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  1. Fuck me, my tldr response to this got deleted. I don't agree with this at all. The only way those 3 get left alive is if scum has a way of dealing with the two that aren't scum. In that case, the three roles are useless to us and we aren't losing anything. At best this pushes the problem down the road, and at worst it acts as a shield for scum and lets them to continue to use w/e role is in that group. If they can't deal with any of those three roles, then scum takes them out and we lose them anyway. Having another pr out to deal with this is even worse as it just gives scum more information to confirm what we already know (1/3). Further, all this does is direct pr's from finding scum we don't know yet. Given the above point, I think its better to just deal with this and get it done in a day because I don't think we lose much If Malcolm is town jailor - by his account, they already have a way of dealing with him If Markus is town inquistor - scum likely has safe claims We don't know what salty is Thinking about the math on it, you're probably right tho assuming 3-4 scum are in the other group.
  2. hos solistice (not voting him because I want to kill in the group 3 but I want credit for this lynch after we deal with that) This isn't the optimal play at all 1. The point isn't so much mark dying but more that this problem is not going to automatically resolve itself. If scum has a way of dealing with it w.o severing the parity between them, they will. We already know that they have a way of dealing with Malcolm whether its strongman or some kind of roleblock (assuming he is town). 2. Following this plan gives scum a chance to secure more mislynches (you want to lynch in the bigger group) and potentially unencumbered ability to nk. So this is just bs. 3.So let me get this straight (assuming i read this correctly). You want to let scum potentially continue going through with an unlimited nk. Then, in the event that we can't resolve because I am right on point 1, you want to potentially out another pr to deal with it (let alone force them to waste their power on the smaller group rather than the larger group) lol
  3. fwiw, in the same vein, I'd rather go after danraven who looked for an excuse to bw Soph yesterday and took it and then today when I try to ask him about his read on you, he kinda dodges the question (I don't think the question I asked really required more than a yes/no tbh)
  4. Everything he has done so far is weird, but idk if scummy necessarily ("hey guys im gonna go look for the cops toodles" - Like seriously wtf). Enough ppl actually scumread you (digbic, silver, dan) where I feel like that this is a legitmate theory somewhere in paranoia land (obv I don't buy it but it has enough traction where I can't say that theory = maf)
  5. ebwop given the theory I laid out implicates Markus more
  6. Youre misinterpeting. I said besides looking into the obv 4 (since you guys are linked). I didn't think there was any point in talking about it until we got all the info. But if you want my opinion. Like I said outside of you omitting a person to fuck with us, I highly doubt youre lying about who visited rei. Consequently, I don't think youd voluntarily give up the truth outing your partner. Thus, I think you're town. The non-voters from yesterday were digbick, silverdude, rei, Markus. I'm going to add Malcolm, Slickz, and Solistice to that list because they had votes on players had 0 chance of being lynched. Unsurprisingly, all 3 of the people you watched visit rei are on that list. The one who I am least suspicious of is Malcolm. The reason you don't vote on the main lynch of the day, is as you put it, is to avoid giving information and tying yourself to a mislynch. Malcolm has been balls to the walls on Markus since the game has started essentially so clearly he isn't concerned with that. I also don't think he'd risk offing himself to push a suicidal death run on Markus. I fairly confident in this given how the other two went after each other thereby clearing Malcolm w/o question. The one I am probably most wary of is iSlickz. I get how thats kind of a contradiction given the theory I just laid out, but that entire interaction with Malcolm just felt fake as fuck (totally down and want to kill markus w/o mentioning him at all before Malcolm called him out afaik). I'd rather lynch him over Markus personally As for Solistice's theory, I don't agree with it for several reasons and I'm not sure if its being used as a cover for scum 1. Depending on who scum is, there's a good chance you (mark) die first meaning it would take 2-3 more days to resolve. 2. It also gives scum an opportunity to secure a few more mislynches before losing a player 3. If Malcolm is to be believed, then scum somehow bypassed him and killed rei. If its strongman, strongman stays alive for a few more days which is brutal So yeah, while Solistice's theory appears to be good, its actually very dangerous for town and idl it at all.
  7. Yeah this is what I was getting at. Do you like that line of reasoning or agree with it?
  8. What exactly do you like about Solistice?
  9. The only thing he could be lying about is an omission i.e. he could be omitting the person who killed rei, but thats unlikely as well as there would be no reason to out at all. Further, he had no heat on him when he came out which reduces the likelihood even further.
  10. Watcher =/= town This is based off witchhunt remember. Mark isn't lying about his role though. All 3 on his list confirmed they visited rei
  11. Let me ask the question a different way. Do you think Mark is lying about who visited rei last night?
  12. Do you believe that he is claiming his true role i.e. watcher?
  13. Why do you think Mark is scum?
  14. Why does this seem so familiar?
  15. Maybe Im reading this wrong, but who do you think is confirmed town?
  16. nvm then yeah I missed this completely
  17. ebwop: For some reason the post deleted it, but I never said the bolded thing in the quoted post for this quote
  18. Let me know if I missed something, but those were the only two posts that I thought were relevant to the Soph/Sage interaction, Given you felt they were town, why didn't you at put that out there like Solistice did?
  19. Again, youre assuming any of those roles can actually hurt scum. If we believe Malcolm's claim, his role is literally useless since scum allegedly powered through it. Same deal does for the other two if we are assuming either is town or has a useful role.
  20. Why didn't you vote yesterday?
  21. This is making a lot of assumptions including but not limited to 1. All these roles are town pr 2. All of these roles are what they claim they are
  22. Besides the obv 4 that need to be looked at (mark, islickz, malcolm, markus) I think we also need to look at Solistice and Danraven Ive already given my thoughts on Solistice through when I quoted faint. My thoughts on Danraven are the same as yesterday. Any time it feels like someone is looking/waiting for an excuse to jump on a bw, they deserve a look. Can someone also get me a list of who didn't vote yesterday. We were fortunate enough to learn both lynches were town so I imagine some scum would have stayed off the lynched pair because thats where most people's attention would have been drawn
  23. This is stupid. Claiming VT shouldn't be believed regardless of anything. Thats the entire point. The VT claim should have absolutely no barring on anything.