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  1. 1K Tournament Report

    Good job patty ill see you tommorow
  2. Lonefire and Book

    Dude i cant believe that kid was such and ass i mean shit keep your mouth shut and you get free store credit :S
  3. YCS Providence

    i wonder what paul levitins and that guy that got top 8 fairys decklist are
  4. YCS Providence

    so paul is out?
  5. Six Samurai - Discussion

    yes i am i wanna see a very consistent one
  6. Six Samurai - Discussion

    what is the best six sam deck anyone has seen yet???
  7. Six Samurai - Discussion

    So whats the best side against draguinies since they are a big deal now?
  8. YCS Atlanta

    ill be at this event
  9. Whats a good price for a Solemn Warning?

    i wouldnt mind buying them
  10. Custom Mats

    yea i just want to see a kcikass iron man matt and i would pay for it
  11. Custom Mats

    for the mat or the design?
  12. Custom Mats

    i want an iron man mat design please
  13. Custom Mats

    you konw i got skipped i wanted to see the most kickass iron man mat please
  14. patrick you are a very wonderful player and i think that you should go with me to indy and top 4 i know you will top 4
  15. yo all i got to say to dirk is back off i don't see you holding a nice trophy NICE JOB PAT( the real nats champ)