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  1. 10 alive so we are waiting either way
  2. Yet you know this was gonna happen today
  3. Yet you know this was gonna happen today
  4. So whyd you dip?
  5. The fact that I have to point that out to ppl scares me almost as town last game having the easiest win ever and then punting it away by not hitting majority.
  6. By default I have to share with whatever faction wins. My win con is make it to final 2. Scum creates parity if it gets to final 2 and therefore wins Town eliminates all scum and therefore wins. JFC
  7. Slickz confirmed it was a self preservation ploy. If he was a cult member why would he do that? Why wouldnt he confirm me as neutral? im perfectly fine with killing you today.
  8. I mean nelrick if youre ao hellbent on dying today that can be arranged
  9. You reduce the "cult" when you lynch Soph so try again. Don't forget scum wants to vote me to secure a mislynch so they can go deeper in the game so I'm not going to have a majority of the votes. Hell scum will even nk me since cultist typically takes all their members with them. I'm a literal suicide bomb in that regard if im cultist. Question answered. Nelrick is the last mafia confirmed
  10. So if thats the case, when you lynch Soph tomorrow you'll find out right? At best my cult has 3 members including myself and Soph and there are 10 players alive. He is confirmed scum and dies tomorrow. If he flips scum, this proves to be bullshit.
  11. *sips wine*
  12. Yeah okay I'm convinced your the last one. You take out the mafia first because they are the ones that make the nk (I can't do that)
  13. ebwop in the event of of those lynches is wrong (tyranno)
  14. Tyranno is dying. Soph is dying. That isn't a debate. In the event those lynches are wrong tho, I want to talk about this. Slickz has posted what he thinks (Malcolm bussed). I am doing the same.
  15. If thats the case why is Solstice dead? Why not Malcolm?
  16. I mean scum should be doing that for me if you are actually jailor no? After all, hitting a heal would be very bad for them.
  17. @Nelrick - Did I get it right? Should I eat you to find out?
  18. I'm pretty sure Solstice misinterpreted his role. I think my belly is the prison it refers to and he believed it meant a jailor was in the game. I think Nelrick saw the opportunity and claimed jailor as a result. Therefore I think his claim is fake which lines up with Solstice being the kill. I can't think of any other reason why Solstice would die otherwise.
  19. Yeah its not like confirmed scum Sophocles used this strategy Oh Wait!!!!
  20. Bingo
  21. I think this is hilarious personally. Confirmed neutral but still wants to mislynch
  22. Based on his ability its not possible for him to have visited last night unless it was to make the kill.
  23. Honestly thought Malcolm or Nelrick was dead tonight. Killing Solstice was like 100% the wrong play even if they were angling to kill me because I hammered scum yesterday.
  24. Waiting for Slickz to confirm he's neutral. Like at this point its 100% obv I am either neutral or town (its neutral) unless you think I'm bussing the whole team. I mean come on man.
  25. So I bussed my partner and killed him at EOD. I was the hammer ffs. Also I have been pushing Soph and Tyranno since d1. You think I bussed them both. GTFO. Malcolm also specifically said he didnt want Soph dead and was the reason for switching to ZP. Brain ppl. Use it.