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  1. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    I don't think you see Cherry Blossom for how dumb it really is. Maybe I'm just wrong, but that card is insane. I'm definitely playing BA right now, but I was just asking in case others had been preparing/playing any new stuff. I myself haven't found a way around it, so just thought I'd ask. Anyways, currently, have you guys found any cards that are good side in against the mirror that are also good against monarchs? Chum posted the question last night on FB, and while the general consensus was that Chaos Trap Hole was a good bridge, I've had some success siding Book of Eclipse and Book or Moon. Eclipse and Moon are both cards that can be used defensively and offensively, can be used right when you draw them, outs Fiends, helps kill big monsters, and acts as an Emptiness in the mirror. What do you guys think? Also, in the mirror, could be really obvious, but Farfa on whatever Kaiju you summon over Beatrice sounds really good. Like you just clear their board with Gameciel, banish it and push for damage, and then they start their turn with a Veilered TGU essentially. Unless they have an unanswered Rhino they just lose. Granted g2 and 3 I don't know if this will be as great considering people boarding in things like Econ, but it's definitely really strong game one.
  2. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    I just skimmed, so I apologize if this was already discussed, but how do we play around Cherry Blossom? That card is even worse than Retaliating "C" was to Shaddoll. That card alone makes me feel like not playing this deck. :(
  3. Sup guys

    It brings me back to the good old days on the GB threads when donnie played ygo seriously :')
  4. Sup guys

    Not like I was super well known on here, but yeah. Took a break from playing ygo irl after YCS Dallas to focus on school and life in general for the remainder of the year. I breezed through my current semester and have caught up all my assignments a month before finals, so I decided to come back to ygo a little early. Definitely planning on playing a bunch and getting super serious again. Just hit me up if anyone is down to play, theory, talk, etc. :)
  5. SQUIDS~ is the cancer of the community

    Who tf is nishood lorengus
  6. Upcoming gigs you are going to see?

    Seeing Kid Cudi Sunday. :)
  7. YCS Atlanta 2016

    Staying at the Marriot. I'm down to chill if any dgz peeps wanna do something. :)
  8. WATER - Discussion

    As much as I want to play a full Mermail engine, I've only been able to justify playing Megalo, Teus, and Gunde. Teus is a combo piece that interacts with other cards to search other combo pieces. He also helps a lot when you go first, being able to get the ball rolling with less cards. Gunde bringing back a 7 to summon Gaios, Draco, or even Flare Metal has been really insane. What happens a lot is I'll make a board, get stopped by Juggler, and make my opponent scoop because they can't activate anything through my Flare Metal. Dracossack isn't the best rank 7, but he has utility in forms of destruction and synchroing with the tokens. Gaios has been really good too, especially with an Equip. The problems I'm having are fitting in more synchros into the extra. I play Leo, Trish, Meteorburst (MVP), and Tatsunoko. I could try and fit in an 8 and a 6, maybe a 5, but I really have no idea what I would cut. I was playing 101, but I've literally never summoned it or been in the position of wanting to summon it. I'll continue to mess around with the extra and whatnot, but here it is currently: 2 Norden 1 Gaios 1 Dracossack 1 Flare Metal 1 Emeral 1 Dweller 1 Castel 1 Bahamut Shark 1 Trite 1 Armored Kappa 1 Leo 1 Trishula 1 Meteorburst 1 Tatsunoko Last thing on my mind currently is whether or not to play a trap, traps, or not. I have been between 3 Notice and Emptiness, Just Emptiness, and currently I'm not playing any traps. Drawing traps can really suck, but making even a small board with a notice or emptiness set can be so great. Just can't decide.
  9. YCS Atlanta 2016

    Can't wait for this event. :) Feels really weird being excited to play again. If anyone wants to chill, grab dinner, go shopping, etc. hit me up. 😎
  10. YCS Dallas

    Finally didn't get screwed out of an event. I'm chilling in the hall before pre reg with a grey parka on if anyone wants to say hi/chill. :)
  11. Upcoming gigs you are going to see?

    Seeing Basement, Turnover, and The Story So Far in November. Maybe a show or two before them.
  12. NAWCQ 2015 Nashville, TN

    Go Jake Phinney! :)
  13. ARGCS Edison, NJ

    Go Chum!! :)
  14. Shaddoll - Discussion

    There are no Water monsters that are close to being able to be justified in the main right now, let alone the side. Just play Nephe(s), Core(s), and board in Puppets/Mind Control. No need to jeopardize consistency when you can just play this deck well and grind out Nek. Just make your main consistent and build it to be as good as possible for when your opponent makes you go first. You can grind out Nek and blow them out with traps. Nekroz is Nekroz and will flat out plow you some games, but if you're smart, you can consistently win vs. them. Currently, I've been trying to find the perfect number of traps to play. I'm at 11, but that number isn't set in stone by any means. Trying to find cards to cover multiple matchups has been really tough. Mind Crush seemed like a no brainier, but so often I would draw it at the wrong times, it doesn't do anything proactive for you, and it forces you to keep cards (possibly other traps) in hand. I believe Mind Crush is only good turn one and overall unworthy of a spot in the main or side. Still trying to find multi matchup traps for the main. My favorite trap though is Mirror Force. This card has been insane ever since I've been playing Shaddolls. It allows you to create a board, protect it, and continue to push afterwards. It's better than Dark Hole because it doesn't sit in your hand, it allows you to keep your monsters on board, and rarely ever can your opponent come back after you flip one of these bad boys when they try to overcome your board. Torrential is very similar, but hasn't been quite as good as Force. The only outs to Force are Gungnir and a prior Exciton. I believe Shadow Games should still be played. Eclipse is one of few outs people have to Anoy, so it only makes Games better. For match-ups, it's an MST vs. Qliphort, Core to add back Fusion vs. BA/Mirror, a good card to grind with vs. Nek, and all in all a strong card backed up with other traps or with Math.
  15. Infernoid - Discussion

    My phone is ignorant.