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  1. Opt in/Opt Out Thread

    Opt in: Civil Discourse & Unchained
  2. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    I wouldn't say the ABC matchup is 'good' mainly because turn 1 buster is still impossible to deal with, but then nothing including abc can beat buster. Going first however ABC lose to every decent field this deck makes, so it's kind of a die roll but this deck can open ridiculous fields a lot more consistently as most of the deck is engine cards. Siding with metalfoes is really difficult though, unless you play Ariadne and/or above 40 (which the guy who won ARG did both of) you can bring in like 3 cards max per matchup. What do you all think of the approach of maxing out on the metalfoe stuff then just adding in an extra engine to go above 40(presumably Ariadne) just so you can have 7 cards to side out going second?
  3. Majespecter Discussion

    Before tsukyomied he set a field spell, then he passed, then on my turn the field spell was suddenly face-up as if he's swapped a set union hangar with it. I'm probably misremembering but it was definitely odd, and it didn't particularly matter towards the result just I think this sort of thing should be brought up if it happens. And I'm aware of zombie world's use but I had cosmic. And tribute summoning Kirin is good but not if you open it as most of the time you need to summon something else to make a decent board. And if you're able to have a significant enough board to tribute summon it then pendulum summon in later turns I found I was probably winning that game anyways without Kirin. Only matchup it really helps was the mirror which I didn't expect too many of. I didn't the think the high scales on their own were good enough to play it.
  4. Majespecter Discussion

