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  1. New Zombie Support

    Zombies have recently received new toys and with the current card pool are poised to be a solid deck. Zombies’ star cards imo are zombie world, mezuki, and now drochshuile. The rest are enablers - setting up the abuse of these cards. The warrior engine is better than any of the zombie cards at enabling combos, requires less cards, only needs monster effects, and does not need to search. Therefore, it will be used in this discussion. I have some videos below and there are a lot of potential combos beyond the ones I showcase. You could likely run the variant as an extra link deck, thunder dragon, Crusadia OTK, or a myriad of other things. For example, you could make herald with beast of the pharaoh, then revive arma (with zombie world), send dragondark, and search dragonhawk. The basic combo only requires 1/1.5 cards with Isolde (arma, grepher, vyon) and with two warriors the list of starters could be extended to dawn knight in this build. That will get you Beatrice which will fully enable Drochshuile and allow you to expand your board. In a lot of ways it is built like gouki except that the individual monsters have a lot more utility. The biggest choice when building this deck will be the extra deck space and deciding what combos you want to build for – and whatever the banlist may be. Even without summon sorceress you can field a boss monster beside Drochshuile and with future cards or combos discovered that could be increased – and that’s with only 1 – 2 cards. Zombie world and mezuki have long allowed you to do some pretty crazy things and zombies have always been pretty adaptable - check this out from 2015/2016: The only big concern I have for the deck is going second vs. extra link as with tri-gate there isn’t much the deck can do without siding bar a very lucky hand. Not a huge fan of hand traps unless they are turn stoppers vs. respective decks so I opt to side in a bunch of cybers. I’m going to leave the deck building pretty open as I have not tested the deck much going second. One thing I’m sure of is run phoenix as most decks seem to run few backrow cards that you could likely out first on most hands. Also, I run double of the zombie world stuff as it is important for the boss and combos, while also having anti-meta properties against a number of decks (and rivalry!). It is often a priority for the opponent to get rid of or disrupt during your turn. While you’ll generally want to summon Drochshuile going second do to the banish effect I’m only running one as that is all you need. There’ll be times where you draw bulb going second where you’d want to summon Drochshuile, but those would be a low amount of games. One card you may not be aware of is: This card allows you to get two extra uses out of mali and is a great extender for synchro/xyz plays. Most of these combos are tcg/ocg internet format as I live in tcg territory, but I did include one ocg combo and there are many more. I didn’t record it but there is a zexal combo for ocg players. Here’s some examples of the fields you could make – naturia monsters, calamity synchro, fun stuff. The deck is potent even going second and against hand traps. I recorded some duels and even though I don’t play around hand traps well I’m still able to plow through. In practice I’m not sure if I would use Isolde’s first effect, depends how popular ogre or if it would end your turn. The deck that I'm using is: https://imgur.com/a/vlg0ads __________ I didn't realize how soon the structure deck was being released. With that in mind here are some tcg combos for the deck. The weak point for the deck is when you attempt to send bulb on your opponent's turn, but once we get savage dragon the soulkius build should be able to be built to be robust to handtraps at any point.
  2. Burning Abyss now with Links!

