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  7. The Flash

  8. The Flash

  9. The Flash

    I dont mind Oliver trusting Siren. Siren's nature is self-preservation. Taking out Diaz aligns with that goal so Oliver has no reason not trust her since their goals align. Yes, Siren could be pulling the wool over Oliver's eyes, but its implied that was considered and rationalized away by the above. Best thing that could happen right now is for Diaz to kill off William. Like realistically, that is the best possible thing to happen. He is by far the most annoying actor/character on the entire show. Every scene he is in literally just chews up time. Killing him off might cause Oliver to revert to Season 1 Oliver, which would be amazing. It would truly test his character development in a way that they missed on with killing off Laurel.
  10. The Flash

    Yeah introducing the Flash and Legends into Arrow verse was a trump card for the writers because it literally allows themselves a get out jail free card for any hole they write themselves into. Literally any hole. I think Diaz is the right type of villain for Arrow. He isn't a meta so there's no suspension of disbelief in fighting him. Also given Oliver has went the "I'm going to be the Mayor" route, his connections and corruption foil that nicely. Arrow just suffers from some of the same problems Flash does. The villain does not have a personal vendetta against the hero so the threat to the hero is never credible. In Season 1, Dark Arrow aka Malcolm Merlyn has a person grudge against Oliver because Oliver was fucking up his business. Not to mention, Oliver was a completely calm and de-humanized killing machine, which was fucking awesome and the highlight of the season i.e. I have a mission I must accomplish by any means necessary mindset. In Season 2, Slade had a literal vendetta against Oliver and the culmination of that Vendetta is arguably the high point of the entire show (Although, I though the last two episodes of the season were highlights and really marked Oliver's growth from deranged inhuman killing machine to real actual person). Season 3, The League had no vendetta against Oliver. Season 4, Darhk had no vendetta against Oliver. The power scale also created an issue creating a reverse situation of the formula described in the previous post i.e suspension of disbelief was ruined because Oliver really had no plausible way of being Darhk. Season 5, while they finally reintroduced a villain with a person vendetta, it was just poorly done. They never fleshed out his vendetta or how Oliver really fit into it. Further, even with training its dubious to me, at best, that he could have presented even a semblance of a threat to Oliver. I think part of the reason they added the mayor situation was to give future villains a way to attack Oliver. Season 6 first half, James was just an awful villain to me. To much spoon-feeding us "all went according to plan." To make those types of villains good, you have to show how each little act led to the ultimate conclusion (like they did with Thawne in Flash). Season 6, second half, Diaz presents a credible threat to Oliver both politically and physically (by way of numbers not a one on one fight. They confirmed Oliver would win in the battle for honor). Further, Diaz is taking advantage of Oliver's weakness to pit his loved ones against one another which is being done well (although its not entertaining to watch). However, it does explain Oliver's return to solo mission mode. While I think Arrow suffers from the same issues as Flash, i think two other problems pervade the series. 1. First, I think that the existence of the rest of Arrow-verse makes the show boring in comparison. Simply put, Arrow cannot pull of the same things as Flash, Supergirl, or Legends, which viewers have been accustomed to and now crave. 2. Second is pacing. I think CW shows as a whole are suffering from shitty pacing overall. Look at Seasons 1 and 2 of both Arrow and Flash. Both the villains and plans were developed meticulously with each reveal logically placed and only revealing enough to leave the viewers with more questions. This gave the viewers incentive to really pay attention and formulate theories as the writers left breadcrumbs for the viewer to pick up on the entire time in hindsight.
  11. The Flash

    Eh I give the Arrow writers more credit. They don't have a ton to work with after setting the bar so high in Season 2. Arrow is at least a bit more interesting with all the dynamics going on. Like I don't consider myself an amazing writer or even a competent one, but all I did in coming up with the Thinker variant was apply the same formula they used for villains in the first three season. Not sure why the changed lanes so drastically here when following a formula with a few variations is what makes most shows successful.
  12. The Flash

    I hate it when I see missed opportunities for the writers.
  13. The Flash

    Okay I had my mini rant. Look this is the problem when you deal with a villain like the Thinker. They give him an insane amount of plot armor and he never seems like a credible threat. Fwiw, absorbing the metas makes him a much more credible threat in terms of keeping up with Barry. Like I can buy that he can with a fight vs. Barry now (although super human reaction speed should still trump which was emphasized in the nuke episode). However, the Thinker simply isn't a threat and what's worse is that he is a re-hash of Savitar taking everything good about Savitar out. Savitar could predict all of Barry's moves because they were history to Savitar. The Thinker can do it because he simply "out-thinks" them (although unlike Savitar, his predictions are not perfect). Further, they undercut the Thinker by telling us last season that Barry will win, which while we know, completely ruins suspension of disbelief. The Thinker's backstory is also awful. Ripped straight out of the uni-bomber's manifesto. To me that killed any interest I had in him. The other villains in Flash were great because 1. It was plausible they could pose a threat to Barry physically because they were speedsters. - The Thinker absorbing the metas arguably satisfies this. 2. They were a credible threat because they were savage enough to follow through 1. Thawne psychologically tortured Barry and was the one who killed his mother. He was also a serial killer capable of ending Barry whenever he wanted. He literally toyed with Barry the entire time and was only lost because he was literally erased from history. Barry could not and did not beat him. There was enough intrigue with the identity of Thawne which also made him more interesting. Thawne could not read Barry despite future information because he altered the timeline by being present himself. 2. Zoom was as brutal and sadistic as it got. Literally tossed Barry around like a rag doll and broke him. The whole Caitlyn thing was weird, but Barry still literally had to kill himself to beat Zoom. There was also enough intrigue with Earth 2 and the identity of Zoom . 3. Savitar was once again brutal like Zoom. The difference is future knowledge allowed us to know that Savitar would carry out his threat. It just was not in the way we expected. Once again, toyed with Barry. The Thinker lacks the ability to carry out a credible threat because he lacks a personal vendetta against Barry. He has a bigger overarching goals (that somehow include Barry and are literally the only reason im still watching) that dont involve putting our hero in credible danger. The Thinker literally does not care about Barry. It makes no difference to him what happens to Barry. Thus, the writers have essentially taken him out of the show. Honestly, the way to salvage the Thinker was to have him turn Cisco, Caitlyn, Iris, Joe, and Harry into metas and then have him absorb them. That would have made for a much more interesting season as Barry would have had to learn how to do it alone. Fuck, if you gave one of them speedster powers or, just used Earth 2's Jesse Quick or Wally, the Thinker becomes a credible threat that can fuck with Barry and he presents a threat to the hero as he is taking away everyone that Barry loves leaving Barry to learn how to save the world all on his own.
  14. The Flash