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  1. Egyptian Military Suspends Constitution

    Things are not getting worse at all, every country has its own scenario, MB are religious fascists, they messed up things in Egypt for a year and another phase of jan 25th revolt has been on the 30/06, again the army removed the president like they did before, this time the MB didn't accept the people's decision and tried to fight their way back, every day they are asked to just accept that what happened is no way going be changed and if they want to be a part of the future its ok, but they keep rejecting all this.   For over a month they have been doing demonstrations, most of them were peaceful but with the state of ignoring them and keeping our life continuing they started to hold weapons and attaching ministries , so their sit-in had to be cracked, a lot have died yes this is bad, yet our national security is more important.   Our economical situation is getting worse and worse everyday throughout the past years after the revolt, yes, but this is affordable till we reach a leadership that can turn things around and this won't be the MB at all.
  2. Egyptian Military Suspends Constitution

    What you have said is all true, we don't want a military man to rule our country, but give a thought, would we have been able to topple mubrak unless the SCAF have decided to take the people's side, the same happened with morsi but in a shorter time because the SCAF had the same benefit as morsi was threatening our national security with his relations to the international association of MB.   I need to take side of the army for a month or two till I completely finish out the MB and the radicals then I start my pursuit against military rule, although I see that the military chief this time is smarter and won't interfere directly in ruling the country which will make our protests against him irrelevant.    What I just don't respect is the international interference in our issues and taking the side of MB, USA EU and other countries are taking their side, we are going to finish what we started, whatever anybody says, we won't allow radicals to back us down, and if by any means it was decided that a military interference in our country to defend the MB, its kinda a promise, before the first rocket or tank reach our land, there will be not a single MB living on our land, this may sound offensive but this is the history of my nation for over 7000 years, we were soldier who were barely defeated.  
  3. Egyptian Military Suspends Constitution

    Hey All,   Firstly this is not a coup as promoted through the different media....even if it is a coup nearly all the Egyptians but the Islamist radicals agree to what happened.   Secondly after Mubrak we should not just settle but for the best, Morsi won the elections with 51% against the the other candidate who was Shafik with military background and was a minister in Mubrak's regiem and after jan 25 he became the Prime Minster, so we thought that we cannot allow the past regime to take over, and it was a tough decision between the Mulsim Brother hood who have a huge history of being terrorist and radicals and the past regime which was corrupt and never respected freedom of speech and other human rights "which was the reason for the jan 25 revolt"   When Morsi was elected he agreed on a lot of conditions and he tied himself to tight timelines to fix some of the problems in our country, and when he failed to meet the dead lines, he gathered his party in the stadium and said that he has fixed nearly all the problems, lying to the nation and thinking that his party will be able to support him against the people.   Among the whole year of his rule there were different series of failures in national security issues and dealing with other countries, and breaking promises, breaking laws and forcing a constitution voting before the supreme court approve the law of constructing the team who formed the constitution, this resulted in a constitution that doesn't suit a modern country, but the fact that we have over 40% of our population cannot even read or write, they trust in a religious man's thoughts so the MB took advantage of this point and made the people vote for this constitution.   I can keep talking about the problems that faced Morsi and he never tried to solve them but with his own party, ignoring all the Egyptians, but to make story short.   We are the coup "the Egyptians", we are still in the revolt phase and we won't stand still unless we build a new and modern country with a constitution that suits the new Egypt we dream of.   The army although having a lot of benefits from the removal of Morsi and MB, but they had no choice but to support what we wanted and to remove Morsi and his regime and constitution.   We are now making enhancements to the radical constitution and we are going for a referendum in 2.5 Months.   Last thing, the MB are forming a sit-in for over a month so far, claming it is a peaceful one, below is a picture of what was the biggest street in cairo like after clashes between the police and the MB protesters outside their sit-in by over 2.5 KM, they have built blocks and walls on the roads to prevent traffic in one of cairo's main routes.   After the clashes over 70 has been killed but those protesters has guns with them...   Anyways I hope part of the Image has been cleared 
  4. mothers day

    I was just talking what should we bring my mom yesterday we agreed on buying her another ironing machine as the old one got damaged
  5. Remember Remember

    #occupyeverything on 11.11.11
  6. London Riots

    I though UK had democracy too...
  7. London Riots

    why on earth did they kill people now, 3 killed, this is worse and worse everyday
  8. London Riots

    I have realized that and I was disappointed that no one stood to those violations, and the thugs used this chance to claim some personal gain, and your PM is not doing a good reaction also
  9. London Riots

    yes, I remember the the protests of the education stuff, nothing bad happened but, I thought that this time it's different because it's against the police violations, but since you say there is nothing like that, I can say those people need strict measurement against them. what are sikhs plz?
  10. let's talk about Facebook

    I can't imagine that they have destroyed the chat this way
  11. London Riots

    I don't really get what is the point in the burning, why they are not making a peaceful sit-in or marches, why burning their own land
  12. London Riots

    when the protests in Egypt when bad and the police men ran and the army took over there was like five hours when we had no one to protect us at all, and all jails were broken, I can say most of the Egyptians if not all the Egyptian men organized shifts to protect homes and arrest the thugs and we stayed like that for whole of 14 days while the rest of the people where protesting against the regime, I think you should try doing something like that
  13. London Riots

    Ours yes was bigger and I'm glad that this much violence didn't occur, but our government usually uses officers ten times the number of protesters. I'm sad that England is being ruined like that to be honest, I've always respected England much
  14. London Riots

    From my experience even 16k of policemen is not enough, we had over 500k of active policemen to stop our protests and they couldn't, only the army stopped the violence
  15. London Riots

    and it's looking good now???, they need to force Curfew