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  1. I'm getting close to 10 years.
  2. Right now, the decks that are topping revolve around Lost World
  3. The Dinosaur and Ancient Gear Structure Decks are out, but there's very little mention of them on this site. Since MACR is 3 weeks out, and we don't have True Dracos yet, we can't just copy the deckbuilding and theory from the OCG for Dinos now. As such, there's a lot to learn about and discuss regarding those themes. However, if you visited DGZ today, you wouldn't even know that. We have an opportunity here, but it can't just be me generating content for this site @ACP@mmf@Satchmo@mark Warring is nice in theory, but it makes no sense to learn theory on another site and come here to war with them?
  4. I don't really know the math, but there are 9 Spells that give you advantage (3 Desires, Demise, Grass), and Reckless helps you towards them. This deck is like a snowball with Toadally Awesome, and Reckless Greed both gets you started, and it snowballs with Opabinia (more Traps in hand via the draws, activate from hand, more plays). I mean if you count the other generic Traps that don't depend on gamestate or when you go first or second, you can think of Waboku/Aegis/etc., but when you're winning those don't snowball. It also works with Anomalocaris and Black Jack so it's not like you stop digging through your deck without your Draw Phases.
  5. So this card is a boost to Darklords. It's a Turn 1 floodgate that shuts down Paleozoics, and the last effect lets you reuse Ixchel and make your draw cards live. Destroying backrow and Stunning Extra Deck monsters are also worth mentioning. ------------ Another point in favor of Darklords now, is Call of the Haunted on Superbia is live more often now, and that's significant because it lets you revive Superbia in Attack mode with 2900 ATK, backed by Kristya or Ixchel, and that extra damage on board makes a difference. I bet you could probably even play Card Trooper in here to make Contact and COTH live and it beats over Daigusto Emeral, works under DBarrier and beats Strike. ------------ Concerning DD Crow, I think that Darklord Contact doesn't target so if even if they Crow one DL, you can still revive another (correct me if I'm wrong). I was reading back on what I wrote months ago, and I think it's a lot more relevant now, because you can counterside/main them outright. Either by playing LIGHT Dimensional Alchemist to retrieve what was Banished or Allure'd or because of: This can be your Normal Summon. I'm thinking you'd make it more LIGHT focused for Mechaba, Miraculous Descent Kristya, or play Ghost Ogre, Herald of Orange Light, etc. Keep in mind that you can Banish Aleister for Tribute Burial and use Invocation to get it back to hand, so you can do things like Darklord Zerato, add Aleister (a DARK monster) to hand for Raigeki effect. Caliga is double-edged, but the EARTH Invoked is LV 8 for Rank 8s (using their Zoodiacs), you can probably make the WIND one off Speedroids and so on.
  6. discord is actually bad for the site because site looks inactive, so nobody posts and nobody visits. This is a forum not a chatroom. 1) I guess that's why folks play Fiend Griefing + Black Jack and Reckless Greed. Foolish Burial also helps. Your traps slow the game down, and stuff like Paleozoic Leanchoilia let you grind it out. 2) That's why you can play Ice Barriers. If you really cared about first turn Toad, you'd play a Bahamut Shark variant with Silent Angler, or you could try Paleozoic Geminis because Catalyst Field and Brilliant Fusion give the deck extra Normal Summons and Gem-Knight Amethyst is Aqua fodder for Toad that tutors Crab with Lazuli. Not sure if people would play Tri-Wight in here, but that is a powerful card.
  7. Not sure if people are noticing this, but Aegis of the Ocean Dragon Lord, is a good card for Paleozoics right now. It's what lets the deck play though field wipes like aforementioned Diamond Dust, Slumber, Dark Hole, Raigeki, Drident, and it lets you survive battles as well. Another interesting trend to consider is people can play and actually are playing cards like Fossil Dyna and Penguin Soldier (LV 2 Aqua) in the sidedeck. People think Game 2 and 3, that the facedown monster is just a Frog and then they get blown out. Fossil Dyna does a good job of sealing games vs Infernoids, and you can actually protect it. ---------- I would bet that competitive players themselves would be siding Diamond Dust in Paleo both for the mirror and for the fact that the Burn matters in grindy games that go to time at big events. I can even see the deck starting to play Ice Barrier monsters as tech because Dewdark of the Ice Barrier can attack directly for 1200 damage, and it's a LV 2 Aqua Tuner, to deal even more damage in time, and being a Tuner, let's you play through DBarrier. Secret Guards of the Ice Barrier might see play because you can Normal Summon it and they can't Drident, or the Paleo either, so you can make Treetoad without disruption. And Prior of the Ice Barrier and Medallion of the Ice Barrier gives the deck more options. In Grass Looks Greener with Foolish Burial decks, the Graydle Slime Jr is a 1 card Treetoad or LV 4 Synchro, so that's interesting, with Graydle Impact to search for it.
