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  1. The Flash

    This is probably a fair assessment, but idk Darhk as a villian is just so off-putting. He's too cheesy almost. I agree that it is a better fit in Legends than Arrow, but he basically kills any suspension of disbelief in anything he's in to me.
  2. The Official 2017-2018 NFL Season Thread

  3. The Official 2017-2018 NFL Season Thread

    New League Year Starts Tomorrow. FA Officially Opens Reported Signings (will try to update as I get info) Rick Wagner to the Detroit Lions Calais Campbell to the Jaguars Torrey Smith to Philadelphia Eagles Tony Jefferson to Baltimore Ravens Ryan Mallet re-signs with Baltimore Ravens Brandon Marshall to the NYG Kyle Juzyscek to the 49ers Vlad Ducasse to the Bills Dwayne Allen traded to the Patriots Kenny Stills stays with the Dolphins
  4. New! Dragon Ball TCG

  5. Anonymous Back to Basics Mafia

  6. DGZ is still here?

    The fact that there is so little interest otherwise is telling (essentially no one else tries or makes the game worth playing)
  7. DGZ is still here?

    Not like I called it when I quit months ago or anything.
  8. DGZ is still here?

    Blame Malcolm
  9. DGZ is still here?

    So we won? Sweet
  10. DGZ is still here?

    What happened to evil Overlord Pennington
  11. The Official 2017-2018 NFL Season Thread

    Jags beat themselves with penalties. As far as I'm concerned, I called that game pretty accurately. I can't account for the corners getting handsey and thats obviously not something Belichick schemed. Teams make mistakes. It happens. Jags LB won against Gronk (for what he was worth when in) and the rbs (largely ineffective).
  12. The Flash

    Again not saying it didnt't happen, but I feel like that can be explained away by sheer surprise iirc (Darhk didn't know Barry was coming).
  13. The Flash

    I mean I'm not sure if this was ever shown. As for Mallus not existing, I don't see how it isn't a rehash of Thawne not being able to enforce jack shit because something was stopping him. Seems to be one of those he neds me as much as I nee him scenarios.
  14. The Flash

    True. I just have so many problems with him from a design concept. 1. Power Scaling - Darhk is so OP compared to literally every other villain in Arrow-verse. This creates an issue of just how believable it is for him to lose and or fuck up badly enough to put himself in a position of danger. This stems from trying to one-up Ras in Arrow and I think moving Darhk to Legends was a fantastic move as it allowed them to power creep his competition in a more believable manner, but that fact that I'm bitching about how OP he is despite going to a show where metas are the norm is telling. He is one of those villians who is impossible to deal with and results in an ass pull almost every time (at least in Arrow they way they dealt with him made sense). Further, this power scaling makes him almost impossible to control. Darhk is helping Mallus, but only because it aligns with his goals. 2. Character - I don't need to go too far into this. Darhk is just not a compelling villain. He has never had a real end game to his actions and even if he did he is so OP that you wonder why he never just takes the most direct route. 3. Legends doesn't add anything to him. Darhk was literally just transposed directly into Legends, gets killed off again, and then revived. He never really had a purpose for being here or doing what he is doing. As you pointed out, he's a henchman, but given how OP that doesn't make much sense. Neither the Reverse Flash or Mallus are capable enough to control him. He acts on their behalf because it aligns with his interests, but if he wanted to fuck shit up, he could with little repercussion. Mallus cant have him killed off because he needs him in the same way Reverse Flash needed him. As weird as it is, he is too OP to be a henchmen, but not a strong enough character (due to writing, background, etc. . . .) to be a main boss.
  15. The Flash

    I don't even know how I feel about him as a henchman. His character is just so off-putting as is his power scaling, and right now hes operating basically on his own (even if its to the benefit of Mallus).
  16. The Flash

    Agreed that Arrow just has no idea what its doing anymore. Supergirl is actually getting more interesting, but the shows villians are too linear. Reign offers a chance to change that tho. Legends is doing well, but fuck I want Mallus to do something. Darhk is just the worst villain of all time.
  17. The Flash

    Idk I feel this season just hasn't been executed well. I feel like the Thinker has too much plot armor. LIke I get that hes a superior intellect, but the writers are putting very little effort into showing it and as a result it just feels random (with Thawne, you got to watch him manipulate Barry into doing what he wanted which is lacking with the Thinker who arguably could benefit from it even more than Thawne did). The other major problem is that the spoiled that villain last season and that Barry will ultimately beat him. Given Barry showed he knows this, it kind ruins any real suspension of disbelief that Barry could believe he was going to lose. While I appreciate the Thinker showing up more often, it is almost a joke because he doesnt really present a thret. It always "I'm smarter than you. Better luck next time." He doesn't really do anything or present a threat. Would possibly be more interesting if he were fucking with Iris, Cisco's girl, Cecile etc . . . as opposed to Barry
  18. The Official 2017-2018 NFL Season Thread

