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Ah fuck I cant believe im banned
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  1. Free Agent Recruitment Thread

    because my post seemed to disappear Free agent Dn: thetnacrimson Skype:Humbo10
  2. i just relizexd he screwed up the scoring guidelines lol its + for loss + for win + for draw
  3. Indigo Children.

    Luke i am leaving byeeeeeee   looking for one memeber
  4. no fear bro lol its my play style ^ i do it better then azneyes ;p its the main reason y i win war duels if you dont take your never going to win and i confirm the 2-1 win 
  5. lost 2-1 he drew everything 
  6. The Hall of Fame vs Indigo Children

    2-0'd andrew
  7. Indigo Children.

    i am guessing  Luke would say yes but you got to wait for him sadly and he works second shift so kinda got to wait
  8. T.T never bothered to learn castor cant be set and i said i better then most people who just go and netdeck the deck
  9. won vs reggie 2-1 will pm screen shot if asked
  10. Indigo Children.

    Well until lucas gets on and updates we are looking for a war
  11. Indigo Children v. Ambiguity

    Mysisisabunnie 2-0'd ion she had me post    http://i.imgur.com/SdfXvCe.png
  12. Most Wanted vs. Indigo Children

    Good war most wanted