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  1. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    I will watch it, but have you seen A Place Further than the Universe. I have a hard time finding that anything will top that.
  2. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    In hindsight, this was absolutely the right decision given the competitiveness of the league imo.
  3. Mafia New Games Hosting Queue

    Finals Week so not until December 15 at a minimum
  4. DGz Mafia Revival Aftergame

    My thoughts on the game overall: Day 1 is kind of hard to gauge due to inactivity. As I said early on day 2, the most notable interactions were (1) Auri voting Walia despite sumreading Wunter (a contradiction) and (2) Wunter being opportunistic by voting Walia. Despite Auri being scummy as hell for that comment, he explained it really well and was apparent town through the middle of day 2. For both playing as scum and town, that was exemplary play and people should model their game around it. Auri had an "oh shit, I fucked up and now I gotta make up for it mentality." If you own up to your actions and help to move the game forward, you will probably get townread regardless of your alignment. Conversely, wunter dodged the action and didn't really try to move the game forward, which only further cemented him as scum after the opportunistic vote. As I said in the thread, scum was either a power player (slickz, malcolm or rei before he outed) or scum had no balls. Trading yourself for rei there was the optimal move. Did it work out given Walia flipped Neapolitan? Yes, but as you saw, if you are going to get scumread for something anyway, you may as well maximize the benefit to your faction. I don't know if the nk target was a poor choice. Killing players who scumread you is almost always the right move. I was not a likely heal target given the game state so the heal was just super unfortunate and ultimately let us draw conclusions about the game based on the kill target. There was no guarantee slickz would be active, but there was pretty much a guarantee that I would be and that I would go after wunter. I don't fault wunter for making the kill. The heal just ended up being really bad for him in hindsight. I don't think a Jazz derailment was possible. Auri was pretty apparent town and faint can beat out wunter. Even if wunter convinces one person, he couldnt convince two. There isn't much to say about Malcolm. Idk what the reasoning was, but Malcolm essentially gave himself up as scum by focusing on Slickz. Did it get slickz lynched? Possibly, but I would argue slickz was really killed for his lack of any meaningful activity. A note on analyzing votes in smaller games: In a smaller game, I feel that votes are misleading and town weight really should not be accorded to them over someone's play overall.
  5. DGz Mafia Revival Aftergame

    To be fair Tyranno moved this back several times and never really gave decent notice on it. I was beat by the time I noticed the game started
  6. Marvel is DEAD. RIP Marvel

  7. DGz Mafia Revival Aftergame

    I explained this. I expected you to be able to turn it around if you lived more than wunter could. Even rei said it was a 50/50 between you and wunter. I took the safe play I don't think wunter had a shot. Any credibility he had was eviscerated by end of day 2.
  8. TGT Presents!: Let's Revive DGz Mafia(Town Wins!)

  9. TGT Presents!: Let's Revive DGz Mafia(Town Wins!)

    rei also said the last one was either wunter or slickz.
  10. TGT Presents!: Let's Revive DGz Mafia(Town Wins!)

    I dont think you should rely on voting pattern in a small game. The small nature makes bussing extremely common.
  11. TGT Presents!: Let's Revive DGz Mafia(Town Wins!)

    Objectively right play to kill slickz there given his connection to Malcolm + his ability to convince you not to kill him if he was scum. Like I said there was 0 chance wunter was living the next day.
  12. TGT Presents!: Let's Revive DGz Mafia(Town Wins!)

    I think thats majority
  13. TGT Presents!: Let's Revive DGz Mafia(Town Wins!)

    All of this goes to wunter as well just saying
  14. TGT Presents!: Let's Revive DGz Mafia(Town Wins!)

    @TheGoldenTyranno vote count please
  15. TGT Presents!: Let's Revive DGz Mafia(Town Wins!)

    I don't think Malcolm told slickz to do it. I think he forced the issue with how hard he bussed in the first two days.