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  1. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    If you think, we got no info out of a 14 vote d1 largely split between two players, I don't know what to tell you. There is no merit to that argument. Did we get perfect information? No. But we got info. I don't even know if you voted Soph, but I know you voted Jazz so what's the point of bringing up the Soph vote? Who gives a fuck. That isn't where your vote ended up when you finished for d1. I don't even recall talking about your vote on Soph. My entire argument is that Soph was doing something to help town (vote counts) and had some decent posts showing he actually tried to figure shit out. I never said he was town. I never said we aren't killing him (in fact Im the one who brought up that he could be using vote counts as a way to feign content). All I said is that Soph is in a group of players (him, wunter, solistice) etc . . . and that I 'd rather leave him alive because he was benefitting us over useless players because Soph was trying and can be an asset to town. It's not a .bias. I literally don't give a fuck who I call out and I wasn't the only one to call you out on it this game. I don't think I was even the first frankly because I recall asking why no one was talking about you when people were discussing floaters (which given the players discussed was going around in circles and cluttering the thread) when you had only 1 post for the majority of d1 (which is new info, a deviation, and injected actual life and discussion into town) and then someone quoted me (Jazz) saying that they had. In that same post, I just said I was noting it and that I wasn't overly worried because you had 5 posts to make yourself super apparent town which you are capable of doing. Multiple people (PSK, Jazz, Slick iirc) called you out. So why am I the only one getting shit for it? The past games comment just seems like saliance bias so it's not worth addressing. If you don't take myself and/or other people questioning your alignment seriously, that's on you. Gaia you may not have believed you were in danger of being lynched (and at the time you may not have been), but I can go back itt and quote the confuse rei is off/sus posts. They were there and I wasn't the only one who made them. Again, if you didn't take them seriously, I don't know what to tell you. Wjhy should you have to prove yourself as town/why should you play as strong town? The dick answer to this would be well take a look at what just happened. But in all seriousness, that is the reason. If you project strong town, you don't get lynched. You suspect rei/malcolm/yourself etc . . . - Again, saliance bias. I go after a person because of their play/how I perceive their play (it's the same thing) . Maybe I have a hard time reading you? But again, MULTIPLE PEOPLE SUSPECTED YOU. How many times do I have to say it and/or go back to the thread to quote it before you understand that? So even if things were as you say, your play was at fault for the others. Let's talk about the momentum vote. I recall the vote being 5-3 in favor of Silver dying. I don't remember the exact sequence of events, but I think Jazz and slickz vote you up to three and then @Malcolm and @Mascis vote Silver up to 5. ZP voted you and I tied it after failing to convince town to change the lynch to one of my other targets. 1. If you think I have more clout than Malcolm after winter cunterland, you're delusional. 2. Majority vote was on Silver (5-3) and it took multiple votes to switch it late in the phase,, which means that they were agains the tending direction. In regards to other players: They have a brain and can think for themselves. But even assuming they can't, why do you think they followed your lynch? They townread the players voting you and didn't town read you. In regards to making yourself "confirmed" (i'm guessing you mean apparent) town, I hate to break it to you, but it's common knowledge you are a good player as town. Consequently, even if you play scummy as shit, you are still a night kill target. Out of the group you listed, I don't think the play even matters. Assuming no heals, rei is always dying first, then you and then Malcolm (heal dodging may change the order). Being confirmed town is irrelevant there because confirmed town isn't always a threat. If we confirmed wunter/solistice/wheover as town,. mafia would still probably leave them alive because they aren't a threat. THREATS TO SCUM ARE WHAT END UP GETTING KILLED. That being said, being an asset to town typically does not entitle you to a day pass. The only player who gets that is rei because he can literally end the game on day 1 (and you know for a fact that even then I am willing to kill him on d1 if he isn't trying). If you play scummy, people will suspect you're liable ot be lynched. Seriously, my activity has never ever been a problem in any game I have ever played in on this site. But if I meet quota early because of work and tell town I am doing that, it doesn't even take one page before some dumbfuck suspects that I am going to disappear for the day despite my history and despite the fact that I have gone on record multiple times as stating that floating does not help you as either alignment. I didn't have you as the worst player to me on day 1 (Walia - who town should have killed 200x over). My vote wasn't even on you until it was either you or silver (and like I said, if it came down to that my vote was going on you) and that was because I hard town read Silver (Guess what I was right!!!). Where did I say I got better or am god's gift to mafia. Please quote it.
  2. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    If you're a threat to scum, it doesn't benefit you to not play strong town. The community knows who is a threat and who isn't. Gaia, Malcolm, myself, rei etc . . . are hard to lynch, make good arguments, and can lead town. Strong players are on scum's kill list regardless of how they play, just like they are on doc's heal list regardless of their d1.
