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  1. The final Dark Souls III DLC, The Ringed City was released yesterday. I've bought it but I haven't played it yet. Has nybody on here played it yet? I hope it's longer than Ashes of Ariandel, which was a fun DLC while it lasted but was ultimately too short to be worth its price.
  2. New trailer out today. A little too heavy on the spoilers though, I'm fairly sure most people could figure out Peter Parker's whole character development arc at this point... watch at your own peril I suppose.
  3. Came out a couple days ago but I forgot to post it. . Looks cool. Not too sure about Aquaman though.
  4. EDIT Nevermind, Infernoid and Paleozoic both seem good against this deck so I doubt it's doing much.
  5. Yeah I just tried now and it's still unplayable. Oh well...
  6. Schweinsteiger is off to Chicago Fire pending a medical. Mourinho's business has been good imo, 4 good signings and he's reduced our wage books by selling Memphis, Schneiderlin and Schweinsteiger. Pogba's been a little up and down but he's hit the post so many times, if his shots were a few inches in another direction, and if our players were clinical enough to finish the countless chances he's created his stats would look very strong imo. In other news, several journalists have come out today reporting that Chelsea have agreed personal terms with AS Monaco central midfielder Tiemoue Bakayoko. They've made an offer of €38m + €5m in bonuses. Will be really pleased if they sign him because we have been linked to Bakayoko as well, but I'd much prefer Fabinho or even Bernardo Silva to wet my underwear. Feel sorry for Monaco, their team might get ripped apart by Europe's elite this Summer, they have some fantastic players that would improve even the best teams in the Premier League. Real Madrid supposedly have their eye on Kylian Mbappe.
  7. Could you make the argument of letting ABC stick around for another month or so because of the new ban list? ABC was doing quite well iirc before the Zoodiac cards were released, but with Ratpier semi-limited I wonder if some of those Zoodiac combos are unplayable.
  8. I think this thread should be un-archived, That Grass Looks Greener really changed the fortunes of this deck. Can make an arguments to archive Majespecter and Blue-Eyes. Maybe Lightsworn too.
  9. Is this still only accessible for 2 hours a day
  10. So did anything interesting at all happen at this tournament?
  11. Aitor Karanka has left Middlesbrough according to their official Twitter.
  12. Was thinking about picking up Hitman but I haven't committed to it just yet. I realise the game is mainly about replay value but I wouldn't want to finish it in a day or two. There's only so long you can replay levels before you get bored I guess.
  13. Cool, I didn't notice that.
  14. Just a suggestion. This Duel Links app seems really popular, has been downloaded over 25 million times and I see the advert for it on YouTube almost as often as the various Trivago ads... Since the game is so popular, has anybody considered creating a sub-section of the deck discussion area specifically for "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links"? The card pool, strategy and way decks should be designed are all different from regular YGO. The Duel Links thread gets a lot of posts, so this would be a way to get a little more activity in the Yu-Gi-Oh! area of the website too. Guess I thought I'd bring it up as it might be quite neat to do if there becomes a meta for the game.