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  1. Trickstars - Deck Discussion

    OTKs which can come up: 1 Lightstage + 3 Lycoris + 2 Reincarnation 1 Lightstage + 2 Lycoris + 3 Reincarnation 1 Candina + 1 Gofu Basically Gofu Tokens into Beatdown-Links, Candina into Fieldspell into Lilybell. Gofu + Lily into AFD, search another Fieldspell, search Lycoris. Attack with all.
  2. Not a new member, but thought that my reasoning still might be helpful. Joined a few years back, after lurking and trying to get better at ygo (i still suck). Heard about dgz as it used to be referenced a lot in german message boards while discussing strategies. Also wanted to read the legendary threads which used to be invisible to non-members I still just lurk most of the times, cause a) I pretty much suck at writing down my thoughts (esp. in english), I'd rather talk about my ideas in person b) People here used to be (can't say how it is nowadays) really good at the game and the deck threads would give a lot of insight. I couldn't see how my opinion could add anything more to a topic which hasn't already been said by someone else.
  3. After seeing this thread: Wanted to share another way to FTK: Firewall + (Toon) Cannon Soldier + DW Grapha + Any DW Monster in hand/field -> pop grapha, firewall eff, special dw, bounce for grapha, repeat ways to get cannon soldier on the field a) drawing into soul charge b) firewall on field, soldier in hand and using advance draw on any lvl 8 c) firewall on field, soldier in hand, build a link next to firewall and use his eff to ss dragged down etc. gets rid of handtraps a way to make 1-card firewall with grinder golem: http://beyondtheduel.com/grinder-golem-link-summoning-loop/ he's also level 8 for trade-in, dark for allure and fiend for gates of the dw haven't found any way yet to make this consistent also it most likely loses to droll & lock
  4. http://www.hearthpwn.com/forums
  5. I could imagine stalling, then using De-Spell for getting rid of EC. After that Fusion into either Blue-eyes Ultimate or Red Eyes Meteor + Riryoku (with Substitutes) for an OTK
  6. Started playing one day before release in Europe, currently between gold and platin with water.dek. This is the reason why I would always run at least 1 Twister as most players in PvP will either start with the water or dino fieldspell. Also if you are playing water.dek: Kaiser Sea-Horse + Sanga is way better than Unshaven Angler + Suijin. Both get the push from Umi and also, if you are against water/dino.dek and both players get rid of each other fieldspell, your monster will always be stronger.
  7. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    I'd like to see somethink like the super-type you mentioned. People that already play the game don't need to read about eg. Classic Mage cards when we want to talk about Reno Mage. If you compare it to the yugioh sections that would be kind of like starting a machine thread with all support cards, just because ABC is a deck right now. I could imagine something like this: -- [section] General Discussion -- [section] Deck Garage / Deck Discussion ---- Pirate (maybe Warrior, Rogue, Shaman together?) ---- Reno Mage ---- Reno Lock ---- ... ---- [section] How To Start ------ Mage Class ------ Warrior Class ------ ...
  8. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    Current meta [http://eu.battle.net/hearthstone/en/expansions-adventures/mean-streets-of-gadgetzan/] Nothing special, but like how they made it look a bit better
  9. Actually, I would like it if the HS section would be more fleshed out. Most people are pretty bad at the game, I'd say even worse than the yugioh community, which makes most sites like hearthpwn useless if you want to talk about strategies. Having a small section to talk serious about HS would be nice.
  10. Heroic Tavern Brawl

    For me this brawl felt like the start of the month in ranked, where you most likely play against bad players first and get some wins really easy. Starting with 4-5 wins my opponents started becoming better. I actually enjoyed this brawl a lot and hope it comes back some time
  11. While I agree with you I'd like to add that this depends on where you actually live. If you take a look at Fire/Ice hand you'll notice that the european versions are heavily bend unlike the american printed versions (kind of like how you can see people setting Fog Blades 20 miles away). This was important during the Geargia format as most players - speaking for Germany - could actually tell if the set monster was either Geargia Armor or a Fire/Ice Hand. To solve this, you could just get american versions of Fire/Ice hands as these were bend the exact same way as German Geargia Armors (or the other way around if you wanted people to believe you are playing HAT).
  12. Inuyashiki

    If you liked Gantz, you should try this one out: http://mangafox.me/manga/inu_yashiki/ Still ongoing and looks pretty promising
  13. dg memes that should be revived

    Should i go to ycs or prom?