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  1. Mark, I think you're just feeling jaded and disillusioned right now, and not being helpful as a mod (remember back when you'd post helpfully in the Deck Garage?). Rather than promoting discussion and actvity, you're trying to stifle it, right when posts like what @NB96 made, are exactly what DGZ needs more of. All the other discussions get no activity (because it's a vicious cycle), yet there's new stuff to discuss for this theme, and more coming down the pipe (see Trickstar Darklords being played in the OCG). Right now, if I was to be brutally honest, for Yugioh, sometimes I feel, aside from the content I'm posting about Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm, Darklords, Spiral Hand Traps, etc., there's literally no reason to come to DGZ because all the other content you could see on DGZ can be found on other sites, and other sites are already talking about Link themes and so much more. We need to generate more unique content on DGZ to have people reading, wanting to comment on, and contributing back. You and others aren't helping this in regard. ----- Also, regarding your second post, there's been more than several times in DGZ history (especially during Sam Pedigo days), where what we've discussed only on DGZ, suddenly starts topping. I can provide examples if needed. The fact that DGZ is becoming more of a hidden circlejerk on Discord, and continuing the vicious cycle of nobody posting unique generative content (is Monahan not posting like he used to, due to the warring incident?), makes nobody want to come here because who's going to wade through all the spam chat messages and chat history. And it's not historical, easily searchable through Google SEO (I just Googled and found this: ) The greats of the game, like Jeff, Patrick, Sam, Mike, Joe, all used to post here, but when there's no activity, there's no activity (there's no value for them to post). E.g. Trynet, Squiddy and Loli might not post because who's going to respond, they'd think. @ACP tries with the Zoodiac thread, but aside from me, who else has DGZ got? PS:
  2. I'm a little surprised that people aren't giving consideration to GBs even though Master Rule 4 is about a month away. (You can play 3 MBAAS and you can power through Drident and GoSR, and Cattle Call into Zoodiacs and Gyzarus as well). And even then, because all they do is need to "battle" vs Tokens, they can trigger their effects. If you think about it, there's no other deck with maindeck anti-Token hate, and access to War Chariot (and we now even have new cards like Foolish Burial Goods to dump it for Equeste, which we didn't back in GB heyday, and Unexpected Dai for Andal whom you can Link Spider, and grave for Darius). There's stuff they can do, and I think people are too caught up in the "oh GBs" nostalgia or stigma to consider them. Noxius + Darius gives you 3 monsters to work with, for Links and the mismatched levels / non Tuner status of Murmillo, etc. you had before, are solved by Links. You can Cattle Call Blackwing - Gofu into Gyzarus, who is a LV 6 GB for Tamer Editor, and you can make 2 Link Spider for Editor + Gyzarus/Heraklinos. Heck, I can even see folks playing Tannhauser Gate with the weaker GBs to cheat out Tamer Editor, for instance.
  3. Why do you say that? Looking at the NAWCQ, most of these decks are still maining or siding Ash. ------------------------------ One notable point some of you may have missed is Time Maiden only restrictions your Special Summons, not your Tribute Summoning capability. So correct me if I'm wrong but you can Tribute a Timelord brought out by the 3rd effect, or just use Time Maiden as a Photon Thrasher, who has an effect in grave. This lets us follow up a Metaion with a Vanity's or Majesty Fiend on a clear field, or dropping a LV 6 Monarch like Caius or Angmarl is pretty good. Angmarl especially because Contact in hand is better than Contact in grave, since Superbia misses timing off a cycle, but works with Contact from hand.
