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  1. This is also very true. I occasionally played against 21 card red-eyes deck and even that 1 card made a huge difference.
  2. I played Tea Mill for a while and lost a lot with it. I am not saying I play perfectly but I think people are overestimating it. When I play naturias it is always a free win for me so I love getting paired up with it. Even vs some red-eyes decks having 3 vigilances can crush them.
  3. Am I actually not allowed to activate cup of ace when my opponent has 1 card in his deck?
  4. Is there any merit to not converting duplicates? Have been sitting on 200k gold of duplicates and unsure whether I should let them go.
  5. Is there any merit to not converting duplicates? Have been sitting on 200k gold of duplicates and unsure whether I should let them go.
  6. I think it happened during my climb in plat too. Don't quote me on this though I am only 80% sure.
  7. Made Legend with Naturias. Same thing happened to me with the ranking system, it is definitely not about winstreaks now.
  8. That feeling when you accidentally go into a plat 3 game with a Bakura farm deck and win because your opponent plays Tea Burn and you have LP Boost.
  9. I use tribute to the doomed as the 10th spell for the balance. ( Along with 3 Gateway 3 Super Rush and 3 Storm ) I don't have any e-con though so maybe that would be a better choice. I think Soul is bad for this deck, but feel free to test it out.
  10. A similar thing happened to me. The only difference was that they topdecked a second Necrofear after the first.
  11. I am currently at 39 and using the same deck vs all the AIs with around 95% win-rate. What stage are you at?
  12. Is there an ideal stage to stop at for farming? People have been complaining that the auto duel winrates go significantly lower as they rise in stages, which makes me feel hesitant to go into stage 40s and beyond.
  13. Is snatch steal an npc card or might we actually get that? Seems to be the most concerning card on the leak list tbh.
  14. Hi everyone, I used to play this game when it first came out but quit after a while. I decided to come back but am clueless about what to do. All the packs after Neo-Impact were released during my absence so now I have no idea which decks are popular/meta. Can anyone suggest me online resources that would be helpful to my case? I would also appreciate any personal opinions on what to do. My collection was decent up to Neo-Impact but I hadn't farmed good stuff like e-cons and I dont even know the decks to farm those good cards.
  15. I also run 2 twisters. Trap Jammer isn't better than twister, but with my card pool it is still a good card imo. Helped me in many game states where winstorm or mirror wall could have been complete blowouts. (They didn't necessarily have those cards but still without it I would have played more passively and perhaps they could have gained an edge over me in some way.) Platinum 3 atm, went X-2 from gold 2 today with a rex deck but platinum 3 to KoG proves to be difficult.
  16. Was playing rex vs yugi and the guy went first, had yami up, summoned a 1500 attack spellcaster, set 1 passed. I had element saurus, shard, trap jammer, windstorm, sphere kuriboh (no econ) and I summon element saurus set the traps and played shard and passed. In the end, I won easily (his set turned out to be javelin but whatever it was I could have jammered it and he didnt have another backrow the rest of the game)
  17. When do rankings get reset? Do they even get reset on a consistent basis or can they get reset out of nowhere?
  18. Can anyone suggest a deck for farming level 40 Kaiba? Preferably one without supremacy berries since I haven't got them.
  19. If you have a sphere kuriboh, isn't it a very good alternative for the 2nd enemy controller? I don't have enemy controller yet, nor have I played ranked that much (been playing for a week and opting for doing stages instead of ranked for the time being) but I think the tribute to steal effect shouldn't come up that often. I might be completely wrong on this.
  20. Since when drawing a card off Auctineer has been a legit justification for a spell?
  21. Great build! During testing, I found Mirror Wall to be quite useful. It has a hefty maintenance cost but again, Mexico will pay. Thoughts?
  22. By waiting for the meta to settle, I was referring to some actual concerns. Will monarchs value vanity over majesty or vice versa? (Minor issue since vanity isn't that difficult) How will super quantums affect the deck's cosistency/popularity? Are magicians or other pendulum decks relevant, do we still have a relevant turn 1 dweller spam deck? (Major concern imo and I am honestly clueless about this, can go either ways.) I am not saying that we should wait for a long time, but I still think it is too early to jump on the conclusions not even knowing whether magician pendulums will compete or not and what type of boards should we be expecting of that deck on a consistent basis.
  23. To be fair, wouldn't megalo trading with majesty (assuming it was summoned after majesty hit the field) be the dream? It would mean that majesty basically traded for 3 cards (megalo and the 2 discards) and value wise seem to be as best as majesty could get there. (Apart from the instances where you ride the majesty to victory.) Forgot that you can't even megalo while majesty is up...
  24. It is too early and haven't tested much with the new list. I would wait for the meta to settle out a bit and adjust the deck after seeing how monarchs and kozmos adapt. Assuming that the prevalent decks will be kozmo and monarch, name of the game is probably going to become: "beat majesty/vanity/destroyer" instead of "beat dweller" which is better for us since majesty and vanity don't really stop our turn if we get rid of them with raigeki/dark hole and destroyer/majesty loses to gameciel. Overall, we got a ton of reliable outs to problematic cards (raigeki/dark hole/gameciel and chalice all seem viable whereas chalice was arguably the only truly viable out in the past) now that it is difficult to know which ones are the best and how many copies should be run. Even book of eclipse is decent since it outs vanity/majesty backed up by march and turns your dead marksmans into free pops.
  25. I would still go for the otk version. The only cards that hindered otk were stuff like infinity or dweller anyways, and we will see them much less after the list. It is not like we can't otk kozmo through a ship and even if we can't, we can get them down to pretty low so that they can't really abuse kozmotown. Sphere and linde can be teched as one-ofs in the main though. It is also not really a good idea to stall vs monarchs. If they go first and make their play with a return face-up, they can just get majesty which means you should just go for an otk although I am not sure how easy it is to otk through on board erebus and ehther in hand, not to mention prime in grave.