  3. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    It's that time of year again DG. Sign up here. Please provide your name email amount youd like the buy in to be The settings for the league will likely be full ppr 3 wideout and one flex 2 rb, 1 qb, 1 te 1 def 1 kicker. However, I am willing to change to if it will make the league more fun (i.e. things like TE premium, removing kicker/def and putting in flex spots instead etc . . .) Signs ups 1. Francis J Underwood 2. Jazz 3. Build the Walia 4. Pengwan 5. Gospel 6. Joe 7. iSlickz
  4. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    @Jazz @slickz @BuildTheWalia @Pengwan @Gospel @Joe. I have two more ppl that want to join. If you guys are cool I will bump the league up to 14 ppl. 8 teams will still make playoffs, and the pot will increase accordingly
  5. persona 5 mafia aftergame

  6. Mafia New Games Hosting Queue

    Bad week for me this wee. Have next person go
  7. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    @Joe. @Pengwan @Jazz pay up
  8. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    12 teams 240 total I can do payouts according to people's preference.
  9. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    1. This was addressed. No one bothered when you had one post for all of 24+ hrs because they figured youd come in and make yourself apparent town. You ramped up your activity, but content-wise I felt your reads and reasons were weak and openly questioned you on some of them (LFN comes to mind) 2. I disagree with a few things here, but to limit myself to the main things: calling him out as neutral was the correct play for town there because scum will be forced to deal with him. Calling him town keeps him alive as mislynch target. I literally said on d1 that I wasn't going to bother with Mascis because if he's neutral, he's scum's probelm. Malcolm's mistake was trying to subtly push town to lynch.
  10. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    Nearly half of town voted you over Silver. Me trying convince town to kill a better target and me killing you over Silver are not the same thing so strop trying to make it sound like they are. Silver was obv town. You weren't. I made it clear while you were around that I wasn't killing him. Gaia you punted d1 and didn't take a position on the d1 lynch. You literally voted silver because it would "give info." EVERY LYNCH GIVES FUCKING INFO. It gives info does not tell me jack shit about your motivations and is the equivalent of apathy (which guess what, is scum indicative). I already apologized for the timing. I have a job and I couldn't really make posts that more than one liners during business hours . I'm not gonna apologize for giving my thoughts on the game or including you in them. You also act like the entire post was focused on you when literally 7 other players were mentioned and you weren;t even at the top of my kill list. If we are gonna talk about my lack of logic, let's look at yours here If a good player voted you, its because they fearkilled you. If a bad player voted, you its a bw. When people want to comment about my ego, I'm going to refer them to this. Unsurprisingly, I don't think it would have mattered if all 19 other players voted you as they would have been grouped in one of those two categories. You have only yourself to blame for your lynch. If you don't punt d1, and projected town second half of d1, you don't get scumread by half the game and don't die.
  11. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

  12. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    Depends on who pays me. If you don;t pay, I'm probably gonna make sure you get the last pick. If everyone pays me before the draft, it gets randomized.
  13. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    Not sure if this is a joke, but if it's not, almost half of town (7/16) (all but one town) wanted to kill you. I wasn't the only one that fos'd you (slickz, psk, silver all did too). Despite my suspicions, I even said killing you was minus EV. However, silver projected much harder town than you and there was 0 chance I was killing him over you. I was willing to kill other people, but if it was between you and him, you were dying. You had an off game, get over it.
  14. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    Can you guys join the league please. I don't want the draft to not run because I couldn't hunt someone down.
  15. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    I'm trying it to see if it incentivizes people to be more competitive overall. The threat of a potential Gurley run in the playoffs may incentivize a more competitive league overall.
  16. Best Anime Episodes

    sup buddy
  17. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    Something for several players because I see it a lot. The thread isn't a place to think out loud, do a brain dump, or otherwise clutter. It is the one area in the game where you can communicate and coordinate with your faction if you are town. To do so, you have to try and be clear and concise. It's already been well-established how often big posts get skimmed through and ignored by other players. As a town player, why are you wasting your time when you know that is going to happen? 95% of the time, you can convey what's important without a giant wall of text or multiple posts in a row. [sample post] I think X is town/scum/neutral for three reasons. Reason 1: X voted brought the Gaia lynch within one vote of tying it between Gaia and Silver knowing that Y would vote Gaia over Silver. Killing Gaia aligns with a scum agenda so therefore this vote makes X scummy because it is aligned with a scum agenda. Reason 2: This post by X is also scummy because . . . Reason 3: Finally, X only avoided participating during the day as his posts outside the vote were mostly filled. See here (spoiler tag and quote the posts) For these reasons, I believe X is scum. [sample post] If the thread weren't long I would probably go back and pick out some posts that followed this formula, but this tells you exactly where I stand on X and why. Regardless of whether you agree or not, you will townread me because I'm transparent and am willing to stick my neck out on a position. More importantly, it shows I am trying to figure out the game.
