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  1. I can stop by and say hi.
  2. Smack Down's looking like the short bus with those recent picks. Nice job on getting American Alpha and Alexa Bliss but HOW DARE YOU FUCK UP THE PROGRESS BY PICKING EVA MARIE AND MOJO RAWLEY FUCK
  3. I am ( and most of the time, always will) The roughest matchup is indeed the Monarch matchup due to Stormforth being fast free removal. As long as Felgrand can get its SS from grave effect outside of the Main Phase, momentum can be gained especially since banishing any of the Megas allows it to muscle up with a Domain backed monarch.
  4. *intensifies* Plus, this is something I'm working on atm. As far as suffering goes, it's moreso nothing in the engine beats Stormforth. It's much faster to implement Dragon Shrine to act as additional copies of Dragon Ravine when you don't hit it or Terraforming. Ruins is very weak in the Monarch matchup, like it'd be the first thing sided out if I were to main it. The Destroyer drop is annoying however, not impossible. Watching what Tincan sends to grave is important here as you'd have to attack the backrow first to make sure Felgrand banishes its target. As long as you can hit a Strawman/Soartroopers or higher and back it w/ Gospel, Felgrand can get through.
  5. Now, if RAW doesn't lead off with JBL, Byron Saxton, and a goldfish bowl, I'm gonna be hella pissed.
  6. Am I the only one that noticed that they have Alex Keeler playing 2 different decks on the Top Table update pages?   Pendulum Performages Rd 4, Monarchs Rd 5
  7. welp, I'm gonna watch Takeover: Dallas again to make up for Wrestlemania
  8. Well, should be interesting to see ya again with it being my last event as a FL player.
  9. 6 Pendulum Wizard, 3 Dark Eclipser, and 2 of every other Secret was pulled at my sneak except Providence which no copies were pulled.   I ended up w/ 1 Quaking, 3 Twin Twister, 3 Master Pendulum, and 3 Ariadne.
  10. I'm out here as always. Cornrowed Jamaican w/ black t-shirt of a cat riding a dragon.
  12. no surprise on the Ptolemais spike as ULTs are nearing $50 thanks to CDI
  13. This set is already turning out to be incredibly good.
  14. So fucked up to wake up to. Rest easy, friend. :(
  15. Entered once and paid for someone else. Ended up w/ ULT Odd-Eyes Rebellion, Xian-something pendulum, Igknight Crusader, and Black Stone of Legend.   Sold Crusader for $10, traded for 2 Black Flare Dragon, 1x Ultra Archfiend Black Skull, 1x Red-Eyes Fusion, 1x Card of Red Stone, and the only Flare Metal pulled that day (ULT), only missing 1 more Flare Metal.   No Mistaken Arrest or Storming Mirror Force pulled. Only 1 Eccentrick pulled. :(