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  1. I'm being half-facetious here but I wonder if we should be giving Plants/Sylvan/Gigaplant another look. RE Pot of Desires: Sylvan are kind of like what people think 40+ Mermails to be, just a bunch of WATER monsters that you can use together. Except Sylvans are literally that. To me, you actually have a deck with some advantages and new tricks. 1) Rose Archer being the card that negate Dimensional Barrier. 2) You have great synergy with Miracle Fertilizer + Lava Golem (in DEF 2500 to be run over by your Plants), cuz you can't NS anyway. 3) Super Hippo Carnival (ETele for XYZs) + Performapal Hip Hippo gives you Meliae with Rose Archer, Mathematician, Flowerbot, Spell Striker, alongside Crane Crane. I'm pretty amazed people don't play that card to Invoker for Zoodiacs. 4) Catalyst Field + Gigaplant I half think we should play more LV 6s because there are so many good ones. Guardioak with Princess = Rank 6 (Dragulas is a gamechanger), Rank 7 with Spore, with Copy Plant is Tzolkin, GUB makes Crystal Wing, and all the LV 1 Tuners I mentioned, can be SSed off Cherubsprout. You have Gigaplant, and you also have Angmarl who can banish Charity, search another Charity, and you play so many 3-ofs as it is. You have Mischief of the Gnomes to NS Gigaplant and Guardioak, and Amarylease... -------- And "The True Name" is Upstart Goblin for this deck, and you get to stack Charity and draw into it. I noticed that Lotuswain triggers off Pendulums so if you protect it vs Traps with Rose Lover, you can excavate a bunch, but that's too gimmicky and you have to go 2nd. TLDR: Sylvan is one of the hardest decks to play, because it's so non-linear, and casuals can't afford Pot of Desires.
  2. Regarding mark's floodgate speculation, I don't think that would have happened because people had caught onto Psi-Blocker in DRulers, not to mention stuff like Raigeki Break / PWWB were played. People were playing Trap Stun anyway, to counter RFTDD and Sixth Sense, and to turn off Vanity's and keep it up, so it's unlikely Traps would have been considered. And also the Royal Decree, Scrap Dragon interaction was noteworthy for its time, i.e. people played Decree with a trap lineup, or they played Decree to negate Solemn Warning, got Scrap out and popped Decree for it. And you had stuff like Burial from a DD so banishing Rulers, you had a way of bringing back resources. And there's in theme outs like Hieratic Dragon of Su, Wingbeat of Giant Dragon, and so on. -------------- As was said, the fact that Ra Sphere Mode is actually seeing play now, should be indicative of something, or how Darklords can Lava Golem without the NS and being able to Trade In, it is pretty much about the turn 1 board, and it will still continue to be, because of Drancia.
  3. I completely agree with you on the Scout and Monkeyboard point. ----- I think the biggest thing we're overlooking is how we don't have Exciton Knight to keep Pendulum boards in check anymore. We also don't have the 1 card Debris -> BRD field wipe with Dragon Ruler followup, not to mention Debris+Mythic Wood. -------------- Maybe I'm looking through rose colored glasses but I think at the time, Dragon Rulers was the deck that had so many blowouts and win buttons like Trident Dragion, Montage Dragon, Sixth Sense, RFTDD, heck even Armory Arm where you could crash Dragon Rulers for game. Not to mention the stealing game with Big Eye, Electric Virus, Dragluon, etc. And you had floodgates like Skill Drain, not to mention cards like Abyssgaios, Felgrand. And EEV, so much so that people played RDA over Colossal to beat Rivaly for it. For Maxx C, people played Colossal Fighter so there were danger there or creating Blader proof boards, so you wouldn't freeze and lose... People knew about Lava Golem ( and there was actually an entire debate over Swift Scarecrow (Felgrand beats it) vs Battle Fader (, and not leaving monsters to be Big Eyed or Blader'd. It wasn't Trap monsters, and more about Big Eye and Crimson Blader. I suppose even today, they'd Kaiju you and try to Blader, to Kaiju-proof the Dragon Ruler field. And don't forget Fog King, to stop Tributing (That was a different time, where we had so many folks try to one up each other with Dragon Ruler techs, and you saw the decks adapt and evolve)
  4. I think when evaluating Witch and Sangan, you have to keep in mind that Metalfoes are what changed things, them being proactive Spell destruction, remember how folks thought about "Thunder Crash" at one time? I mean a whole range of decks like Metalfoes Yang Zing, Kozmo, Fire Kings, etc., are possible, but still they aren't played because of the fundamental nature of the Pendulum mechanic. It's like a Rekindling / Soul Charge every turn you have 2 Scales, and so all the old decks don't have infinite resources like Pend decks do. It's like Hieratic Dragon Rulers, and Dragon Rulers, making the graveyard your second hand, giving you the second wind, except now all Pend decks can do it. Kirin and Sloth come back every turn, I mean you can pop them and make it one sided, and bring it back. I mean Vortex Trooper isn't played, you literally need to make something like Baobaboon or 1 card 2 XYZs like Zoodiacs for folks to play non Pends in Metalfoes. It's like we've become spoiled and our standards are too high. Admittedly, Toadally Awesome being awesome, is kind of the exception to the rule, and ABC is a little like the DRuler floating of days past. The other stuff is Spirit Dragon, Barrier Statues, Vanity/Kristya hard countering the Soul Charge / Rekindling, but how can a regular deck compete? I suppose Crystal Wing or Siegfried or Kali Yuga to Heavy Storm either turn, but when you're under constant Soul Change watch, it's a new world. ----------- But I think having 3 Dragon Rulers back, is going to see a lot of play because Rank 7s and LV 8s are good, and the second wind aspect of a lot of decks like Karakuri, Mermail, Hieratics, etc. I mean if you think about it, prior to Dragon Rulers, every big deck ran out of steam once you broke their board, that's back to where we're at.
