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  1. Banjo-Kazooie

    Started playing this on Monday when I copped the Rare Replay collection for £7.99 brand new. Why did nobody tell me about this gem? They even have a sequel (also on the collection) as well as Conker's Bad Fur Day, a game with a cult following. Gameplay has aged well, the only old thing is that it's a collectathon I guess but still basically the same formula as Super Mario Odyssey. I recommend this game and I hope these two get into Super Smash Bros Ultimate this year.
  2. Banjo-Kazooie

    Beat the game last night, I may try Conker's Bad Fur Day next then try Banjo-Tooie.
  3. Banjo-Kazooie

    The very same asset Microsoft haven't done anything with in 10 years and that could be revived with one of the worlds best advertisements (being in a Smash game). Microsoft would surely want this, it's just that Nintendo might not want to advertise a Microsoft IP.
  4. Banjo-Kazooie

    I hear Banjo-Tooie is even better as well so I will make sure to try that as well.
  5. Banjo-Kazooie

    I know I'm getting my hopes up but I bet they're getting in. Previously on N64, classic (reviews at the time said it was better than SM64), Phil Spencer said he would allow it, and they do well on Western and Japanese polls (and from what I've heard people think they scored nicely on the smash ballot from a few years ago). Plus two leakers who have gotten things right in the past say there will be Microsoft representation in the game. If it happens it will be awesome, they would have a diverse moveset thanks to all the moves you can learn in the game too. From Microsoft's point of view there's no reason not to allow it at all, it's just if Nintendo want them which is the trouble. Banjo & Kazooie haven't been relevant for a long time but to be fair neither has King K. Rool and he got in. But hopefully they will add him as a classic who deserves a place.
  6. Need help making porn

    So did you put anything up on Pornhub or not
  7. Did this poster really get banned for that post
  8. DG Weight Loss 2018

    Yeah I know I'm roughly in the right weight range but I feel I have a little too much fat in the stomach and upper chest that I wanna lose. I'm trying to lose weight and put on muscle in the same time, but it's tough to fix up the upper chest which is what I want to work on the most. The problem with the upper chest is all fat so that's why I'm working on tracking calories and jogging more now, trying to burn more calories than I take in.
  9. DG Weight Loss 2018

    6' 2", 170lbs this morning. Would like to lose some fat
  10. Barclays Premier League 2018/19

    It says that's an invalid code now
  12. Barclays Premier League 2018/19

    Not working
  13. Barclays Premier League 2018/19

    Oh Fuck off we signed an injured youngster who wont be first team material for a few years and has played some 7 professional games for Porto, and a fourth choice goalkeeper who will barely even get a kick. Only Fred was what we needed. Woodward should back the fucking manager, if he did we'd have Perisic marauding down the wing instead of fucking Juan "the snail" Mata who has no pace nor productivity anymore. Or a Jesse Lingard who can't play wide and reinvented himself as an attacking midfielder anyway. I don't care if Spurs don't get nobody because they are Spurs, failure is in their DNA. We're Manchester United, our standards are infinitely higher than theirs.
  14. I like the idea of legacy warring too but few people are interested in legacy formats so unfortunately it wouldn't take off.
  15. I think people should sign up and be drafted into a team, so people get to interract with users they might not normally. The problem though is obviously people want to be on the same team as their friends or at least the users they know.
  16. Which videogame do I play next?

    Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is very good imo
  17. For only 97 dollars

    The picture is still funny as shit
  18. I thought this would be fun game to play since video game movies have a stigma for being bad and nobody has really figured out how to do them yet. The Tomb Raider one that came out recently is supposed to be okay from what I heard but nothing special, Assassin's Creed apparently they spend most of the film in modern day which is crazy when you have all sorts of historical time periods to visit instead. I wonder why they didn't just scrap that part of the game. Anyway here's my idea: I would adapt Shadow of the Colossus but have the guy only need to kill one Colossus (probably I'd pick the third Colossus or maybe the flying one in the desert) to save the girl instead of 16, and try to build the relationship between him and his horse throughout the film. He would have to speak more to the horse though so you can build the relationship whereas in the game he's fairly mute. Most of the film would be about that relationship with the horse and his travels across the Forbidden Land, scaling tall mountains, through ancient and abandoned cities (like the one where you fight XIV aka Cenobia) and other landscapes, or camping at nighttime feeding the horse. There wouldn't really be any other characters than those people that arrive at the end after he gets turned into a monster. At the Colossus battle I would try to depict it the same way as they do in the games, not some rampaging monster like in Pacific Rim or Rampage but as an animal that you could feel sympathy for since it's just minding it's own business and ends up being murdered. Maybe in the fight scene do what they did in Dark Souls where you can see it's injured and in pain towards the end like with the Sif boss battle when the wolf is damaged and you see it limping and in pain. I would possibly kill the horse toward the end but not during the battle itself, maybe just before like in the lead-up to Colossus XVI where the bridge collapses and it falls but in the game it survives, I would rather be more decisive and kill it instead. I'm not a scriptwriter though it would probably be really boring but I think it would be cool and could actually work.
  19. I took up running lately and I wanna go to the gym more regularly I just need to commit more and stop making excuses to avoid going. I also wanna take up cooking and baking because it is an important life skill anyway I'm looking for other activities that sound mildly impressive to people so that I don't have to say "video games" when people ask what my interests are. I'm also preparing to begin doing some charity work for an organisation that supports victims of crime soon so that's nice. I think ideally if that hobby had some to do with creativity that would be good but right now I'm open to all suggestions as I need to broaden my horizons.
  20. Turn A Video Game Into A Film

