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  1. While this is somewhat twat logic, we had a judge so there's a decent chance we have a survialist to and Slickz voting like that would line up with him being survivalist.
  2. They may need him alive for one night or some shit. I honestly dont fucking know. The only reason I can think of to off yourself is if youre throwing or youre trying to protect someone more valuable than you and given Slickz position before idk why he would throw
  3. If markus were town why would he shift his vote onto himself? It makes absolutely no sense in any world
  4. I can't think of any other reason for him to vote himself other than that.
  5. Scum survivalist? ugh i want slickz to die but the only reason he'd vote himself is to protect someone else unvote vote markus
  6. Could have just random roleblocked you and killed rei, but yea youre right I forgot that you showed up on the visit log Could be cult leader trying to confuse us into thinking markus is cultist or some shit but given the role description, I assumed Jazz would have told us if he edited any of the roles like that
  7. You have any thoughts as to wtf is going on?
  8. But then why doesnt the roleblocker do the kill
  9. Maybe its not strongman and you juat got roleblocked?
  10. Thats the only thing that makes sense. Them doing that and trying to protect the role
  11. Are they both scum and stacked it?
  12. I have 20 mins before class until EOD This inane tunnel on me is getting really old. In every world. The fucking cop could confirm me as town and your ass would still want to kill me likely because you believe I'm the godfather (even though its not on the list iirc). Like this accusation doesn;t even make sense. 1. Slickz didn't call me out, I called him out and he blew up and reacted just as poor;ly as Sage did by OMGUS voting me (go back and re-read) 2. Your theory assumes I would do that on d1 and then on d2 vote my "partner" and put him in peril of being lynched. If Slickz is scum in the three, and you believe he is strongman because of your role, why in the fuck would I risk him when I can just jump on the markus train. My scum game is a lot of things but as I said before honey, its not pointless andconvoluted. ^^^ noobie scum The guy couldn't tell me if mark was watcher when all three of the watched people. This is the definition of scum playing super carefully not to give anything away Solistice is either really bad at this or scum putting out misinformation to protect the role in the other group. Scum has known ways of dealing with the two roles that we know of in that grouo meaning that situation is never going to resolve itself if we don't resolve it.
  13. Still hate solistice and danraven as well
  14. Gee where have I heard this before. I'm going to do my paper but given I have class tomorrow during EOD I'm throwing my vote up now just in case I forget to check before I go to bed. vote islickz- all the reasons I listed still apply and my opinion hasn't changed on this