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  1. Bumping this up because Darklords are one of the better decks heading into this new format. 1) It is the uniquely positioned deck that can maindeck Denko Sekka as its Normal Summon (and dig for it), and in a format where Maxx C went to 1, a lot of Special Summon decks are getting a second look at life, only to be stunned by Vanity's Fiend. And Lost Wind is dead in that case, and they can't Marella since you can go without Extra Deck. 2) If Infernoids are also going to be popular, consider that this deck can play Chaos Hunter, and it being LV 7 DARK to coincide with Nasten, and Allure of Darkness, possibly even Sacred Sword of Seven Stars, Kaiju Radian, being another LV 7 DARK fitting those criteria (and you can Enchant it back for a Rank 7). And that is besides the fact, that this deck can Normal Summon Barrier Statue of the Abyss, Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer, play Jinzo (Jector), and so on. You can double down on Paleozoic and Infernoid hate, and everything else is just an engine. (Dark Illusion can provide targeting protection vs Paleo Traps or Drident). 3) But perhaps, most importantly, this deck is getting Darklord Ukoback and with Foolish Burial Goods, you have cards you didn't have before to toolbox your entire lineup, so playing that nontargeting Brain Control to steal/disrupt and stack/Tribute, is more consistent. I half wonder if you could play 60 and play Grass Looks Greener with COTH for Kristya, Darklords and so on. Ukoback dumping a DL to revive and cycle S/T effects during both player's turns is something this deck didn't have before.
  2. ^ For point of reference, somebody did recently top 4 a Regional with Zoodiac Spyrals but that deck had a lot of uncommon card choices, and carried by Lullaby or Rank Up 7th One. http://yugioh.tcgplayer.com/db/deck.asp?deck_id=107314 http://yugiohtopdecks.com/deck/6043 E.g. putting back Taketomborg is interesting.
  3. I think Zoodiacs could be like Dragon Rulers and even with the banlist hit (think Babies, then 3 Rulers -> 1 of each, they still were topping in so many ways, Lightsworn, Hieratics, Mythic Dragons, so on), we will see them re-imagined and still be top tier. At a cursory glance, the fact that you can turn off Imperial Order with Drident is a selling point for this deck + Metalfoes over other decks. You also have XYZ Reborn which makes Drident like Artifact Sanctum, which is pretty significant, and you can search it and others with Generation Force, e.g. XYZ Universe. XYZ Universe -> 1st turn Kali Yuga for Paleozoics Other points to consider, since you have 1 card XYZ: You can go into Broadbull/Drancia, then play Astral Force for Shogi Rook to destroy 2 more cards (so that's a huge 4 card swing), or Limited Barian's Force (any Rank 4 XYZ), to go into C69 which has 4000 ATK or C101, etc. and especially if we can play Full Armored Crystalzero Lancer, which we are getting in Duelist Saga March 30th (finally!). There are some other good XYZ as well, like that C102 which can protect itself and burn for 1500 (addresses the Raigeki, Dark Hole, Slumber), or destroying a S/T with one of the others, with 3000 ATK body. C104 You also have Naturia Barkion and Beast access, and ETele + Recover, matters since you stack your XYZ and get in range for Recover. Going Naturia Beast + Drancia, protected with backrow is pretty good. ---------------------------- Going back to the cards that were discussed when Zoodiacs were first announced: Tensu is a card, and there's somebody that can break Masked Chameleon. Also, Black Garden since Thoroughblade is 1600 ATK and Bunnyblast is 800 ATK. You use Ratpier to dump Bunny and that's your combo, right? (Again people write off Black Garden as gimmicky, but this is the best deck that has ever had the relevant stats for it).
  4. That's not true. People knew about it for ages, it was literally mentioned right in the Paleozoic Deck Discussion OP (but site activity on DGZ is down, despite the good OPs people write, so it's understandable ): But as usual, people disregard things as "cute", until somebody known tops with it.
  5. Apparently the Other are Invoked decks. The Snow + Spiritmaster interaction to BoM and Break to disrupt is pretty good.
  6. If we're talking first turn, this doesn't apply to all decks but you can play PSY Framegear Gamma to negate and destroy their monsters, and it doubles up as LIGHT fodder for Mechaba. Invoked can also play Empowerment to dump dead cards, so you can go Dragodies into Broadbull into Beast Warrior searches, plus searching the Sub with Sheep means you can negate Spells with Mechaba, in addition to monster effects.
