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  1. DGZ Regional Tournament?

    Thanks for approving. Updated the info. More people the merrier. As you see for those that checked the ETC version...the rules are rather "in depth" but at the same time...they're all common sense. It's only those that decide to be morons and break the rules or cause problems...which...is why they are so extensive. Anyhow...let's keep those registerations coming!
  2. Yes i am a retard now in ban land Yeah...I am eventually looking to host a ..but in order to do that...I need to have a reputation of being able to effectively run them...so them people effectively sign-up for them. So I host a couple of smaller tournaments. I can easily run and manage 20 person or so tournaments...but that's about the furthest I've got. I am looking for around 64+ people this tournament. It will start AFTER March 15th...perhaps sooner...depending on how sign-ups go. If I hit 64 quickly I might hold it open for a few more days...but I may just start it right away. Here's the basic rules: * It will use the current banlist. * It will be Advanced Format. * It will be Swiss, using my Mantis progam. * We will use YVD as the main program with GameKing Online as an alternate. * Anyone can join I simply require you have AIM. Just about everyone uses AIM and for the American TCG and online dueling I feel it is required. I have MSN too...it shouldn't be hard for anyone to get AIM...it IS free. * EVERYONE should either have the ability to host or hamachi. If you can't do either...but can ONLY use GameKing you may enter...but this could be a deciding factor and ultimately cost you a round. Both players most agree to use whatever program. YVD or Gameking is allowed. YVD is the primary simply because it has been out longer and more people have it and it's faster. * Each Round will last "roughly" one week. I figure you should be able to coordinate a time to duel your opponent within a week. For this tournament I will probably make it 10 days. * It will be fun. Most people will question the 2nd to last bullet..."one week." I will probably make this period 10 days for this tournament to be safe. But the big question is "what happens" if you don't duel? Well...I'll use the system I've been using for awhile now. Say 1 member is "active" and their opponent is "not active." Then the ACTIVE duelist should post their ACTIVITY in the forum response thread. The inactive person henceforth won't have time to post activity. One post a day is sufficient enough. Now...if that's not enough to determine a CLEAR winner...then step 2 happens. I look at my AIM. I'll have EVERYONE's AIM info put into a special AIM profile where I can see who's online. So I'll know who's lying or not. Now if that STILL doesn't help...or for the sake of argument, say two players are both online enough...but one is from Europe and one from the USA so they are always on at OPPOSITE times, but both are fairly active. Then...step 3...myself and my mini-war council decide if there are any deciding factors that could lead to a victor...in this situation...it is unlikely...so then finally step 4 happens...which isn't usually my favorite...but it is essentially a "coin toss". I flip a coin and the winner is chosen that way. So it is in BOTH players BEST interest to duel. If I have to do a "coin toss" on a CERTAIN player more than say...2 times...or 3 times...then that player is "dropped" from the tournament because they are CONSISTENTLY inactive. There are a long list of other tools but I manage these tournaments very well. So I am asking who would be interested...if so...please "sign-up" here...I'm looking to start this March 15th or sooner if I can get 64+ people. If interested...please post using THIS FORMAT: username | AIM | any other info(Hamachi, MSN) Players interested/signed-up: 1. geolink | geolink23 2. deLir1um | ChaotiXx91 | Hamachi 3. MZAAZM | mzaazm | Hamachi 4. Master of Furballs | gstla2 | Hamachi 5. biggy | Divergancy 6. Gordy | Gordy014 | Hamachi 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32.
  3. GKO for sale, @_@

    I don't think so...I think it won't go above $500.
  4. Deck Builders

    Yes my friend...you are.
  5. GKO for sale, @_@

    GKO Site has put the auction in on it's announcement, so that anyone can see it if they go to Gko. The game creator, Hudzilla, was here in Dgz before. If there is a way to contact him again, then it can be clear if this whole thing is legitimate or not. Yeah I aleady posted saying it's on their mainsite...but yeah...anyhow... If you look at the bidding history only ONE of the NINE bidders has a feedback rating...and the rating is somewhere between 1 and 49... so all 9 bidders essentially suck. I have 1 ebay account with 200+ bids and another with like 55. but then again...I'm an avid ebayer.
  6. GKO for sale, @_@

    oic I just noticed a message on GKO pointing to it... yeah...so i guess it's legit and i'm dumb. =/
  7. GKO for sale, @_@

    Not to be a negative... but how do you even know this is real? I mean...0 feedback...random screenshots and all the basic information any avid GKO or YGO duelist or even PHP person would know. Who's to say this isn't some scam artist with a great scam having you pay for it all with a high priced item...and then "bam" he's gone. Or...a fake source code... or...an inbedded virus... there is a long list of problems I see with this...
  8. Quick Ways To Earn Cash.

    Seriously... being serious... pretend to be a hobo...around "rush-hour" areas in the streets...pretend to be a hobo/homeless person and beg for money on the streets...my buddy used to do it and he started off pretty shitty but he then could max out at like $6-700 a week. Some people he said would give him like $5-10 when they drove by...and others a buck or two...regardless...at high interesection/off-ramps...you can make some good dough...like $15-40 an hour... and you're a kid...so if you dress right...you could play it off even MORE... 1 tip...develop a backstory...some people get in depth...and it's gotta have a good "moral" or outcome...like... "my parents used to beat me and after my dad hit my mum when he was drunk i tried to protect her and he beat the hell outta me and my mom then beat me because she loved him more than me so I left and now I live on the streets. I quit outta high school and now I'm just tryin to survive so I can eventually go back to high school, get my GED, and maybe work my way up at a local place. This is what i get for respecting women." lil "lines" like that...dominate...mega-cash... that is...provided...you get a chance to speak before they haul-azz outta there. or hold a "i'm homeless" sign...seems to work too. There...you owe me... If you win...I want some good cards.
  9. Underrated and Underused.

    Good tits on your Avvy. Raigeki Break. Agree with the first... Disagree with the second...
  10. Jowgen

    Jowgen is okay. I think there's better options. Besides...it makes your Reborn useless... I mean...you could make a deck around it... like Protector, Jowgen, Gadgets, Don, Hydro/Banisher...of some sort...no tributes...no special summons... could work.
  11. Didn't that play 3 Decree 3 Cancellor? Decree is at 2, smart guy. I think you missed the Goat Format. The Answer was a Deck made in the Goat Format that utilized 3 Cancellers and a shitload of traps *cough* Counter Fairy w/Invicil...odd. o_O
  12. Stopping scrubs with CCV

    That won't negate the effect. No it won't, but it will make your opponent have an illegal deck of 39 cards. GG. end this thread.
  13. Counter Fairy

    I've seen about 4-5 really nice really well-done Fairy builds...all use about the same premise...of which mine is built off of. None use any of the crap you guys are mentioning.
  14. Protector of the Sanctuary

    i know you are but what am i combo with jowgen vs explosion = u win no no no... Combo: Protector of the Sanctuary + Disturbance Strategy + Desert Sunlight/Ceasefire/Soul Absorbing Life GG.
  15. Ban Reasoning... although it'd kill Samurai in some decks... Reasoning is key to a LOT of diff. decks.