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  1. Iron Fist

  2. Iron Fist

    Cottonmouth. While Black Mariah had initial potential... until she didn't. Shades was also cool for what he was. Diamondback was complete shit though. (Yet I unfortunately still found him more enjoyable than what IF gave us.)
  3. Iron Fist

    Worst Marvel show yet. Even Luke Cage had its highs for the 2nd half, whereas IF was just middling to just outright bad for the entire season. No compelling villain either, while the other shows all had that. I did enjoy Colleen though, and wouldn't mind seeing a spinoff with her in it. Hated Danny. (Should've been Lewis Tan, the drunken fist guy in a later episode) Hated Ward, Harold, and Joy, namely their storylines which are boring whenever it took up screentime. And those fight scenes... Yeesh.
  4. Logan

    Reviews have been amazing so far.
  5. What Manga Are You Reading Right Now?

    Finally started The Promised Neverland. Wow was I missing out.
  6. The Flash

    Arrow has been good this season, especially compared to Flash imo
  7. Kizumonogatari

  8. One Piece Manga

  9. Pokemon Sun and Moon

    No clue, I'm close but haven't beaten it just yet.
  10. Pokemon Sun and Moon

    1. It's full of content story-wise, and I loved nearly all the cutscenes, as opposed to previous games where you basically just go through the motions. In fact, it's the best one yet imo (Outside of maybe BW2? The only one I didn't play, so can't say for sure), and I actually came out caring about several characters and their character development. 2. It's the most challenging one I've ever played. I gave myself a few minor handicaps though (Eventually turned off Exp. Share, Set instead of Switch, eventually stopped using Z-Moves) and eventually I gradually came across wild Pokemon and trainers, including random ones, that were a higher level than mine. If you're unprepared, getting wiped out actually is a possibility for once. The Totem Pokemon were a particular highlight, as they were actually pretty damn clever and challenging (usually) through their movesets, free stat boosts, and the ally Pokemon they call to help them out. At any rate, it's my favorite Pokemon game yet.
  11. Pokemon Sun and Moon

    Same. Like I hear some people are complaining a little about stuff like there being too many cutscenes, but honestly I'm all for it. The more story and personality to delve through, the better imo
  12. What Manga Are You Reading Right Now?

    Eh, you start My Hero Academia yet?
  13. Attack of the Titans (Shingeki no Kyojin)

    I love this manga so much more since we started delving into it lol
  14. United States Presidential Election

    Lmao, picture makes it look like he doesn't even trust his own wife