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  1. I think Terraforming to 1 is fine. In the past, people played 2/1 or 3/2 ratios of Field Spells to Terraforming. It's moreso now that we play 3/3 and have stuff like Snow in Grass ABC to make use of extra copies. Or have Draconic Diagram be able to pop dead Terraformings. If Konami really wanted to, they'd make a Gravekeeper's Commandant or Warrior of Atlantis for that new theme. Madolche Butlerusk is another design path, and decks that don't have a Normal Summon can use Planet Pathfinder.
  2. Here's an article that an OCG blogger wrote about this card: He brings up a good point that this lets Pendulum decks play through Dimension Barrier. This card lets you bounce Kaijus, might be worthwhile with Kumongous because that's LV 7 and you can Pendulum Summon it for Rank 7s.
  3. Here are some things to consider: 1) Playing Solemn Scolding, Warning, Champion's Vigilance - the ability to negate Normal Summons lets you out Master Peace. The fact that we have hand traps and don't need to play a lot of Set backrow means we can go with Scolding, which can protect Skill Drain or Pacifis. As gimmicky as this is, Mystik Wok lets you gain 2000+ LP, and is one of the few Quickplays that Tribute Tokens either turn, to enable Pacifis +2s again, not to mention gives you yet another way to turn off Kaijus, so that can help with the Lifepoint cost. 2) Playing bigger monsters like Dark Magician and (DARK Spellcaster) Foucault's Cannon and Gemini Elf, as that lets you access more Spell outs like Dark Magical Circle and Magical Dimension. Read this card carefully, you can Tribute the Spiral Token, doesn't need to be a Spellcaster monster, and the destruction doesn't target. Secret Village works great with Set Rotation, because you already play Pacifis. If you guys haven't realized this yet, Set Rotation is a Quickplay so you can trigger Dark Magician effects on their turn... Dark Magician + Pacifis puts OTK damage on the board with the Equip, 2500+2000+2900+500+1000. Keep in mind that Pendulum Magicians are coming back and you can side into them, e.g. tutor Tuning Magician with Magican's Navigation (Tuning + DM is Omega who escapes the field to make your Spiral traps live), and Dragonpulse and Dragonvein are Normal monsters, and you can make Ebon High Magician and Ebon Illusion Magician with Dragoncaller/Xiangke. With the Phantasm Spiral traps, Heat Wave, Skill Drain, and Pacifis, that deck is much better now. You can play Ancient Rules, and trigger Pacifis, so that mitigates the -1, and you have more targets for Summoner's Art, so it's consistent. ------------ The sad thing is only casuals play Dark Magician (except Jeff Jones), and they can't afford all the good cards the deck needs. If somebody good were to pilot it, I bet it could succeed. Another angle to look at is: It's a good bait card, and it lets you get more out of Advanced Draw, if you played it, not to mention Skill Drain.
  4. I think in regards to Master Peace, the best approach for this deck may be to still play EHero Sparkman, and Honest / Honest Neos, because 1600+2500=4100 is bigger than MP outright and you can Emergency Call it, and having Spell outs like Gemini Spark to go with your Trap based outs (I assume you can still play Spiral Battle with Alius on the field), gives you different outs to MP. Once Alius is on the field, you can still trigger Pacifis on their turn right? Your alternatives are playing Gameciel with Moray of Greed, but then you'd need to have support to get over 2200 ATK, like having Pacifis and searching Spiral Grip for +500, or having Battle to destroy Gameciel. Or you can play Share the Pain with your Token, which isn't terrible, beyond Raigeki and Dark Hole. And you do have Horn of Heaven or Champion's Vigilance to stop the Summon in the first place.
  5. Don't forget Frostosaurus which is LV 6 WATER Dino with 2600 ATK, so it has the benefit of Fossil Dig and Summoner's Art (along with Spiral Dragon). You can Tribute a Token to generate another Token and search, so it's a Monarch in a sense, and puts damage on board to OTK. Sea Dragoons of Draconia isn't strong enough, unfortunately.
