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  1. I've switched to the Aerospray MG now. You can ink the floor quicker and people are starting to dodge the Splashdown special weapon now.
  2. Is there any way to skip when it tells you the maps for each mode every time I start up the game? It's getting annoying.
  3. What weapons are everybody using? I'm on Splattershot just for the super attack where you jump in the air and explode paint around you. I think it's great for dodging. However I'm starting to think the roller is really good because even when my opponent has no business surviving they manage to one shot me just splashing some paint towards me. It's getting ridiculous, I'm sure I'm at full health when that happens too.
  4. Every Splatoon 2 Turf War game I've played so far has been won and lost in the central areas of the map. I've been spending too much time in my own half of the map painting instead of pushing into the central areas to try and take control. If you have a player who can get around the centre and survive so that their teammates can spawn on them you probably have a huge advantage.
  5. When using the right stick for all camera movement I turned the sensitivity down to the lowest possible amount because it was just too fast for me so I felt I couldn't accurately shoot anybody lol.
  6. Splatoon 2 comes out tomorrow. Anybody getting it? lso, did anyone play in the Global Splatfest last weekend? I became an Ice Cream King and Team Ice Cream won 2-1 over Team Cake. It was fun and my first attempt at playing Splatoon. I thought the Turf War mode was a little hectic and I felt that aiming the Sniper gun ws a little tough. I switched to just using the right stick for all camera movements but I might try the motion controls instead since I've read that some people feel they are more precise. I will probably download the game rather than buy the cartridge.
  7. Yes Ribbon Girl is excellent. Her dash is good, her four jumps mean she is very evasive and she has good default ARMS. Twintelle's dash isn't as good and although she can charge in the air I think it's too easy to get caught on the landing, and dashing in one direction can eave you in a 50/50 depending on where your opponent curves their ARMS as you can get hit while charging and can't dash a second time to dodge. Min-Min is also good in my opinion. I just don't like using the Seekie on her which I had for a while but getting hit on your left arm stuns you making it too risky imo. It's better on stages like Ramen Bowl where it's a little larger so you can zone them a little better.
  8. It's fun and the new patch took Snake Park out of Ranked which is the most important change for me. Also nerfing Cracker and Popper is nice. Which character do you like the most? I was using Twintelle at the start but I've finally accepted that she's not the best character on the roster. The competitive circuit meta should be really different from online play. Helix is ass because of his default ARMS (Blorb too slow, Ice Dragon has slow startup, Guardian is just terrible in every area) but in online gameplay where you can pick your ARMS Helix is comfortably the best character.
  9. Manchester City have signed Kyle Walker for a deal in excess of £50m. The exodus begins.
  10. Probably wont happen but I do think that if the FA just completely scrapped the EFL Cup it would be much easier to introduce a Winter break.
  11. We have the most hated manager in world football. And - much like a vampire - I take nourishment from that hatred and love every minute of it!
  12. You might be right thinking about it. I don't know if I misinterpreted the text. It's a little ambiguous.
  13. I agree it's going to be fantastic and his time with all the top 6 managers now having more than one season at the helm, nobody is going to run away with it anymore. I will make another thread for the PL next season soon but also this time a Champion's League 2017/18 thread. I know we say every season that this year will be the year English football makes its great comeback to become a European force once again. But realistically I think with the money we can spend and the fact that all managers have had a whole season to build their team and imprint their style of play means we're going to prove all the doubters within Europe wrong. Each manager will have more or less built their team at this point with two Summer transfer windows minimum. This country didn't have a prayer last season even with Pep Guardiola the media's golden boy, but now we will be a threat. The traditional giants of United and Liverpool, the nouveau rich of Chelsea and City, and the young, yet brilliant Spurs! The real danger for Tottenham is perhaps the stadium but as professional footballers you expect them to get over the hangup of playing in Wembley sooner or later and start to roll teams over like they did all season long. The British Empire used to own the whole fucking planet. The time has come to once again conquer European football. With Barcelona in decline we must strike back hard and fast, and with the counter-offensive we will at last break the Spanish stranglehold on European silverware.