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  1. DB sseems deD Now anyway offline ages, or pppl cant reg
  2. saw it but no activity in 3 months :S
  3. Edit - oops put in wrong section so does anyone battle online here? i play sometimes, but bit limited in RL opponents, i got the game in like december but onyl really started playing proper for last 2 months ish. But really the online is filled with hacked mons its a bit frivolous at times. so don't know if there is a lot of people here who play Ranked or battle spot etc If want trade or battle got a FC 4527 8561 9755
  4. idk about tenma, seems Return does the trick more often than not. may as well just play Majesty's Fiend which can be a wincon in itself. i'm fiddling with 60card monarch, a good part in the side at least 2 Radion Kaiju 1 Mega Caius 2 Gameciel 1 Mega Mobius 1 other kaiju 3 Slumber trick being you blow their board with slumber, then use Domain to reduce Mobius or caius, then you tribute your kaiju to get the 2nd effect off.
  5. always the way really. Mate of mine played Monarch Perfect circle (fear monger, d draws, Disc commander raizas)months before it caught on and won cardiff regionals with it, but instead got lord knows who apparently taking the credit.
  6. My mate scrubbed yesterday But today he managed to win the side event Mega Regional 1st place and Got himself a Minerva, so well done hanif. MATCHUPS WERE Cubic 6 Zoodiacs variants, nothing fancy, so like pure zoo, kaiju etc FINALS was, 60 card Monstermash, Basically you had Lightsworn-Zombie-Shaddoll thing that was batshit crazy he says.
  7. he won his next game, so X-1 ? 7 on X-0 https://coverage.yugioh-card.com/round-7-standings-11/
  8. na mate Hanif scrubbed to stun and burn cheese Billy Brake 32nd at round 6 , not sure how many it went to, so guess have to see. Rank Full Name Points 1 Beirach, Shaul 18 2 sakrak, ceylan 18 3 Jungclaus, Simon 18 4 Russell, Ben 18 5 Sadiki, Eldin 18 6 Schmidt, Patrick 18 7 Quintavalle, Giorgio 18 8 Pacchiana, Paolo 18 9 Dursun, Adrian 18 10 Heim, Moritz 18 11 Nivens, Dominic 18 12 Roma, Lorenzo 18 13 Stutz, Ralph 18 14 Zuccato, Fabio 18 15 Czora, Kai 18 16 Neven, Raphael 16 17 Fabini, Danilo 16 18 Papadakis, Kostas 16 19 Romero, Anwar 16 20 Spitzner, Florian 16 21 Papagni, John-Michael 16 22 Rose, Harald 16 23 Guaragna, Pasquale 16 24 Gkyzis, Themistokles 16 25 Fleck, Steffen 16 26 Gordienko, Dimitrie 16 27 Schmidt, Joschua 15 28 Carelli, Elia 15 29 Cricchio, Cristian 15 30 Khan Jadoon, Imran 15 31 vale, Anthony 15 32 Billy Brake
  9. I was going to go this weekend, But alas money etc. Look out for Hanif Moradi mate of mine is going, should do well hopefully. well 32
  10. already ppl are scalping for em, at least trying their luck. I imagine it will get some sort of errata beforehand, there will probably be specific anti link cards released down the line i would think,
  11. SO we won't have a turn 1 field of 3 XYzs or 5 synchros Pendulum summons with 5 backrow spaces available
  12. breaker too, coth/reborn/prem jinzo also, but besides that it is even though a minus 1 it gives you a whole turn to go over the top of their monsters. Bazoo was a thing too, as well as lily. oh remember the world champs deck a the time? i played modified versions of it throughout to 200 and it was so degenerate, was a tournament i went 2-0 against every chaos deck Sangan Witch of the Black Forest Jinzo Gemini Elf x3 Mystic Tomato x3 Don Zaloog x2 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer Sinister Serpent Magician of Faith Yata-Garasu Fiber Jar Raigeki Dark Hole Change of Heart Snatch Steal Nobleman of Crossout Heavy Storm Harpie's Feather Duster Mystical Space Typhoon x3 Pot of Greed Graceful Charity Delinquent Duo Confiscation The Forceful Sentry Mirage of Nightmare Monster Reborn Premature Burial Imperial Order Call of the Haunted Ring of Destruction Mirror Force Drop Off x3 Electric Snake x3 Exiled Force White Magical Hat Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer Airknight Parshath Painful Choice Scapegoat Book of Moon x3 Torrential Tribute x3
  13. dont forget chainable to duster storm mst dust tornado trunade
  14. geargia zoo will be hilarious though, Pop Accelerator with triangle get back armor and sumon rat,
  15. oh boy it reminds me of the amount of Farming I used to do back when travel was cheaper regionals cities you name it... You could go to things like King of games and just win tournaments all day. But i don't know if it will be the same fashion as mid-noughties Travel is way too pricey now though I feel to really pull off as easily though .that feel when you could go to london and back twice a month for under £50