    Decided to play this deck at Liverpool. Went 5-3 drop, starting 5-0 then just crashing and burning 3 rounds straight. I'll go through my list and my losses. List: Monsters: 16 3 bunbuku 3 cat 3 frog 3 fox 3 crow 1 luster Spells: 14 3 ties 3 terraforming 2 pegasus 1 secret village 2 desires 1 upstart 1 cyclone 1 sonics Traps: 10 3 tornado 3 tempest 3 pendulum reborn 1 warninig Side: 15 3 barrier statue of the stormwinds 2 maxx c 3 cosmic 3 system down 2 pendulum storm 1 raigeki 1 dark hole Extra: Only relevant things were trapeze, acid golem, break sword, totem bird and chidori. R1: Fluffals 2-1 R2: Blue-Eyes 2-0 R3: Metalfoe 2-0 R4: ABC 2-1 R5: ABC 2-0 (he ended up topping, congrats if you read this) R6: ABC 1-2 R7: Infernoid 1-2 R8: ABC 1-2 I decided to play this deck due to ABC being unable to beat anything going second, whereas ties means this deck can push through backrow people would inevitably be playing. In hindsight the logic probably wasn't perfect as beating buster going second is still impossible without system down, so something like mermail was probably better (or minerva but money). I decided against playing kirin as most of the time when you draw that card you can't summon it, and you kinda don't want to use it as a scale either otherwise it's gone for good so it was just a blank, also eccentrick was pretty meh as it doesn't do anything going first and it's in general a pretty average card unless you're playing metalfoes. Pendulum reborns were really good, basically the worst hands in this deck are hands where you open 0 monsters (hands which I don't think you have any chance of preventing unfortunately) or just 1 monster where the opponent just attacks the guy and then carries on as normal. Pendulum reborn solves the latter hands as it just acts as more monsters as long as you draw 1, also it makes the cat and bunbuku a lot better. I'll go through my losses now. Round 6 I played against a guy who ended up topping, game 1 he opened buster plus traps and there's just no way I could have won. Game 2 I opened ties and secret village but photon thrasher kinda just shits on this deck and it took me awhile to draw any monsters, and when I did I struggled to kill his guys without wasting my traps (he'd sided in ghost ogre for some reason and i couldn't kill it in defense.) Eventually I had enough monsters to play through his backrow then activated scales and kill him. Game 1 he opened buster but used a gadget so i maxx ced. He did a weird thing where he set a field spell before activating tsukyomi, then at the end of the turn I'm pretty sure the field spell was still set, but then after playing my desires the card had become a zombie world. I called him out on it but he insisted he'd activated it, so maybe my memory was fuzzy or he'd switched his set union hangar with a zombie world when I wasn't looking. I had no way of proving it though and unfortunately I couldn't get to system down off of desires and 3 draws of maxx c so I scooped. Round 7 I played Joshua Oosters the CCG guy who was on stream. I didn't play much at all last year so I have no idea what any of the infernoids did. He chose for me to go first game 1 and I opened decent but he was able to push through my backrow with a terrortop and 2 charge of the light brigades milling infernoids. Game 2 I chose first and brought in the barrier statues because idk and opened pretty much the same thing. He summoned the terrortop in defense and didn't pick up his deck or say anything when he did it. It took me awhile to register but I asked if he was searching and he said no so then I tornadoed the terrortop. He seemed annoyed but set the taketomborg and I otked him with acid trapeze. Game 3 he chose for me to go first and I opened ties and desires but he summoned denko, activated one for one summoned another infernoid then black rosed me so yeah fun times. Round 8 Ok so this round I 100% should have won but unfortunately I'm a fucking idiot. I won the roll and game 1 and 2 were pretty standard with me opening the nuts game 1 and him opening the nuts game 2. Game 3 I opened ties with a pegasus, but I only have 3 usable backrow and I didn't tempest the thrasher so I wasn't left with very much. He twin twistered both of my scales a for 2 turns I drew pegasus and then secret village whilst he was beating me down. He had a castel. I then drew desires and drew crow and luster. I summoned the crow searched sonics and attacked the castel and pegasused and mp2 summoning bunbuku searching cat. Now, I still had the secret village in hand and I'd resolved my pegasus for a turn, so if I'd activated secret village he'd be forced to twin there and then leaving me free to activate cat and luster and summon a bunch of monsters making an unbreakable board. As I said however I'm a fucking idiot (as you can tell I'm really fucking pissed at myself for this) and activated the cat first. I realised immediately what I'd done wrong and thought fuck it if he had twin he'd have used it on the pegasus when i tributed so just activated the luster, and sure thing he twined my 2 backrow. He attacked my bunbuku with a thing and I wasn't able to draw any more monsters after that and I lost. This guy didn't end up topping. Obviously I dunno if I would've gone on to top but it's just kinda depressing that every time I make day 2 I just fuck it up, probably need to improve my technical play. On the deck itself, the main deck was perfect and the side was the main thing that I'd had issues with trying to build and decided to just side a couple of cards for decks I didn't think would be too represented, hence just the pendulum storms for the mirror as I thought the majority of people who would usually play majespecters would switch to ABC. Going forward however I don't see any play for majespecters. Twin twisters is going to become more and more popular and it isn't really the most powerful pendulum deck any more with the new metalfoes stuff being absolutely insane, and I don't think the deck is strong enough going first to beat things like mermail or minerva which is surely going to become more popular as more people fork out the cash for some minervas. Ultimately though I think I played the correct deck for the event but am glad that this terrible in between format where ABC is more powerful than anything else is over. Closing statement: fuck photon thrasher.
  5. Majespecter Discussion

    Pretty much this. It’s similar to armades vs mask of restrict last format, theoretically gofu + lvl 3 outs anti spell but the opponent just needs a buster/beatrice/fog blade and you’re still just as screwed. Also I don’t think metalfoes are all that great going first against ABC either as kirin by itself loses to photon thrasher which they should be playing 4 of, jowgen by itself whilst decent as it means they won’t be making a buster that turn and you get to resolve your counters, is terrible at pretty much any other point in the game vs them, the other points being going second as games vs ABC tend to not last very long. I agree that pendulum storm does is a pretty big blow out as it cuts off their long game and if they have pegasus any chance of coming back, but I think with ties out now it loses some of its impact due to people making big boards without pendulum summoning, and even if they pendulum summoned and used ties it still doesn’t really help with their board. I think something like twin twisters or full house are probably better as mass removal but again they both have their problems: if you’re siding twisters it means that you can’t really side much else as opening twisters plus any other side card means you only have 2 or majespecter cards to make plays with due to the discard, and with full house whilst it’s a blowout in the mirror you still need some other kind of removal in the side to out anti-spell (3 cosmic cyclone for example) which considering the amount of 3-ofs you need for each matchup creates problems with space issues. Siding cosmic cyclone for the mirror might just be the only practical option if you want to side something else which is more mirror exclusive like thunder king or bond. Thunder King does seem really good, as even if you just open up thunder king on turn 1 with no protection it is still a bitch for majespecters to get around. Normal summoning eccentrick is pretty meh especially if you have a tempest down, and nothing they can pendulum summon except kirin can get over it. Even if they decide to keep in tornado and cyclone/storm they still have to draw those cards and waste a majespecter normal summon to use them. I disagree with you on bond however as whilst yes it does give them more fodder more backrow removal I don’t think their removal would be any less effective if you don’t play them, and also unless they’re playing mass removal themselves it gives you more ways of disrupting the opponent if your tempest got cycloned or something. Bond kinda fills the gap that tornado and cyclone left in that it disrupts the opponent enough to the point where they have to make awkward and often risky plays to maintain advantage, pretty much indicative of a normal-summon reliant format. Also it acts as an out to kirin as you can xyz summon something which would out it, they would kirin and then you can get rid of it for good, so it’s not terrible going second either. Still it also contributes to the problem of not having enough side space; siding 5 cards in being 2 thunder king and 3 cosmic cyclone for 3 tornado 1 cyclone and secret village is probably all you can afford without clogging up side space and ruining your deck’s engine.
  6. Majespecter Discussion

