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  1. Wunter didnt know he would lose with me. He knew 100% he would lose with scum. I don't care what you believe. If you chose autoloss over potential autoloss, its a throw. Winter went along with it because he couldnt convince wunter and just wanted the game to end. Winter didnt throw. Wunter did. Wunter even admitted itt that he knew what the right play was but just wanted to lynch me anyway (head tells me this but heart says this bs)
  2. Are you in? Also I am in
  3. I'm not. He deserved and had to be lynched after pulling that in final 4. The fact that there was no downside to me lynching him was just a bonus.
  4. I assume youre talking about wunter.
  5. i didnt say it was. I was just pointing out the irony of mark's argument. just leave claire off the list and make the minimum like 10 games played.
  6. Malcolm claims scum in final 4. I am neutral Wunter know he cannot win with scum. He does not know he cannot win with me. Wunter chooses to lynch me and throw the game over potentially winning or sharing the win with me.
  7. Tyranno deserved it. Lying and got caught.
  8. You're not funny.
  9. He got a lot more leeway than I did in Fuck You Mafia 1.0
  10. @The_Be(a)sT As for other comments on the game. I was legitimately pissed to find out that you fucked with the role pms. As you saw, doing that incentivizes town to use that as a way get a cheap win without actually playing mafia. Even if your goal was to punish them for it, it doesn't necessarily punish them as mafia or I could have died cause we didnt know that stuff. FTR I'm not mad at you Beast, but I am mad because this is at least the second time this has happened and ppl have brushed it off. I asked for this to be added to the rules before after Nelrick did it, but after this game it kind has to be. I'm going to make up some template role pms that will have to be followed exactly (just copy + paste it) because people just can't seem to get it through their head that this forum isn't mature enough not to abuse it. As for the modding, Beast just make a google doc with everything and add the night actions as you get them. Give your co-mods access to it so that if they need to get night actions or need to start the day, they can. I know you said you dont have time to do things, but you can update a spreadsheet with a night action in the event you get unexpected time and this can be done from mobile. Other than that I don't think there was anything egregious other than the Silver lynch. I was really floored that happened but that just seems like a one time brain fart type mistake.
  11. Title says arbitrary so what do you give a fuck? Also the results oriented thing is hilarious given your comments on wunter throwing. Its okay to not be results oriented when someone throwing doesnt affect the game, but when it affects your mafia ranking its a problem. LOL
  12. Was a throw Malcolm throwing does not justify Wunter throwing.
  13. Notice how the only ppl saying it wasnt a throw are scum and wunter. Even the mod of the game thinks he fucking threw. I mean come the fuck on.
  14. I am. Every day im going to make quota and vote wunter and do nothing else since apparently that isnt gt because e might be scum godfather and or a gt punt fuck
  15. Hindsight bias again