  8. TLDR: This is a Pot of Greed (or more!) for any deck that plays Zoodiacs and some form of Winged Beasts or Beasts. The limitation is giving up Spells for that turn (you can set Traps, and you active them on the opponent's turn anyway), you can still activate monster effects. And the thing is, now that we need the extra LV 4 monster (a situation the OCG never dealt with), there's a lot of interesting opportunities. 1) Totem Bird + Drident, play this and draw 2 cards. Singing Lanius can be dropped alongside any Zoodiac XYZ, get the draws, and make Emeral for another draw. Force Strix is generic and searches Singing. You could even play Advanced Heraldry Art + Heraldic Leo, King of the Feral Imps and Kagetokage, and get a straight up +2 by detaching Leo to search Kagetokage. Broadbull being generic is obvious. --------------- I could go on about how Heraldics work nicely with Invoked as they give XYZs while Invoked give Fusions so you beat DBarrier, and a lot of WINDs mean you get the best Invoked. And how there is a Monster Reborn for Leo and it is bigger than Emeral and Drident. Or how Raidraptors give you access to Rank Ups, which have synergy with your 1 card XYZ. --------------- There's lots of possibilities because you can play Flame Tiger + Onslaught of the Fire Kings, list goes on. Castel is a Winged Beast, DDW is a Beast, etc. Worst case, this is an Upstart Goblin. Food for thought.
  9. Is there something we can abuse with Chain Summon? The best use of it seems to be in a Beatrice Turbo deck where you can bring out Cyber Dragon Nova -> CDI. Or in something like Hieratics or Hazy Flames where you can end Solda, CDI, and Dragulas on board. But since Zoodiacs can easily bring out 2 Rank 4s, are there any good Rank 1-3 that you can Rank Up or use without detaching XYZ material? The best I could think of Constellar Hyades into Ptolemy M7 (but can't use its effect that turn), but can attack with 2700. If it survives, you can start retrieving Maxx C and such. There is Treetoad but it's only for your turn. Anything better?
  10. And so it begins: Second effect doesn't apply to Links, so if you don't want to deal with a walking LLAB + Lose 1 Turn, you play Links.
  11. So Spyrals are actually a thing, and not a flash in the pan.
  12. That's not true. We now have: Which is the card in OCG that kept WATER decks in check like System Down and Chimeratech do for Machines. It also causes the Frogs to miss timing.
  13. This card is actually good/interesting and I think people haven't realized it yet (or maybe it's the lack of activity). It's the card that finally makes Amorphages playable. You finally have a way of swapping Scales for negation as needed and bringing out bigger monsters to Stun the Extra deck. Along with cards like Pendulum Reborn and Ties of the Brethren, you finally have a deck that can do something. The other way is playing that deck with Card of Demise, and a ton of Turbo cards with Magical Abductor. Keep in mind that Amorphage Infection and double Sloths are all you need in a Metalfoes deck The fact that's a Trap card means you have something that can protect Pendulum Scales and monsters on both turns. I can definitely see somebody playing it in a Dinomist deck that once it gets its Howling, you want to be playing Dust Tornado and such. And that deck has additional benefit on the Scales as well as Summoning LV 4/5 monsters for Cyber Dragon Infinity and Bahamut Shark -> Treetoad. It's like a slower Wavering Eyes, and a lot of Pendulum themes could benefit from a card like this.
  14. Bumping this up because Darklords are one of the better decks heading into this new format. 1) It is the uniquely positioned deck that can maindeck Denko Sekka as its Normal Summon (and dig for it), and in a format where Maxx C went to 1, a lot of Special Summon decks are getting a second look at life, only to be stunned by Vanity's Fiend. And Lost Wind is dead in that case, and they can't Marella since you can go without Extra Deck. 2) If Infernoids are also going to be popular, consider that this deck can play Chaos Hunter, and it being LV 7 DARK to coincide with Nasten, and Allure of Darkness, possibly even Sacred Sword of Seven Stars, Kaiju Radian, being another LV 7 DARK fitting those criteria (and you can Enchant it back for a Rank 7). And that is besides the fact, that this deck can Normal Summon Barrier Statue of the Abyss, Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer, play Jinzo (Jector), and so on. You can double down on Paleozoic and Infernoid hate, and everything else is just an engine. (Dark Illusion can provide targeting protection vs Paleo Traps or Drident). 3) But perhaps, most importantly, this deck is getting Darklord Ukoback and with Foolish Burial Goods, you have cards you didn't have before to toolbox your entire lineup, so playing that nontargeting Brain Control to steal/disrupt and stack/Tribute, is more consistent. I half wonder if you could play 60 and play Grass Looks Greener with COTH for Kristya, Darklords and so on. Ukoback dumping a DL to revive and cycle S/T effects during both player's turns is something this deck didn't have before.
  15. ^ For point of reference, somebody did recently top 4 a Regional with Zoodiac Spyrals but that deck had a lot of uncommon card choices, and carried by Lullaby or Rank Up 7th One. E.g. putting back Taketomborg is interesting.