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  1. State of the game

    Just heard Roy St Clair died rip
  2. Don't remember if this is the place to post this, but how is the game like right now? There's too much new stuff for me to catch up on and with a new mechanic coming out it even adds to how much has changed. I would love a quick summary of the past year with how the meta is like and upcoming news and shit. Thanks
  3. Weight loss is essentially just math. 1 pound = 3500 calories. You have a TDEE which is the amount of calories you need to eat a day to just sustain yourself. For example, if someone's TDEE is 2000 calories a day and they eat at a 500 calories deficit a day, they will be -3500 calories in a week which equals to 1 pound a week of weight loss. Since you're just starting out I wouldn't recommend eye balling calories and make sure you count every single food you consume.    Research online what your TDEE is and depending on how fast you want to lose weight, eat 500-1000 calories below that number. When you throw in exercise, you'll be shedding off the weight like nothing. Since you're pretty big and probably aren't fit, you probably shouldn't start going to the gym just yet and just do a shit ton of cardio until you slim down a little bit.   Diet is overall the most important thing though. Remember, you can't out train a bad diet. 
  4. Dueling Network

    I'm about to write a farewell poem to my first true love
  5. Dueling Network

    Problem with DevPro is that no one good actually uses it and it doesn't represent real life yugioh, which is what DN is supposed to do. DevPro is flawed because it tells you when your opponent has Warning/Maxx/other cards that force you to play around them.
  6. Since nobody is really posting any ways to play the hand out, I'll go ahead and post what I think the best play is and why. Leave thoughts!   Joker Instant Juggler Pendulum Call Foolish   1. Foolish for Juggler to search Trick Clown 2. Pendulum Call discarding Trick Clown to search Wisdom and Oaf and special the Trick 3. Normal Joker to search another Wisdom 4. Overlay the Trick and Joker to make Feral Imps in defense and detach Joker to search Chameleon 5. Activate Wisdom and Oaf and pendulum summon Chameleon and the 2nd Wisdom 6. Summon Omega with the Wisdom and Chameleon (making Ignister is honestly debatable and I'm not sure which is the correct play. Omega gets guaranteed value and makes them have less options while making Ignister lets you work with a Luster for future plays in order to make an Ignister again next turn a lot easier. I had Instant Fusion, though, which would let me get a Chameleon back to make Ignister if it was really needed) 7. Oaf's effect to retrieve the Wisdom   The ending position is a defense position Feral with a Trick Clown underneath, an Omega, Wisdom and Oaf as scales, and Instant Fusion, Juggler, and Wisdom in hand.   The reason I believe this is the right play against Kozmo with his hand is because it puts an insane amount of pressure without actually committing too much. They have to kill Feral and the Trick underneath or they risk me gaining too much advantage the next turn, and the Omega gives me guaranteed value because of the Juggler. It's also pretty unlikely they can kill me or even deal any damage at all. Here's how I think about it;   Assuming Omega uses its effect (not necesarily as soon as possible), they're playing with 5 in hand to my Feral with a trick underneath. In order to kill a 2000 defense Feral, they have to normal summon and banish to summon a ship. That leaves them with 3 cards in hand. Assuming the worst and that they summoned a Dark Destroyer to pop the Feral, Dark Destroyer would kill the Trick Clown. 3 in hand. If they have the Emergency Teleport, the Juggler will allow me to not be put in a horrible position by a Farmgirl direct. This leaves them with 2 in hand. If they either have 1 of their 2 left Dark Destroyer/E-Tele to get the Town into Destroyer to play on my turn, then my hand can deal with it since they will only have 1 backrow. If not, then they only have 2 backrow and it's the same as if they did have the 1 of 4 card outters. Either way, I would have to play through 2 disruptions.   Backtracking and assuming they didn't have any of the E-Teles and instead had 3 backrow after they got rid of my Feral, I'm drawing to 4 in hand with a Juggler in graveyard and with scales. The Wisdom in my scale can swap for a pit and then the Oaf can retrieve it to pop 1/3 of their backrow. I can then start playing through the backrow with Instant/Pendulums.    I think a crucial part in technical play that a lot of people leave behind is leaving yourself a follow up, even if it means making a slightly weaker field. I don't think Beast's play was necessarily wrong, but it didn't really leave for a follow up since Instant was used and he didn't leave a Juggler in hand to stop a Farmgirl.   I might just be rambling but let me know if there's something one of you guys sees wrong. 
