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  1. Artifact - Discussion

    zubby: The emptiness is mostly for dragon variants, as harig wrote. Also you should probably change up the sidedeck a bit to accommodate for lightsworn(assuming raiden is in the structure deck).
  2. What does super Giant Hand usually go for?
  3. Artifact - Discussion

    That's a very good point. I will probably make that change for upcomming tournaments. Though at my nationals, most people hadn't seen your list, so they did not actually understand completely how the deck works(which made quite a few people side against it like it was HAT and side stuff like debunks). Again props for the initial list and the changes you suggested afterwards - helped me get my second nats win.
  4. Artifact - Discussion

    Thanks, it's much appreciated. If i could change the deck, I would take out the Malevolent an the Pot Of Dichotomy for 2 Effect Veilers in the side deck and with those added to the side, the D.D. Crow might not be needed, I am not sure wether I would keep that in, or change it for another card.   I found while testing that the dichotomy did provide som usefulness in the grind matchups, but when the actual tournament came around I never sided it, and would not side it again. Also, because of the 2nd Majestys in the main deck I prefer the second call, to make better use of Myrmeleo to setup majestys fiend more effectively, while not missing out on my battle phase, but that is not to say that the second call is better than second charge, I am not certain which ratio is actually best, but while I tested the deck I found that if I drew 2 calls I could easily use both effectively, but if I drew 2 charges I would be hard pressed to make use of both(while I know you usually win with the first charge, it doesn't always happen that way, unfortunately). 
  5. Artifact - Discussion

    Yeah, I'm the one that used the deck, made some of the changes you talked about and some of my own. I cut the Honest and BTS, but did not add veilers as you suggested over the Maxx C, added the second majesty to the main and other such changes, also changed af couples of the extra deck cards and sidedeck cards. I really liked the deck, I found the Malevolent to be lackluster, but liked everything else, the Jinzo was obv. only for decks like Burn and such, the Mobius I actually sided against a lot of decks(bujin, geargia etc), as it provides another way to clear multiple backrows like zenmaioh(though abv not as good because it doesn't clear armors(unless its played with soul ex)) and this way makes the majestys more effective and it also makes the soul exchanges more useful while the opponent has multiple backrows that you don't simply want to run your majesty into. Major props to Gehring for the orignal version of the list.
  6. Open game state

    http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/gameplay/fasteffects_timing.html   Hope this helps
  7. YCS Berlin, February 22/23 2014

    Kim Just Jensen played mermail.
  8. YCS Berlin, February 22/23 2014

    https://tcg.konami-europe.net/coverage/?cat=1/   Should work - does for me.
  9. YCS Atlanta - Jan 31-Feb 2nd

    You mean Los Angeles? The one where he played the bazoo deck.
  10. deckbox

    Those are really awesome, I'd buy one if you decide that you'll ship to Europe.
  11. Fantasy Pro Tour Gatecrash

    After the change I got 2447 and 96th. And I agree the coverage was pretty awesome.
  12. Fantasy Pro Tour Gatecrash

    Got 4,931 points so number 152 overall, as Allen I had not anticipated as much control as there was.
  13. Constructed Standard Discussion

    I messing around with an esper control deck but I am not sure how much aggro there is going to be, have any of you guys gotten any good impressions yet on the amount aggro?
  14. Official Miser's Guide

    Going to bump this, to hear if anybody got this?