    Pretty sure this is gonna be one of the best decks for Liverpool. It's not great going second vs ABC (but let's face it not even ABC is good going second against ABC) but not terrible, Buster cant do anything to lvl 4 majespecter + ties, and going first tornado is so crazy good vs them as long as you're able to keep a steady stream of majespecters going ABC just wont get a chance to play. Considering the standard ABC builds don't open tsukyomi buster as much as this deck simply opens a majespecter and a tornado, I think in the long run Majespecters will win more games overall. There seems to be two schools of thought now regarding how to build this deck coming out of Minneapolis (and one guy who played card of demise instead of ties which for the life of me I can't understand), that being playing 3 eccentrick and a kirin or just playing 3 of each of the little guys and thats it. Whilst kirin is an incredibly powerful card and provides defense which doesn't lose to twin twisters, I hate having to play eccentrick as the card has a lot of problems. Drawing more than one is really annoying and as spell/trap destruction it doesn't really out anything which is a problem as it can't beat anti-spell and whilst you could try and hit a strike with it that means you won't be able to use it as a scale, meaning if you were planning on summoning a kirin then you're kinda stuck in this awkward scenario where you could risk a pendulum summon and get blown out by strike, or use the eccentrick and then require a second one if you want to summon kirin. Kirin however is a pretty important card in the mirror so I'm considering just siding the one to tribute summon for the mirror. I much prefer playing the list of just the 15 small ones as pendulum summoning happens pretty consistently and most games you should be able to open one or two majespecters. A card I've been like a lot is pendulum reborn, great in the mirror because it means you don't completely lose to strike/tempest and as I explained earlier about the game plan vs abc, pendulim reborning a nekomata or bunbuku at the opponent's end phase means you have a few more turns to whittle them down. Also dumb question (probably) but there's definitely not really any point in keeping in tornado and cyclone in the mirror game 2/3 is there as you can only use them on xyzes which you can easily just tempest right? I just feel like I'm missing something lol. Also something to consider for the mirror going first is unwavering bond, use it on their normal summon and it pretty much forces them to pendulum summon or pass, either option being good for you because of tempest and if they don't pendulum then you can freely do whatever you want unless they drew strike or warning if they play them.
  7. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    Bad going second is a legitimate argument if it's possible to find cards which are good going first and second, which cards like dark lady would be to an extent but still not that great because they're not called kirin. I see your point with trying to form the most unbreakable boards possible but I think for this upcoming format the solemns are no way near as good as you think they are because pendulums aren't going to be that dominant of a deck. Striking a kozmo or a blue eyes play is good but unlike pendulums they are able to recover from it, so just having the traps on their own is not really going to cut it for defense. Having jowgen backed up with the traps will win you the game yes, but honestly a defense position jowgen is so hard for Blue Eyes to get over it might just be better to not have to play a bunch of cards which do nothing vs a spirit dragon or a kozmo field considering the traps aren't needed a lot of the time to win against the better decks when a singular jowgen does the job fine. Edit: I just remembered a few pages back someone suggested the speedroids in here which is definitely better than what I was suggesting, as they act as jowgen protection (angineer) plus outs to spirit dragon.
  8. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    The problem with ariadne is that you have to commit 7 main deck slots for it (4 counter traps incase you draw one) plus all of these cards are pretty useless going second. Jowgen on the other hand is only 3 slots and is still really good going second, and blue eyes straight up cant out jowgen and kirin. Jowgen I think should definitely be played in 3s going forward but Ariadne not so much. I've been trying stuff like amorphage sloth instead of the 2nd and 3rd kirins as being a pendulum monster it's another card you can pop with metalfoe scales plus it can be a low scale if need be. It sucks vs kozmo but vs blue eyes if need be you can pendulum summon it then eccentrick pop spirit and they cant tag out for azure which ive found to be pretty annoying as azure is pretty big. For kozmo maybe siding them out for dark ladys is worth a consideration as negating their normal summoned guy is pretty huge especially kirin + dark lady,, jowgen also being very good against kozmo.
  9. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    I don't see any fathomable way though that this deck can consistently beat better pendulum decks. You pretty much said it yourself, the other pendulum decks are all a lot more powerful, metalfoes don't have a card like pendulum call which either gives you scales or big monsters to summon, it takes a lot longer to reach that point. I doubt I'm the only one in this discussion who is only considering this deck for a future banlist because at the moment the deck doesn't stand a chance against monarchs or performapal/magician pendulum. I have considered trying to splash it into other engines, replacing the magician engine in Joshua Schmidt's deck for example, but only combination has synergy with the other performapal cards.
  10. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    ^ I disagree with this. With the right banlist I see no reason why this deck can't compete as it has the characteristics of being sort of like BA at the end of 2014 in shaddoll/BA/Qli format, incredibly consistent and powerful which will more often than not beat the most powerful deck because of being able to support better floodgates (jowgen) and the more powerful deck playing a ton of bricky cards (blue eyes.) For the moment unless another engine surfaces as being superior (I've actually quite liked the zombie engine so far but I do see the problems it has) I think the best way to build this deck is just to triple up on the cards we already play like painful and eccentric, just being able to consistently open a scale plus metalfoe traps. Searching for more power cards is fine but so far all of them have been subpar, speedroids are only any good going second, zombies mean you can't use desires (theoretically, as long as you can make an omega omega can still put stuff back but I digress) and the arma engine I found was just terrible on its own and didn't help with the problems of not drawing enough metalfoes.
  11. Dueling Network

