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  1. Starless

    I'm doing very well. Transferring to the University of Iowa next fall. Just saw Black Luster Soldier was unbanned and figured that sounded like fun haha, How are things with you?
  2. Second Chance

    I feel like if you put someone into seconds chance and another guy kills you he would have killed you regardless and personally I haven't been killed by a guy in second chance that often, once i see them drop down if it doesn't say they need to be revived I just move along. it's when you have to go back and kill them that it gets frustrating to me.
  3. Second Chance

    I think that if they changed second chance pro to longer time sitting and being gay but didn't allow you to be revived I would have no problem with this perk whatsoever. I don't play hardcore though I could see it being a real pain in that.
  4. Questions for cool college kids

    That's kinda sad for you, but I guess thats how you feel I don't have any reason to try to change it.
  5. Questions for cool college kids

    Seems like a pretty ignorant and unneeded comment to me. I enjoy the city I live in and it's definitely not a shthole.
  6. Questions for cool college kids

    Considering my own town is economically one of the best and most stable in the country, suits me perfectly, and has the best university in the state makes it a little less shitty to me. I'd rather pay in state tuition than out of state, btw
  7. Questions for cool college kids

    U of Iowa Nice, I live in Iowa City and go to Kirkwood and will be at Iowa in two years.
  8. What killstreak kills should be at

    I think they should stay the way they are, but not count toward each other.
  9. Best LMG for every situation (-AUG HBAR)

    RPD is the best including the AUG
  10. MP5K VS Vector

    I disagree. It's not difficult to get yourself in close quarter fights and this is the best smg for hipfire and in my experience kills the fastest. I agree if you're at a distance it's hard to shoot accurately but if you're smart you won't get yourself in a situation where you have to.
  11. MP5K VS Vector

    mp5 is def the best after ump. fmj on it tears shit up
  12. Killstreaks

    i go hard in the paint predator harrier ac130 or harrier ac130 nuke if im gay usually play ground war so yea
  13. i usually go to the gym around like two hours every day
  14. The Monopoly

    lol nice