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  1. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Well astonishingly you can't message nor invite people on Switch so the only way to communicate with voice chat is using the Switch Online app. Basically they wantyou to use your phone to voice chat with people. The other option would be to use Discord voice chat (which could be done on the DGz Discord server).
  2. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I will add you later today. We should do an FFA if we can get a fourth player
  3. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    What is your friend code
  4. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I think in the options menu or the vault you can look up stats that include playtime. I just unlocked the last of the characters so I have them all now.
  5. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    @Aaron My Switch username is zappynick my friend code is 0394-0488-4898 I have 16 hours logged on this game already lol.
  6. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I played this for 10 hours yesterday. I unlocked Sonic
  7. Banjo-Kazooie

    I'm at Grunty Industries right now and I don't know if I have the willpower to carry on and beat Banjo-Tooie. It's just such a step down, I hate finding a Jiggy only to find out that I have to go somewhere else that I don't know where, do 1-2 things and then try my best to remember where the Jiggy was. This game is just so much more tedious, in Banjo-Kazooie everything is simple and I can 100% each world before moving on to the next. Maybe that makes the game simpler but simplicity is great in a platformer. While I think of it, Tooie is just about finding the warp pads in each world so you can run gack and forth, it's not a platformer like the original is imo. I'm sure others like the exploration but it's just not my kind of game.
  8. Current Orcust Build (This one is for real)

    I have the deck for this
  9. New guy

  10. This ugly son of a...

    Okay well I hope you enjoy your time on this forum and I also hope we get to see the "real" you once the mask slips off. This community has mellowed a lot in its age and there are several members who no longer play Yu-Gi-Oh and are still active so I hope you can sucessfully intergrate into the group. This community could do with more members. Unfortunately, there isn't going to be much new material for you to laugh at though. As you can see, the forum gets very little activity (and unfortunately the Discord has been dying down for some time too) so outside of reading some of the Legendary threads you will have less material than you might have on massive sites like Reddit or 4chan.
  11. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Daisy has been crushing it at pre-release tournaments but they have the Smash meter on and hers is OP. I'm looking at possibly giving King K. Rool and Pokemon Trainer a spin.
  12. Will anybody be buying this game when it release on Friday December 7th? The day after my birthday, so close but at least I will have the day off to play through the game. I missed out on Smash for Wii U so it will be new to me since I last played 10 years ago in Brawl. There are so many characters to choose from I just hope Banjo & Kazooie can be DLC characters and maybe Crash Bandicoot too. Here is the full character list for people who don't know who's in.
  13. This ugly son of a...

    You are trying too hard to have an e-personality. Just be yourself man
  14. Video Game club

    Just completed the game (including the secret boss); really enjoyed myself. A great RPG, particularly for people starting out as new to this particular genre. I didn't like the timed hits at first (and I still feel there should have been a way to find out how to time each attack) but it adds something different to the turn based battle system (which can at times get boring for me personally) so I grew to like this subtle addition in the end. The story isn't the most engrossing but what did you expect from a Mario game? I really enjoyed Mario's interaction with Mallow, and I felt that Geno was a badass character as well. Bowser got some character development as well, and you get to see what he's really like behind the persona he gives off to everybody else. In terms of difficulty, I felt the game was fairly easy for the most part up to the final third; at that point it starts to ramp up the difficulty so you need to come prepared and at the proper level. I felt that some equipment devalued the gameplay by making it slightly too easy (Lazy Shell weapon and armor is very powerful but you don't get that until towards the end). I felt the Axem Rangers boss was a not-so-subtle difficulty spike, however. The battle system is fairly easy to get to grips with and it is kept fairly simple which is has its pros and cons; on the one hand you lose a little bit of freedom that you might have in other turn-based battle system games (such as the option of various magic and summoning spells from the Final Fantasy series) but by reducing those options it keeps it simple enough for newcomers to the genre. That's likely what they were going for; I've read that this game was developed by Squaresoft (now Square Enix) to bring Westerners over to the RPG genre and using the Mario brand made it more marketable than a new IP would have been to that audience. Overall, a great game that I've enjoyed playing. I liked the characters, I grew to like the battle system and the story (although neither special nor unique) was serviceable, as expected. I wonder if anybody other than myself and @Bazoo have played through much of this? @rei @BuildTheWalia @KimJongUnderballs @Aaron @Tygo @Faint @Grimey @Sophocles @Paraliel @Stomach The MachoPony
  15. Sylvan Hermitree do you know who I am? I could probably ask players 100x better than DGz to give me advice but it's like 3am, I just got done with Hearthstone for the day, looked at seeral sponsorship deals from organizations that have approached me offering me a salary to play Hearthstone, found out Zunechan is now on Twitch (so I just rubbed one out) and I wanted to learn how to play a Yu-Gi-Oh deck at nationals FOR FUN, (you know, because I already beat this game) and see if I could top nationals with less than 2 weeks of practice (could do it in a day of practice if I already knew what the cards/combos did). Maybe I'd actually have insight, you know, because even though I don't play anymore, I'm still better than 99.99% of you on this site, even better than 99.99% of other 'good players'. I guarantee I'd figure it all out on my own but if I had a cheat sheet, I'd actually be able to provide insight faster. GJ DGz 2014 for continuing to prove you're a bunch of tools. I'm glad you take a card game where you don't even get paid to play so seriously. Neg me all you want but I still got a YCS trophy that I don't even know where it is.