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  1. Top 10 Tv shows.. again

    No Frasier?
  2. Game07 UK Report

    Han wei had the fastest hand shuffling I ever saw in my life
  3. Game07 UK Report

    Dude I recognise so many names from this thread
  4. What games are you currently playing?

    I am playing Undertale and I am liking it so far. Has anybody else tried this game?
  5. What games are you currently playing?

    I am thinking about getting Super Mario Maker 2.
  6. Reccomend me some summer video games

    Ninja Gaiden Black is good if you enjoy challenging games. In my opinion it's significantly tougher than Dark Souls.
  7. who the hell hacked kp

    Yugioh drama is so boring once you grow past 18
  8. Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled

    Okay well enjoy playing diddy kong racing against the AI I'm sure you wont get tired of it after a week or so
  9. Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled

    Now that you mention Diddy Kong Racing I wonder why theres no Wizpig spirit in smash. He could have been a spirit or a boss
  10. Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled

    It's your loss seeing as CTR is better than both and has online racing and tons of unlockable characters, skins, stickers decals karts and future content in the Grand Prix. They are even adding Crash's GF Tawna from Crash 1. This game is a must buy for anybody who enjoys kart racers in my opinion. I debated getting Team Sonic Racing earlier this month but decided to save my money and I think it was the right decision. The driving mechanics have depth and rewards the player for learning it more than Mario Kart. Like Diddy Kong Racing there is an adventure mode which is lots of fun. I beat it 100% on CTR original.
  11. Is anybody getting this game? I am for the Switch, it comes out on Friday. CTR is significatly better than Mario Kart and this one looks like it has tons of content.
  12. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    I can't believe it really happened! Singlehandedly won E3, everything else was drab in comparison. Graphically they look phenomenal too.
  13. Good games you can't get into

    Okay I just saw that it tells you how to do the objectives in the briefing for the mission. That helps a bit.
  14. Good games you can't get into

    I really enjoyed Pikmin 2 on Gamecube but the series isn't for everybody.
  15. Good games you can't get into

    I'm playing on Xbox via Rare Replay. I'm on level 2 and much like level 1, it's just a labyrinth of corridors that all look the same. Add to that no objective markers and I don't know where to go. It also doesn't seem to give button prompts when you go near an actionable item so I could easily wander past the objective. I just got tired of wandering around for 20 minutes. I could follow a guide on YouTube but if I have to do that just to get through the level then what's the point. Also I don't even know why I am investigating dataDyne because they didn't explain clearly enough in the 30 seconds of cutscene I got to see.