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  1. Prophecy - Discussion

    Vs unknown idk if I would like to go 2nd because soul charge exists but if I was playing against a deck such as HAT, gears, etc I would prefer to be going 2nd over 1st.
  2. Prophecy - Discussion

    This is Manav Dawar's top 32 build from last weekends NAWCQ.   3 Spellbook Magician 2 Justice 3 Priestess 1 Cardcar 2 Maxx  1 Veiler     3 Secrets 2 Crescent 2 Wisdom 2 Tower 2 Master 2 Eternity 1 Power 1 Fate 1 Life 2 Duality 1 Book of Moon 1 Dark Hole   2 Fiendish 1 Mirror Force 1 Emptiness 1 Bottomless 1 Warning 1 Evac 1 Torrential   2 Traptrix Nightmare 1 Soul Drain 1 D Fissure 1 Trap Stun 1 Kycoo 1 Veiler 2 MST 2 Rivalry 1 Mirror Froce 2 Temperance 1 World
  3. Sylvan - Discussion

    Not really, you only see the next 2 cards off of allure not 3. Also it depends how many darks are left in your deck vs how many sylvans are left in your deck.
  4. Kristyasworn

    If you are playing the 3 warriors you should consider playing rota to search out whichever one is needed.
  5. The Seventh Ophion

    your missing abyss dweller, blackship, ragnazero and even perhaps a rank 3 for encore? You probably should be playing a 2nd excition knight aswell.
  6. Oceania Championship 2014

  7. Gadget

    Your playing masked chameleon without any level 8 synchros?
  8. Dragon Ruler - Discussion

      I'm playing this without kuribandit or card trooper. It's been pretty successful considering you don't spend your turn 1 messing around with summoning bandit/trooper for the mills and instead your a lot more likely to open a hand that ends with you soul charging and making a very difficult board to get around.
  9. Kendrick Lamar Buys The Most Non-Rapper House Ever

      And this is Warren Buffet's house that he bought in 1957. Still lives here.
  10. Dueling Network

    Damn I never thought of monk with prot, I played like dark world turbo with into the voids with the idea of ending up with like felgrands and then t2 you go disturbance strategy and chain coth to your protector, this probs works better these days because alot of people are not maining space typhoon.
  11. Dueling Network

  12. The Glen returns with the sworns sworn to glen

    your missing 3 upstart goblins.   I advise signing up, collecting your participation prize and leaving.
  13. MRA kills 7 people

    http://abclocal.go.com/three/kabc/kabc/My-Twisted-World.pdf   you guys have already prob seen but i'll leave it here.
  14. UK Nationals 2014

    What is Rocco Tamburlini doing playing in uk nats?