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  1. Former YGO Champ Represents USA

    I remember him topping a YCS in March 2012 format as like a 12 year old and reading the flavour text of the vanilla dinos in his deck profiles.
  2. Updated Suspended Players List

    Billy and Jackie have had their suspensions removed. Apparently Jackie posted this.
  3. Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

    Weather is really good but has multiple hard counters and can be played around pretty easily. Rag is one of the only weathers that can't be played around but still has hard counters, can only be used once in a best of 3, and is really low value round 3. CDPR are pretty adamant about it still being in beta so balance changes will be happening often and community feedback will be acknowledged.
  4. Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

    Most people consider it to be an entirely new game based on the amount of stuff they changed from closed to open beta. This is the closest I could find to a complete patch notes http://forums.cdprojektred.com/forum/en/gwent/general-discussions-aa/8547920-the-new-open-beta-patch-information-thread They've mentioned plans to give refunds for nerfed cards eventually/once the game gets out of beta. They are also a lot more generous in regards to packs, pack currency, crafting currency, and premium upgrade currency when compared to Hearthstone in terms of f2p. It is currently possible to ladder very efficiently with at least one of the starter decks they give you for free, wild hunt monsters. I don't see the luck element in the game beyond drawing cards, which is absolutely miniscule compared to competitors like Hearthstone, ESL, or even ygo. You draw 13 cards out of a 25 card deck and mulligan 5 cards throughout a game on definite game mechanics alone, so you almost always get access to your strategy and games aren't decided by topdecks. The small amount of RNG card mechanics it has are done to take power away from cards and have next to no swing value, unlike adapt and discover mechanics from HS. I think the resource system is one of the most skill enabling components of the game. Similar to why people enjoy ygo, you always have access to your strategy. There is no aggro or curve in Gwent, there is no losing before you can actually play your cards, the game will always have as many turns as you want/need it to have. If your opponent plays a high value card you can always play your counter. The game currently reminds me of older ygo where there is a lot of healthy interaction (interrupting combos, dynamic value destruction) between players almost every turn. A really popular sentiment about the game right now is you can pretty much always go back and point out misplays that would have at least given you the opportunity to take the game down a decision path where it would have been possible for you to win.
  5. Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

    What's everyone's opinions on this game after the open beta changes? It seems like its by far the least RNG and variance dependent CCVG and the developers have said they want it to be the most consistent and skill dependent card possible.
  6. Terraforming to 1 now is still 1 more field spell in a deck than before Set Rotation was printed. I don't think powerful field spells are necessarily an issue with the game at all. Aside from enabling ignorant cards, like Master Peace, I think its actually great that field spells are becoming more important in archetype design with cards like Terraforming and Set Rotation existing. I think generic searchers (ROTA, Tenki, Terraforming, etc) are good for the game and shouldn't ever be the cards considered with limiting or banning. I'd rather play with, and against, decks with comparatively higher consistency and lower power (or even higher power) than vice versa.
  7. Spiral Hand Trap Theory

    Spiral Dragon with Grip isn't a reliable way to out Master Peace seeing as there's really no way to resolve an equip other than Wave vs True Draco and then they have a turn to kill your Dragon with a trap or Master Peace itself. The only realistic outs to MP are Share the Pain, Kaiju, and Ghost Ogre as far as I can think of. You pretty much have to go first and open Heat Wave and/or Set Rotation (and pray they don't hard draw monster and spell). This deck just gets shit on (even more than it usually does when your opponent actually reads your cards) vs True Draco. Their non-boss monsters are too big to reliably resolve the good equip effects, tutors removal for your pacifis (the only good card in your deck), and doesn't care about hand traps that aren't called Ash Blossom (the main advantage your deck has).
  8. Spiral Hand Trap Theory

    They are non-effect monsters, not normal monsters. Only tokens and cards with vanilla backgrounds are considered normal monsters. So you can't equip to them and they turn off your traps.
  9. Spiral Hand Trap Theory

    Megalomasher and Spiral Dragon allow you to play Moray of Greed as well. You'd need to play Gagagigo or Kabazuls (for fossil dig and evolzars) if you wanted more water monsters though. It's probably better than Allure because it puts your normals back in the deck for Unexpected Dai/Fossil Dig/Painful Decision and is a solution to drawing Spiral Dragon.
  10. The YGOrganization -[COTD] A New Spell Card

    This actually makes a pretty big difference to a lot of dynamics in the game. This and Foolish Burial Goods/That Grass gives you turn 1 access to whatever floodgate trap you've sided. Or maybe more importantly, it fundamentally changes a heap of possible FTK decks as you can now include traps as combo pieces as well as tutor the win condition traps you activate in your opponents draw phase like Magical Explosion.
  11. Link Summon Awareness Thread

    I swear it said that at the time. Either it was mistranslated and they've changed it (the second comment seems to support this) or I'm cuddly as fuck. Anyways, it says the exact opposite of that now. Not sure if the difference will ever matter, but this approach seems to give more room to combo decks.
  12. Link Summon Awareness Thread

    http://beyondtheduel.com/master-rule-updates-special-summoning-extra-deck-monsters/ Clarification on Extra Deck Monsters summoned via effect. Cards like Bahamut Shark, Ultimaya Tzolkin, Mask Change, Starlight Road, etc need to be summoned to the Extra Monster Zone or a Linked Zone. Ranking up XYZ monsters, like Utopia to Utopia the Lightning, must be done in the Extra Monster Zone or a Linked Zone and the new monster must remain in the same zone as the initial XYZ monster.
  13. The YGOrganization -[V Jump] New Rules

    No one gives a fuck about your attachment to stupid gimmick cards. It's a somewhat strategic card game, use your brain and try to find a new strategy for whatever dog shit deck you're playing. There's so much wrong with your post jfc. If this game has survived shit like Cyber Dragon, ORCS, LTGY, and the September 2013 list it sure as hell can survive something that is at least arguably positive for its competitive health.
  14. The YGOrganization -[V Jump] New Rules

    Yeah, not seeing how this is makes going first better, at least not immediately. A player can't claim both Extra Zones, and judging by Decode Talker, at least some Link cards will give the opponent a main monster zone that can be used for synchro/xyz/fusion/link. For the time being this looks like it'll act as a soft reset button for the game, especially in terms of power creep. I wonder what the repercussions of this will be on the secondary market. But I swear to god Konami tries to outdo themselves in regards to complexity and vagueness every time they launch a new mechanic. Using the word "Link" for both the statistic that can be used to summon them as well as the monsters in the "Linked" zones despite these two mechanics not being directly related triggers me so hard.
  15. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    Took me forever to find due to his name being misspelt in the video title. Googlefu comes in clutch though.