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  1. that didn't work
  2. @ACP @rei @Paraliel
  3. Amazing watch
  4. Botes can be switched. Interesting any other flippers?
  5. Yeah butbif youre scum its one of those things where if it benefits your teammates youd vote yes right?
  6. At least buy me dinner first
  7. Also what do you make of the fact that 2 of your reads coted no to going to the ciradel
  8. Remind me again of the res flaga for each?
  9. @rei
  10. Mark what do you think of juan also did wunter ever reach quota?
  11. Why is tyranno low hanging fruit? Here we have an absolutely justifiable reasong to kill him beyond pure annoyance. this kind of feels like an info drop HOS The fact that faint read thru the thread makes me lean town on him. Bingo Yeah this is part why i didnt want to end him today at least
  12. Just woke up whats the vote count
  13. doubtful thats a slip
  14. why pride. I don't recall him doing anything?
  15. Did lfn hit quota?