  18. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    You made the right choice with the N1 heal. Always heal the easy town read who has a power. Soph didnt get tunneled due to vote counts (if that were the case Jazz would have been tunneled too). He got tunneled for vote counts with weak play overall. Only reason Jazz didnt get the same read was he went full on Jazz. This is the exact type of thing we want to discourage. You had a shit game. So what? Get over it, it's not a big deal. You have some constructive criticism from post game (which is really what post game is for). Take it and apply it. DG makes too much of trust list = scum, but there is something to that read. A player who feels like they have to comment on everyone typically doesn't take a hard stance on anyone. PSK, myself, and Slickz didnt out reads on the entire game. We outed reads and avenues we thought town should be pursuing. We were all easily town read because town knew exactly where we stood, what are agendas were, and why we had those agendas. Regardless of whether we agreed with each other, we at least made it very clear why we had the reads we did which made us transparent. Adjust your posting accordingly. I bolded the parts of your post that were necessary. If you remove most of the non-bolded the post much more clear and quickly conveys the most important information you want us to know. Take that approach to the trust lists (I am null on X is useless. If you are null on them, don't even mention them unless you are trying to get them killed) and longer posts you make.
  19. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    You don't have venmo? Trackstar9120@yahoo.com
  20. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    Am definitely gonna try it if you hace time. Havent touched the series yet so lmk whats worth it and what isnt
  21. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    I think the FAAB is the most fair way to do it. It gives everyone a shot to acquire players and not just a strong team that was unlucky early on.
  22. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    I emailed everyone but Jazz since he didn't do what I asked in the OP (provided your email). Let me know that you all got it. @Jazz @BuildTheWalia @Gospel @Joe. @slickz @Pengwan
  23. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    ZP's vote to keep Gaia in range of being lynched probably got him lynched. Otherwise, Silvdr probably goes up 6-3 and he dies.
  24. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    Scum's job to kill the neutral.
  25. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    Thoughts Overall getting the 20 people to play in a game is an accomplishment in itself so kudo to rei and the section overall on that. It really gave us a chance to see if people's skills improved. Game Design and Modding I won't harp on this too long since rei already mentioned it, but design wise, the game was very town friendly. Also, keeping up the flavor even tho no one read it makes the game better so thank you for that. I think the best girl mechanic is very interesting, but I think scum needed something to balance it out. Jazz asked me what I would have done and I told him I probably would have made everyone but scum vanilla unless voted best girl. That gives people an incentive to fight for best girl, doesn't reveal scum doesn't want it, and just overall balances things out. It's a slightly boring answer since VT don't have a ton of incentive to be active, but its what came to mind. PSA - If you have information in a no-claim game, don't be a douchebag. I get why rei is done with no claiming. Modding it is a lot of work and people just can't seem to understand no-claim means not giving away info that reveals you're role. We had a modkill on JC for softing a role. Slickz got warned for revealing another player's role. Tyranno literally claimed part of his role. Stop trying to fucking push the envelope to see how far you can go before the mod kills you. It's no claim for a reason. The info is for your benefit so you can steer town in the right direction WITHOUT REVEALING YOU HAVE PERFECT INFO. The reason its no claim is because claiming wouldn't let him put certain roles into the game because said roles would break the game. Like my god, could you imagine if I lived day 2 and just posted the name of every girl itt and said I think all of the girls are town based on the votes. Honestly, I think most players on DG cannot handle playing like this and games will have to be designed to be full claim from now on, which limits what can be done and forces scum to get good at fake and counterclaiming. Using foreign languages - I get that we all have google translate and can figure out what it means, but it makes more work for the mod in these type of games. I don't want police this, but it's something we have to consider a little bit after this since the mod shouldn't have to go through every post in the game and then google translate them to see if youre pulling some shit or not. PSA - Toxicity Before anyone says it, no this isn't only referencing Jazz. Jazz was the worst example of it this game to be sure, but myself, slickz, lfn, hazmah etc . . . all played a role in it (centered around Jazz but still). I get this DG and some players should just grow a set and realize its not that serious, but antagonizing players just do antagonize them doesn't help you win the game and it drives people away