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  1. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    So Sarazanmai just finished.
  2. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    Fair point but I don't think anything here was in that territory. It’s all relatively generic (Kyouma’s dive into the KnY manga excepted)
  3. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    KnY - Watched it. This must be a manga thing caused I didnt get that hype vibe. Most shounen things won't do it for me. Sazazanmai - GTFO. This was bs. Voice acting was good, but this is nowhere near AotY. It's not even the AoTS. C&T - It wasn't a gas attack. That was probably liquid nitrogen (to keep something cold like a dismembered body part. i am thinking an eye or an ear. (Cybelle = STAN confirmed). Reserving Judgment on FB Kono Oto is doing more of the same stuff as always but the story is advancing and the quality is consistent.
  4. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    Welp Carole and Tuesday just got dark.
  5. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    Here are my thoughts: 2017/2018 versus 2019 I feel like 2017 - 2018 was a really really really good years for anime with several challenging for masterpiece status (Made in the Abyss [I personally think this was very overhyped but ppl loved it], Re;Creators, Banana Fish, A Place Further Than The Universe). Even those that didn't challenge for masterpiece status still put on a clinic on how to redefine a genre (Slime for Isekai for example). If I asked you to rank the best anime from those two years collectively, it would be extremely hard to do (For me it's between Re;Creators and Banana Fish just for the sheer ambition of what they attempted, but between them idk). Finally, even the flameouts rose to Code Trainwreck level of fabulous (Darling in the Frannx: points if ppl get this reference). Hell even Goblin Slayer was innovative in the sense that the directors somehow convinced the producers to let them air hentai on public T.V. Almost every show lived up to its potential or if not our expectations of it. Even the trainwrecks were able to string together quality episodes for long enough to get us invested. I mean we were consistently getting shows at the B+ and A- level with multiple A+. I think this coincides with the fact that more studios are being backed by streaming platforms increasing their demand for anime and funneling money into studios to create new exclusive projects. It would also explain why the quality level in general has risen. Compared to those two years, 2019 has played it relatively safe. We got a ton of sequels (OPM, Mob Psycho 100, AoT S3P2), which were good but nothing new. For a second season like this to rise to that A- level, it needs to significantly elevate the series in some way. It needs to draw in new viewers or be so good that you go rewatch the prior season just so you can pay attention to the new season. Unfortunately, while Mob Psycho was excellent, it didn't hit that mark and OPM Season 2 is nowhere near it. With "Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon," "My Hero Academia Season 4," and Psycho Pass Season 3" on the way, it does not seem like 2019 will give us the level of quality novelty we have become accustomed to. None of these series are bad, but it's just more of the same. Analysis of 2019 Spring Shows Unlike even last season where there were multiple must watch shows (Dorororo, Shield Hero, Promised Neverland), Spring 2019 is probably the weakest overall season we have had in years. I came into this season willing to watch the following new content: (1) Carole and Tuesday (2) Kono Oto (3) Sarazanmai (4) KnY (5) Wise Men's Grand Child (6) We Never learn (7) Afterlost (9) Fairy Gone *Fruits Basket I'm watching at a later date as a binge watch (but it would fall into the above category of second season/remake). I dropped everything striked out after 4-5 episodes because they were so bad. Just unwatchable bad to the point where I can't even watch it as something mindless. That still leaves me with four shows that captured my attention, which should be pretty for a season. (1) Carole and Tuesday - I think this is the runaway best show of Spring 2019 and its not even close. It's an original concept which automatically differentiates it from just about every other show this season (Sarazanmai excepted) so everyone is coming into it with the same level of interest. The animation quality is superb, which is something that has been lacking in general. The musical score is the best this season. The story of Carole and Tuesday is simple, at times formulaic, but it's a different story than what we typically see with this genre. Music is not a medium for something else here. Here, music and the music industry is the central theme while simultaneously acting a critique on society. The only real flaw to Carole and Tuesday is that it hasn't or is unwilling to explore deeper/darker aspects of the music industry, and emotion yet. It has been teasing us with it at several points, but it's positive almost to a fault. Given the series is 24 episodes, it is an original work, the amount of foreshadowing done already, I trust the final 75% of the series will get us there. (2) Kono Oto - Let's just get the unavoidable negatives out of the way. Carole and Tuesday does everything better (music, animation quality, etc . . .). That being said, Carole and Tuesday has twice the run time and probably twice the production budget. The one place where this disadvantage could have benefitted Kono Oto was in its pacing. The limited run time forces Kono Oto to delve deeper into issues more quickly than Carole and Tuesday and could have more quickly gotten its audience invested in its characters and story. However, the director was likely too ambitious as he seems to be trying to give every character their own episode as screen time, but isn't taking the time to foreshadow or develop the characters so these episodes are warranted (last episode was completely out of nowhere and complete unnecessary). If you want to see this done correctly, Revue Starlight managed to pull it off well. That being said, I agree that the series is just okay and a good way to kill 20 mins every week, but thats what makes it an average, and very forgettable series and easy to lose interest in. (3) Sarazanmai - I've done this to death, but I think the fatal flaw of Sarazanmai is that the writer is trying to cater to way too many audiences at once in an effort to get his message out as widespread as possible. This reminds me of SpongeBob, Ren and Stimpy, or one of those old school 90's Cartoon Network cartoon like Courage the Cowardly Dog. It is show for adults couched as a cartoon so that they can watch it with their children without their kids knowing any better while simultaneously exposing their kids to adult themes. It's that aspect that prevents it from exploring any themes or messages at more than a superficial level and also prevents it from having an overly complicated story. (4) KImetsu no Yaiba - I mean I don't see why people like this so much. I'm not a fan of the animation style. The way it tells its story is mundane. It just seems like a typical shounen series. What really bothers me about this series (besides being a clone of Dorororo) is that we have seen the shounen concept elevated and done sooooo much better. I don't want to hold it against My Hero Academia, but that's the level you need to reach if you want to get staying power as a shounen series. Overall, I just wish 2019 would give us something new or different to get its audience invested in its shows. A 30 min escape every week is great, but I want to be rewarded for my investment at some point. This is part of the reason why I hate watching shows week by week (because you can't fully appreciate them the way you could when you can binge watch a series), but, on the other hand, a show that is done well will be discussed with anticipation week to week and its this kind of show that I think is really lacking this season.
