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  1. My opponent controls a set Shadoll Beast. I activate Mind Control, attempting to take control of the Beast. My opponent activates Sinister Shadow Games, sending Shadoll Dragon and flipping Beast. At this point, I believe mind control would resolve, Beast would be on my side of the field, and then would trigger for being flipped. If so, would I get the effect of my opponent's flipped beast, or would they? 
  2. Dragon Ruler - Discussion

    Wouldn't Vanity be a better trap to play than the power three since the mirror is going to be so real?
  3. [NEEDS UPDATE] Geargia - Discussion

    I honestly think pure with no engine is the way to go. Reduces the cards you don't want to draw down to geargiano, and the r3/4 toolbox is enough to deal with damn near everything. Plus instead of playing the tuners/machinas you get to play purple cards, which are pretty neat. 
  4. [NEEDS UPDATE] Geargia - Discussion

    I feel like if you're trying to allot any of your main deck slots for any specific match-up, Bujins should not be that match-up. 
  5. [NEEDS UPDATE] Geargia - Discussion

    Limiter is win more. In the Karakuri build you can put game on board relatively easily, and most of the time another trap will be more useful.
  6. [NEEDS UPDATE] Geargia - Discussion

      Effect Veiler of course but an idea from Pedigo was to use zombie world as it stops worlds effect and is like dna but the downsides to it are quite large as we wont be able to utilize our cards. theory behind it was they will be more crippled But as someone else brought up, they have more outs to Zombie World than they do DNA. Its negatives far outweigh DNA's, but they're both sub-par. Veiler works though, Would D.D. Crow be viable come to think of it? Fizzles World, Master, Life, and Tower. 
  7. [NEEDS UPDATE] Geargia - Discussion

    Given that Prophecy is the best deck heading into this format, are there any cards that actually make this match-up better? Imperial Iron Wall and DNA Surgery just seem sub-par with the way the deck focuses entirely on World now.    As for the Seven Tools/Trap Stun vs. Lance Argument, I feel that for the time being with so many people playing Trap Stun and Tools, its very important to not only push through their traps, but also make sure your traps are actually able to protect you as well. 1-2 Dust Tornado in tandem with Seven Tools sound enticing though, making a Tools you draw for turn live for your turn while also keeping it safe from end phase MST seems pretty good, at least in theory.