  7. I'm not sure if you're getting the full point of what I'm saying ACP. When I say technical play, I don't mean it in the way of just playing correctly and not misplaying, which seems like the way you're thinking it is. You're right when you say there are decks that are more complicated than others, but that's not what I'm getting at - I'm talking about reading in between the lines.    I'll try to give an analogy that sort of represents what I'm thinking. Imagine a basketball player trying to play at a higher level. He starts with the basic drills like dribbling, footwork, shooting, etc. Just because he masters all of those things doesn't mean he's good. In a way I'm comparing that to technical play; you can be good at knowing how to play your deck, but unless you apply it and actually use it in the game, you won't be good. And that's pretty much what I feel separates the good from the bad. The basic things in technical play goes from doing your play then setting cards, not blind MSTing, playing around backrow. It doesn't matter how good you are at that in theory if you can't actually do it in the game. I know you're a math guy, so a similar analogy is knowing a formula. It takes memorization and practice to be able to "do" it, but actually applying it and being able to use it is what people lack, and what I feel this forum needs more of which is what the point of this thread was.    Dragon Rulers and Wind-Ups were probably one of the more complex decks that people give credit for, but there's also a lot of other formats (and I would say most) that people don't realize there was so much more to it in terms of technical play. People would say Geargia was a linear deck and didn't require good technical play, but those were the people who wouldn't play around Nobleman (when it was popular) by not setting your Armor. Same goes for the people who wouldn't leave Valkyrus out later on in the Nekroz format.      normal joker, add wisdom-eye magician, Pendulum Call (discard Juggler) for Oafdragon and Dragonpit. Foolish for Trick Clown. Summon Feral Imp in def, search Chameleon. Juggler searches Plushfire. Activate Dragonpit and Oafdragon as scales. Pendulum Summon Chameleon, Wisdom and Plushfire. Wisdom and Chameleon for Ignister. Instant for Chameleon, make Omega). Oaf adds Wisdom back. Ignister Summon Dracoslayer. (assuming you play two Ignisters. If not I would prolly go for Omega instead and leave Instant in hand). Field: Omega, Dracoslayer, Feral Imp, Ignister and Plushfire (in def). Trick Clown attached. +Pit and Oaf as scales Hand: Wisdom Eye.  They drop Maxx C on Trick Clown, you Search Plushfire, activate it as scale and pass. Ready for criticism.       Just to start, you wouldn't ever want to use a Juggler like that against Kozmo. Having that Juggler in hand will save you the game later on. There are other things that are wrong, but I want to hear more plays from other people
  8. Throughout my time on this website (albeit not long) I've noticed that most players put an emphasis on deckbuilding rather than technical play. Everything posted in the Theory section is all about the actual deck and the best way to build it and very little of discussing how to actually play it. I remember back in the Dragon Ruler and Wind-Up threads there would be people posting scenarios and what the best play was; I think this is what made those threads so great. A lot of people think technical play is just the simple things like reading backrow, not "misplaying" and doing things in the proper order, but I think there's a lot more to it that people don't get.    I do think deckbuilding is important, but I think technical play is so much more so. I know players like Pat and Matt think the exact opposite but I just don't think that's the case. If you notice, a lot of players who emphasize deckbuilding go for the "don't let your opponent play" approach. The problem with this is that when you build decks and play this way, you're leaving no room for player interaction, and player interaction is where skill comes into play. Whether you're playing against a good player or a bad player, if they draw the MST or out to your floodgate you will most likely lose regardless of skill. I realize there might come a time where you would think there is only so much you can do when you're pretty much equal in skill and playing the same deck. The fact is, you can always get better and have an edge in technical play. I remember during the 9 month long Nekroz format, I always thought I knew exactly what I was doing in every event I played with it from Tacoma to San Jose and I found it funny how at every event I would look back to the previous one and realize I was doing plays that felt so far behind. Even at San Jose where I lost to my friend Jonathon in top 16 I knew he had the edge because I felt his technical play was better at the time.    