    Saw this link on capitalG's channel apparently it's legit. https://www.duelingbook.com/julytween.swf?v=27 Can't register yet though.
  12. Pot of Desires

    It happened...
  13. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    I think a legit consideration for this deck going forward would be to build it for going second. Without Ariadne, I've found the deck pre-alkahest can't really make strong turn 1 fields as even opening tzolkin is outable vs most decks, you really need both kirin and tzolkin and considering the possibility of that I'm not really sure if going first is worth it. You could play ariadne but ariadne is one of those cards which are just outright terrible going second and dedicating so many slots for an engine which isn't good going second hasn't been great for me so far. Building for going second means the chances of opening about 3 metalfoes goes up and it's not like this deck can't out opening fields; Blue-eyes want to go second anyway so in a future format where the current meta decks are weakened with blue-eyes being one of the stronger contenders I think focusing the deck on having the most playable 6-card opening hands might be better. As others have brought up though at the moment this deck just can't compete with monarchs or kozmo or regular pendulum so it's just a matter of waiting for the banlist :/ Sorry for rambling post.
  14. Pokemon GO

    My phone didn't have enough ram so I had to download a mirrored version of the apk from the first link on google has anyone else had to do this? And if so do you know if the app regularly updates or do I have to do it manually? The mirrored version's gps is kinda shit so I'm legit considering buying a new phone lol
  15. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    So after the NAWCQ Xyz Monarchs didn't do quite as well as I was expecting and the decks I've seen from the top cut are on the whole pretty standard, yet even so for Euros I still think xyz monarch is a better choice than domain as I presume xyz monarch would be much more popular in europe and domain struggles against that matchup and people will be a lot more wary of domain now. Mike I saw from Loli's video that you and your team played a version of the edealess Monarch which played Cockadoodledoo. Do you think you could go into your reasoning for playing it and maybe discuss why the deck didn't do so well?