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  1. One of the recent finds that is trending up in the OCG is the discovery of Red-Eyes as a competitive theme. And at it's center is this interaction: Think about what this means, we finally have a way of dumping Warriors to grave. 1) What seems to be the most popular is REPK, or Red Eyes Phantom Knights, where you dump Phantom Knights which are Warriors to grab the PK S/T. So you can back it with Fog Blade or Wing, and get a solid field off 1 card. And nowadays, the "Cannot NS or SS other monsters" restriction is solved by Settings Graydles (e.g. Eagle), which is a great Master Peace out. The other thing of note is how Radian and Supreme King Gates are also DARK LV 7s, so you get the ability to play Allure of Darkness and Sword of Seven Stars, in the same deck, and popping cards to Summon "Link" material is a thing now. And Darkwurm is the Effect Dragon to go with REBD for Dragon Shrine. Note that we pretty much need to play the Gamma Engine to make Omega to recycle your PKs, and stop Ash on your Starter Spells. The deck has some resiliency because you have Red Eyes Retro Dragon, Keeper of the Shrine, Return of Dragon Lords, and even Astrograph Sorceror to get you more plays. You also can dump LV 6 Dragons like Prime Material Dragon (walking MBAAS), Amorphage Sloth (ED lockdown), and Lightpulsar Dragon for revival, so COTH let's you do more, and we have Back to the Front now. The OCG has figured out that they can recycle and reset Destiny Hero Dasher with Slash, there's probably a lot of other cool Warrior tricks out there. E.g. Together with Brilliant Fusion you have 6+ ways to dump it in grave, so can trigger Flip Effects on your first turn. It's worth noting that Setting a monster, and changes its Battle Position via effect, is not a Normal Summon, so you can use it on the same turn as Red-Eyes Fusion. 2) Another approach that people look into is Red Eyes Heroes, because EHero Prisma is REBD, and you have combos involving Shadow Mist and Vyon. The OCG has 3 BLS, but they're also looking into Chaos variants right now. Last but not least, This card is essentially a Metalfoes Alkahest. I've already seen 4-5 decklists using Red Eyes cards in the OCG, so it's seems worthy of discussion. Thoughts?
  2. Metalfoes

    ^ I think if you are playing Metalfoes now, the Instant Fusion combo for Panzer Dragon + Metalfoe to pop it, to get the search off Combination is pretty neat. That makes Instant Fusion a Metalfoe search. Scapegoat is also pretty significant as you can pop it and use it for Missus Radiant and Alkahest right?
  3. True King Dinosaur Discussion

    The non-spell Diagram MP is solvable because we have 2 Dark Hole, Raigeki, even Forbidden Chalice makes Titano bigger. (Because of UCT, you used to see some people topping with sided Book of Eclipse or SoCL, so moreso than other decks, MP has more Spells to worry about - although Magic Deflector is great against those). Double Pill can also grab Dogoran, to create Kaiju proof fields.
  4. True King Dinosaur Discussion

    What do you guys think about Jurrac Titano, especially now that we have a "Miracle Fusion" for it (banishing fodder like Baobaboon or Vortex/Card Trooper, used Hand Trap, True King, and Dino in grave, to drop a monster immune to quick effect targeting and True Draco targeting Traps is strong, especially when it's bigger than Master Peace). It's the long awaited searchable Obelisk the Tormentor, by way of Fossil Dig and Souleating Oviraptor, and it's LV 9 to make True King of All Calamities (unlike LV 10 Ultimate Conductor Tyranno). And in today's format, you can beat Solemn Strike, Dimensional Barrier, when Summoning it. In True King Dinos, it gets more interesting because you can Terraforming or Set Rotation for Mausoleum of the Emperor and just Normal Summon it, while True Dracos don't get their effects (This is not a Tribute Summon), so this really is the only big monster deck out there benefiting. Thoughts?
  5. Spiral Hand Trap Theory