  5. One thing to keep in mind is that the OCG had Outer Entity Azzathoth to negate Siegfried+Crystal Wing, and we don't. Considering that January end is going to be DDDs until Zoodiacs arrive, I'm pretty sure you can get away with (maining) Cherries and D/D/D Flame King Genghis.
  6. For what it's worth, this deck won again. Note, how you can play Beatrice + M7 to search Jinzo, Denko, Psi-Blocker, etc.
  7. Oviraptor breaks the Stratos rule it works on both NS and SS, and moreover it lets you search Dogoran, the Mad Flame Kaiju. Don't forget Samurai Cavalry of Reptier, and the other 2 EARTH Dino Pendulums being Scale 3/5, so you can use Ties of the Brethren. dumps a LV 4 Dino right away, searches Aeolo from deck, or you could get the LV 2s, Babycerasaurus being the other. Deck is good, has potential.
  8. Why don't you guys play Talaya, Princess of Cherry Blossoms (WATER LV 8) with Rose Paladin and ROTA? Maybe another way could be: 3 Dogma 3 Plasma 3 Fusion Conscription 3 Gameciel 3 Destiny Draw 3 Trade In Terraforming Waterfront Trying to abuse drawpower for Waterfront to search more drawpower fodder?
  9. For what it's worth, this deck got 2nd place at a Canada Regionals this past Saturday, note the Psi-Blocker
  10. You can search it with Generation Force or Mermaid Shark, but the latter wastes your NS for a weak Stratos.
  11. ^ Why don't you play Rare Fish? ------------------------ This is an idea but the fact that Rare Fish is now available means that XYZ Remora finally has enough targets. E.g. you can make a XYZ with 2 Fish and revive them for Bahamut. E.g. it lets you make Bahamut at 2600 who can attack + Bahamut + Toad + LV 4 WATER on field (to Trib for Megalo for example, or make another Shark). The WATER restriction is not too bad because you can make Hope Woven Spider Shark (if you make that for the double detach, it still floats), Silent Honor ARK to attack for 4700+800, Ragnazero vs Tenki, Dweller, etc. If anybody can think of a way to break XYZ Remora, that card SSes 3 LV 4 WATER monsters, that you can still Synchro with. Does anybody have any ideas?
  12. This thread makes me wonder is there a way/reason to play OPT draw cards like Pot of Duality, Pot of Desires, and Card of Demise in the same deck? You want to play draw cards that don't clump together or don't have OPT, so you might play them as 2 ofs? The reason being +1s are so worth it, you see more CiH/options even if you run more cards in deck. So you play 40+? A deck I can think of is Gravekeepers but that wants to dig for Royal Tribute, Qliphorts want to get to Scout, etc. Maybe some deck that plays (Special Summons) on the opponent's turn, like Artifacts. Maybe Crystrons? Dark Magicians are a deck that fits the bill (and you do see them play 40+), but not sure I would say they are competitive?
  13. I don't remember the exact arguments but back in the day, "Fifth Gadget", a 45 card deck with 9 Gadgets was considered better at the time. Here are some old decklists: The Gadgets were one of the first advantage engines in Yugioh, so being able to play monsters that could tutor each other, and thus more removal and defense than any other deck, without clogging or running out of monsters, was the impetus of the deck. That logic has made its way into some Card of Demise decks and even Zoodiac format where Mr Dragon remarked:
  14. Keep in mind for the second eff, you don't need to Poly it to grave, so if you Shadoll Fusion, send from deck, a card you want in hand, you can. So this searches stuff like Maxx C, and other hand traps, like Winda for Cherries or Chaos Hunter, how crazy is that?
  15. Somebody is going to break again.