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  1. Starless [vs] YouFail

    Oh it is YF did take it, Starless just couldn't bear a first round loss, well, see you at Round 2 guys, l8r!
  2. Starless [vs] YouFail

    Why did you edit out the Kiet part? Because I'm a one man army.
  3. Starless [vs] YouFail

    Cygnus Enterprises
  4. Starless [vs] YouFail

    Sore losers, bitches got wreckT.
  5. Team YF

    wat r u talking about? i dont hack!!
  6. Team YF

    3-0 in toc ^_^
  7. Predictions!

  8. Starless [vs] YouFail

    hard games but got newguy 2-1
  9. Shonen Jump Baltimore

  10. how do i divide a 1.65gb .rar file into 3 so i can pass it to 3 different cd-r's?
  11. Shonen Jump Baltimore

  12. Starless [vs] YouFail

    like that
  13. Shonen Jump Baltimore

    I disagree. well played. nice dek u made
  14. Elemental Hero Prisma

    prisma is awesomme in mirror and vs sworn it sucks vs dad ok
  15. Team YF vs Neverender

    i aint no gay haha