    Jimmy G was the exception not the rule. Not like the Jags had a ton to play for. Idk what you're citing for Jacksonville's Rush D, but I'm guessing it's an aggregate which is worthless since they are completely different rush D post week 12 (marcel dareus acquisition). http://jaguarswire.usatoday.com/2017/11/20/jaguars-rushing-defense-makes-a-drastic-jump-from-week-11-to-week-12/ - Won't bash you on it yet as I'll let you provide the evidence underlying that basis before coming to a conclusion. I don't think Jacksonville struggles against Tight Ends. Your post on Vance McDonald leads me to believe you fell for the classic correlation =/= causation. Vance McDonald had 112 on 16 targets (catching 10). That's 7 YPA and essentially means he was a check down target. He got 5 more targets than Antonio Brown who was infinitely more efficient (11 targets for 132 catching 7). Jacksonville's corners and pass rush are so good that they funnel and force check down targets. So this argument seems like it doesn't hold much water. Divisional Oppns consistently play each other better than non-divisional oppns so that explains that one. Box score scouting =/= qualitative scouting. Yes they play shit offenses, but their corners are playing at a high level (only Antonio Brown has beaten Bouye for a score, Ramsey is Ramsey). Their linebackers are able to keep up with rbs and tight ends and the way they play D, you don't really scheme around it. It's no different than Seattle where they tell you what they are going to do and what they will give up and just bet on their guys being better than your guys. Fournette isn't overrated and teams clearly dont view him as overrated when Fournette faces more 8 man boxes than any other runner in the league. http://www.espn.com/blog/jacksonville-jaguars/post/_/id/22949/why-success-of-leonard-fournette-led-run-game-is-even-more-impressive (this is about halfway through the season, I'll see if I can find the full one on pff later, but it gives you an idea). Again, this is why box score scouting doesn't give you the whole story. Fournette commands an absurd amount of attention and acts as a literal battering ram. Because he commands this amount of attention, Bortles has much easier throws than he would normally. Now Belichick may opt to make Bortles beat him, but this basically plays into what the Jaguars want anyway, which is to give Bortles easy throws to make. Whether he can or not is beside the point. Finally, your stats on Bortles gamesplits also suffer a similar issue as they are out of context. I'm going to bet in those 6 losses the Jags were playing from behind which leads to more throws (the same for any QB). Tom Brady => 35 times = 8-3 Tom Brady <= 35 times = 5-0 Did Brady perform better than Bortles? Yes. Did he generally perform worse when he threw the ball more? Yes This isn't to compare Brady to Bortles but just to illustrate that teams who throw ball do so because they are generally in a losing position that forces them to do so.
  19. The Official 2017-2018 NFL Season Thread

    Jacksonville Jaguars over New England Patriots. I'm not being trendy by making this pick. I genuinely think this is a matchup that NE will struggle with. Simply put, this is a bad matchup for NE. The Jaguars defense really doesn't have any flaws. They have the league's 2nd ranked rush and a historically great pass D. New England doesn't have the weapons that Pittsburgh has. Further Jacksonville's D is the type of defense that Belichick can't scheme around. They don't disguise or hide their coverage. They dictate what they will do to the offense and bet that their guys are better than your guys. The pass rush of the Jags might also force Gronkowski to stay in and block which will compound the issues their receivers will have against Bouye and Ramsey. On offense, Jacksonville does the one thing New England doesn't defend well - running the ball heavily. Although NE has a major weakness in setting the edge, they have not faced a back like Fournette. They will keep pounding it and tire the NE defense out. X-Factors - James White & Rob Gronkowski vs Myles Jack and Telvin Smith. New England's best bet is to attack slot corners Aaron Colvin and Linebackers Myles Jack and Telvin Smith. However, none of these matchups are good. Indeed, this is much like the vaunted Denver Defense of 2015 except, these linebackers excel in coverage. Ultimately, I don't believe that NE has the weapons or the offensive line that Pitt had. Further I don't think that Belichick can scheme to make up for that in this type of matchup. If the Jaguars can make their tackles, I expect the game will be very similar to the 1st half of the Pitt game. Minnesota Vikings over Philadelphia Eagles Falcons D let that game slip away. Vikings D won't be as forgiving.
  20. The Official 2017-2018 NFL Season Thread

    Jeff Fisher: Case Keenum is a top 10 QB by our numbers The prophecy is coming true.
  21. The Official 2017 DG Fantasy Football Thread

    Sign up here. Please provide your name email amount youd like the buy in to be The settings for the league will be full ppr 3 wideout and one flex 2 rb, 1 qb, 1 te 1 def 1 kicker as a default but if enough ppl are vehemently opposed this is subject to change. Looking for at least ten Signs ups 1. Francis J Underwood - paid and joined 2. iSlickz - paid 3. Jazz - paid 4. Kidrock- paid 5. Build the walla - paid and joined 6. Broken big ball brand brilliance - is a bitch who hasn't paid 7. Gospel - paid and joined 8. XX - paid and joined 9. YYY paid and joined 10. ZZZ paid but not joined
  22. The Official 2017 DG Fantasy Football Thread

    Shit happens jazz. If you won 7 games same result EDIT: Gospel has been paid
  23. The Official 2017 DG Fantasy Football Thread

    @Gospel Idk who Twenty Dollars is but pm me your venmos and I will pay out Joe has been paid
  24. JC's Bring Your Own Role Mafia

    Yeah but the so called mods who enforce said rule pretend it doesnt exist when it gets violated and i get hit with it so is there really is there such a rule?