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  1. I can use this post to catch you guise up. Shortly after Worlds in Orlando, came back home. Found out she was sleeping with a guy from way back. Tried to be the good husband, chalk it up as a mistake and still work it out. Both of us went through shares of therapy & panic attacks. I still had work to do and despite efforts to do the right thing, she wasn't on board with keeping it going, felt like she could do better with other guy even though I was doing my part since the very beginning (which she realized recently). Broke it off mentally in December, she's enamored with other guy. Meanwhile I'm enjoying life, building up in many aspects. Also, no sooner after breaking it off, another lady showed up and we've been dating since then. Only problem is the current living situation since we're still under the same roof until the end of July. I'm already 2/3 done with securing my next apartment and doing Uber has helped greatly, even with studying for the NASM PT certification test coming up in May. Speaking of May, the divorce process is beginning then. Should have been before then but she wanted to see a lawyer about "things that she's obligated to" but wants the process to be as smooth as possible lmao. Back to new girl that I'm dating: Way more ambitious than departing wife, holds 2 jobs & a BS degree, has bisexual tendencies. Think Velma from Scooby Doo but w/ brown hair & big ass. Anyway, Uber has been holding me up good, working way better for me than Target did, left that shithole earlier this month. Also locked my hair, trying to get it to shoulder length. So yeah, that's been my life since August of last year.
  2. Recent adventure since last post: Friend I've been dating for a while introduces me to friend of hers. New friend (who is bisexual) invites me to game night at her house Attend game night last night Games & alcohol are in abundance Plan was to leave at 1am Plan failed due to threesome Left at 9am this morning ACCEPTABLE
  3. I'm good. Starting the process of a bunch of different life changes, both good and bad but shit happens. Actually glad to be back on here, seeing some familiar names. Working on my personal trainer certification through NASM as well.
  4. I can stop by and say hi.
  5. Smack Down's looking like the short bus with those recent picks. Nice job on getting American Alpha and Alexa Bliss but HOW DARE YOU FUCK UP THE PROGRESS BY PICKING EVA MARIE AND MOJO RAWLEY FUCK
  6. I am ( and most of the time, always will) The roughest matchup is indeed the Monarch matchup due to Stormforth being fast free removal. As long as Felgrand can get its SS from grave effect outside of the Main Phase, momentum can be gained especially since banishing any of the Megas allows it to muscle up with a Domain backed monarch.
  7. No ratchetness at the first one but I almost hit a cow on the way home from that reception.
  8. Currently in South Texas for 2 weddings, expecting some degree of Hispanic ratchetness to go down, looking forward to it
  9. *intensifies* Plus, this is something I'm working on atm. As far as suffering goes, it's moreso nothing in the engine beats Stormforth. It's much faster to implement Dragon Shrine to act as additional copies of Dragon Ravine when you don't hit it or Terraforming. Ruins is very weak in the Monarch matchup, like it'd be the first thing sided out if I were to main it. The Destroyer drop is annoying however, not impossible. Watching what Tincan sends to grave is important here as you'd have to attack the backrow first to make sure Felgrand banishes its target. As long as you can hit a Strawman/Soartroopers or higher and back it w/ Gospel, Felgrand can get through.
  10. Now, if RAW doesn't lead off with JBL, Byron Saxton, and a goldfish bowl, I'm gonna be hella pissed.
  11. Been well. Work, Ygo, Married Life, all of that. Still planning on moving to South Texas around mid-late summer, Mom-in-law's treatment is still keeping us here in FL. The car is no longer an issue, came into a '14 Elantra w/ good payment.
  12. Am I the only one that noticed that they have Alex Keeler playing 2 different decks on the Top Table update pages?   Pendulum Performages Rd 4, Monarchs Rd 5
  13. welp, I'm gonna watch Takeover: Dallas again to make up for Wrestlemania