Skill doesn't really have a solid definition in this game, but in my mind skill is knowing exactly what to do in a gamestate (other stuff too, but that's pretty much the core of it). Knowing what to do in a 5 card hand that puts you in the best position against either an unknown deck or known deck while considering the things they have and how they interact with your hand. This kind of skill only comes from actually playing the match-up in depth and you can't really theory it unless you've already played that match-up a significant amount to know what both decks can and can't do.    People don't understand how important this actually is. The problem with a lot of people's mindset and why they don't get better is that they think having a well built deck and knowledge of how to play the deck is enough. It's not. Equally important is knowing what to actually do in most gamestates.    Here's a pretty basic example   If you open Dracoslayer, Plushfire, and Trick Clown/low scale, you can end your field with a Feral Imps, Omega, and Pleiadas with a trick clown coming back. That's a pretty good generic turn 1 especially against an unknown, but a lot of players who know the deck well but don't know how matchups play out wouldn't know how to alter that play depending on the deck they're playing against and as a result will just do that play. If you're playing against Kozmo, the better play would be to summon Feral in defense and make a Trapeze instead of Ptolemaeus. Against Heroes, it would probably be better to make Ignister turn 1 instead of Omega and sit on that, and this goes on for more decks.    I never see this kind of stuff discussed on discussion threads which is silly because I think this is what makes or breaks players.    If any of you have any thoughts about this, please say something. I'm curious what a lot of people think on deckbuilding and technical play.    Also, in case some of you guys wanted to try the "best play" scenario, what do you think is the best play with this hand against Kozmo?    Joker Foolish Burial Juggler Pendulum Call Instant Fusion
  9. Not really, Cairn is only good against bad players. If your opponent knows what they're doing when they have Pleiadas and Naturia, they'll just bounce the non Hat Tricker/Jiga and kill you the following turn or put you in an even worse spot. It's kinda okay against Kozmo to stop them from playing on your turn, but besides that it doesn't have a lot of uses bar protecting floods. Even then I hate protecting the flood, it's too risky and I don't think it's good in the long run
  10. First of all, I don't even agree with the thought that you should always max out a card before another relatively similar card. Yugioh is not that simple.    It's amazing how many people who DO follow that mindset can be so narrow minded. Just because Maxx "C" and Veiler are "handtraps" does not mean they should be grouped up together. Sure, you could put up a strong argument between playing 3 Fiendish and 1 Breakthrough vs 2 and 2 but only because they are so similar, but doing that to Maxx "C" and Veiler just seems retarded.
  11. This is actually really cool and well put together.
  12. Dueling Network

    I honestly don't care about the whole situation, but the only reason I even replied is because you accused me of cheating. I get accused of it all the time with no proof and usually don't care but when you post it on a forum to hurt my reputation I have to defend myself. At the end of the day, your reputation is all you have.
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    soul mega fan
  14. Dueling Network

    So you're the fan who accused me. I mean you literally told me only one person told you and when the duel had like 50+ watchers I'm sure more than one person would say something if I did an illegal play. And your post is a complete lie, I definitely didn't get "snippy" and you most definitely did not drop it. I'm not here to argue, but it sucks when people try to accuse you of cheating when you yourself weren't even sure until AFTER the duel was over and one supposed watcher told you.