from the community. As scum (hazmah), you don't want to do this either because as you saw it gets the antagonized player town read. Moreover, without fail, every single time I see one of these toxic fights break out, I don't want to continue to play because its uncomfortable to deal with that. Fwiw, I literally asked rei before the game to warn and threaten to kill ppl for toxicity. People's Play and The Game itself 1: Silver - I thought he was super apparent town the moment he went after Gaia hard. As I explained itt, going after Gaia is a great way to get yourself killed and there;s no way Silver does that as scum. 2: TheGoldenTyranno - The modkill was probably a little harsh, but given how my role turned out, it's fine. Tyranno - stop fucking defending people's alignments who you aren't sure on. As town, you want a real to kill the person, not a reason to keep them slive. My defense of Silver was directly related to my desire to lynch Gaia because I thought his reasons for lynching Silver were trash and reasoning behind reads weren't that great. As hilarious as my town read on you was, I shouldnt have to be put in that position to make that call. You can make yourself obv town without that. 3: Faint- Probably the first time in awhile where you weren't an easy town read for me on d1. Idk if that was intentional or the bigger game threw you off. 4: Wunterslaus - If you don't believe that someone is going to kill you, you don't try, hence why I made sure you believed that I would end you (and if you didn't try, believe me I would have gotten town to lynch you for it). Your reads were good so try. That's effort, that's not lack of ability. 5: Malcolm - Worst thing you could have done was outed Mascis as neutral and then asking me about it. I was never letting him die after that. iThe vote on Silver was a really good opportunity for you and I think you should have rammed it down town's throat. Like you said in the QT, the Gaia lynch was the most +EV lynch for scum ever. In hindsight, pointing out Mascis was a perfect info slip that everyone missed. 6: Sophocles - I made my thoughts known on you in dead chat. While your play with the vote counts was obv and got called out, I didn't think you were the best lynch by far on most dates. I think you had it right in the QT where town just decided to kill you and wouldn't move off it. 7: Jazz - If you get mad, walk the fuck away. Pm rei for a sub. DO LITERALLY ANYTHING ELSE THAN WHAT YOU DID. Also, you have to learn to watch the thread and post with an objective. I shouldn't have to control you itt. We don't need you every damn thought on every post. Seriously look at the dead qt and it was almost unanimous that after you got the TR from a player, they ignored your posts completely. Like honestly, give yourself a self-imposed posting restriction of X posts per page. It will make you a better player. 8: BuildtheWalia - People townreading you truly disgusted me. I feel like you got the reverse treatment of Soph. Ppl townread you over nothing and then just never re-evaluated. For everyone else, if you can't explain what someone's agenda is or why you are townreading them, you need to re-evaluate. Asking questions is something any player can do and I guarantee if I did it without taking a stance on anything, I'd be lynched for it. Hold town to a higher standard ppl. 9: Slickz - Probably town's MVP in all honestly. Was right and kept the schedule. 10: Confuse rei - I'm sorry about the timing of my post, but I had work. If I posted when you were on or you posted more than one post before like 6-8 hrs left on d1, you probably don't die, but realize that 8 people killed you and only 1 was scum. 11: LFN - Really good game. Right behind Slickz for MVP for me. 12: PSK - THIS IS HOW YOU PLAY TOWN AND GET YOURSELF TOWNREAD PPL. TAKE NOTES. Psk didn't have to post much, but he offered unique insight to certain situations, was unafraid to comment on big name players (Gaia), and it was clear what his agenda was with each post. This was easiest townread of the game. I thought the shot on Brandis was shit, but I get why PSK made it and ultimately it kept town on schedule so no harm no foul. 15: haz - Really underrated player from reading the QT. His scum game will get better but he was an easy tr on d1 and gave more content than most players. 16: JC - Punted d1 and got better as the days went along so that's fair. 17: The Antagonist - I didn't have any problems with your posting style or the content therein. I think you just went contrarian with a few things and it was hard to get a read on you. Gaia probably had the best read in that something about your posts struck him as town, 18: Brandis72 - Not enough to really talk about it. Getting killed on night 1 after a very empty d1. 19: Solstice - Decent recovery day 2, but same deal with Jazz. Post with an objective. No one wants a stream of conciousness 20: ZeroPassion - Youre usually pretty good from what I remember and I think you kind of knew you were trading yourself for Gaia with that vote. That's a trade I am okay with. Good job putting the team on your back with that one. 20: Mascis - The "no chance we are the same alignment" comment is the shit I'm talking about with pushing the envelope. Don't be a d-bag, and don't do it. Three factions left that just ambiguous enough to not be construed as a claim, but the mod shouldn't have to make that decision especially when it means potentially removing a faction from the game.