  6. @APNick1337 I looked at the OCG rulings and you're right, excuse the terrible Google translate. Hand to field -> Effect monster Grave to field -> Normal monster Sparkman and Big Neos still work. You can still Oversoul Alius and get it, but it's not as good. Question In the field zone of yourself there is "Fascinated City Pasis" in face-up display. In this situation, if you succeed in summoning "Dual Lancer" in your hand, "1: One time in 1 turn, you successfully summon or special summon 1 normal monster Activate when you do. Do you activate the "Add 1 Vermillion Dragon card from your deck to your hand" effect? Answer You can not summon or special summon an effect monster to a turn that triggers the effect of "the city of illusion". Your own "This card is handled as a monster if it exists face to face in the graveyard or on the field normally" Monster effect, "Dual Lancer" successfully summoned will be treated as a normal monster in the field , "Dual Lancer" is treated as an effect monster in your hand. Therefore, in this case, you are summoning an effect monster, so you can not activate the effect of "the city of illusion" Pasis "this year. (In this turn, you can activate if the token does not exist in your field and the opponent activates the effect of magic / trap / monster in your "Field of illusion" Pacific "___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 "You can not activate the effect to special summon 1 body" (Phantasmus, Water · Star 8 · Attack / Mori 2000). Q & A tag dual 2017-03-24 Question In the field zone of yourself there is "Fascinated City Pasis" in face-up display. In this situation, if you successfully special summon "Dual Lancer" in the cemetery by activating "Orthodox Pedigree", "1:" Once in 1 turn, when you regularly Activate when you successfully summon or special summon a monster. Do you activate the "Add 1 Vermillion Dragon card from your deck to your hand" effect? Answer You can not summon or special summon an effect monster to a turn that triggers the effect of "the city of illusion". In the case of a question situation, if your own "This card is treated as a face-up on the graveyard or field, treat it as a normal monster" Monster effect "Dual Lancer" treated as a normal monster in the graveyard is " "Dual Lancer" special summoned by the effect of "pedigree" and successfully special summoned is treated as a normal monster even in the field. Therefore, in this case, since you will not be special summoning an effect monster, "1:" Once a turn, you summon 1 normal monster / special Activate when you are successfully summoned. Add 1 "Vampire Dragon" card from your deck to your hand "effect. (In this turn, you can activate if the token does not exist in your field and the opponent activates the effect of magic / trap / monster in your "Field of illusory city Pasis" ___ ___ 0 You can activate the "Special Summon 1 body" (Phantasmus, Water · Star 8 · Attack / Mori 2000). Q & A Tag Dual 2017-03-24
  7. That's not true. See the ruling here.
  8. Here's an example of this deck that got 1st place in the OCG:
  9. Good point to call out. In spite of that, I do feel that "Traps from hand" are going to be all the more important moving forward because every deck has its Drident now with Tornado Dragon, Master Peace is Quick (And even if they pop Pacifis, you're still getting a 2000/2000 Token and a Trap out of it.) Trap lineups are going to be lighter and having Trap outs matters when you consider what Master Peace can be Summoned with (Monsters/Traps most often, but also Spells like Brilliant Fusion). We have Kaiju Slumber, Raigeki, Dark Hole. Keep in mind, since you need to rid the Token on your turn to get another Token/search, you can Advance Draw the token. This has the side benefit you can Advance Draw your own Kaiju off Slumber or counteract the Kaiju they gave you. But you'd probably rather play Enemy Controller to greater effect because you can disrupt plays with it, turn stuff to defense mode for Piercing, etc. And even moreso, when you read Pacifis carefully, you'll notice it make every Normal monster a Stratos/Monarch during your turn, and if you don't have a Token, you get another search during their turn. And also during your turn, if you get rid of the Token, because it's not OPT. So that means if you do Tribute for LV 5-6 Normals like PSY-Frame Driver for instance, you drop a 2500 ATK beater with a Monarch like +1 search. That puts 2500+2000+~500+500+2900+1000 damage (8000+) on the board with Phantasm Spiral Grip. You also have other plays like Photon Sanctuary... And with stuff like Faustian Bargain, Econ, Slumber, TMSF, etc. it's not you don't have plays going second. ------------------- But I think where Pacifis will have the biggest impact is for Hero Beat Gemini decks: I think these hand traps are what makes Pacifis so good. It lets you play during the Damage Step so it's hard to negate and lets you trigger your Phantasm Equips. Keep in mind that unlike Honest, you can use Honest Neos for direct attacks. A lot of folks have probably forgotten about this card but it's still really strong because 1900, 1600, and 2500 either match or greater than a lot of other monsters (Thoroughblade is 16, Daigusto Emeral is 18, for instance) And you could possibly play Ancient Rules for Phantasm Spiral Dragon and Elemental Hero Neos, and Oversoul is a Monster Reborn. For those who question Ancient Rules, Billy Brake played it in Blue Eyes, so you can't dismiss it out of hand.
  10. dragon rulers 2: electric boogaloo

    Yes. Gae Dearg requires a LV 2 Dragon Tuner (Galaxy Serpent) and a LV 4 Winged Beast (Harpie Lady). Some other points worth noting are: 1) You can discard Hysteric Sign for Brilliant Fusion's second effect and trigger it 2) Galaxy Serpent being a LV 2 Dragon Tuner makes Harpie Channeler LV 7, so you can Synchro LV 9 (e.g. Cloudcastle) to go into True King of All Calamities. 3) With Hysteric Sign, you search Channeler, Harpist, and Feather Storm, so you have monster effect protection and free fodder for Channeler's effect if you want to use it, or fodder for Mariamne.