    They could have just turned Back Cover into a 2 hour full length film anit would have been interesting but sadly they didn't.
  21. What are some hobbies to take up

    Idk why I started this thread really. I asked for new hobbies but the reality is that I already know what I need to do to improve my life so taking random suggestions for new hobbies or skill doesn't seem as necessary now as it did a day ago. I already know the answers, I just need to be serious about doing them and not pussying out when the going gets tough. For the excercise and health the problem is starting them not finishing them, on the occasion that I am at a gym I'm fine, running in my local park I'm fine, it's just finding the willpower to do that in the morning consistently that I need to do. That means going to bed earlier to wake up early, force myself out of bed to go running, forcing myself to go to the gym in the morning when I'm feling tired and don't want to bother. Resisting the urge to eat a chocolate bar or other unhealthy snack when I could be eating an apple or banana instead etc. It's all oportunity cost and I need to stop taking the wrong option and get serious about life. There's no reason I need to keep feeling the way I do about myself.
  22. What are some hobbies to take up

    I think those are options but ideally I want to find things that are more productive as I spend more time than I should on video games. I wanna learn cooking and baking because I'm bad at them and these are skills (at least cooking is) that is essential; I'm 21 so I should know at least the basics of these, until I do I wont be as independent as I should. I also want to commt more to excercise, working out and healthy eating because it will make me physically and psychologically healthier. As it stands I wouldn't be able to give many answers outside video games if somebody asked me what my interests were which is very sad, at 21 years I should be better than this but now is as good a time as any. My family and I will be on holday for the coming week but aftewards I will be starting some volunteer work that I will be doing for 3-4 days a week. which should give me enough time during the week and weekends to develop these skills and grow as a person. My uni schedule this past year had me in for 3 days a week and I absolutely wasted it by using the free time I had outside studying on video games; had I just gone to the gym regularly I would have actual meaningful results. I think most of this should be spent on health related things and life skills that I haven't learned because my parents were far too lenient growing up so I didn't do the chores and learn the skills I should have. But the way I look at it, if I can commit seriously now then I will get somewhere but I like to think that I at least have the self-awareness to that know I should be doing better in these areas and not relying on mommy and daddy anymore. That's probably not the case for some other people so at least I have something going for me. I need to eat healthier (too many chocolate snacks in particular), run more (I bought runnign shoes a while ago and want two runs a week, usually one lap around my local park and back home is around or just under 2 miles so I want to get a second park lap in there, but it's tough to find the willpower when I'm tired after the first full lap), lose some weight (I don't think I'm fat but more like skinny fat, my stomach isn't too bad but I kinds have mini-moobs, definitely not the worst you'll see but I wanna fix it up since it's a source of negative feeling) and boost my self confidence. I think it could be because milk was my favourite drink growing up so I had tons of it, and I think milk contains oestrogen which is why my upper chest doesn't look as flat as I'd like. But also I suspect fat underneath has something to do with it. It's not so bad that it can't be fixed with the proper diet and excercise (increasing testosterone) and gym work since it is better than any case I could find on Google Images which means the solution is already in my hands, I just need to take it. And also obviously hit the gym more regularly, not even primarily to gain muscle but just to reduce my flaws (by trying my best to define upper chest) and feel more self confident. My self-confidence has held me back and I just thought about it more on Friday while I was out buying some summer clothes and that's what prompted me to make this post. I made this post initially about hobbies but now that I think about it I really just wanna make wholesale changes to my life to be more of an adult and more independent. Finding new interests beyond video games is where I think I should start to that but I want them to be productive, like working out, learning both essential skills but also recreeatonal ones, improving my diet but also expanding it to try new foods since I'm extremely picky over what I eat. Learning a new instrument is something I want to keep in mind but since I've never learned one before it's very daunting,mbut I think that learning these skills would make me feel more self-confident and that could carry over into other areas of my life. Sorry for writing a wall of text it's just that when I saw your suggestions it clicked for me that I want to find something productive rather than take your suggestions and stay on video games and TV all day (anime is not quite for me with the exception of Dragon Ball stuff) because they aren't productive. For you it's fine because you've got your career and life together in medical school or as a doctor (I forget where you are) so those recreational activities can be done at your own leisure with lower opportunity cost but I think I need to get to that point in life myself before I can turn less productive things like that into a hobby because I haven't taken control of my life yet so the opportunity cost is greater for me. I'm just drifting by and not at least attempting to self-actualise. Without the added pressure of studying for Uni I theorise that I can take a slightly less stressful 12 months or so of volunteering and make use of the few days a week I gave spare to hopefully pick up a part time job for a couple evenings a week, and be working on myself in terms of skills/hobbies so that when I go back into postgraduate studies I'm a more rounded, balanced and confident person. I'm thinking start with the essential skill (cooking), financially commit to the healthier living part (maybe invest in a Fitbit and something that helps a beginner like me count calories) and try to get a plan like 2 days a week each on jogging/gym, with the rest days being chances to absorb information from family and research into the essential skills I need to balance myself as a person. Then when it comes time for postgraduate study I've got to work on my social life but that's something for another day. The instruments may also have to be put on the back burner for now so I can target the more pressing matters first. I'm tired of being disatisfied with life but I've got to actually do something about it muself instead of finding excuses. This all has got to be way better than how I'm spending my time now but it's all well and good saying all this but another matter entirely when it comes to I actually doing it so we'll see how serious I am about everything I've written in a few months time.
  23. Which videogame do I play next?

    I would say Red Dead Redemption but also if you haven't tried it then maybe Crash Bandicoot N Sane Triology.