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  1. Royal Surrender

  2. Royal Surrender

    Why do you dislike the side?
  3. Royal Surrender

    3rd one isnt needed. Two works just fine.
  4. Royal Surrender

    Maybe so but one is always good.
  5. Royal Surrender

    Yes please. Oh and, lol Didnt realise that till after lol. Will do the edit in the deck. Ive opted for Crow > Trooper.
  6. Royal Surrender

    The side works fine. Im considering Morphing Jar > Giant Rat. Thoughts?
  7. Royal Surrender

    [Three]Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive [Three]Elemental Hero Wildheart [Two]Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo [Two]Exiled Force [One]Elemental Hero Stratos [One]D.D. Warrior Lady [One]Spirit Reaper [One]Morphing Jar [One]D.D. Crow [One]Sangan [Three]Shrink [Two]Reinforcement of the Army [Two]Book of Moon [One]Mystical Space Typhoon [One]Nobleman of Crossout [One]Smashing Ground [Three]Bottomless Trap Hole [Three]Solemn Judgment [Three]Royal Oppression [Two]Dimensional Prision [One]Torrential Tribute [One]Trap Dustshoot [One]Mirror Force [Three]Gladiator Beast Bestiari [Three]Gladiator Beast Laquari [Three]Test Tiger [Two]Elemental Hero Prisma [Two]Gladiator Beast Darius [One]Crush Card Virus [One]D.D. Crow
  8. Mind Games

    This is just a fun deck till then. Reason why I wont get Trooper and Lily etc.
  9. Mind Games

    Ideas for helping it do that?
  10. Mind Games

  11. Mind Games

    [021]Non-Tributes [003]Elemental Hero Wildheart [003]Legendary Jujitsu Master [003]Des Lacooda [003]Exiled Force [003]Gigantes [002]Giant Rat [001]Neo-Spacian Grand Mole [001]Elemental Hero Stratos [001]Morphing Jar [001]Sangan [011]Spells [003]Enemy Controller [002]Reinforcement of the Army [001]Swords of Revealing Light [001]Mystical Space Typhoon [001]Smashing Ground [001]Premature Burial [001]Monster Reborn [001]Heavy Storm [008]Traps [003]Bottomless Trap Hole [001]Torrential Tribute [001]Magic Cylinder [001]Trap Dustshoot [001]Mirror Force [001]Mind Crush
  12. Baboon Return

    [003]Raiza the Storm Monarch [001]Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest [003]Bazoo the Soul-Eater [003]King Tiger Wanghu [003]D.D. Assailant [002]D.D. Crazy Beast [002]Vortex Trooper [001]D.D. Warrior Lady [001]Treeborn Frog [001]Card Trooper [001]Morphing Jar [001]Sangan [003]Shrink [002]Enemy Controller [002]Foolish Burial [001]Reinforcement of the Army [001]Mystical Space Typhoon [001]Lightning Vortex [001]Premature Burial [001]Brain Control [001]Heavy Storm [001]Scapegoat [002]Return from the Different Dimension [002]Dust Tornado [001]Torrential Tribute [001]Mirror Force
  13. Destiny's Cavalry

  14. Destiny's Cavalry

    Tributes - 7 Raiza the Storm Monarch Raiza the Storm Monarch Raiza the Storm Monarch Destiny Hero Malicious Destiny Hero Malicious Cyber Dragon Cyber Dragon Non Tributes - 11 Destiny Hero Disk Commander Destiny Hero Fear Monger Destiny Hero Fear Monger Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu Elemental Hero Stratos Mataza the Zapper Mataza the Zapper Treeborn Frog Spirit Reaper Snipe Hunter Sangan Spells - 17 Reinforcement of the Army Reinforcement of the Army Mystical Space Typhoon Smashing Ground Enemy Controller Enemy Controller Enemy Controller Premature Burial United We Stand Foolish Burial Foolish Burial Brain Control Destiny Draw Destiny Draw Destiny Draw Heavy Storm Scapegoat Traps - 5 Call of the Haunted Torrential Tribute Dust Tornado Dust Tornado Mirror Force Side Deck - 15 Return from the Different Dimension Return from the Different Dimension Breaker the Magical Warrior Bazoo the Soul Eater Bazoo the Soul Eater D. D. Assailant D. D. Assailant D. D. Assailant D. D. Survivor D. D. Survivor D. D. Survivor D. D. Crow D. D. Crow Shrink Shrink
  15. {{I did What}}

    I like this version, most favourite to play and its the one ive use to playing. Ill try the fixes though. Thanks for the replies