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    Gloving, Yugioh, MTG, food, food, baseball, soccer, food, god i dont even know what else to put here.....oh yeah video games im a hard core gamer....oh and music im good with that.
  1. Witchcraft

    are you using trigon with dracossack by anychance? or is he just the stronger replacement for poki?
  2. Witchcraft

    i like a lot of what dannis said and agree with a lot except the drago. i understand completely where most people are coming from looking at dragos effect and appliying it to the current state of the the meta but the way i see it is drago is a way to hold down the fort while you construct more plays and explode. with out him the only normal summonable monster he can use to make aggressive plays is literally masked dragon. and even under castle it cant get over an ophion like drago can which is a small plus about him. like draigun said those in deck answers to rough match ups can be pretty damn helpful. you think about maybe running a single copy of Card of consonance....it would be an interesting tech
  3. Brooklyn Reg 9/15

    me and a few other guys ended up going to their store in flatbush. went there. topped. left. never looking back. brooklyn regionals are the worse.
  4. Brooklyn Reg 9/15

    the fact that the konami site claims it held a 340 capacity and they cut it off at 200 was pretty bad. Yet again brooklyn strikes again with a badly organized regional. A lot of angry yugioh players were sent home (including myself)...some even crying. not joking.
  5. No conditions set on the field what so ever 1st turn and everything:   Me: " Special summon              . " Shennanigans* "Reborn                " Oppo: "JUDGE!" Me: " Why are you calling a judge?" Oppo: "You're only allowed one special summon a turn. You're breaking the rules" Me: "You're joking right?" Oppo: "No scrub"  
  6. Carry Me

    Since 2011 Koaki Meiru Drago has always been seen as a "not needed at 3" card. With the format favoring light and dark decks again i care to disagree with the statement. Now that toronto has passed and resulted on decks like infernities, blackwings, prophecy, hell even Herald topping drago can show its muscle like it used too. On top of that just being a 1900 beat stick that can keep its presence and forces your opponent to waste precious resources just to get it off the field i think drago at 3 is incredibly justifiable.   How are you liking no debris though? I feel like its power to pick up/bait out veilers can be crucial and lead to the game going in your favor.
  7. OCG Promotional Cards Thread

    it's like light and darkness dragon and red eyes darkness metal had a baby and it became this.....sooooo beautiful :wub: (stupidly broken though)   Edit: Facepalm*...dat Light attribute...still really cool art.
  8. New 2014 Regional Playmat

    anyone else find it humorus that konami said "NOPE! no dragon ruler mat".....would have been a cool looking mat.
  9. Hey Everyone! McSwagon Here!

    Woo neg 6 obviously started on a good note xD haha well ill see everyone on the forums!
  10. Never give up. That's what you're enemies want.

  11. Hey Everyone! McSwagon Here!

    @cheymcfly well i didnt give myself the name. had to earn it :) its a nice nick name given the amount of time and effort i put into dragons. @chris at least you can tell im in a good mood!.....!!!
  12. Hey Everyone! McSwagon Here!

    Hey! Glad to finally be a part of the Duelist Groundz community! very few of you might know me from my small youtube channel! be sure to check it out! http://www.youtube.com/user/JEWFanMarshall other than that im a big Disaster Dragon player! and i have a pretty good knowledge about the game. ill do what i can to help and learn! See yall around!!! McSwagon out!!!