  4. So there are a lot of points to be made here: This is a little vague, what exactly do you mean by "getting going" or "starting the engine". Actually dumping the Darklords in grave through drawpower, and digging for Contact? Having Superbia in grave and Contact in hand Having S/T in grave and Darklord on field For both of those, you want Darklord cards in grave, and the starter card for that is Reasoning , but unfortunately Timelords can't be Summoned off it, and Heralds are bad with it, if you play them. So that leads me to Transmodify , and that's pretty much a win-more starter, because it only works when you have a monster out, but: 1) you turn a DEF mode Superbia into a 2800 ATK Tezca who can cycle a S/T to offset the -1. 2) you turn a Darklord Nasten who has used its effect to a Superbia in ATK mode who can revive another Darklord (because unfortunately, You can only Special Summon "Darklord Nasten(s)" once per turn.) -------------------- You'll notice all the starter cards + most Darklord cards are hit hard by Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, where it could be worse than a 1 for 1. That's why we need to consider PSY-Framegear Gamma because it works exactly when we need it, most of the time, we're trying to "get going" and "get the engine started" when we play Banishment, Darklord Ixchel, Pot of Desires, or other draw cards, we're digging for Contact, so we don't have monsters -> Gamma is live, and that gives you an LV 8 Synchro on your turn, that's the best counterswing. This makes me think Yosenju Timelords might be better to consider, and they work great with Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm as well. It's worth noting that Mound of the Bound Creator protects your Timelords and also your Darklord Ixchel, Tragoedia, and Trains!! Magical Mid-Breaker Field does too, so Set Rotation with Revolving Switchyard... And you have the Timelord Attributes for Shaddolls? Kamion the Timelord is offensive and as an EARTH LV 10 for Shekhinaga. ----------- What field to recycle? You don't have 10 Spells for Ritual Sanctuary? Sure, you can Transmodify Time Maiden for Cyber Petit Angel and have it in grave to Banish for later, that's sounds okay. But, Dimension Barrier, Ash Blossom makes life hard. If Fluffals and Shinobirds can't compete, what makes Cyber Angels any better?
  5. Well, this is one of the bait cards that this deck has: Especially with Time Maiden adding a LV 10 to hand, that you can trade in for another card (or even return to deck to bring out with its Banish effect), and the Supreme Gates being LV 7 that Darkwurm searches out, and the Darklords themselves being searched out with Contact.
  6. Since the Blue Eyes Discussion is archived, thought I'd post this here. This is a kind of parallel to what I was saying about Timelords over in the Darklord thread, but I think Timelords are just as impactful in BEWD as they are in Darklords. Reason being, You can retrieve Time Maiden for reuse, after banishing it for its effect. And you're already playing a card that you can retrieve with Light of Redemption in White Stone of Ancients. So you have a recurring source of advantage, and can grind with the top decks. Especially since you get draws off Zaphion who shuffles backrows for you, and can Synchro with it for Star Eater, and you having cards like Mausoleum of White to help with the Extra Summons. And beyond that, you have: In case you guys don't get it, Math dump Time Maiden Time Maiden banishes for Metaion Metaion bounces the field, including Math to hand for reuse. How cool is that? But that's not all, you have: Now, the LV 10 of Deep-Eyes has some use with Timelords also being LV 10. Keep in mind that COTH works on Timelords, and they don't die when COTH is destroyed.
  7. Playing Glow-Up Bulb gives you another way to get the draw off Zaphion, and it makes Star Eater which increases your damage output. It lets you convert your DEF mode Superbia into Giganticastle (3100 ATK) or Vermillion Dragon Mech (Hyperion effect floats GUB) so it gives you another way of putting damage on the board. D/D Lamia and Dark Contract with the Gate gives you a Special Summonable LV 1 Tuner, and extra Gates aren't dead draws because you can use it to revive Lamia. Vermilion Dragon Mech also floats the RFGed Lamia.
  8. Remember, a big source of damage output, comes from the Extra Deck, as you can play Ravenous Tarantula as your Rank 10, which lets you Raigeki the board, and boost all your monsters. The ability to fallback to Sadion, the Timelord to have 4000 LP, means we can aggressively play Solemns and have them risk death at all times. Solemn Scolding negates Summons so it stops Master Peace as well. ------------ You can also consider playing The Calculator since Contact Superbia Ixchel => 8+10+2 = 20, or 6000 ATK + 2500 (from Ixchel) = 8500 damage on board. Note that we have Exodius and Tragoedia as more LV 10s and Swordsman of Revealing Light is a Sakuretsu Armor + LV 8 for Advanced Draw and Rank 8s.
