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  1. My honest opinion is the best way for you to move forward is to stop responding to every post, and instead focus on posting some Yugioh content that inspires or promotes discussion. Find some card interaction that benefits some top deck like BEWD or Metalfoes, and be willing to talk about it in those threads. Stick to Yugioh and don't get caught up in the back and forth. It's not about you the person, it's about the value you add to the forum/game. E.g. there's a lot of cool stuff you can talk about, e.g. the guy who talked about Destiny Hero Malicious in BEWD. Everybody should come here to learn something new, not to make the forum about themselves. Once you do, the red rep hemorrhaging will stop and you'll get green because folks will see you trying, and adding value.
  2. I wasn't thinking of siding it specifically vs Kozmo, it was more of a generic card I was mentioning. It's interesting because the OCGers don't need to play it in Metalfoes anymore, but you see them playing it with D/Ds for Beowulf. I mean they play stuff like Ghostrick Jackfrost (btw, another card that is great vs Kozmos because you keep Frost if Pilots tag out on activation, and turn Ships to DEF mode if they direct attack, plus it doesn't target) + Kepler for Rank 1 detach, and so on. It works with Where Arf Thou and you get to grave Kepler for your Fusions. ----------- Regarding Kozmo, I actually think one engine that I haven't see people playing in here is Babycerasaurus + Samurai Calvalry of Reptier (it wasn't available in OCG at the time, they get it September 10th), but that lets you battle over non-Pendulum decks, while getting Metalfoes cards out of it. Baby can search other Babies, and it's not once per turn.
  3. For what it's worth, there are cards like Curse of Anubis which let you deal 5600+, so Fusion Summoning Orichalc could matter with the pool we currently have. The fact that it doesn't target, makes it more viable against Kozmo, and it's chainable.
  4. In the past, people used the "win more" term a lot for Genex Ally Birdman, and the theory behind not playing it. Regarding the term "auto-wins", that term traditionally more applied to standalone cards like Trident Dragion, or Montage Dragon, because the DRuler deck back in the day, had so many win-cons. people tried to 1 up each other (Sixth Sense, RFTDD, etc.) I mean back in Dragon Ruler days, people did play "situational cards" like Castle of Dragon Souls, but that was more nuanced because it let Card Trooper beat Ophion, Hands were boosted 700, and you could run over Redox/Geargiarmor, + Scrap Dragon pop, Trident, etc. ------------ To me, this deck can create big fields, but you have to keep in mind it's not Dragon Rulers, you don't have infinite recoverability. You also have to deal with backrow and floodgates of all kinds. I mean DRulers had enough power plays to dominate even without Trade In, CoC, those cards being impeded by Mystic Refpanel - that deck evolved and adapted to the metagame, I mean think Tsukiyomi (Dark Illusion), Psi-blocker, etc. In the modern days Blue Eyes, 1) You have no shortage of "fields", I mean you can even consider cards like Ruins of the Divine Dragon Lords, or Champion's Vigilance if you want to go first. I would look at cards like Denko Sekka vs Demise decks (and it's strong enough to beat over Statues and Fossil Dyna), or even stuff like Royal Decree. I mean the Mausoleum of White's in theme Double Summon lets you work around Sekka's "you have to use your Normal Summon" handicap. If you look beyond what people played in the OCG, stuff like Holding Legs is pretty promising in here because being an effect monster you can pop it for Sage or Master and get even more value out of it. It's also a DARK monster... Perhaps, one card that this deck can use better than others is Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord, because it's the Reset of this deck. I mean not only can you drop Star Eater with all the LV 1 Tuners you play, but it's a Pot of Avarice and Foolish Burial of sorts, so you may not need play a bunch of revival that may conflict with Desires.
  5. You could play One Day of Peace because that is one less card to get to Desires or Jowgen.
  6. Why don't you play Grand Mole? It doesn't target or destroy. DDWL and Samurai Cavalry of Reptile are other cards to consider, as Normal Summon outs to established fields, though you aren't playing Raigeki?
  7. It saddens me that there are only 2 pages on the banlist thread, shows how much activity we have lost. Brilliant Fusion not being touched is the biggest omission to me.