    So this deck finally got its: Which gives you a way of retrieving Pacifis from grave. Beyond the obvious benefits, It makes the deck more resilient in protecting Pacifis, but also floodgates (Macro Cosmos, Skill Drain), most notably, you can actually protect Mask of Restrict from being destroyed by Diagram or True Draco Apocalypse pop of a True Draco Spell. Likewise, it makes Fog King (whose original Level is 5 or higher), a Normal Summon Catastor, so you have a couple of new options in the True Draco matchup. It's worth noting Lose 1 Turn receives a boost because SSA lets you banish the Special Summoned Phantasm Spiral Token, so you can activate it in the first place, so it makes L1T a more consistent card.
  6. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    Unfortunately, Kristya doesn't do much vs True Draco, and you don't have much cards bigger than a Master Peace. If Kristya was as boss as you make it out to be, Darklords would see more play (well, they are in the OCG, with Trickstars: , but I digress). Yes, this is true, but the bigger reason for Kaijus in the TCG, is Master Peace. Because you already have Firewall Dragon, World Legacy - World Chalice, and other effects that hurt on Extra Deck Summons (see Blind Obliteration in a Link deck, which can't be MBAASed, or Overworked because of Missus Radiant), it's not necessarily Zoodiacs that hurt you. Stuff like Radian and Thunder King, the Lightningstrike Kaiju are more versatile as removal and you can drop them to OTK, and those aren't quick effects so you can give it to them. ------------------ I think if you are going to play Kristya, Kozmo Dark Destroyer could be considered, because it is 3000 ATK, and can't be targeted. Not sure how far you want to take the Firewall is a Kozmo Pilot analogy but Forerunner can recoup Venus LP, and float DD. It makes COTH better in the deck, and being able to SS Lee to search World Legacy and having the Summon to Tribute it is worth it, also makes World Legacy a kind of Raioh, if my rulings are right. And COTH is the best anti-Kaiju right? They gave you a monster and you brought your monster back. Grave to main monster zone is also worth noting. ---------- Desires is not too bad in here, because you can Omega your World Legacy and Guardragon to get use out of them. More ways to make Omega with Mathematician (+Dandylion), is something to consider. It's worth noting that if you can dump Lee with Foolish or Math, it can unbrick your in hand Kristya, or monster you want in grave, for COTH, for instance. ---- TLDR: if we can find more solutions for True Draco, World Chalice can compete, if not thrive.
  7. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    On top of what Brandis said, if you don't say what is suboptimal and what you want to concentrate on, how can we help you? (Channeling Allen, write a tournament report or even a blurb of your findings)
  8. Trickstar OTK

    If you care about the grind game, I think the focus should be more on Magical Mid Breaker Field (which is a pretty great grind game card, because you force battle, playing into your nontargeting non destruction Mirror Forces and Floodgate Trap Hole). It lets you play around Drident and Master Peace. And they won't want to destroy it, because then you can play Light Stage, so it's a win-win. And if you look at the OCG for inspiration (although they don't deal with the Drident and MP problems), MMBF makes Honest and Juragedo better. See One card that straddles both sides of battle and burn, is: The idea is if you burn them early, and get them lower than you, then they've lost their field. It sends, so it doesn't target or destroy. As far as mass removal cards, there was also this card: http://yugiohtopdecks.com/card/Blind+Obliteration that folks were playing at YCS Rimini in August, because it's a Chance effect and gets around MBAAS, and this deck being a Link deck means Holly Angel is unaffected. It's a gimmick but 3 folks Top 16ed a YCS with it. ------------ Also, I think Hand Destruction is better than the Dark World Dealings I mentioned earlier. It draws 2, and deals more damage.
  9. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    For what it's worth, Magical Mid-Breaker Field might be worth it in World Chalice because Ningirsu doesn't target or destroy, but you're pretty much using Firewall Dragon to recycle hand traps for disruption because it targets (although you can use it outside MP1). But you can still take advantage of the Special Summon effect, e.g. being able to go into and protect a Firewall Kristya field with MMBF is nice, cuz they can't Kaiju it away. You can also Aurum it back, and protect it with Ib, so it has more value.
  10. Trickstar OTK

