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  1. Francis J Underwood (Recruiter Chaos) > Digbic (ben kei otk)
  2. Yeah because its not like we already have a much more interesting telepath that also boasts a harambe skin
  3. Just put me as a sub
  4. Youre a shitty host for not including me when i said in
  5. honeslty the best games are vanilla games imo
  6. in also zapp you dropping out is the reason why we dont have better games with more unique powers
  7. Not discord i never really use that
  8. Not discord i never really use that
  9. Pacing was very off and there are a few plotholes but definitely going in the right direction
  10. New League Year Starts Tomorrow. FA Officially Opens Reported Signings (will try to update as I get info) Rick Wagner to the Detroit Lions Calais Campbell to the Jaguars Torrey Smith to Philadelphia Eagles Tony Jefferson to Baltimore Ravens Ryan Mallet re-signs with Baltimore Ravens Brandon Marshall to the NYG Kyle Juzyscek to the 49ers Vlad Ducasse to the Bills Dwayne Allen traded to the Patriots Kenny Stills stays with the Dolphins
  11. Can this run with less than 18
  12. I like how ACP doesnt realize that all his users are me on different accounts. Dont believe me? watch me post this on my other accounts
  13. Inb4 mirror force role
  14. So its wiki leaks mafia
  15. Where did I say recently? And let's be honest you used to go out of your way to antagonize Gaia to the breaking point almost every game just for the fun of it.
  16. MBA was not fine. Confuse rei + Malcolm probably wasn't either. This isn't a new problem. Other people just dealt with it/put up with but I gotta say when I was trying to get MBA lynched as scum and he'd literally meltdown itt and berate ppl until they town read him was no fun for me because 1. It's no fun to play with 2. There's really no way to counteract him brow beating ppl into town reading him. You just gotta hope he gets himself killed and most of the time he'd bully his way into the he wouldn't care this much as scum read and it'd make life difficult. It got to the point where I just stopped trying to lynch him even when he did questionable shit because I didn't want to deal with the toxicity in the thread that results from pushing him.
  17. Silent floating is not viable battle strat
  18. You guys are such bitches. This level of toxicity is nothing compared to me malcolm and gaia trying to kill each other or mason's meltdowns
  19. Honestly the top overall player on the site is probably Malcolm given he has the best overall game, but thats partly because 1. He generally gets an initial pass as ppl dont want to kill him early (this is both an indictment on the community and a credit to his town game being good enough to warrant that.) I srsly think cop could claim with a n0 red check on him an ppl will probably kill the unccd cop over Malcolm. 2. Because of one, we give him a pass on things that if other players pulled them we'd autolynch them. This isn't an indictment on anyone but more like Malcolm just policying out our desire to punish him for play that isn't always transparent. We've compensated and found other ways to deal with it. After that the next best is probably rei. He has the best town game by far and his scum game is at least functional if not above average (which isnt saying much given scum games in general on dg). Confuse rei would probably be next if he still plays. Tbh he would probably be the #1 player because he really knows how to manipulate the social element of the game probably better than anyone here, but he doesnt play often. One thing he probably understands better than anyone is perception and timing. Even if he gets caught, he doesn't flip out because he is able to take a step back and look at thing as if he didnt have perfect info and react accordingly. As for timing, he knows when to push and when to hold back. He knows how to wait until town is more receptive to his lynch idea and/or when his town platform is strongest to push. Those are probably the hardest elements of this game to master and his grasp on them is strong. Just my 2cents
  20. If its just like old times we wont even notice you floating there
  21. Let's go do me
  22. time to make gemstone and slickz cry In
  23. Did someone say mixtape?
  24. Sign me up for the next game. I'm offically back boys