  8. I don't know why people think this deck can't play disruptive monsters aside from Kirin. This is still a Pendulum deck, and you can access the usual Ignknight suspects like Jinzo vs Demise decks, Chaos Hunter vs Kozmo (no Desires or Allures for you), Shogun Shien, etc. I mean being a Normal deck, you can even play Gendo and shut down monster floodgates (e.g when Kirin was at 3, you just negate it). You can pop Gendo, once you have gone off.
  9. Oh, my bad, I didn't literally mean play Blackwings as a deck with Metalfoes. I meant you could play Pinaki as a Tuner and those BW Synchros are what you could make with it (considering the restriction), in regards to searching Gofu. Blackwings don't really have good popping Synergy so not sure why'd you jump to playing them as a deck.
  10. For the record, you can play Blackwing Metalfoes: Keep in mind that LV 6 Nothung does not target vs Kozmos, and a lot of new Assault BW Synchros are themselves LV 5+ Tuners, so they make Ultimaya. There's a LV 5 and LV 7 Tuner Synchro.
  11. You're right that Swords of Concealing Light is a better out against floodgate fields. This deck doesn't have very many outs against Kirin + Jowgen fields, pretty much the only cards that come to mind are SoCL, Book of Eclipse, and Skill Drain. The difference between the OCG and TCG is that we have Kozmo here, which may make Kirin less viable, but it also hurts PWWB (+Catsith) as well. If you guys remember back to Maiden BEWD days, one of the best cards was Skill Prisoner, because it triggers Maiden twice, and protects against Kirin targeting. If Kirin is unaffected by the August list, we may see that again.
  12. I think one of the cards that I haven't really seen people mention yet is Majestic Mech Ohka . That card being a Normal Summon 2400 ATK is what lets you get over a lot of the floodgate monsters against this deck, stronger than Drago, Vanity Fiend, etc. And being a Normal Summon, it gets around Solemn Strike. Before it kills itself you can Sage it or Synchro with it. Being LV 6 is also super important, because you can make Ancient Sacred Wyvern. ASW+BEWD is an OTK (3000 + 5100 = 8100). I mean if the deck plays Maiden, you can easily get out BEWD+LV 1+LV 6 which gets you there. You can Mausoleum for 3200 ATK, or to Second Summon the LV 1 Tuner to break boards.
  13. I'm not sure if the point was made, but one advantage that Kirin has, is he lets you bounce Kaiju for reuse. And something like Jowgen lets you deal with Kozmo floating. One interesting thing to consider is if it is worth playing is Spellbook Star Hall as that is the most competitive way of searching Jowgen, as it doesn't miss timing with Metalfoes. But that means you probably can't be playing Desires, but Kirin is a good Spellcaster and there are others.
  14. The main thing to recognize is that Metalfoes are a middling as a Pendulum theme (like so many other Pend themes, to be sure) in that they lack a 1 card scale setup a la Scout or Monkeyboard. And it's even moreso of a paradox, because you need the Pends to be on the field to Fuse with them so they go to Extra and not in hand. So what that means is you need 2 Scales + 2 Metalfoes mons on field before your Fusion mechanic becomes viable. As such, you should build the deck around the "destruction mechanic" rather than as a Pendulum deck (the million other Pend themes also give you scales), and so that's what you are seeing. Being able to get 1-sided Jowgen, pop Gofu tokens, and things like that. Stuff like Unexpected Dai, etc. are still ultimately 1 for 1, you are only getting out 1 card at a time. That's why I think Box of Friends from a technical standpoint is what breaks that dynamic. You want to get out 2 monsters to the field. And what people forget is Ultimaya Tzolkin is not a Synchro Summon(!) That's what's Labradorite Dragon lets you do. (I mean you can play Millenium Shield and Labyrinth Wall or Psyframe Driver), or if you have Volframe ready. Or Instant Fusion for a LV 5. ---------------------- One of the things to keep in mind is that unlike in BEWD, you don't worry about playing conflicting cards alongside Pot of Desires, I mean in that deck, you need to consider Desires with Silver Cry and Return of the Dragon Lords, so why wouldn't you play it in a deck where you don't need to make the trade-off? I mean the only drawpower than is comparable to Pot of Desires (as a straight +2 draw), is Fortune's Future and Destiny Hero Disc Commander Fortune Lady Water, which Metalfoes could support because now you can pop Light for a search... (Admittedly this is casual)