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  1. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 2)

    Full disclosure: I am exhausted right now, and may not be able to properly articulate my thoughts. I don't like this read on Antag. I don't feel Antag did much other than point out the obv. I don't think he restricted himself. He literally can't push Tyranno. I'd argue this extends to broken for much the same reason. As for the reads on you andI, the logic is just bad. Yes, we put votes up on Faint, but thats where they ended up. It's no different thatn "I said X was scum, but never voted X but you should townread me anyway." It may be a more general issue I have with his reads where I am okay with the conclusion, but issue is how he got there. I also think it would be difficult to push us as a lynch at this point.
  2. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 2)

    Am I imaging OP said tie = forfeit then? Doesn't matter its not gonna be a tie. It does which is bad for town.
  3. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 2)

    Day started. Saw rei died and was town. Expected the votes on Jazz to get a ton of heat -- namely Walia and I . Multiple people have fos'd Walia, but not one (outside of Soph) has fos'd me. Leads me to believe scum is a bunch of pussies because I can actually defend myself. It should be clear that I fos Auri. Auri went after Walia for a reason that was equally applicable to me, and never really explained it. Other thing that sticks out to me is his claim. Ignoring the game design reasons I don't buy it, claiming served no purpose. If true, all he did was give us an excuse for him to continue living. Further, he has a claim that can absolve him that he retired.
  4. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 2)

    I unvoted but im gonna assume the rest of this is correct
  5. DG Fantasy Football 2019

    Alright guys, its back. DG Fantasy Football 2019. Same settings as normal. Lmk if you are in. Confirmed In 1. Francis 2. Jazz 3. Walia 4. Silver 5 iSlickz 6.
  6. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 2)

    Someone do a vote count plz
  7. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 2)

    unvote to prevent majority
  8. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 2)

    vote aurirevoir I want an answer.
  9. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 2)

    Nah fuck that. Im taking credit for the call out #scumhassafeclaims Why Hazmah?
  10. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 2)

    This is mot a soft defense. I openly admitted i thought faint was a shit lynch. Adding auri to the string for his clarification and so he can respond to my question
  11. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 2)

    Context it wasnt a soft defense of faint. It was calling out a floundering jazz on shit logic
  12. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 2)

    Nvm i misread this as a read on hazmah not explaining a read on jazz from last game point on jazz still stands
  13. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 2)

    For reference here is my post regarding antag’s garbage rationale on hazmah
  14. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 2)

    Does your opinion change if I was the one who raised the EU defense because i was
  15. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 2)

    Show me where I soft defended faint
  16. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 2)

    I put nothing into your mouth. I quoted what i was referencing. There wasnt very little to scumread him on. Even you admitted he played the exact same scum game as last. Thats not to mention he got caught contradicting himself multiple times. At least 5 ppl agreed jazz was the scummiest scumbag to ever scum yesterday. Responding to your question: i meant hazmah there. Jazz is an example of why i think the rationale is crap I am at work and on mobile so my ability to show it is limited. I explained what i thought was perfect info on Jazz.
  17. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 2)

    Ebwop hasn't posted
  18. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 2)

    Way to kill the joke. my opinion on walia hasnt changed because he has posted. If and when he posts, ill talk about him. obv fine with Soph dying
  19. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 2)

    To buttress my perfect info accusation: Only two players town read Jazz yesterday: antag and rei. I assume rei read Jazz’s role pm, but antag doesnt have those system admin privileges.
  20. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 2)

    To make it abundantly clear, i am not saying antag is off the block todag. I am just using antag as an example to make the point
  21. スーパーウィーブーマフィア - 始め (Day 2)

    Agree with this read on broken. Its possible scum ds rei with steal and kill (altho thats inoptimal imo), but the fact that rei is dead and the vest didnt work is worth noting Ftr this is my preferred way of dealing with the goggles ie give it to a player we arent going to lynch but is a question mark