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  1. 2017 North American World Championship Qualifier

    " Doing well " But you have to consider the averages over however many rounds. PAleo went 9-0 then completely bombed for the most part, since the more consistent Zoo builds edged him outwards. so it was probably better than say 50 60% of the decks there, but the other 40 bodied it. But at the end of the day we are at the end of the game now, with a new format and system in place, that is where the discussion should be going forward, but there isn't many good players around here on the boards, us more active posters are the least involved in the game altogether.
  2. 2017 North American World Championship Qualifier

    Thing is what was there even to discuss ? biggest nationals ever but only 2 decks had any chance of winning it, where was the debate or discussion? When you have a stagnated format it is sure to deter a lot of folks. Discord chatter had bugger all people on it really, just usual fodder. Seriously the entire active community seems like it is less than 2 dozen people now. UK nats also generated no interest. I was supposed to attend Polish nationals but eh funds were dry. I don' t know , The thing is, Link Format will expand a lot of tier 1.5 decks ( tier 1 being zoo, TD and Eidolon and, I don't know how competitively viable they will be. Guess there isn't a lot to really talk about until September.
  3. Zoodiac - Discussion

    I swear to god, These Yugitubers I see know absolutely naff all about the game, they know NOTHING but give these supposed great insights into the game, but have just no idea what they are talking about and make broad generalisations with no intricate detail on moves or card tactics, just pure Pewdiepie tier bubblegum, easiest gig in the world surely. I listen to local supposed 'experts' in my area and I just roll my eyes . I am not really in touch with the game much but at least can make sense and tell when cards are good or decks are good, but I swear people must be trolling me with the sheer ineptitude and absence of logic they exude, it flabbergasts me totally. I mean you can't really glean much insight from DGZ circles these days, pretty much got just a couple groups. Not even sure exactly why this site is even going still or why the same 11 people use it, since it is all but extinct now. i used Shuflfe reborn in things such as yosenju some time back it is a great sleeper, but not unexpected. More often than not though, you have lots of bricks and lots of weaker cards but to go off you still only need 1 card to go a +3 and you still dedicate half your deck to getting to a Zoodiac beast then fair bit of the time it is irrelevant what other cards you have, but suggesting garbage like KM is just folly. You need an actual honest to goodness engine that actually works together, BA you have tourguide and the like to get to a Rank 3 Invoker, so at least it has a basis of synergy to it all.
  4. Terrorist attack in LONDON tonight, at least one dead, multiple stabbings, car attack, controlled explosions.


    LONDON EXPO MCM and YCS are probably going to have major security

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      That's why ISIS is the JV team. Don't let these terror attacks fool you, London is one of the safest cities in the world. 

    3. muh 100 godzillion

      muh 100 godzillion


    4. Ultimate Buffalo

      Ultimate Buffalo

      well coulda been 50 dead for not the medical services, but 34 dead amongst 3 terror attacks in the space of 3 months from a radical ideology, something needs doing really.


      but UK is in bed with these islamic regimes, 



  5. State of the game

    YUgioh = Kaiju or bust
  6. no way, just saying it has its uses, and can be pretty potent at board wipes, but like said a lot outs it now but the other main reason to thinking of was the long ass otk/stall decks with it and shadow scout faith etc/attack orders and other degenerate nonsense that took 20 minutes a turn to resolve , kinda like the meta now lol
  7. they destroy mind. So it gets out to Laggia etc and doesn't trigger destruction effects, and can clear in battle phase. would it be horrendous at 1 prob not.
  8. Mjar 2 still clears a board and since the XYZs wouldn't return to the deck they wouldn't get any monsters
  9. Final Fantasy TCG

    went to cardiff regionals and they had the regional tournament for it last week, was a pretty sizable turnout https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQ2-cW6JS9g
  10. Crazy time.....HUNTIK

    i like how there was a card that would 2-1 every battle, then the second set completely broke the gameplay and made decks impossible to compete, it was a cool cartoon with a bad game
  11. YCS Pittsburg

    guess depends the match really. Upper eschelons perhaps, there will be less mirror forces and floodgate trap holes, but I find more often than not you are battling a myriad of mid-tier decks that run multiple backrows, if you got the grind game its np but sometimes you can get walled.
  12. YCS Pittsburg

    i heard that people played Cosmic and said it was AIDS all day and wanted T twisters every time. it is like, you Twist 2 cards, and the pop is either irrelevant or misses, times you NEED to hit strikes and solemns or whichever , you will just have a card in hand that is going to 1-1 anyways, so why not make it so your +4 plays go through.
  13. "until december" Even 'renting' cards is insane though, You are still rightly or wrongly dropping a Monkey for 6 cards, when you have Car, rent, Holidays and other things it could be better spent. Few bob here and there sure. £500 though ???? seriously? when does it realistically end? Ballers scalpers vendors etc just take the ygo community for a free ride. getting into potential credit card debt over a game? no ta. been debt free since college. But generally speaking, things ARE NOT THAT BAD at the moment Invoker reprint ( so that is - $50 right there ) the zoodiac stuff is fairly reachable. Decks as a whole are not that crazy, but its like, you have to drop $50 on a specific engine of like 4 cards, then if you build on them it adds up. But things across the board are not really too bad, but it is just the core staples that are too meta defining that are still high on the cards. MACR stuff is crashing hard, Master piece is already $20, most of everything is affordable except the 2 bombs, but those bombs just swing the game too hard, that is the issue really. You can get away with running specific cards and engines pretty affordable like, but without the game changers like Desires and whatnot you just fall too far behind. When it comes to links we need cards and design that influence that, We can't afford to keep having a game where like 4 cards define the entire direction games go in.
  14. loads of people complaining about skewed rarities. Seems Diagram and Ash are much lower printings than Zarc etc. So x3 Ash and 3 Diagram will set you back a nifty £450 ish for just 6 cards. then you got barriers, strikes, desires, demises, inflted truekings, are people really still going ahead with literally burning their cash like this? The boxes seem to be pure lottery in the sense that Gold Rare Crush was. Master piece is like £30 ish Yeah screw that for a game of soldiers, 2nd market needs to crash hard really. Been comfortably out of the game for a while and with prices and distribution strategies by komoney like this see no reason to re enter. Will stick to online and casual pub play for some time to come.
  15. DuelingBook (Tentative thread)

    DB sseems deD Now anyway offline ages, or pppl cant reg