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  1. YCS Prague 2017

    Patrick has contributed so much more to the game than billy has, comparing event wins would be pointless
  2. ???

    Well when you put black lives matter as the caption over harambe ur gonna trigger people lol
  3. Charlotte, NC Police shooting

    Makes sense. Its just hard to make the quick fix that I think most ppl are looking for if we ambiguously point to institutional racism as opposed to a specific racist person/policy.
  4. Charlotte, NC Police shooting

    But then everyone is racist for acknowledging differences between groups of ppl? The word means nothing if used it so loosely right?
  5. Charlotte, NC Police shooting

    Doesn't racism mean that you think your race is superior to others? I dont think black cops killing black people is being racist, wouldn't you explain it as being a result of profiling?
  6. United States Presidential Election

    I have always wondered why the left wants the right to fall in line with their ideology, while at the same time advocating for the influx of people from a part of the world that are far more regressive on social issues. Like how is it okay when you know they dont respect women's rights or gay rights?
  7. I agree that there were many good changes. I wish they would have banlists more frequently, but it conflicts with the interests of financially conservative and casual players. It would help them sell more product if people didnt care about being forced to pay for new cards all the time
  8. United States Presidential Election

    Just so you know, insurance companies and the gov regularly dont pay what they are charged. They negotiate lower prices when they go to pay
  9. That banlist lead to months of tier 0 dragon rulers lol
  10. Captain America: Civil War

    He is in the movie for like 30 minutes so im not sure that is a cameo... Marvel Studios has complete creative control over the spiderman movie, sony is just financing the production so there shouldnt be anything to worry about
  11. Building around face off and some hamster combo is really pointless when the odds of it happening are so low, and the impact of the play is low. If I were looking into pendulum post shiv, i would think about the impact of the new cards on the other decks in the format, see if there is some edge to be gained by using pendulum, and then start picking cards accordingly. I personally dont see the point in kirin, or playing bad cards to support it when there are other options out there. Using this deck will be a meta call regardless of whatever combos we come up with because domain monarch, trap ba/kozmo decks exist, and if I had to bet i would expect a decent amount at a konami event since people arent as plugged in as arg attendees.
  12. Kozmo - Discussion

    What makes you think that?
  13. The igknight lv4 normals and rose warrior are something to consider, they could justify using 3 painful decision. Vector is really bad and i dont think i would run more than 1
  14. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    Matt didn't say you shouldn't play mallet lol
  15. For only 97 dollars

    Well josh isnt exactly relavent anymore or fighting back so the joke loses some of its punch