  6. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    Slime take the same approach as Overlord. The only real difference is that Slime takes a much more wholesome approach. The aspect of all three shows (Shield Hero, Slime, Overlord) that makes them great and gives them staying power is their world building. We watch these shows because they create a world that allows the viewer to become immersed. The level of detail that goes into creating these worlds, the characters, and the relationships between the characters is what keeps viewers coming back for more. Overlord does not have an overarching plot, but watching the relationships develop between the characters and watching Ainz Ooal Gowl manage all these relationships is endlessly entertaining. Slime is the same way just to a lesser degree. Shield Hero has an overarching plot, but I'd argue we do not care about it as much because of its world-building. The story isn't about the "Waves" so much as Naofumi's growth and development throughout the series.
  7. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    Shield Hero isn't groundbreaking, but the way it tells the story is refreshing. This isn't your typical Gary Stu -- the paragon of virtue -- gets dropped into a world and saves it. You hit the nail exactly on the head -- He is actually saving the world, while everyone else is just playing at saving it (which is the foil between Shield Hero and classic isekai like SAO where whatever action the M.C. takes ends up working out). It also flips modern Isekai on its head in another way. While most protagonist end up in an Isekai scenario trying to escape trauma or boredom in the real world, Shield Hero is the opposite. Naofumi is literally doing whatever he can to isolate himself from the Isekai world and escape back to his normal life because he was treated unfairly and because he fears that even the people he trusts will turn on him eventually. Unlike basically every isekai, I can think of, Naofumi never truly acclimates to the world of Shield Hero.
  8. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    Finished Revue Starlight. Good concept if it was a more cohesive story and had a higher animation budget. Also finished Re;Creators which I thought was excellent.
  9. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    I'll give KnY this: There is an overarching plot which Dorororo lacks to a degree, but it just feels like the same story we have seen 1000x before and unlike something like Slime or Shield Hero, the story isn't told in an interesting way (Shield Hero is told from an anti-hero perspective that most can relate to and Slime was just good wholesome fun). Compared to that KnY just feels bland especially following up Dorororo which is very simialr. I think the problem I have with Kono Oto is just the lack of lack of focus and force feeding we are getting. Rather than seamlessly and organically building toward character development, it feels like the story writers just are like "Well we have to provide some backstory for this so lets just jam it in and get it out of the way." It does not do this all the time as the next arc seems to be more organic, but its enough where it does ruin the enjoyment of the story at times. I am doing the same thing you are with Sarazanmai, but at some point there has to be a story for me to give a fuck about it and get invested into it. For all the gripes, I give the above and this season in general, those anime at least have some kind of overarching story that keeps me coming back. I swear 10 mins of Sarazanmai (50% of the episode) are literally the same exact scene and its gotten to the point where I am considering just FF through it every week. Honestly, Sarazanmai could have basically ripped off the story from Persona 5 and I think it would be much better for it. I am just killing myself for a story I can actually get invested in this season and its just not there. I think in recent seasons we really hit a good place in shows telling a story that draws you in with strong world building and plot progression while also making an overarching point. It is just notably absent from this season.
  10. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    KnY you're giving credit for something it hasn't done yet. I'm not saying it can't be better. I am saying that what we have seen so far has been far from impressive. The only thing I like about it is we are getting significant plot progression earlier on, but I doubt that will keep up. (inb4 just read the manga bro). Forced drama is just drama for drama's sake i.e. nothing/not enough is happening so lets just jam in some needless drama The girl you mentioned is one example. I'd argue a certain character's home life is also borderline irrelevant. Your Lie in April is an example of organic drama and excellent character development. Almost every event has to deal with Kousei overcoming his mental barriers in some way. It's an unfair comparison. I enjoyed Penguindrum. Sarazanmai is just not my cup of tea. I agree its about making a point and an overarching story with a plot that progresses may not be necessary to get that point across. I personally think that robs it of any staying power because it becomes really hard to be invested in a story like that. I will eventually watch the fruits basket remake, but until then I can't comment.
  11. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    Yaiba I am reserving judgment on because it just heated up (but tbh I don't see this as any different than Dororo). Kono oto's drama is becoming way too forced. Part of what makes this genre good is that the drama seems to develop organically. Sarazanmai - I feel like you are rating this based on what you hope it will do as opposed to what its actually done. Fruits basket - Can't comment on this as I havent seen either variant of it. I think C&T is a class above all of these especially in the storytelling department.
  12. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    Do not disagree with this so idg the emoji. Sagrada Reset takes a bit to get rolling, but it picks up
  13. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    Outside of Carole and Tuesday, im not seeing anything great
  14. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    THIS SEASON IS SOOOOOOO BAD. Finding things to catch up on has been my only salvation (which has made me realize how good 2018 was a whole).
  15. The Flash

    Gemstone Mine - The Harbinger of Death - Float = scum Agreed.