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  1. Haha Klopp does longball tactics towards the end and loses to Swansea after criticising us for doing it with Fellaini against them, really glad to see him lose. Win against Stoke and we go only two points behind! Prety sure Liverpool are ten points behind if I remember the table, title challenge is probably ove. Up to Spurs to fight Chelsea I guess.
  2. No this is patrick
  3. Really pleased with Mourinho's business so far, Schneiderlin and Memphis out for around £40m is great for trimming down an oversized squad and getting a good £100,000+ per week off our wage books. Can't wait to see what Mourinho will do in the summer.
  4. did this happen
  5. Thinking about this more, I have no idea why Nintendo made this a hybrid. You already dominate the market for handheld consoles, 3DS is way more popular than PS Vita and you have the Pokémon franchise on there which sells consoles. They should move Pokémon to the Switch. There's maybe not so much need to release yet another handheld thing in my opinion. Nintendo arguably have the strongest exclusive IPs compared to Sony and Microsoft, Super Mario, Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, Pokèmon, Legend of Zelda as well as a backlog of nostalgic older franchises they could revive such as F-Zero, Starfox and highly popular new properties like Splatoon. Just make a proper console, with specs comparable to PS4 and Xbox One. If you do that, publishers will port games to Nintendo's consle as well, so not only do you have monster exclusives but your playerbase gets third party games too. Switch wont get as many imo even though they said they partnered with a list of other publishers, because people wont be able to port their ambitious games over to a less powerful console which may not be able to run their games, and with only 32GB of space (or so I've heard). I genuinely think if Nintendo just did that, and used a normal controller instead of focusing on gimmicky stuff like motion control, I think they would instantly become more popular than than their competitors. If they did this, I'd sell my shitty Xbox for it. The only thing that stops me getting a Nintendo console is that they don't have enough non-exclusives ironically, and I don't want to own two consoles at once. I had a Gamecube back in the day and it was great fun, I loved it.
  6. There's only one Zlatan.
  7. Woohoo Captain Awful has been subbed on, were going win 3-1!
  8. Herrera is the only player with his head screwed on, Mr. Reliable. These lot are an utter shambles, Pogba hasn't got a fucking clue. Carrick with his usual disappearing act whenever he gets pressed, Jones can share the blame for this scoreline with Pogba... Frustratingly we've had the better chances too, and these lot still can't put the ball in the fucking net when it's 1v1. Pogba has been the worst player of a bad bunch though, maybe he's never defended a corner in his life? Just watching that corner again, what the fuck are you doing mate, what the fuck are you doing...
  9. Lmao at Citeh... in serious danger of mising out on top 4. Shocking defense, please take advantage Mourinho.
  10. Genuinely think a draw is a bad result, Tottenham or Arsenal could start to run away with 4th place. Beat Liverpool and I think we go just two points behind them if I remember the table correctly, which blows the top 4 race wide open.
  11. Has anyone kept up with this Diego Costa story that emerged yesterday evening? He's not going with the team to Leicester because he says he has back pain but the physio team say there's no problems. He also hasn't trained for three days according to some sources. Adding to this, he's received a £30m a year pffer from China (I think that's around £600,000 a week). The suggestion is that he's seriously considering it, and has had a heated argument with Conte over it. I'd post some tweets or links but I'm on mobile. I think the Telegraph were one of the papers on this. Wasn't Costa one of the ringleaders who downed tools to get Mourinho out?
  12. I'm interested in this but like people have said the third party support is important. I don't really want to own two consoles and most of the time I'd be using it as a console rather than a handheld. On the other hand Nintendo make so many exxclusive games for their consoles and have good IP's like Pokemon, Super Mario, Mario Kart, Zelda, Smash Bros and more. So in terms of exclusive stuff I'm sure it's great but can I also pick up my yearly FIFA? I'd love to see just how far third party support will go. I heard that EA did some work on the Wii U but stopped after 6 months, I really hope developers feel this console is powerful enough to make it worth porting all the best games, and worthwhile enough to keep going rather than give up. They seem to have a big list of developers helping them to me which is promising. Would also be great to be able to play with more buddies of mine who may get this console.
  13. Dimitri Payet is a disgrace to professional football. I feel sorry for Slaven Billic having to put up with this, and knowing he may not get a decent fee when clubs like Marsielle are only offering £19.1m which is nothing in today's market. My Dad told me that he read somewhere that Payet has gone on strike now after West Ham rejected that offer (quite rightly too). I wouldn't want him anywhere near United, a true bad apple who would destabilise the club and divide the dressing room.
  14. The guy making KH3 and the FFVII Remake has said they are still a way off yet. My prediction is KH3 in late 2018 at the earliest. Iirc KH3 was announced in 2013 lol... at least they already admitted they revealed it earlier than they should have in hindsight. Also for anyone who doesn't at all care about spoilers, there are full playthroughs available easily to watch on YouTube if you want. As well as the full movie, Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover. I've avoided them though.