    With the advent of a BA link monster and the ever increasing pool of link monsters I wanted to bring the archetype up for discussion. They’ve got a few new plays. Did you know from three BAs or one tour guide you can put over 8k right through two attack position monsters or just clear their board and go for the kill? First let’s talk about the two powerhouse link monsters. This card is very good as it allows you to tutor your whole engine and toolbox while giving access to other level 3’s like Blackwing - steam the cloak (which will become relevant later in the discussion). It also allows you to have monsters other than ba’s and shields your plays from ghost ogre and board from wipes. When you use the effect make sure you have another card on the field so you don’t lose it to ogre. Also keep in mind you can summon it off Beatrice or Cir. The most important part of the card is that it sends as a cost which means you can send steam without worry and often makes itself not a great target for negation. Going first you can pull ghost ogre right out of the deck and itself provide set-up/disruption through shooting riser dragon or t.g. wonder magician. Going second is where it really shines in this deck though and it will become clearer why. Now, why BA? BA has the ability to force responses and play through fields, the latter part is more so due to the ever increasing number of generic extra deck monsters. The monsters have either advantage or tool box effects which make them ideal for baiting responses. They aren’t ns reliant and can make the same plays without using it. They can play around negation like ash thanks to chain links. I didn’t realize how nuanced playing with the deck could be until I stopped using it as a splashed engine and instead played it as its own deck. That is the most important part when playing the deck imo as sometimes it can be easy to overlook something and realize after the fact you could’ve just played differently and had a much better outcome. For example, when I first started playing around with the deck I never would have thought to go into a Dante and use it with steam to make needle fiber and make ash unusable due to the chain order. I’ll demonstrate this in a short video after describing the otk. The otk starts in the same way but can take multiple different directions. It all revolves around a little card called Tin Musical Battlemech. First you go into Needlefiber with Steam the cloak and summon Mecha Phantom Beast O-lion. Steam will summon a lvl 1 token which you will use to synchro into Battlemech since O-lion is lvl 2. O-lion will summon a lvl 3 token and Battlemech will summon steam back. Then you can either go into Crystron Quardriongandrax and stuff or Borrelsword and Armory Arm. If you’re going the armory arm route you may want to run Link spider so you can turn the token that O-lion summoned and steam into Borrelsword. Then you’d use the newly spawned lvl 1 token and Battlemech to make Armory Arm. Here’s video of how to do various forms of the otk. I also included two set-ups in the video. The first otk doesn't use Borrelsword and so uses more of the extra deck. The effect of the card is: Borrelsword is a pretty crazy card for being generic – it can generally do 7000 by itself and means you need less stuff to put up damage. With Armory Arm it does 8000 on an empty field and more if they have atk position monsters. Generally though you go for Quardriongandrax because it is slightly safer. You’r opponent could safe ogre for the armory arm equip or for the Borrelsword honest effect. However, Quardriongandrax floats and could be protected by Cherubini and they can’t use it on the effect that spawns the double attack. Most of the time people use it well before then though. They’d have to know what you were trying to do. In general I think that if you have a trigger material like alich, farfa, or Cir into them and run fairy tail then that is enough to stop most plays. Needlefiber and ogre help to have coverage against face up s/t. Most decks Konami makes have the same flaw in that if their ns gets stopped then so do most of their options, which isn’t true for this deck. I still favor going second though unless I know my opponent is playing like a grass deck (snow) or extra link spam. I won’t talk too much about card choices but you should run 2 Needlefiber and Cherubini in case you use them T1 or they get negated/disrupted. The rest of the extra deck stuff can be ran at 1. With the way the deck is 1 dante is all you need, which is good for ocg players. Trapless is definitely the way to go since you want to have the greatest chance of making plays. Pure ba is best as you have a plethora of good ns and want to maximize playable and good hands – traps and phantom knights would just reduce that. Not to mention extra deck space is quite limited. You could side a single boots and fog blade for when going first against high ceiling decks, but I don’t think it is necessary. This means Light of Sekka is a card you should highly consider running – you don’t need spell/trap cards. Now for some miscellaneous card tips. I think lava golem is a great side card due to better economy than a kaiju and being able to do 7k from just borrelsword and most of your ns cards can get the same effect if you just discard them with a troymare. Gallis the star beast is like another BA that can get a lucky mill and gives purpose to Draghig. You have a small chance of hitting something you don’t want like O-lion or sekka but odds are you’ll mill something useful and you can always just fix it with Draghig. You could run mx-invoker, new six sams (Kizaru and Fuma), and bulb and make nat beast off of nearly any hand – a lot of hands you can make Beatrice too. Cherubini protects beast form ogre. It could be sided if Brandish really takes off. Math man can send steam to tribute a face-down monster (if you’re opponent had snow) and from those two cards you can otk. I encourage you to try out the deck and hopefully we’ll see the cards in the tcg soon.
  3. Opt in/Opt Out Thread

