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  1. Top 10 Iconic Yu-Gi-Oh! Monsters

    You mean the top 10 cards normies and weebs overpay for on ebay.
  2. United States Presidential Election

    He owned all the controversy, the best move to make. it doesn't help that Hillary's reputation is dog shit though.
  3. United States Presidential Election

    The one thing you can learn from this election is this: No matter how much information is readily available people are naive and impressionable. A good marketing campaign and strong brand building will always trump (haha so funny) facts, logic and critical thinking because nobody is going to look below the surface. Find vulnerable people and tell them what they want to hear. The USA just elected a brand, not a politician. Marketing majors take note. Kim and Kanye should be getting some ideas soon.
  4. United States Presidential Election

    He's going to have to toe the party line and compromise to get his way. He will cave to the republicans for these because it's in their sponsor's interest. You can't take him on his word.
  5. United States Presidential Election

    but in reality: The 1% get their tax cuts welfare and healthcare get's axed the EPA gets more destroyed than a pornstar on the receiving end of mandingo
  6. T.g. stun didn't create gigantic boards like every deck post-DUEA does. T.g. stun didn't give you a free 2800 beatstick and sent 3 cards from the deck to the grave which would let you draw a card, ss one from the grave or pop a card on the field whilst also setting up your grave. You can't compare dolls and t.g.s What's "improving" exactly? Pepe was a failure. It should not have been allowed to happen. It's what made me quit playing this game and I didn't even buy the deck only to lose $500 when they crippled it because they were more focused on BOSH sales instead of making the game not fucking terrible.
  7. A fundamental shift in this game happened with the release of DUEA. While you could make big boards in fire fist monsters just didn't replace themselves like dolls and BA did (The exception to this would be dragon rulers but they were nerfed). Decks were a lot more fragile, card advantage and technical play was really important and you had to be strategic in your use of traps.
  8. It makes perfect sense that tcg players aren't paid/rewarded well when the core product that they're advertising isn't that good of a product in the current market in the first place. TCG streams are boring, you can't tell what's going on half the time. TCGs are relatively inaccessible for normies and have a large learning curve. TCGs require a huge amount of time to be invested into them. very few people want/are able to dedicate between 7 hours a day to an entire weekend to play card games. TCGs require hundreds of dollars to be spent on them every year to have a chance at being able to play them. TCG communities are toxic af. It's not just the trolls but the "brand-name" people as well. There's a huge difference between a 12 year old telling you that you suck dicks over xbox live than dealing with socially inept people in a card shop that smells like sweaty balls. The best accessories companies can sell people are binders, sleeves and deckboxes. Only a few companies can do this so there's few sponsorships. I'm suprised MtG has done as well as it has and it's only a matter of time before Hasbro makes the online game the focus of the franchise as a true rival to HS. What's said in the article holds true for Yugioh too. Regionals and YCS are a marketing tactic to get you to buy more cardboard. If yugioh wasn't released at the height of anime's influence in the west in the early 2000's along with DBZ and pokemon it would have died years ago. Yugioh hangs on as anime merchandise rather than a competitive card game and Konami has managed the competitive side of the game terribly. You can't really pay, showcase or sponsor competitive players/internet personalities to bolster your brand equity at the competitive level when your brand equity isn't what needs improvement in the way MtG can with the Pro Tour. Competitive yugioh is a niche within a niche.
  9. I don't think you're being aggressive, just the subtleties can make all the difference in the world. If I recommend cards for people to pick up I feel like I have to strictly say whether or not to go balls deep in something or just to lowkey pick them up in trades. Generalizations don't help anyone. And ACP is right. Tieing up your money in ultra high-end ultimates or prize cards which aren't Minerva or whatever the next loli/ecchi card they make unobtainable isn't a smart move. The only "expensive" cards I would ever consider holding in the long term are cards like DDS/SDK 1st/LOB 1st Blue-Eyes/DMs/Red-Eyes etc. because this game is anime merchandise first, a casual card game second and at the very tip of the iceberg is the competitive game. The market for TP1/RP01/RP02 stuff dwindles because Konami cannot retain long term players in this game. TP and CP holos aside from Goat staples like super BOM and BTH are bricks and have not been rising at all the last few years relative to anime/casual/nostalgia bait cards. There's a lot more weebs that want to roleplay as Kaiba (and there's nothing wrong with that) out there than yugioh collectors who understand what the real OG prize support is worth.
  10. It's a good, quasi-generic card that went to 3. And they haven't spiked, they've been selling.
  11. What you listed are commons that will never have value, I wouldn't even pick them up off the table. And what we're doing isn't vending, we're speculating. That might be just arguing semantics to some people but the difference is vendors buy everything, we pick up a handful of cards. We're not just buying rares and commons though... I bought Volflames and Goldrivers but I've also bought a ton of super agents. Don't think of them as commons and rares and start thinking of certain cards that are harder to find than what's needed to complete the rest of the deck.
  12. We don't devote our entire lives to this, it's a side hustle and it might take you 30 mins a day to research lists and news. Let's take Metalfoes, the only reason I bought them was because there is no second print run in the NA. It's worth acting on that information when the cards are relevant because they become outliers. As far as waiting goes... 2-5 months of waiting is pretty standard for most investments in this game, I'm not staring at a box of bulk at that time and otherwise the money would be sitting in my bank account. Living outside the US gives me plenty of arbitrage opportunities as well. The metalfoes are cheap and to us it's worth the risk. Something like Thomas which was $0.18-$0.20 is also worth it to us because it's another relevant card people are going to need 2-3 copies of when the Structure drops in January. Just because you wouldn't buy it doesn't mean there isn't an army of casuals and normies that won't want to play D/D/D. Every other D/D card will be (relatively) easy to come by except for the card that would have had 1 print run 5 months ago (Thomas). It doesn't matter that it's a rare, it matters that it's the hardest to come by card that's needed in the deck. And when you say "don't buy commons and rares", are you just talking about recent commons and rares? Because yeah, that's not the best idea but sets like TDIL are outliers. I agree, wouldn't buy commons from any core set released in the last 3 years but rares can be different under circumstances like what we have with DOCS or TDIL.
  13. It's pretty good and there's many examples of how it works. Just with the recent stuff: Jowgen Photon Thrasher Mask of Restrict ASF Tin Goldfish System Down D/D stuff in the next 4 months like Thomas are going to be in demand because TDIL didn't get a reprint and Frog Stuff will keep climbing without OTS reprints. If by some miracle Treatoad isn't a secret rare everyone will be building paleozoic frogs.
  14. Ulti Tenki is $40 because of a new, hyped deck. You might want to sell them.