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  1. Goals in Yu-Gi-Oh

    Short term I want to top more events. I don't travel that much anymore so I'm not looking to get into the double digits for tops or anything, I just want to be more consistent.  Eventually winning an event is another goal, or at least playing in the finals and not making any errors that cost me the game. And I really want another chance at worlds.
  2. Prophecy/Spellbook - Discussion

    I'll have to put torrent in again. I've been playing with the third pots slot as a second eternity and a third master though I'm not sure which I like more.
  3. Prophecy/Spellbook - Discussion

    Just posted an article on alters website but I've changed the list already. I can't make it to Toronto but my list would look something like this if I could. Also Ben nailed it please play world if you aren't already.   3 Spellbook Magician of Prophecy 3 Temperance of Prophecy 2 High Priestess of Prophecy 1 World of Prophecy 1 Justice of Prophecy   3 Spellbook of Secrets 3 Pot of Duality 3 Spellbook Library of the Crescent 2 Spellbook of the Master 2 Spellbook of Fate 2 Grand Spellbook Tower 1 Spellbook of Power 1 Spellbook of Wisdom 1 Spellbook of Life 1 Spellbook of Eternity 1 Book of Moon   3 Fiendish Chain 2 Phoenix Wing Wind Blast 2 Mirror Force 1 Compulsory Evacuation Device 1 Bottomless Trap Hole 1 Solemn Warning
  4. 2nd Place NAWCQ Report

    Still have the card, I'm selling it though.
  5. Graceless [Top 8 World Championship Report]

    The stuff day 1 wasn't streamed online just played on screen at the event.
  6. Graceless [Top 8 World Championship Report]

    You're the coolest duelist I've ever met and give amazing hugs. Congrats again man <3
  7. 2nd Place NAWCQ Report

    [quote name="Sharpman" post="3547218" timestamp="1376331198"]Congrats on getting 2nd at worlds. Easy for people to point out misplays, but learn from the experience too.[/quote] Thank you, both events were awesome experiences and I learned a lot for the future so hopefully I can keep improving and putting up high finishes.
  8. 2nd Place NAWCQ Report

    At that point in the solemning the tsuk was definitely wrong yeah. I don't want to be results oriented and convince myself it was right lol. Hitting the rejuv might have been the play, idk thank you though ill definitely learn from this one.
  9. Aug 9-11 World Championship 2013 Las Vegas, NV

    I keep replaying game 2 in my head and I'm positive I could have done something better you guys are definitely right. I know he sided drolls because one of the other Americans saw them in his side earlier unless they got people mixed up so I didn't want to put my entire worlds on him not having the droll. Knowing what I know now I played the solemn poorly but I'm not 100% sure where was correct with only the information I had at the time. Sucks I had to make my mistakes in the finals but hopefully I can figure it out and learn for next time.
  10. 2nd Place NAWCQ Report

    For the finals of worlds I shouldn't have played like my opponent was American. I could have solemned the first tsuk but I was assuming I could set up again next turn and still have the solemn while he was low on resources. He had rejuv which I know a lot of good players side out in the matchup. Ill post a report for worlds too most likely. At nationals you're absolutely right that play is much better and I don't really have an excuse other than nerves for not making it. It's fairly obvious too it's a damn shame.
  11. Aug 9-11 World Championship 2013 Las Vegas, NV

    Congrats to Robbie and Aaron too, you guys did awesome. Aaron is probably the nicest person I've ever met at a yugioh event.
  12. Aug 9-11 World Championship 2013 Las Vegas, NV

    Thanks for all the support guys <3 don't give the guy shit for being excited, I probably would have been more excited than he was if I won lol.
  13. 2nd Place NAWCQ Report

    Thanks man.    Added a deck profile video.
  14. 2nd Place NAWCQ Report

    Love you too bro <3 
  15. 2nd Place NAWCQ Report

    [quote name="ɹapture" post="3525842" timestamp="1374036579"]was cool to see you   good luck to team america[/quote] Thanks man, we have a sick team. [quote name="Ordyh" post="3525862" timestamp="1374038136"]Congrats my old friend. Always knew you were gonna get to that point.   What's your Extra Deck?[/quote] Thanks bro. Added in the extra, I only used shining elf and gachi all weekend though.