    Opt in: Civil Discourse & Unchained
  4. Eidolon

    I haven't had much of an issue playing through those things as 4's can do that fairly well. The redundancy aspect was a huge deal in testing and would often draw dead cards, not just terro's and signs. The deck has enough cards you do not want to open at all or in multiples. Having a 1 card combo is nice, but it also increases the odds of having 1 less card to play with. Focusing on just the zodaic engine, assuming 36 cards 9 rats and going second (my choice of focus) you have a 47.5% to open at least 2. Change that to 6 rats and it is 25.6%. Edit - including borg the number rises to 54.4%. Now on top of that you could draw stuff like poly, take, dragodies, traps, etc. The dead cards are very real and hurt when you have to go second. Going first the redundancy is still real since it limits your ability to establish a field. Since rat can also be put into play via 2 lvl 4's and a fusion not running terro really does not decrease your odds when you're going first. While it is true that having multiple ways to get to rat will help play through responses, it is more likely that you will draw into multiples (compared to exactly 1 triangle + 1 roid or just 1 of either, 27.17%). Therefore, I'm more inclined to side/main 1 card outs instead of running roids. I've played without the zodiac engine (just R4 enablers) and I quite enjoy never opening dead cards. The deck is certainly capable of winning without zodiacs. What it lacks is free stuff though and I don't believe the extra consistency was worth it over the power of the zodiac engine. I've even considered running just 1 zodiac monster and 3 triangles since even 1 zodiac does a lot for the deck (search poly and double pop). I also realized something. If you have the field up and you if for Raideen they not only cannot negate it, but you can use his effect on summon and they cannot respond to it due to the field. This means you could book unaware abc players or just break something like abc + infinity if they tag out. This actually makes me think about playing book of eclipse since you can make a fusion and put everything fd without the opponent being able to respond. This could also force your opponent to waste effects of poping/banishing the field once they know what could happen.
  5. Eidolon

    I've tried roids and they take up a lot of room in the extra. Adding just invoker is rather underwhelming since it is often either redundant or not what you need to be making going second (breaksword). Remember, R4 can basically act as terratop by searching, fusioning it out of the hand, and overlaying. Adding 2-3 extra deck monsters would require reducing the toolbox, and is not ideal since those new monsters only become options with roids. The only negotiable option imo is the 2nd merk/emeral and those come up depending on the game state, albeit not as often as other options. Instead of roids I opt to play desires and upstart to increase the odds of drawing either fusions or rats. As stated before, banishing rats can be avoided in most situations and when it can't be even 1-2 rats in the deck is enough to make the engine worthwhile. I like the idea of including an if target as if + r4's would allow you to make Elysion and going second against abc Elysion is needed. I think siding raideen would be best as it is only really needed for 1 matchup and can be used as 1 card bait also.
  6. Eidolon

    Generally does not matter. Going first you can search rat and combo off by making bullhorn, fusioning, then tigeress overlaying. Going second if you do not have rat and cannot reach it then play desires. If you banish rats and draw triangles/rats then oh well. It is unlikely to happen and does not outweigh 2 extra cards the rest of the time. Not to mention even triangle into a single rat is still good as it is a free poly and drancia.
  7. Eidolon

    A new fusion archetype has been reveled and it is extremely generic and fun. I've been testing a number of different things like kaijus, gem-knights, familiars (w/toad), and zodiacs. Through testing R4 builds became blatantly superior to others. They could toolbox anything and be used to out multiple threats like an Infinity + Rafflesia or establish a board of trap monsters. I settled on zodiacs simply because they are just dumb. It gives the deck extra threats and free cards. Bullhorn can search black sheep which searches poly. This is only necessary imo because abc exists and you can combo into Elysion to banish all their stuff. Bullhorn can also search a rat to fuse with and then attach or norden back and overlay. Here's the list: Monsters (17) 3x Photon Thrasher 1x Dragodies 3x Hat Tricker 3x Aleister the Eidolon Summoner 3x Toy Knight 3x Zodiac Rat 1x Lunalight Black Sheep Spells (21) 2x Eidolon Summoning Magic 3x Instant Fusion 1x Poly 1x Rota 3x Desires 1x Upstart 3x Terra 3x Zodiac Triangle 3x Reckless Magic Circle 1x Empowerment Traps (2) 1x Space-time 1x Treacherous Extra (15) 1x Elysion 2x Merkabah 1x Magallanica 1x Norden 2x Utopia Package 1x Castel 1x Dire Wolf 1x Emeral 1x Rafflesia 4x 1 of Zodiac xyz’s I’ve recorded some duels to demonstrate how the deck functions: https://vid.me/lzfZ It can actually deal with abc on a good hand. Elysion does the job but the difficult part if playing through their responses. The deck is pretty powerful and can beat meta. You could even consider siding in more 4’s like performapal radish horse to have more consistent access to utopia without the normal, and side in a second utopia material. This is relevant vs. D/D when they like to go Crystal, Sig, Titanic as that one utopia will damage them heavily. The deck also has a fire fusion coming a long which hopefully will have a monster destruction effect. Even so, I wouldn't anticipate changing much
  8. United States Presidential Election

