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  1. tee and shorts/jeans, too hot here to wear anything else. I need to redo much of my wardrobe due to dropping a lot of my weight. Being buying some supreme/palace stuff, figured i could drop money on some brands since i can fit (mostly) into normal sized clothes now.
  2. >not being an egoist-anarchist spook
  3. got home too late to pick up my oz from the post office, guess i'm staying sober tonight
  4. i hope i got everyone there sick
  5. if i roll trips i'll win biggest shitposter
  6. quick, what should i do before i reach a 4 digit post count
  7. still no super swap frog smh
  8. still no super swap frog smh
  9. Im happy that america has a president that sometimes says stupid things over one who wants to start ww3
  10. first time on dgz in ages
  11. i've tried vaping a few times, having to wait is annoying
  12. fuck i hate weebs
  13. i might stay in sydney from new years if i am not broke and the format isnt shit
  14. ultra crush card best high end card