  7. So one thing that people have realized in finding ways to shut down Zoodiacs is to lock them down facedown. If you Floodgate Trap Hole or Quaking Mirror Force, they can't really recycle or use Ratpier anymore. It's the next level, after playing Artifact Sanctum and DBarriers, sure you can lock them for a turn, but why not take them out of the game completely? So if you play a deck like Metalfoes that can OTK a 0 DEF monster via Orichalc, you have a maindeck alternative win condition against the Tier 0 deck, and you're not really losing anything by playing Quaking or Floodgate Trap Holes, which are good cards, that don't destroy vs MBAAS. I mean you flip the game on its head, because you don't care about advantage, when Orichalc + Gold/Silver is game. And that's a Fusion Summon, no need to Pend or XYZ. And for a deck that play and Pendulum Summon Traptrix, both Myrmeleo and Rafflesia, or e.g. play Rescue Rabbit, Box of Friends and so on, why wouldn't you? This is really gimmicky, but you can XYZ Encore, and bring out 0 DEF monsters to double pierce... If you worry about Twin Twisters vs Quaking or Floodgate Trap Hole, it's not hard to play Abyss Actor Spells or Artifacts. And Pendulum Impenetrable lets you play through Drident fields, and Foolish Burial Goods doubles as Upstart Goblin with MF, which is good since folks may not going to play Desires with Ratpier.
  8. I'm surprised that more people aren't talking about Paleozoics when they are much better now that Invoked and Infernoid decks are seeing play; they can play Imperial Iron Wall for a reason, and they benefit because their Trap monsters aren't banished. I bring this up, because Paleozoics can make Ghostrick Socuteboss -> stack Ghostrick Angel of Mischief, which coincidentally has both 2000 ATK and 2500 DEF, putting it in range of both DDV and Full Force Virus. And as for the they flipped Dimension Barrier, the deck could play Shapesister so you can Synchro, and you have a couple relevant options: Underworld Fighter Balmung, Hi Speedroid Puzzle, Old Entity Hastorr, Armory Arm, and Herald of Arc Light, also provide value. Balmung floats vs destruction indefinitely vs Drident, Puzzle can retrieve Terrortop, Hastorr is interesting, Armory Arm, Herald is useful vs Grass, can search Sauravis. ------- This is a more out there idea, but have people looked into Elemental Hero Blazeman in here? Being able to make Absolute Zero who floats into Raigeki, or First of the Dragons, with the monster effect protection is another way you can take the deck, especially since Fusion Substitute already has value for Ratpier plays.
  9. Another way to think about this, is the CEO of the company, think Steve Jobs or Elon Musk, is the elevator with you or in your cafeteria line, what is your elevator pitch, when he asks you what do you work on?
  10. I disagree with some posters here. It's actually a real thing, in job interview questions, at least in the CS field, to ask something like "Explain Object Oriented Programming to your grandmother" or "Explain Object Oriented Programming to your kid". You can Google it if you want. Look how people suggest answering that, and use similar principles for abstract algebra. There's literally a Reddit for Explain Like I'm Five, and it's a skill, and a market need. For those here who don't understand why this is important, to analogize, people know you can code (do math), based on your project/grades/papers, whatever, but they really care about your social skills, can you explain, convey to both management or customers, or even others designers, program managers, etc. what you are doing. I mean think about it, even if you're in academia, how will you talk to your Dean, chair, etc. or some other professor (from history).