    What do you think about Eater of Millions + Gofu alongside Where Arf Thou? Instant Fusion for TER gives you another LV 1 without overcommiting to it. If the OCG had more Gofu, they'd be playing them. I think those + Scapegoats and Battle Fader for protection are better than playing multiple Set Rotation and Terraforming which can be dead, and Don 1000 is OPT (so you don't need 3) and Present Card is far more situational than any of the above. I think if you want to play it like you are, you should play Dark World Dealings or something, to chuck the dead cards.
  11. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    I don't know if people have caught onto this yet, but: We're so focused on the Gofu (although we do have it at 3 in the TCG) + Ferret play, that goes: Link Spider, Proxy Dragon, Normal Summon Ferret, bring out 2 monsters, there's also the LV 6 interaction with only Link Spider or Imduk needed. The LV 6 interaction of Ferret is really useful because you can Emergency Teleport, Unexpected Dai, or Swing of Memories to make Imduk without using your Normal Summon, and so you get the extra WC Normal Summon + the Normal Summon for Ferret, who gets you Malicious towards further Links. I think the Swing interaction with Imduk not using the Normal Summon, to have it for Lee, who searches World Legacy, which can be Tributed for with your extra WC Summon, gives the deck even better recovery than before. -------------------- On the note of Waterfront, there's also another way to punish True Draco, with: You can play Set Rotation, give yourself Waterfront and them Secret Village, and they can't activate Spells. Or you can make Ib and play it yourself (Ib protects itself so it's relatively harder to out the lock).
  12. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    On the point of Kaijus, One thing that doesn't get enough attention paid to it, is as a Field Spell, Waterfront breaks the game mechanic, and even more so under Link format. Unlike other Field Spells with counters as their mechanic, you don't actually have to remove any counters to use its effect. Why is there an arbitrary max of 5 counters? It doesn't really matter... It's a searchable once per turn search (especially once it gets loaded by the Link mechanic), and has destruction protection, that's not once per turn. Unlike Diagram, even if they negate with GoSR or Ash, you can just search again next turn if it survives, with no loss. --------- That leads to an interesting interaction with Toon Table of Contents and Toon Alligator , especially in this deck. Not only do you have 4 slots you can sidedeck out depending on matchup and going 1st/2nd, but it also lets you go into LV 4 into Emeral and Abyss Dweller vs Dinos, True Draco, and it boosts Ib as well. As a Normal monster that's not a World Chalice, that lets you keep those WC monster in hand so you can second NS through Imduk, or SS through the floater effects.
  13. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    @Mascis You raise a good point because as I've gotten around to play this deck more, I've struggled to out Master Peace, and some of the card interactions I posted are in a vacuum, and do nothing to address that, especially when they know you don't play Solemn Strikes, or Traps for that matter. To that end, I've been kind of trying to find ways of making Beelze of the Diabolic Dragons in here. Gofu helps make it, but I'm also taking another look at the Genex Undine + Genex Controller (LV 3 DARK Tuner) engine, because Controller + World Legacy gets you there. There's also ways of going LV 2 + 3 + Controller = 8 in here, so that's another way to it. --------------- Again, Darklords point to a solution for the LP problem in Number 35: Ravenous Tarantula for the OTK, making it through Exodius. How Exodius lets you recycle drawn Garnets/Lazuli's you can dump from hand via Lee to make BF live, is an interaction people have noticed (i.e. below). Being in the Extra Deck, it's not like you're playing dead cards, like you would Rescute Rescue, or Megamorph, or something to "force" the LP issue. This 1st place Win a Mat profile at YCS Toronto is probably the best result I've seen for World Chalice, and he raises a lot of good points, especially with the Gameciel Waterfront protection as summoning it off a Firewall Dragon, again because you don't really have an out to Master Peace otherwise. That Summon from hand interaction is possibly something to exploit, when you can protect that monster with Ib as well. You see more Waterfronts in the OCG, e.g.:
  14. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    So one of the stronger interactions that this deck has is: In case you guys haven't realized it, Symbols of Duty is Monster Reborn because it lets you revive from either player's grave (raises the specter of reviving Zoodiacs to stack your own). Together, with Auram , you can Superbia + Lee -> search World Legacy - "World Chalice" -> use Superbia as Tribute fodder -> Auram, to Auram it back. Darklord Contact to revive Superbia gives you Lee, and doesn't use up your Normal Summon, which is pretty significant. With COTH and Back to the Front, you have even more ways to revive Superbia now. And as always, Darklords have the Normal Summon open and available for Lee. ----------------- But I think the Fairy angle is more interesting because consider: If you read Lee closely, it turns any monster in your hand into a Fairy. So that lets you turn Dark Factory of Mass Production and World Legacy's Heart, which are 2 for 1's into Fairy in hand. so that can make Herald live and offset the cost. As for you'd play Heralds, they are LV 2 LIGHT Fairies to Transmodify with, so you have even more paths to Venus. And Heralds give the deck "disruption" and a "defensive aspect".
  15. Zoodiac - Discussion

    What do you guys think about XYZ Reborn for Zoodiacs in Link format? I think it's a format defining card because it's the kind of card that breaks the Link mechanic (reviving from the grave to MMZ circumvents the need for Link Markers or EMZ, to bring out a XYZ monster with material). And especially for Zoodiacs, being able to Quickplay Drident as removal is awesome but that play is even better now, because that 0/0 monster you used to leave out is 1/2 way there to Missus Radiant. On your turn with Chakanine, it's a 1 card Missus Radiant?! The fact that it's searchable with Generation Force as searchable revival makes it even better. Thoughts?