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  1. If anyone enjoys the Dark Souls series you should try Nioh. It's so similar to Dark Souls you'd think they'd get in trouble with the law for copyright or whatever, but the game is supposed to have really good reviews. Dark Souls in an ancient Japanese setting pretty much.
  2. I don't understand why the guy who made this went to all the effort of redesigning DN from scratch and didn't remember to make a plan to avoid the C&D... surely he realised there was a chance that they would try to stop DuelingBook like they did to Dueling Network?? All that time and effort will have been literally for nothing.
  3. No I'm just sure I read that Dueling Nexus went down somewhere on this site but I haven't checked. Guess I was mistaken.
  4. To be fair that Dueling Nexus got hit with a C&D pretty quick if I remember right.
  5. I've made an account but I haven't actually gotten on this site all day. Has anybody else had this problem?
  6. I quite like how one Ratpier lets you open with Drident + Kagutsuchi in the Infernoid version, a really good opening imo. Considered running Instant Fusion and Infernoid Piaty with Sea Monster of Theesus for Ultimaya plays too.
  7. My account finally got confirmed DGz NB96 opt in
  8. How do you make an account, my confirmation email link always says "Invalid confirmation link" and idk how to fix it
  9. My email says invalid confirmation link... wtf
  10. I haven't made an account because I just woke up (9am here) but I think this thread will be useful for compiling the usernames of DGz users. I'll make my own account in a few hours if the servers let me. Maybe when we get a few a mod will be kind enough to edit them into this.
  11. Yes, I had written that OP several months ago so it's naturally out of date. The Manticore of Darkness thing was just a cute combo I wanted to mention for people who wanted to mess around with silly things in their deck. I've written brief segments on the both the Infernoid and Kaiju versions. I should perhaps go into more detail but I suppose this is a starting point that briefly goes over why you should consider them. If someone could give me two or three combos for the Invoked version that would be a really helpful because I'm not terribly familiar with this version. Alternatively if someone knows more about them and wants to write it up themselves then by all means feel free to do so since they might be more qualified to discuss that specific approach to the deck. It might be worth creating another section in the OP titled "versions" or "variants" where these inclusions could be mentioned as alternative approaches to building the deck. Infernoid Over in the OCG, Raging Tempest’s release allowed Infernoids to once again enter the metagame with a vengeance. The release of the powerful spell That Grass Looks Greener, along with Void Madness meant Infernoids had a large increase in raw power. However, Infernoid players became divided due to this new support; should you run the mill version of take advantage of Zoodiac Ratpier to play a more stable, control-based build? The mill version is more popular in Japan, but the addition of Zoodiac Ratpier stabilises the Infernoid engine. Cutting luck based milling options like Reasoning and Monster Gate allow you to increase your normal summon count, and a small Zoodiac engine gives the player a consistent rank 4 toolbox which fixes several problems with the deck: Consistency: ever since their initial release in Secrets of Eternity, the Infernoid archetype has long struggled with the problem of consistency. The deck was luck based, relying on a strong Reasoning or Monster Gate to fill up the graveyard and make your Infernoid summons free. Zoodiac Ratpier is searchable through both Zoodiac Barrage and Fire Formation – Tenki, and allows you access in particular to Zoodiac Drident, a powerful toolbox option which can destroy problem cards, particularly floodgates. Frozen Void has become an integral part of the deck, allowing a player to search Void Imagination which lets you take full advantage of the expected Zoodiac saturation of the metagame, or Void Madness to function as a way to set yourself up for the rest of the game. Diversity of the gameplan: the predictability of the Infernoid gameplan was a serious weakness of the deck in the past. Mill, summon an Infernoid, and repeat was the mantra of the deck. I had previously tried to diversify it in the past using Photon Thrasher and Minerva, the Exalted Lightsworn to reasonable success, but for most players such a strategy wasn’t viable outside dueling simulators due to the price of Minerva, which functioned as an integral part of that specific version. The Zoodiac engine allows the player to increase their ceiling thanks to the various options at your disposal. A player might, for example, use Zoodiac Ratpier to as a bridge into various Zoodiac options to bait your opponent’s defenses before using Void Imagination for the killing blow. Alternatively, clear the way with Patrulea or Devyaty first to ensure Zoodiac Ratpier accomplishes its job. The Zoodiac variant of Infernoid is less likely to get blown out by one of the most popular floodgates, Anti-Spell Fragrance, not only thanks to Zoodiac Drident’s versatility but also the conveniently low spell count which functions as a neat bonus during deck construction. However, with regards to both this version and the Invoker version, bear in mind the Artifact Lancea may see an increase in play; a card that is not only difficult to counter but also stops the Infernoid and Invoked aspect of your deck dead in its tracks. Kaiju Kaiju’s have been popular ever since their initial release in Clash of Rebellions. They have always primarily functioned as an option to clear defensive monsters preventing the player from establishing their own field. At that time they were favored as a side deck option, particularly against the Kozmo deck whose “spaceships” could prove frustrating to remove without allowing them to float. The Zoodiac archetype has made Kaiju’s even more popular, not just as an engine for OTK’s through Interrupted Kaiju Slumber but also as a way to clear a Zoodiac Drident or Toadally Awesome which might be preventing your Zoodiac Ratpier from turning into a strong field on its own. They engine typically consists of 3-4 Kaiju monsters, along with 3 copies of Interrupted Kaiju Slumber. According to OCG decklists, usually those Kaiju’s will be a Gameciel, Kumongous, and Jizukiru while the optional fourth is often a copy of Dogoran, the Mad Flame Kaiju. The metagame pre-Raging Tempest featured decks which all wanted to go first and set up their auto-win fields such as ABC, Metalfoes and Paleozoic. The addition of Zoodiacs will only serve to further emphasise the importance of going first, as it will only become more difficult to compete against the high amount of disruption one will expect to face. Perhaps one of the Kaiju engines greatest strengths are its uses going second. Interrupted Kaiju Slumber and Zoodiac Ratpier is an OTK, and with 3 Slumber and 3-4 Kaiju’s a player can turn one of their opponents greatest advantages into a weakness by giving you a greater probability of being able to play going second, reducing the luck factor of the die roll in determining the winner of the match.
  12. They don't make ycs threads like this anymore Someone please cause some controversy at the next big event
  13. A win is vital for us tomorrow. Tottenham and Arsenal dropped points, and Liverpool drew which is acceptable.
  14. I want to add an Eidolon section since that seemed to be all the rage last time I checked YGOrg but I can't edit the thread.
  15. Quoting so you get the notification to see my post above and heed my advice.