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  1. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    No it isnt bad for town. Thats a bs to justify him being alive tomorrow
  2. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

  3. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    He came into the day with heat on him because he wuota sniped yestera. One of the ayers who wanted to kill him for it died last night (jazz). He gets caught lying in his accusation on me and then claims to excuse his lies. When hes pressed to claim the rest of his role he refuses. like ffs
  4. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    Hazmah wasnt under 0 pressure. I caught him lying 4 different times today
  5. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    Disagree. It makes no sense at all unless you believe he could self heal in which case why is he dead? @Broken Brilliance who did you use your power on?
  6. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    You still buy Hazmah's claim? Or can we get down to killing actual scum?
  7. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

  8. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    Here are the posts just from the last page.
  9. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    This just isn't true. I've pointed out multiple content-based lies in his posting and I made one post about him being bad as a mafia player. That's just a lack of paying attention and disingenuous to my play
  10. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    Mchanically: My claim is better than Hazmah's because I eliminated any excuse for me to live through night. Hazmah has two wishes left and will say that he lived because of one of them when he isn't dead tomorrow.
  11. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    Oh it's not nitpicking when you try to pass off a post with multiple assumptions as an absolute to find narrative to frame me.
  12. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    I can't self heal. Im gonna put the heal on rei again so I'm dead after tonight 100%
  13. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    Hazmah is obv scum
  14. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

  15. Care Bears Mafia - Day 2

    Verfiable Lie #1 : Did not say this at all. I said I healed rei to see if scum would target him for a kill. Verfiable Lie #2 :Did not say this either. I said that rei being alive is not indicative of him being scum because Jazz was the kill target, but I am guessing that's why you didn't quote it. Because its easier to lie and hope that someone won't go back and look.