    I've been observing people's reactions/discussion more than the process and it is some scary stuff. I've never payed much attention before so idk how much is normal. People are incredibly polarized and most of the support I've seen for either candidate is just based off of fear. It feels like a lot of people take opposing political positions as an attack on themselves and their way of life. They view the other side as illogical, blind, incompetent, and essentially their enemy... Such a divide and so much outrage. I use to be conservative but feel I have been able to see many more perspectives. Now, I'm quite in the middle and don't see either side as a threat. I don't think a candidate from either extreme would actually 'destroy' our country, however our people could. We are all on the same team. Also, I don't understand why so much energy is expended on elections. We know where they stand. We should know where we stand. The election is not now. Why, in general, do we discuss this so much? What is even accomplished? I've recently heavily reduced my time consuming media and quit yugioh and it feels so good. I don't think I'd mind it at all if the next time I saw the news was November.
  9. Norden is pretty crazy. Spider shark is amazing with it + toad as it protects toad from being run over and floats back into norden. Being able to run over big monsters twice is a huge boon for rank 4 decks. Really helps vs. blue-eyes.
  10. It is literally a deck of 4's how can you say it is a mess? It consistently opens raff + toad which is enough to win going first and going second the monsters are inherent summons. Fairy tail card is also a good card to run in it and makes any board stronger. It does a better job of toad and r4 than heros do so if you're going to call it a one trick pony idk how you can support heros. Angler isn't a huge deal, worst case you just run tin goldfish. Might be other cards to run. Angler is better because the deck is built so you don't need to use any monster effects before xyz summon which is a big benefit when people like to make boards with stuff like toad, crystal wing, etc.
  11. I've played them and played against them quite a bit (ocg and tcg builds). Their win condition is to set-up a board and protect it. Their normal summon is very important and if disrupted severely reduces the amount of plays they can make. Even if they can make multiple r4's how good is that at dismantling boards? Not very. What resources do they have left after that point? Going first with the deck is pretty much auto-win which means you only have to win one more game. With hand traps, raigeki, concealing, etc that becomes more than a coin flip. However, that doesn't change that they can't play through disruption and that their engine is rather fragile. I think spellcasters are flat out better as the treatoad deck because it is the same thing but has a higher ceiling. Both decks need external cards to deal with abc and kirin which is a pretty big deterrent against playing them.
  12. Heros can't play through disruption though. I've been playing around with using spellcasters instead since you can pretty much summon as many as you want in a turn. Theoretically it is better going second, but it doesn't quite play out like that because it doesn't have an out to abc dragon or kirin (now hit). I can say that is it able to break cancer stuff like crystal wing + sig + titanic. Here is a vid of it under last tcg list: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm29430767 Don't forget you can add back Gameciel with toad so if you do see it you'd probably beat abc.
  13. Darklord Turbo

