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  1. Witchcraft

    looks bad
  2. Blackwings - Discussion

    >United We Stand lol   Blackwing is a control deck, why are you suggesting to use a card that essentially wants you to win with single pushes? Baiting away with cards isn't a reason that makes it good. That's all mindgames and there's a yugioh discussion about that called /dng/
  3. Fire fist 4 axis pictures

    Side the 3rd Maxx "C". There's not a lot of SSing this format, side 2/3 Rivalry and 2/3 Gozen. Play safe, Rivalry makes Mermails jump through hoops to make their plays and Gozen stops Plant Dragons from going into syncs too much.    Have you tried out maining Emptiness? I feel like it's a great card and it can stop your opponent from making recovery plays, for example: Mermail player activates Sphere, chain Emptiness is Sphere is just a dead card sitting there plus it's easy to get rid of during your turn using any Fire Fist's eff. Post your extra?
  4. Infernity XYZ Deck for Sept TCG Format

    Heiress ain't needed in Xyz Infernities. Bring up that Armageddon to 2 so you can dump Patrol as fast as you can. Infernity Break to 3 is a great card, man you don't even know. Feel free to push it up to two but 1 is a bad number. I main 2 Trap Stuns and 2 Vanities. Nothing better than exploding into a play that can put enough damage on the board for an OTK, negate your opponent's pesky cards with Barrier, throwing out trash with Force, and locking out your opponent from SSing with Vanity. Easy card to get rid of too.
  5. Silver Spoon

    aka Gin no Saji.   This is literally one of the most entertaining anime I've ever seen in a while. It combines comedy with the serious topic of, "what are you going to be doing for the rest of your life?". Funny, qt3.14 animals, interesting characters, GET HYPED.    
  6. Hunder

    Take out Roach. Run Constellar Omega and M7. Opening up with Omega is good as it's a 2300 beatstick and it's unaffected by cards like Dark Hole. M7 is just so when you run out of materials for Omega or when you have no more use for him, you can overlay for M7. Utopia, Thunder Dragon thing, and Xyz Vylon are not needed. Rank 4 Staples are: Shock Master, Maestroke, Corn, Cowboy, Dire Wolf, and Giant Hand if you can fit it in.