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  1. The Flash

    I actually thought this weeks episode wasn't too bad but at this point the season can't be salvaged unless you-know-who turns out to be a badass.
  2. The Flash

    Actually I take the first part back it's unfair to call him a bad actor. He was perfectly fine as Orlin Dwyer when he was normal, it's just the ridiculous Batman-esque voice, the staring at the camera and the fact that he loses every fight and just flies away every time. I blame the directors they should have known it wasn't working and had him adjust his performance. This season fucking sucked worse than The Last Jedi
  3. The Flash

    If they do Red Death it will just be another universe's Oliver Queen to coincide with his predictable death in the Crisis on Infinite Earth's show. Not that I know much about this villain since I didn't read his comic but they will find a way to fuck it up just like they did with Cicada, The Thinker, Savitar and Zoom.
  4. The Flash

    Chris Klein (the guy who plays Cicada) is shocking, how did they allow this guy to play the main villain all year? I thought it was just me who thought he was bad but I searched itmonline and there are many others who think this. To be fair it's more the directors fault, they should know his performances needed work early on and fix it. How can you air this shit. If next year they don't make the Anti-Monitor look like he did in the original comic and instead base him on his Darkseid War look, I am out of the CW-verse forever. I can't keep watching this show just because I like Justice League when it has been getting worse year on year.
  5. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    Is attack of titan good because I don't usually watch anime the only one I've ever seen is dragonball
  6. Outer Entity Azathot

    Because that would be an unfortunate name lol
  7. Outer Entity Azathot

    Is it actually called Azathot
  8. What games are you currently playing?

    I thought season 1 and 2 were good, I just wish the choices you make impacted the story more than they ended up doing. But in terms of the narrative I became invested. For me Clementine is a top 3 Walking Dead character (with Rick and maybe the Governor). I grew attached to her and am debating buying season 4 which I didn't know was out until a couple days ago. I will likely avoid season 3 as you don't play as her in it. I have grown attached to her and I hope they don't kill her off as she will have a chance to appear in the comics or the TV show.
  9. What games are you currently playing?

    Telltale Games' The Walking Dead Season 2. I was on State of Decay 2 but a bug made me unable to complete a mission and I got fed up and stopped. A shame because I really think it had potential underneath the flaws and certain design decisions. The core gameplay loop of making those supply runs is fun to me, as is building up a base. I would like them to add RPG/narrative elements to State of Decay 3, where I can have more control over my community and foster it into a place to keep us safe from the undead. Like dialogue options that have effects on what happens. Then I can become like the Govenor from The Walking Dead TV show.
  10. Kingdom Hearts III

    I am playing right now and I have the day off tomorrow, who else is playing and what do you think of it
  11. Kingdom Hearts III

    The plot was poorly paced. I thought nothing important happened until after San Fransokyo. Also the story being told across multiple diffent systems makes it hard to keep up. Was that Strelitzia's voice in the optional cutscene? What's more, the few cutscenes with Maleficent and Pete were a waste because we still don't know what's inside the box. Just don't bother mentioning it if you wont pay it off. Master Xehanort's motivations seem inconsistent too. I thought he wanted to bring balance to Light and Darkness. So why then does he want to
  13. Just put on something that looks nicely put together. I would avoid a swimming picture. Maybe a garden party kind of outfit because that kind of outfit tends to look smart but casual which is probably the best option for a tinder profile.
  14. Kingdom Hearts III

    Yes. When it came out a little over a month ago people were refusing to admit there were problems with it. I thought it was clear from after the Toy Story world that there were problems, that or the Kingdom of Corona.
  15. Barclays Premier League 2018/19

    Is this the third or fourth time this season Klopp has blamed the wind for a bad result? He does reaise it affects Everton too right? Embarassing manager, people made fun of Jose for his excuses but Klopp is even worse. Somebody needs to get ahold of him in private
  16. Barclays Premier League 2018/19

    Liverpool bottling their title run, totally unsurprising. Their midfield has no creativity, Graeme Souness is right. All grafters but really they probably needed Fekir in the summer to unlock these stubborn defenses. Although today they can blame poor first touches from Salah and Fabinho but still. If not him then Dybala, Rodriguez etc. This will surely be their priority in the summer
  17. I think this looks cool. If you want to see more players I would trying showing it off on reddit
  18. Yes the other stuff made no sense to me and they changed the ending of season 2 and made the mid boss the final opponent
  19. Kingdom Hearts III

    I'm in the final world, Master Xehanort's new VA is not great imo. Such a pity the original VA died before he could record for this.
  20. What games are you currently playing?

    Is anybody else tired of turn based combat these days? Playing Pokemon made me realise how boring it is.
  21. Xbox Game Pass

    I downloaded Ashen and tried it for a bit; I didn't really like it but at least I tried it for free. I have nearly beaten Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, and am currently downloading Just Cause 3. I will also be downloading PES 2019 in the background while I play JC3. Then next month I can play Crackdown 3 for basically £1 as they have a 1 month for £1 deal going on. Not to mention you have Doom 2016 and basically all Halo games. Plus all Gears (not for me personally), Forza Horizon 4 (critically acclaimed), DMC4, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Ori 1 (with Ori 2 being aded when it releases), the Rare Replay games, UMVC3, Star Wars stuff, tons of Indies... This is crazy value
  22. Xbox Game Pass

    I mean obviously Playstation has better exclusives but for like £96 (less than the price of two games) I can access all Xbox exclusives and hundreds of other games. Literally debating whether I should even buy KH3 now as my backlog will be too big and I will have many games to play for cheap. If they deliver great exclusives next gen (thanks to their new studio acquisitions) this just gets even better. Mass Effect 1 is there too
  23. Barclays Premier League 2018/19

    Dude we have conceeded 32 goals in 22 league games, we need a ducking world class center back it's priority number 1 above all else. And yes probably a DM too maybe Ruben Neves who I am a fan of.
  24. The Flash

    The acting in this show is remarkably bad, idk why i still watch it. Just saw the opening of season 5 episode 10, Tom Cavanagh had a nightmare, how can you air this
  25. Barclays Premier League 2018/19

    And as far as I can tell Barca are very happy with Ter Stegen and nobody has linked him to them