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  1. NAWCQ 2015 Nashville, TN

    I'll be there along with the rest of the seattle crew 
  2. I'll be going with some other people from Seattle 
  3. Nekroz - Discussion

    I agree completely to this, both builds with and without upstart seemed to run the same, although the life from upstart has been a issue, but normally not a big enough issue to where i'd lose the game, souley because of the 1-3k lp
  4. Nekroz - Discussion

    Isn't ddwl still just better than both? 
  5. Nekroz - Discussion

    3 shirut is NOT borderline staple 
  6. YCS Chicago Apr 10-12 2015

    Flight prices are insane as fuck, but i'll be going to this still. 
  7. Top 32 YCS tacoma report

    Good shit Destin! 
  8. DG Live 171: TCG , October 2014 Banlist

    Won gm1 opp dc'd game 2 
  9. DG Live 171: TCG , October 2014 Banlist

    in dgzgoats4dayz
  10. Remember when  I said sylvans where good?
  11. Supernova [vs] Pacific State

    I got Bmazing 2-1 I drew busted
  12. Pacific State [vs] Inquisition

    Damn, ggs good war