible no matter what monsters they really are. You want your spells and all the spells and traps are USEFUL. THEY ALL HAVE A PURPOSE.   3 Attondel Again. Rank 8s are king. If you haven't noticed then you really don't play this deck. Kozmos is our hardest matchup and cards like Alsei, PrimeArmor, Felgrand, etc are all broken and great. Alsei can stall under a faceup Dark Destroyer(DD) and PrimeArmor gets over DD. Fields of Felgrand Devy/Felgrand Onuncu are extremely hard to get over. You need to be able to have ways to protect locks and give less options to the opponent. Also in matchups like Monarchs etc Attondel has been able to end games quicker.   3 Upstart. I just want to see all the broken cards and pieces.   3 Instant Fusion. We aren't really a deck that has control over milling so you want to see this broken spell. It makes Omegas, Scarlights, Spark.   The 4 Traps. So why Quaking? Well Kozmos are just soo damn annoying. You really want a way for the next few turns to possibly be slowed down. The deck is fast and the fact it's always capable of interrupting you on your turn makes this card gain substantial value. Dweller can just wreck them at this time and you are now able to now target the sets with Harmadik. Strike is broken and clearly the best trap right now and if your deck isn't playing it you are clearly playing something like Monarchs. It's still a great card to draw unlike Warning when you go second because that is what this deck lacks. We wanted cards that are clearly fine going second. That could out cards that were huge threats even when we didn't draw optimal. I'm not saying warning isn't a great card. I just feel Strike can clear many things warning can't and Strike can still hit the Pendulum summons and extra deck monsters just like warning.       The Side is pretty much like easy to understand. The Burning Abyss(BA) Phantom Knight(PK) matchups are pretty easy and with the cards like Iron Wall falling out of favor, the deck can relax more on spell/trap removal and more on the offensive. Universe has great applications in the BA, PK, and Pepe matchups and that is why I side Infinity. Just being able to drop Inifinity in the BA/PK matchup is insane and when you do it on there turn it makes the matchup even more in your favor considering that clearing the Devy or Onuncu is harder for them. Felgrand can be made vs Pepe and I feel that card is enough of a problem for them to not have to side the D/D/D monster.   Extra Deck -   Prime Armor 4k is a must. You want games over asap not dragged out with Seits. Colossal Fighter You ever decked someone out? To be fair you also need a card that won't make you use all your resources living under cards like Skill Drain and DD when they don't have a way to clear him or when you need to have a way to draw outs. Blader Water is a deck, Monarchs kinda exist to you if the game goes on too long, Pepe if you are scared of Ignister being dropped next turn. 
  9. Infernoid - Discussion

    getting harbinger ! and gold reasonings. do we get anything in shiv btw?
  10. Infernoid - Discussion

    yea i tried it just have to make dedicated room. 
  11. Infernoid - Discussion

    super savaged
  12. Infernoid - Discussion

    My Deck Profile For Post Bosh Comment Rate Sub
  13. Infernoid - Discussion

    Deck Profile - prebosh. post bosh soon. <no>
  14. Infernoid - Discussion

    Void Imagination has been pretty fucking awesome. TCG wise you need to summon Harma which sucks or play Scrap Dragon with Instant Fusion, working on a tcg build though resolving Imagination vs any deck that isn't BA post Bosh is usually GG that turn.