  11. dragon rulers 2: electric boogaloo

    You can use Brilliant Fusion for True Dracos, Galaxy Serpent works to search Field Spells with Ancient Fairy Dragon, and you have Gae Dearg to dump/search Zephyros, or search DD Crow. And stuff like Genex Ally Birdman and Windwitch Snow Bell gives the deck another way to play around DBarrier. Other stuff like Gofu lets you LV 9, so this isn't a Rank 4/7 deck anymore. The ratios could be something like: 3 Channeler 3 Harpist 3 Queen (because 1900 ATK is bigger than Emeral) 3 Harpie Lady You can play the Normal Harpie Lady because Unexpected Dai gets you fodder, and now you have cards that destroy from hand, so it's not as dead as it used to be per se. And you can play Harpie's Feather Storm from hand, then go off with Dai True Draco and they can't even Quick Effect. And Emeral recurs for Dai. Harpie's Hunting Ground gives you even more for Set Rotation beyond Draconic Diagram. And you have Mavelus and Norden, who works with Harpist. It's worth noting that Temple of the Kings lets you activate Hysteric Party on your turn, and it works with True Dracos but not sure if folks will play it.
  12. dragon rulers 2: electric boogaloo

    If you are going to play Demise and finding an engine for it, you could consider Harpies. Demise can discard Sign and Harpist and dig for Party, you have a lot of nice cards to use for Master Peace, Hysteric Party, Anti-Spell Fragrance, there are a lot of powerful cards there. Harpies also work with Metalfoes so you can end with tons of searches, and so on. Diagram and Metalfoes being proactive ways to destroy Sign is huge.
  13. For what it's worth, this deck can dish out significant damage, especially now that we have 6 XYZ monsters: You can overlay the Equipped monster (Boarbow?) with Drident, to survive the destruction drawback. And it has the side benefit of equipping the opponent's XYZ to negate its activated effects, e.g. to bait.
  14. So this post got me thinking: So this is how this works: 1) You opponent activates a card or effect 2) You SS a Phantasm Spiral Token which triggers the first effect 3) Add 1 Phantasm Spiral card from your deck to you hand 4) Since Umi is on the field, you can activate the "hand trap" you searched. These "hand traps" are: 1) Spiral Battle is a Ghost Ogre + Snow Rabbit + Raigeki Break without the discard 2) Spiral Power is an Effect Veiler, while also being a -1000 Damage Step for battles. So: "Between 3 ash blossom, 2-3 ghost ogre, maxx c " and these, your opponent is going to have to go through a bunch of obstacles. Even aside from these, you can play DD Crow, Droll and Lock Bird, and so on. And it gets even more oppressive when you consider: Even without considering Phantasm Spiral Dragon and its Equip Spells, you have a strong Stun engine. So what are the decks that can utilize this engine? 1) WATER.dek Something like: 3 Megalosmasher X Kabazauls Gagagigo Rescue Rabbit Fossil Dig Unexpected Dai X Silent Angler X Double Fin Shark You might not even want to dilute with Rescue Rabbit, Double Fin Shark, or Silent Angler, but the latter can be dropped when you don't have the Normal support on hand, letting you Bahamut Shark into Toadally Awesome. Unexpected Dai conflicts with the Field Spell Token, but if you have it, you're winning anyway? You'd probably only XYZ when you can seal the game. 2) Metalfoes Synergy comes from the fact Metalfoes Counter is a really strong card that keeps Normals on the field. Volflame is a LV 7, so is the LV 8 Token that Pacifis generates, so if you do play the LV 8 Spiral Dragon and its Equips, you could play Champion's Vigilance, which negates Summons, but is probably win-more? 3) Paleozoics "Hand Traps" that are actually Traps for Paleos which are actually Normal Monsters, maybe there is something there? 4) Dark Magician Another deck that relies on a LV 7 Normal monster (Vigilance) and already plays hand traps, Eternal Soul, Dark Magic Veil keep the DMage on the field, etc. ------------- Thoughts?
  15. Considering how much more of an impact Lost Wind made TCG-side compare to the OCG in regards to Paleozoics, I wonder how much of impact cards in MACR will have. Specifically: I think it's interesting that this card doubles as Waboku/protection while also being disruption versus XYZing, and helps battle as well, all the while serving as XYZ fodder for Opabinia or aforementioned Javelin. But you can argue we had Shapesister already, which didn't see much play (but this has value on either turn). What do you guys think about this card? ------------------- But on a more serious note, how does this deck out Master Peace if it is immune to monsters and Paleo traps?