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  1. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 1)

    The above vote and comment seem understandably inconsistent with that.
  2. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 1)

    Really dont see how i am putting anything in your mouth (but that can be arranged Darkness) Like I said, i ignored the initial vite as a joke until the second quoted comment.
  3. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 1)

    Ftr between the two mirror players (jazz and rei), id rather jazz die for the obv reason rei is more valuable to town.
  4. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 1)

    I dont care for the vote (not enough from auri’s posting to draw anything from), but as demonstrated last game, i agree with his general logic hence my comment on him
  5. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 1)

    Love the activity guys thoughts before bed because i have work tomorrow and will have limited access for most of the day. here is whats in my word doc jazz - needs to take his meds. His reads are some schizophrenic type shot. Contradicted himself multiple times. Implication of faaint’s post logic feels contrived. Good wish him dying. rei- initial vote was not a meme/joke as confirmed by post regarding jazz. Makes the same contradiction as the schizo (votes me but scumreads literally the only other player advancing the same agenda) broken - cult of aqua most likely. Funny one liners. Comfortable letting scum deal with him for now. psk - gets into a shitpost fight with broken to meet quota. Worth noting if he disappears.
  6. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 1)

    You , , , I like you.
  7. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 1)

    Feel like thats not a playstyle thing so much as Jazz just isn't mailing it in this game.
  8. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 1)

    Faint isn't even making a read there. He is literally just advocating for common sense to read you.
  9. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 1)

    By this logic, I also must have perfect info since faint sheeped the read from me.
  10. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 1)

    How am i different than every other player here (including rei)?
  11. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 1)

    @rei confirmed not to read the OP
  12. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 1)

    I'm not preventing jazz from answering. If he says that's his reason, he hangs himself. If he fails to respond, he hangs himself. Me pointing this out adds actual pressure to give him a reason to answer.
  13. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 1)

    Thought you were a masochist not a dom. But seriously wtf gives with this shit. Both of you are apparently okay with killing me but also fos each other despite being on the same train.
  14. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 1)

    Not really. I demanded safe claims from rei the second you guys started pulling that bs.