  9. Sephylon is underwhelming because it doesn't have 0 ATK. You also have Foolish Burial and One for One so that's 5 Maidens. It kind of depends how you want to go with the deck, e.g. if you look at the OCG, you can play Contract with Don Thousand for dealing 3K damage with Lazion and the drawpower just adds even more to what Darklords already do (and the Normal Summon restriction doesn't bother Darklords). You can end in Gustav Max and that deals 5K. But that again is just the tip of what you can do with Lazion, with Time Maiden, you bring out 2 Lazion, so that is another way to 5K. And maybe Darklord Nurse Burn is the way to go? ------------- TLDR: Timelords essentially solve that problem...
  10. So this deck has just shot up incredibly in power level, because of the release of the Timelords. You could argue that it's par with the top tier right now. In case you guys don't get it, the deck just got its in-theme Kaiju engine, which is really revolutionary if you think about it. You have much greater synergy and in theme offensive and defensive options. So one card => 2 Timelords Now the deck has a better Summon, that you can Foolish Burial and One for One, that is a 100x better than Ukoback. You have non-targeting removal, that gets around Quick Effect destruction. (It also coincidentally works under Magical Mid-Breaker Field, and Timelords can be Pendulum Summoned via Supreme King Dragon Darkwurm and Supreme King Gate Infinity) But beyond that, you can draw 3 cards out of the blue: And that's just the tip of the iceberg, So you can drop Timelords that don't die and wall for you, and you have in-theme LV 10 to Rank 10 with Not to mention, you can revive Timelords with Superbia! And the most notable thing of all, is none of this is affected by Link format...
  11. Just wanted to point another powerful interaction with this card. You can trigger both effects with Pendulum Switch, e.g. with Scale -> Monster, and from Monster -> Scale. I know it's Amorphages, but being able to use Infection/Lysis/Switch for consistency, + benefiting from destruction via True Dracos and drawing based on Tributes with True Draco Heritage and True King's Return for fodder is !!! ----------------- Also wanted to mention the synergy with the Timelords, and their non-targeting removal. In case you guys don't see it, 1) You can Pendulum LV 10 monsters (Timelords) from hand 2) They return to the Deck in your Standby Phase, so you have no monsters -> SS Darkwurm for search or you can Pend with Supreme Gate Infinity since you have no monsters. They also have this: I mean what the heck, you have no restrictions on all those effects!
  12. Cattle Call is a good option. Koa'ki Meirus are also good to consider because Diamond Core protects from destruction, so you can Urnight and Crusader into Drident fields and they can't do anything to stop it, and you can end in Cairngorgon. Crusader and Urnight both are stronger than Emeral's 1800 ATK, and Crusader's effect works on Pendulums, doesn't need to send to grave. Just saying, is generic and even works on Koa'ki Meiru self-destruction?!
  13. dragon rulers 2: electric boogaloo

    Also, it's possible to revive this deck: The notion of playing offensive cards like Rivalry of Warlords (protects against Kaiju), Escalation, 6 True Draco/King Traps, Skill Drain, Anti-Spell Fragrance, Imperial Custom, Imperial Order, COTH, etc. and maybe even the Trap monsters, with Magic Planter. It was a lot better when we had That Grass Looks Greener at 3, because you could dump Dark Summoning Beast and get the search, but food for thought. also works with the Field Spells so it's good bait.
  14. dragon rulers 2: electric boogaloo

    I kind of feel with that deck though, there is no reason not to play The Monarchs Storm Forth. Escalation of the Monarchs does pretty much what you want, as well, since you can Tribute it for a True Draco (not sure if Battle Phase has additional relevance). But at that point, you might as well, play Brilliant Fusion (since you have Vortex Trooper and Baobaboon to mitigate your Garnet), and then you can play LIGHTS like Kuraz or Majesty's Fiend (there's probably something better), and COTH lets you reuse Baobaboon and chain Vortex Trooper to destruction, not to mention you can chain/pop for profit.
  15. You could play Baobaboon to give it consistency. There have been examples of people playing Planet Pathfinder, even though it's not a Normal, but Baobaboon is better in it allows you to filter your hand (especially in a deck that plays extraneous Field Spells), and making stuff like Break Sword lets you simplify while not leaving an Effect monster on the field. It's good to be able to play without Pacifis, and the play raises the ceiling of the deck. -------------- Just wanted to point out that this deck sees play post Link format, albeit at a local card shop: