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  1. Cause gucci mane put the migos on bruh..... Recent Hip-Hop 101
  2. Blame it on my momma im a thug nigga

  3. I was thinking about going with my other trillby but the fedora just matches my trenchcoat perfectly
  4. Its a new start to this semester and i have decided to change the way i approach people in hopes of climbing the social ladder. Things aren't going so well and I have decided to come to the duelistgroundz community for help since I can clearly see that it has infinite wisdom on the subject. First things first, I have a specific set of ideals THAT I AM NOT CHANGING FOR ANYONE; these include watching anime, wearing fedoras (cause swag is for boys and class is for men), keeping true to my atheist beliefs, and treating women with respect unlike those typical douchebags that, for whatever reason, think its cool or funny to say hurtful things to defenseless and innocent women. So you guys could help me in a more efficient way i'll just give you scenarios of what goes on in my daily life and you guys could maybe tell me what i'm doing wrong.   It was my first class of the day and I happen to arrive late because my motor scooter was having difficulties starting up in the morning. I walked in and was instantly disgusted by what my peers were wearing since all of them either looked like typical hood rats or they were just showing off an indecent amount of skin, but alas I knew they were the people I had to befriend in order to become more popular. I chose the nearest available seat so I wouldn't disturb anyone and I just so happened to sit next to the most beautiful qt3.14 I have ever seen. Luckily I had been wearing my most stylish fedora just in case this exact situation would happen! I patiently await for the professor to put us into groups for a group assignment to make my move. Once this happened I quickly began to swoon her by telling her that she is one of the most  pulchritudinous people I have ever met, of course I used that word to stun her with my vast vocabulary, to which she replied "uhhh...thanks." I didn't expect a much different reaction since someone so pretty must have had everything done for them in highschool so she probably didn't know i just complimented her. Right afterwards some meathead douchebag sitting next to her told me to fuck off calling me a faggot and grabbing her around her shoulder! I just don't get it how come everytime someone is nice people have to act like apes and reject them immediately? What can I do to gain these peoples praise when they instantly treat intellectual nice guys like me like trash?
  5. Best Anime series you've seen.

    Foreal Foreal tho Best Anime all time is Freezing idc how good/bad the plot is. Bitches be naked fighting superhumans with at least double D size MINIMUM. You dont like this shit then you gay nigga idc bruh.
  6. What rarity dracosack?

  7. Return to Yugioh pt.2

    Will confirm next week.
  8. Return to Yugioh pt.2

    Ye this also happened he stormed out and said this nigga look like a Madolche, What is life part. 3 the musical
  9. So i decided to get back to yugioh recently for whatever reason and these are the chain of events that happened. For backround info I have gotten into bodybuilding recently and have been making mad gains going from 160 to 193lbs, this might not seem relevant at first but just continue reading.   Round 1 -Playing Batterymen -2-0 by ghostricks cause I suck   Round 2 -Playing against Unibrow kid at locals -Is playing green shiny sleeves no mat so I know i get free win -This nigga straight up had sticky notes so he could know what to side out -What is life.jpeg -2-0ed him and thought he was gunna shoot up locals so i kept my distance   Round 3 -Going against that new Ching-Chang floater deck -2-0 deck sucks   Round 4 -Playing against overpriced Burning Shit -Now this is the part where the bodybuilding thing becomes relevant -Someone stole this niggas deckbox -He looked like he was about to cry about his $20 vampire deck -Shit was tooooo funny -Anyway he was like "everyone please help I will give you a Dracosack if you return it" -Juice sensors activate -Ask which Dracosack it was the OG joint or the reprint -Everyone laughed idk why I thought it was a legit question - His 120lb friend wanted to fight me said if someone stole my shit I would start crying -LMAOO so hard that i thought I was gunna shart -He said he would beat my ass -What is life pt. 2 the movie -Told him to go ahead and steal my shit idgaf -He gets kicked outta store and says I will get fucked up in these streets -I thought this was a childrens card game -He gets kicked out and I proceed to 2-0 Burning Abitch   Round 5  -Playing Shitellar -Flying "C" + Fuel cell for maximum value -He just loses and started questioning his life for spending so much money on cardboard   X-1 and I got all the value from the prize support pulling ulti Construct   TLDR savaged niggas then got someone kicked out (outplayed imo) ended up looking like an asshole at locals but doesnt matter won anyway.  
  10. Dueling Network

    Nigga I said im not the father.....
  11. Dueling Network

    Ight fuck niggas im back in this motherfucker, My b on the amount of pictures but the savagery is real. 
  12. New Haircut

    Get Cornrows
  13. depends on your style of clothing, what you're asking is pretty vague
  14. Your favorite lines in all of hip hop

    My jewelry game sick I think my jeweler need chemo - Gucci Mane   Deez niggas say they kill me and kidnap my daughter I dont even got a daughter they mad cause ima baller - Waka Flocka Flame