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  1. Do people seriously want an election mafia? - Seems so bland Battle of the bands mafia - eh I didn't pay attention to this but I would have to include vocaroo roles Agreed
  2. Eh not really. Who could I offend with this? I feel like I did something like this before.
  3. Soph trademarked the first one Code Mafia - only rei and mason would udnerstand this Was considering the 3rd one. I could make a twisted version of the last one My tastes are impeccable Courage the Cowardly dog Mafia > Scooby Maf
  4. Stranger Things is interesting. Westworld could be funny.
  5. Meh boring and been done to death Would people actually enjoy this,
  6. I'm working on a game. Need suggestions for flavor though. Anything particularly interesting to ppl?
  7. Would anyone be interested in helping me right a list of rules for games played/made in this section to post here. I feel like having an explicit list would be helpful.
  8. Not today
  9. yeah the pricing is annoying because the algorithim isn't as tight as FD. PPR is a major swing on this site. Generally, I look for Teams that pass the ball almost exclusive (Det, NE, etc.... ) Receivers with a large market share (same as FD except guys like Keenan Allen and Edelman get a bump) Pass catching backs (woodhead) it also helps to check pricing disparities between the site for potential value. There are websites for this
  10. Personally draftkings has the far superior format imo (not as TD dependent as FD), but their interface is ass. Still 800 profit with shitty BR management is impressive. Good job.
  11. Wouldn't read into that. We've actually gotten fucked by that read before. This was literally my entire basis for killing off Nelrick on day 2.
  12. Tbf, he does this as town because explaining himself gets him killed.
  13. Giving him a day pass =/= townread rei but there's no point in arguing this. Fine Nelrick you're play worked. Don't do it again
  14. How did it work, when literally the same day half of town were saying it was potentially an illusion nk? Yes I assumed Jazz not being a moron would have no reason to lie and fake claim there especially after watching the effects of at least 1 other idiot do it. Never change town. I stand by that read. Further, that has no bearing on your play. Again for a clinic in fake claiming as town, see what rei did in that whatever the name of that game was here when he faked a check on TFJ after killing 1 scum already.
  15. /thread. Move to Smash'd