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  1. i hope i got everyone there sick
  2. if i roll trips i'll win biggest shitposter
  3. quick, what should i do before i reach a 4 digit post count
  4. still no super swap frog smh
  5. still no super swap frog smh
  6. Im happy that america has a president that sometimes says stupid things over one who wants to start ww3
  7. first time on dgz in ages
  8. i've tried vaping a few times, having to wait is annoying
  9. fuck i hate weebs
  10. i might stay in sydney from new years if i am not broke and the format isnt shit
  11. ultra crush card best high end card
  12. helmet: a term shitters use to describe a deck that has fairly simplistic plays making a board: putting cards on the table, usually a decent play stun: "i win if they dont see twin twister (or any other out to backrow)" pretty much any deck that plays floodgates and a sub-par engine Games pretty similar, engines are a bit bigger and more consistent, similar to mermail if you were still playing then. You dont draw on the play anymore, both players can control a field spell now. Only other change really is pendulum monsters.
  13. 2 more days until i get back to civilisation
  14. yup they also had the word supreme on them, that makes them more expensive