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  1. That's not necessarily true. Not in ABC, but it's worth noting that it's Allurable in DARK decks, you can Chaofeng for a single copy in Metalfoes, and what's more you can dump it for Chaos. It's still a DARK LV 3 Tuner (think Void Ogre Dragon). It's worth noting that you can pre-empt their Cherries by Cherry-ing their ABC, if they try to use Cherries against you.
  2. Not so much the other way, because BEWD can interchange between Rank 8s and LV 9 Synchros. In comparison, it's harder for Metalfoes to play around when they can't Pend Summon (because then they don't have resources to Fusion either). Not to mention Metalfoes can't easily play DB themselves, because why would you negate your own Kirin? ---------------------- Some interesting things I've noticed about BEWD: 1) Sage can search Chiwen so you can make a Chaofeng - then your opponent cannot activate effects of LIGHT monsters. And it floats for your Tuners. 2) They can make Crimson Blader pretty easily with BE Spirit Dragon giving you a LV 7 to Sync with. So you stop ABC and Kaiju from being used against you. It works even better if you play Interrupted Kaiju Slumber and give them a Kaiju to Blader, and you a LV 7 to make make it. Chaos Hunter is LV 7. 3) Even before Dimension Barrier, this deck can play Dragon's Bind with Dragon Spirit of White and Stardust Spark Dragon. That stops Gameciel (the most common Kaiju) from being used. 4) This is gimmicky, but Shadow Impulse lets you SS other Synchros when they are destroyed (so protection for your fields). If you let the monster brought out by BE Spirit Dragon die for instance... Actually, this and Dragon's Bind actually seem like cards Metalfoes could play because they can go Stardust Spark with Gofu or Ultimaya, for Bind (or play Odd Eyes Pendulum (2500 ATK) + Sky Iris engine), or Scrap Dragon pop, make Ignister Or Crystal Wing via Shadow Impulse
  3. The other anti-ABC thing this deck can do pre-INOV is popping Chaofeng for Cherries, GoSR, Cycle Reader, etc. And don't forget popping Resonance Insect lets you search Kaijus.
  4. You can always side DNA Surgery and Chimeratech their whole board. It also helps vs Majespecter because they are no longer Spellcasters. You should be siding Typhoons because ASF going 2nd kills you.
  5. Just because people on DGZ aren't posting, doesn't mean this deck isn't still topping. You see them playing Typhoons vs Metalfoes. And come INOV, the deck gets Dimension Barrier.
  6. I think this is one of the best Pendulum decks right now, because you can play Fortune Lady Wind with theme support, to pop a lot of dangerous backrow, i.e. ASF. I posted my thoughts on Majespecter theory last year, and it's only become better now that we have Ties as well. But the other "new" thing about Majespecters is they have access to Empowered Warriors Dragodies (Scale 2) and Dragonox (Scale 7) now. They solve for a weakness of backrow-heavy decks, Denko Sekka, because even if they drop it, they still can't muscle through you because of the Pendulum protection. Dragodies doubles up as Shrink and as a monster searches any Majespecter. Dragonox ends the Battle Phase. And both are Warriors for ROTA.
  7. I think this deck has more potential than UA because that theme's shtick about switching between offense and defense was a gimmick, and the deck wasn't offensive/strong enough. I think these are more like an offensive minded Ghostricks. There are a lot of good cards like Tsukiyomi (the spirit), Geargiarmor, other Geargias, etc. that are self-triggers. And then there's cards like Chaos Infinity, which really lets the deck explode, you can make Rank 4s, e.g. King of Feral Imps to search the Reptile.
  8. Gendo the Ascetic Monk negates Dragon Buster. It lets you out "protected" monsters with Kirin, Orichalc, and so on. It being WATER means that you can play it with Jigabyte and Majespecters.
  9. Actually, there is Pendulum Reborn, which is exactly intended for that. Pot of Riches is a card, and it solves for this as well. A good question to ask ourselves is what really next levels Metalfoes from Igknights, the popping making Jowgen 1-sided?