    It was something I tried for a tcg build. It worked fine against monster boards because maxx and kaiju's would prevent/out them. Traps were a problem, but something sided for. Haven't tried ba. Same principle as ls, but gives you more options so it is better going second. I'm not keen on giving up two cards to mill 3 though. I haven't noticed much of an issue vs. traps with the ocg list I posted. You can generally play through 1 strike fine; I've been able to play through Ixtab getting negated every time so far. Even if they have multiple strikes it is fine because it likely means they didn't establish a good board. Multiple negations when they have a board is a problem. I've been able to play through crystal wing + Sig once but you need to already have a good hand independent of Ixtab/trade-in. I don't know about tcg, but ocg builds definitely do not need to go the trap route. They can be consistent so I think they should just go that route. It makes going second worse and makes the deck weaker to things like abc, treatoad, etc since they can get two negations/banishes before you attempt to play. I've tried calls/oasis a lot but I've come to dislike them. The monsters don't do anything without the s/t. Without the search spell you have to hope you can just win off your disruption and don't have much of a choice in the plays you make. I'd rather play twister, duster, kaijus, etc to out what they have and then play.
  14. Darklord Turbo

    I think Kaijus would be the way to go then. The biggest flaw of the deck I've noticed is that your effects require you to go neg before you +. Strike can make you lose two cards off Ixtab, trade-in, etc. Kaijus work with trade-in and can be used to xyz if you have multiple so you don't have to worry about them clogging going second. Metals is definitely hard to go second against. Temptation is a good card vs. Kirin. If they leave it on the field, even if they used the effect, you can bounce it and something else back to the hand since the restriction is to the player. Also the reason I play strike bounzer as if they don't know that you can probably win from it. Other than that, you have to either otk them or drop Kristya. R10's are very good in that match-up as gustav and tarantuala allow you to go for the kill, often when you would lose if they had another turn. @Duke I don't like advance draw going second but tcg wise there isn't must to choose from. Not to mention, it isn't much different from trade-in vs. trap monsters. Your hand would have to already be good to play through trade-in getting negated and be able to clear their stuff. It does work wonders when you're going first though, or when you can get a superbia through. It also makes a huge difference in being able to turbo through stuff in the tcg. It converts your free field advantage into hand advantage and allows you to manipulate stuff with Kristya. One of my favorite interactions is clearing Kristya and going for game/ a big push and then re-summoning it. Ocg has upstart and card destruction so it isn't needed. However, I ran it over the third cupidity because if your deck is allowed to play you often see another copy and 2 extra cards will likely solidify your position. Maybe a conversion side could work. Turbo for 1st and kaiju xyz for 2nd. Never sided reaper because online is pretty randy. I'd definitely side it for a tournament. As far as bricking goes, it seems like a tcg problem. I've had very little trouble playing it in the ocg. The reason why the deck bricks is because it is very reliant on the search spell. Games you see it are vastly different from the ones you don't. I've tested lightsworn and they helped to see the spell card and they probably could be swapped in over advance draw, maybe even run 2 solar recharge. My only gripe with them is if the 3 copies of the spell aren't in the top 10 cards of your deck they're kind of pointless. In other builds I've just decided to main 3 maxx and go second because the extra card helps.
  15. Darklord Turbo

    I wasn't a fan of bandit either as going second with it is just one less card. I've never had a problem with not seeing monsters so I've never considered arma. Valhalla seemed kind of pointless to me. Going first it is 1 less card and as long as you didn't brick you'll get your monsters onto the board. It may help drop Kristya more often since you can leave stuff in the grave and boost the count, but I'm not confident that those % of games are worth the -1. I haven't felt that you need to drop it t1 if you win the die roll either. I've been testing under ocg, still getting used to it, but even when they dark hole me they still don't do much if I have traps set. Not to mention the lvl 9. It doesn't seem great going second either. If they have a lockdown board none of the darklords will be able to run over any trap monsters bar treataod so it is also a -1. After facing the new hero deck a bit I have considered it though. Lava golem still seems good as 2 trap monsters are impossible to overcome otherwise (abc + infinity, darklaw + toad, crystal + DD, etc). Cyber stein seems pretty good, because you can back it up and then just go for game. Do some people still play that wyrm thing to out exterio? This is the ocg list I was trying: http://imgur.com/a/0h4V2 Not sure about the number of lvl 9 or 6 ot run but this ran pretty smooth. The lvl 6 is very helpful in being able to summon Kristya, although at that point extras might not be any better than a Valhalla. The only issues I ran into was anti-spell, darklaw, and multiple trap monsters. Darklaw just is a hard counter to the deck, but on the bright side if you go first you should win.