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  1. how do i block people

    nevermind i figured it out now
  2. how do i block people

    i need to block some asshole
  3. I suggest we remove the heart cap because it's taking forever to finish this.
  4. Troop Dup Format - March 2007

    Yeah but the last SJC was in August and had Tactical Evolution which nobody really plays with in this format since the Zombie deck is more associated with the format after.
  5. Troop Dup Format - March 2007

    I just checked Metagame and Yugioh Wikia, Green Baboon was released July 15 but the last SJC pre-TAEV was July 14 (SJC Detroit, 2007) so I'm pretty sure that I can't make Baboon legal unless you just wanna play a format that never even had a premier event. Guess I'll just pick US Nationals 2007 for card legality, along with the ban on prize cards that we do for all Lives.
  6. Troop Dup Format - March 2007

    I think I will do a Live of this format after the war season ends. Tempted to pick some SJC pre-TAEV for card legality though because I know a handful people like Baburn.
  7. Justice League

    I read a second 1/5 review yesterday. Fuck this. Also apprently Joss Whedon liked a tweet saying Steppenwolf is a terrible villain. He probably knew the film sucked even before it came out, same with Ben Affleck. The Flash is supposed to be an adaptation of the Flashpoint story. Maybe that's what they need; use that as an excuse to change everything from actors to directors and try desperately to course correct.
  8. Justice League

    Comes out this Friday. Most nom-spoiler reviews I've read say the film is mediocre, although the Telegraph gave it 1/5. CGI supposedly bad and they don't explore Cyborg's character much at all. Maybe they should have left him to the Teen Titans instead. Maybe Ben Affleck is right to try and back out of playing Batman. Sad part is that even if this sucks I know I'll be there to watch the Batman film and Wonder Woman 2 anyway. Bring on Avengers 3 I guess.
  9. Goat Duel Review Thread

    Was this a ranked match?
  10. Goat Duel Review Thread

    Interesting that you posted this because I was thinking of using the replays to post-commentate my own or other people's games to try and figure out what I did wrong. I just wish it showed the opponent's hand too.
  11. Thor: Ragnarok

    So did anybody actually go see this?
  12. I passed my driving test earlier today

    1. rei


      congrats man please talk cars with me 

    2. TheGoldenTyranno


      Awesome congrats!

    3. BuildTheWalia


      Now you can legally drive off a cliff :D

  13. I beat WorldGoneMaad, really tough game 1 but I had it all g2 sorry mate.
  14. UEFA Champions League 2017/18

    Another good win for us over Benfica, though I missed the second half unfortunately. Making Blind take a penalty was surely a message to our attackers(particularly Lukaku and Martial) to get their act together on penalty duty. I just watched highlights of Chelsea vs Roma, their defending is hilarious. Starting to think Griezmann is surely on his way out of Atletico either in January or the Summer. A poor start to the season and Atletico are basically out of the CL, idk what's left for him to play for at the club. He's playing like somebody who just doesn't want be there anymore. I hope we can still get him, would be a fantastic #10 and take our attacking play up another level with his exceptional movement.