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  1. Herald of Ultimateness Ritual Deck

    I love hearld,the hit to prep of rites kinda turned it off for me,but happy hearld should still be the way to go. I don't play the Spirit engine so I can't comment on that. But gale should be maxed that's what made this deck playable again. 3 ultimate hearlds isnt needed. The dragon princess does great for this deck. Before I gave it up I was playing 3 reckless and even trying double summons with all the 9 searchers to try and get first turn setup,double searcher summon into fairy cheer girl for an draw if need and I hit both fairy searchers.i haven't updated the deck in prolly a year so I don't know if any new cards would help it
  2. You shall not pass: Herald deck

    Lol he got banned from what he posted in this thread? I didn't have s problem with any of his post
  3. You shall not pass: Herald deck

    Are you guys really liking the msts?yeah quils can be a pain
  4. You shall not pass: Herald deck

    It's yugioh,every deck is hurr durr,herald is right up there for extra hurr durr, if I get setup i win, but if I have to work for it,I'll prolly lose,tho there's a chance I can still make it going 2nd and step up and win. Same can be said for most decks
  5. You shall not pass: Herald deck

    Having enough cards to negate all my opp threats,yeah that will prolly do it
  6. You shall not pass: Herald deck

    But I would have just drawn those cards in the next 2 turns anyway
  7. You shall not pass: Herald deck

    You still have to keep your board when you make it,art is in my deck 9 times,plus the 4 draw one cards. You need to draw fairys or you will run out of discards. Period. Reckless greed plays me 2 cards ahead,which is a chance for 2 more discards. I can say that playing in on my opp turns and drawn me fairys to live that turn,while drawing bird,hymn or saffira without being able to summon it is just a wasted turn. Even with my "slow" build you call it,I can count on one hand how many times I didn't have the cards to make a turn 1 herald in like the last 30-40 games
  8. You shall not pass: Herald deck

    http://i.imgur.com/8VrzXxd.png   since im sure you wondering,nothing special  but i am loving the reckless greeds,mst bait so you have a more honest count on your opp cards you need to negate,you dont have to play it if right away,i play it on my opp turn if i feel im out of fairys to negate,that why i play the senjus,more fairys to draw into.i go back and forth with one day,the 3 krista and i guess the 2 sonic bird since i dont know what else to play.i tried 3 mained maxx c,it was ok. also tested like 9 searchers with 3 double summons,it was cool when it worked,but the reckless are consistent since its a good stand alone draw
  9. You shall not pass: Herald deck

    Sanju is a fairy,and decking thining that adds a fairy from the hand,and in his build a trans target. I'm only running 1 sonic bird in favor of 2 sanju for the fact it being a fairy,and I don't feel im pulling off turn one summons any less. Dark factory is like the best card you want to draw after summoning herald I wouldn't drop one,but glad to see you liking the lvl 4 normal,it's very important to the deck. I like harp 2000 defense,you can set vs a rocket since that deck is now getting some play and it comes more then just that
  10. You shall not pass: Herald deck

    What are those two cards that are different? L I'm guessing there the ones used for transmofiy I can't make them out on my phone lol
  11. You shall not pass: Herald deck

    True,I'm playing right now with 3 reckless greed and I'm not looking back. I like the honest tho,it helps go for game earlier which is very important at times,it's a fairy and helps get over things like a first Dante,and helps keep a lvl 4 on the field for a a rank for play,it's very versatile. How are the mst working? I'm not a fan cause you still might have to use a negate if the cars is chained,I know how important it is for vanity,but it's not a fairy,if my opp goes first and opens vanity,he just amazing and I'll offer him a steak dinner lol. with 3 of those,3 gale 3 sonic 2 saffira and 1 hymn,that's a lot of fairys not being drawn depending on you open. I think the hymn is a nice tech tho. If the ratios of blue cards are working keep it up,the msts are meh I would try -3 for 2 honest and 1 Spirit of the harp. That's 3 more fairys
  12. You shall not pass: Herald deck

    Sounds like your deck is perfect then,why come ask for suggestions if you just wanna argue that your ideas are better?i also think your ratios are off,and honest plus saffira is amazing,it lets you use saffira eff and is an out to vantys being able to run over something with a manju
  13. Mythic Rulers

    Mystic rulers gained otk potential with the new dark matter and galaxy eyes armor. With the lack of defense backrows and draw power of the deck I usally put game on the board 1st turn (going 2nd) a good bit. Maybe look into those builds
  14. Shaddoll - Discussion

    I agree, but the deck can search and the fusions float to add cards back as it. I seen instant fusion there as well,went into winda for dark strike fighter damage,but you do that as your lvl 5 to sync as well, just throwing out when I seen,thinking out the box since it looks like everyone is ready to give up on the deck in here