  11. What do you think about Thunder Dragon in here? It's probably the best card that dumps a LIGHT in grave for Mechaba without setup, while giving 2 cards in hand to discard for its effect. I mean if you think back to Thunder Dragon -> Thunder Dragon -> Thunder Dragon Soul Charge Pleiades days, you could probably still do that in Invoked. It works with Twin Twisters, you don't need to wait for GoSR, etc. I have no idea why more folks aren't playing it
  12. Maybe it's a typo? ----------- Regardless, I just think it's notable that an anime movie villain theme (I mean look at the anime like Summoning Conditions, but also lack of One Per Turn restrictions, "leaves the field"), was cracked open by Foolish Burial Goods, making it viable. And even moreso, if you think about it, in the TCG, the movie pack (The Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack), got released in July 2016. But it didn't have Duza, which we didn't get until The Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack: Gold Edition, which was released January 2017. So for a period of 6 months, we had Infernoids without their Decatron. By the time Duza came out, they were a joke deck for casuals (leveling up the Beasts and Fairies), and nobody cared. But now they have 6 cards (Duza, FBG), which is worth callling out. ------------- That lack of OPT on Duza and Karma/Unification is what lets you do things with Synchros, e.g. you can go Duza dump Unification, Birdman, bounce Duza, banish Unification to search another Duza, who dumps another Karma/Unification, that you can banish, so you get Black Rose Dragon to wipe the field, and you get a Duza, Cubic in hand to drop Crimson Nova, from hand. Duza + Crimson Nova plus burn, gives you 1600 + ~6000 damage, so that is near OTK, with some burn from extra sources, or even Heartlandraco, Gagaga Cowboy, which you can make with Summoner Monk. I mean the casuals can't afford Pot of Desires, so once you search out Crimson Nova in your many ways, the +1 Desires gives you can accumulate the 3 Cubic cards you need to drop Nova. -------- There's also the Paleozoic aspect to it, Paleozoic Leancholia returns any Banished card to grave, even those hit by Desires, so you can bring back Karma, and add a Cubic to hand, and Marella dumps Unification, and you have Level 2 Cubics like Geira Guile (which requires only a Cubic Trib, and deals 800 LP), and Wabokus help with leveling up, if you do go that route. And you have Magical Hats, Reasoning + Monster Gate to mill your S/T, plus Raiden for Omega + milling, and stuff like Masked Chamelon could exploit the 0 DEF
  13. So Baazar's recent post about Fluffal OTK got me thinking about how Fluffal OTK gets stopped by DBarrier, and in general most OTK strategies struggle vs a Drident board. Enter: Some intriguing aspects about this card is that it has 0 DEF, letting you reuse it with Recurring Nighmare (Vijam the Cubic Seed also has 0 DEF), and it is LV 10, fitting in with Gustav Max for 2000 burn. You can also search it with Fusion Conscription, Fusion Reserve, and dump it with Elemental Hero Prisma, as there is a Fusion Crimson Nova Trinity the Dark Cubic Lord). Turbo-ing the Fusion seems doable, but you fall into the same problem of Fluffal OTK, so why do that? As for why this is suddenly viable now, and the key loop/engine of the theme, Duza is a LV 4 LIGHT Machine (think ABC), so keep in mind you can Unexpected Dai Angel Trumpeter and Omega the banished cards for reuse, not to mention play stuff like Karakuri LV 8 Synchros, potentially. Some LV 4 NOMI monsters (Indiora Doom Volt the Cubic Emperor, Buster Gundil the Cubic Behemoth) you can Special Summon with this effect, have the following effect: It also has a Megamorph/Limiter Removal type card in Cubic Wave. This deck is inconsistent, because you need to play NOMI cards and cards you want in grave, but it has somehow topped 2 recent regionals: http://yugiohtopdecks.com/deck/6032 http://yugiohtopdecks.com/deck/5989 Maybe it's the suprise factor that people don't know what it does. Given how Duza can loop and protect your Lifepoints, maybe there is a Synchro deck you can make? Thoughts?
  14. I mean, think about it, Fortune's Future, aside from Pot of Desires, is the only other +1 draw card in the game, and FF Water is Destiny Hero Disc Commander. What other cards draw 2 right now, and give you a body or a recycled resource for an Invoked Summon, on top of it?
  15. For the record, I often tack on card interactions for the sake of it, there's a main point I want to make, but I like mentioning other cards, sometimes for fun, because nobody else will, or dares to. E.g. I was going to mention Fortune Ladies (how Metalfoes can pop LIGHT->LIGHT->FF-> Pend WATER, draw 2, the modern LV 4 WATER interactions with Norden and being Pendulum Summoned, and Fortune's Future with Invoked, especially with Allure of Darkness on DARK) but decided against it earlier. I mean that deck is good now, because in the past, you just accumulated a ton of cards with WATER and Fortune's Future, but you played terrible monsters, and couldn't do anything as a deck (no win condition), but now you have Invoked to make use of the advantage. And you have Pot of Desires now, so it's more consistent for you to string the 2 card combos together. I'm sure I could be more prudent in posting, but I honestly don't care or have anything to prove.