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  1. Shocking performance by England, we created nothing in he second half. However, he referee clearly favoured Tunisia and even with VAR we were denied two clear penalties.
  2. Spain sacked their manager today disaster, their opener is on Friday lol
  3. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    Well Smash Bros was the most prominent feature of Nintendo's E3 Direct, along with Super Mario Party and the new Fire Emblem game. Fortnite is now available on the eShop as well. I still feel they should have one or two more new characters for the Smash Bros though, it's all characters we've used before witht he xception of the Inklings and Ridley. I stil would like to see Crash Bandicoot, Rayman or Banjo and Kazooie but I find it more unlikely now than I did a week ago sadly.
  4. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    Is anybody here buying Mario Tennis Aces? I tried it out in the pre-launch tournament last weekend and played over 100 matches, really fun game and deeper than you might expect. Definitely buying it on the 22nd. If you pre-order it on the eShop you get double gold points too. In other news, I picked up a Switch Pro Controller today and while I'm not happy about the price (paid £26 due to discounts on my Game card when it should have been £54.99 though) the quality was immediately noticeable seconds after opening the packaging it. It feels quality, not cheap as I heard the PowerA controllers felt, just the right weight, the buttons are just the right distance apart, the sticks have just the right amount of resistance to let you control how far you want to move them and in what direction... it just has a premium feel to it. I play mostly docked and I don't intend on going back to the Joy-Cons anymore. It's expensive but you get what you pay for, and this is a quality controller.
  5. YCS Secaucus Tournament Report

    I played a few Italians at the two YCS' I've been to some time ago and nothing like that ever happened to me. Sounds like a very sour experience.
  6. UEFA Champions League 2017/18

    Must be nice to have good full backs. No idea how Mourinho paid £35m for Lindelöf who can barely make the bench when everybody knew we needed a left back. And now Alex Sandro may renew with Juve after all and we're getting priced out of signing Bale. This could turn out to be a shit window.
  7. UEFA Champions League 2017/18

    Robertson has done well when he has played for Liverpool imo. I see people saying he's the best left-back in the league although I can't help but feel that indicates the shocking state of left-backs in this country more than anything. Danny Rose should be there but he messed up his standing with Poch after that interview with the Sun right before the season started.
  8. UEFA Champions League 2017/18

    Normally I'd gloat at Liverpool losing 3-1 in the European cup final but I under the circumstances surrounding Loris Karius I can't. I just cannot imagine how he is feeling. It would spiral me into a depression for a long time so I hope he can bounce back at another club. Priority for Liverpool next season must be to sign Roma's Alisson.
  9. UEFA Champions League 2017/18

    Omg I'm so nervous please don't let Liverpool win
  10. lord help me im back on my Bullshit

    Welcome, make sure to join the Discord server which is far more active than the forum!
  11. Do your cards mean anything to you?

    I like my Penguin soldier
  12. My Hero Deck

    You guys were all assholes to @lavaman555 I like your deck Lavaman ignore the haters I will look at it on the weekend and try to give some advice
  13. The Flash

    Yes it was an okay finale but nothing special. To me it didn't even feel like a finale though, just another episode. Season 1 and 2's finales felt like ends to the season, season 3 perhaps too but this was just felt like another episode.
  14. Welcome back. The forum is mostly dead. The Discord is likely the future of the site so I would consider joining that if you haven't already as it is much more active.
  15. The Flash

    I can't believe that they spend so much time on Caitlin wanting Killer Frost back and unfunny scenes of Wells losing his intelligence and memory (which they could have done some kind of commentary of dementia/alzheimers instead of terrible comedic relief as I have seen other people mention and might actually be interesting) and the most painfully unfunny scene I have ever watched featuring Cecile and a pizza delivery guy. These writers must be banned from writing comedic scenes, they're just a little bit shit at it. Also those writers do realise this is the penultimate episode right? They spent so much time on filler that we still don't know why the Thinker needs Barry for his plan. They have a great deal to cover in the finale and I suspect the Thinker does NOT need Barry because the writers decided they left it too late since the had so much filler instead of progressing the story. Maybe I will be wrong and they will answer those questions but I seriously doubt it. The show has gone so far downhill now that it's astonishing. I just can't understand how you go from season 1 to this. And even season 1 had it's problems (revealing Wells as Reverse Flash in episode 1 when it could have been a shock reveal later on). But still way better than this garbage. I will likely avoid season 5 unless they somehow make an amazing villain which I doubt they are capable of anymore.