  10. ----------------- As far as Treetoad goes, I realized that Metalfoes can pro-actively pop the Aquarium cards and Different Dimension Deepsea Trench so you have potential there with Aqua Actresses and Frogs (Guppy is LV 2 Aqua). They can Pend Summon Arowana as well. I posted this a long time ago in the context of Phantom Knights of Break Sword, but it applies to Metalfoes as well. ----------------- The last point I want to make about Palezoic Frogs is that Palezoics mean you don't rely on the Normal Summon. That lets you play:
  11. Regarding the points about not full Extra Decks and maindecked Kaijus, keep in mind that the OCG played Cydra ABC even without Cyber Repair Plant searching Jizukuru, and Kozmo in the meta. I mean Chimeratech Rampage Dragon (which Foolishes 2 Unions) is a LV 5 Machine, if you have a Tuning -> Quickdraw Synchron or Galaxy Soldier in hand, that is a CDI + Dragon Buster field (and Quickdraw lets you make Ultimaya as well). EHero Prisma + Overload Fusion, A Hero Lives gives you more ways of making Tsukiyomi, and so on. -------- To Axle's point, Cydras are yet another deck that doesn't work going 1st...
  12. I've been giving some thought to this deck and I was wondering why people don't run Red Resonator in here vs Photon Thrasher and Gadgets. Because you can play Resonator Call, it is a more consistent way of making a ABC field with Terraforming / Union Hanger. You can make Coral Dragon who can also discard Unions, rather than force you into Tsukiyomi plays. It also floats and as a Tuner, gives access to Leo. Going into the side for Oasis of Dragon Souls vs System Down, etc. being able to SS Red Resonator can give you 3000 LP, and you have other LV 6s that are good (Vulcan the Divine can bounce Hangar for reuse, Red Wyvern, Nothung), so you don't killed by Cherries. -------------- Keep in mind that Chaofeng in Metalfoes tutors Cherries on demand
  13. I'm obviously a biased Dinomist fanboy, but this is the kind of grind that makes Dinomists more appealing because you can make Nirvana High Paladin (you make with Deskbot 001 + LV 4 + LV 5) to halve their LP and then Spinos or even Heartlandraco to attack directly for game. That deck has Pteran and Rex and you could play Swords of Concealing Light or Book of Eclipse in main anyway. And the deck can GGX for Quarantine, Cycle Reader, etc.
  14. I think something like Igknights would play this card, because you can play Heart of the Underdog. Reminds me of HoTU Exodia.
  15. I just realized that I/others have been going about Dinomist incorrectly from a theory-oh standpoint. It's is more unfair when you think of Dinomist as being like "Karakuri Rulers". Here's what I mean: For those who don't know/remember Karakuri:,, I mean thinking back to Dragon Ruler days, the thing that differentiated Dragon Rulers from Karakuri was while both could create ridiculous boards, the latter with Burei/do into Rank 7/8, Dragons essentially were a paradigm shift from "past field spam decks of yore" (like Hieratics, Karakuri, Chaos Dragons, Lavals, Agents, Mermails, etc.) because for them, the graveyard was a second hand. If you wiped a Karakuri/Hieratic/X board in the past, they couldn't recover because they didn't have a follow-up, but Dragons always did, because you could follow your broken up Hieratic or Dragunity Ruler board with Rank 7 play, etc. That's why you need to build Dinomist more as a Machine Synchro deck around Saizan, Nish, Birdman, and Deskbot 001 as your Tuners (I'd go so far as to play Foolish Burial for Deskbot, and Zeph to bounce Tenki Charge, Dewloren also can). You can play Iron Calls as well. The key "unfair" play is being able to make a double Bureido offensive board (with draws) into Hope Harbinger (or possibly Moonlight) defensive board (and because you used Synchros as XYZ material), your Pendulums went to Extra Deck (as your second hand). Then your "second wind" if you will is to make a Pend board and end in Cyber Dragon Infinity or Treetoad, Ragnazero, for the win. The key is to never XYZ until you've burned them / their resources with your Synchros like Ignister, Trish, Horus, etc. first. ---------- That leads to the second point, you need to play smartly like realize Chanbara/Catastor is a Machine so Syncho climb that into CDI, making a Dinomist go to Extra, instead of wasting 2 Pends, same principle with Bureido Synchro climb. You have a Karakuri deck with an infinite grave resource, need to play it like that. ----- The other unique interactions you kind of benefit from are being able to make Nirvana High Paladin, but I'm not sure how "unfair" that card actually is. I also saw Stardust Charge Warrior as a draw 1 Synchro to send things to Extra, who can take advantage of Plesios but that's more cute than unfair.