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  1. Online Tournaments With Prizes!

    Manual mode isn't finished yet, but its in-game chat system will be similar to DN
  2. Online Tournaments With Prizes!

    If cash tournaments were fine on DGz, how come The Organization received threats to end their tournament series?
  3. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    Where may I find Furman's deck profile?
  4. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    Crimsonite is great in the OCG because they have Super Polymerization, but that's the only reason to play it. It's subpar for the TCG until the day that we ever receive a card similar to Super Polymerization.
  5. You guys are killing me with all of these obscure rule differences. Can some please provide a whole list of rulings that behaved differently during the Goat format time-period? Unlike the battle replay ruling, the timing for Flip Effect monsters isn't difficult to change. Manual mode is still on our backlog of goals, however we have higher priorities such as legal safety, stability, and the JavaScript version of YGOPro that would allow for more tangibility. The download link for Salvation will remain, however it will not have pictures included. Pictures will be added via the updater instead.
  6. They're both in the same step, so I don't see why Morphing Jar would need to wait for another open game state to activate. Also, I have just fixed TER.
  7. (1) I don't see the problem with Jar vs Airknight. Both are mandatory triggers, so since you're the turn player, Airknight will go on chain link 1, then Morphing Jar will go on chain link 2, and will thus resolve first. (2) I'll look into the issue with TER, thanks for including the red text (3) Ignore the blue text, they typically don't mean anything. (4) Please be patient with us. Report a issue and our staff at Salvation will look into it ASAP. If people were to give up on a simulator because of one issue and lacked the patience to report it to a developer, then no one will be happy.
  8. Was your music disabled? If not, trying disabling it and see if it makes a difference. You can also try replacing the sound files in your folder with different ones. Corrupted sound files have been an issue for some users lately.
  9. Salvation Server is still up-and-running, and we resolved the majority, if not all, of the bugs from April. The only issue is that we cannot implement the feature to change the rules for battle replay, not until we finish the JavaScript version of YGOPro, which we may or may not complete within a month or two. Aside from that, our Goat format is as accurate as possible. Make sure that you leave any questions or bug reports to the Salvation forums or the new Discord chat. To access the card pool for Goat format, you will need to change the database in the Settings tab before opening the Deck Edit. Keep in mind that pre-errata cards are accessible only in this database. To host a game with Goat format, you just need to change the banlist file and then Enable Old Rules. If anyone still needs it, here is the link: http://ygopro.us/
  10. I apologize for keeping everyone waiting on news, but pre-errata cards will now work properly on Salvation's Goat Format duels. Just remember before making your deck to set the database in the Settings tab to 3-Goats.cdb to access the Goat Format cardpool, set the banlist to Goat Format, and to check on Enable Old Rules.   Still working on fixing pre-erratas, but the Old Rules option is now fixed To me this whole fiasco highlights why the non-automated DN/YVD style of online yugioh will always be superior to automated. No matter how much you try to stay on top of it, bugs will rule the day and you will alienate some section of the player base. Flexibility > Automation   All online simulators are prone to bugs, including manual platforms. It took a bit longer to fix this issue because the staff at Salvation was busy with other concurrent issues. Yes, there will often be bugs to fix, and we appreciate when users report them so that we can solve them ASAP. Also, Salvation is still working on a manual mode to be available in addition to the existing automatic mode, though the legal fiasco involving DN has caused us to take longer on it.   I have received this PM from Ynusgridorh and decided that it would be best to answer this in the thread. I admit that I wasn't aware that the replay rule worked differently during the 2005 era until I heard this concern. I have mentioned before that the ygopro aspect of Salvation is just a port along with DevPro and YGOPro Percy, and it's difficult to change core aspects such as how replays behave. I cannot guarantee that we'll provide a solution for this, but we'll consider our options.   In the meantime, feel free to try out Goat Format on Salvation now that it's operational. If there are any bugs or concerns that exist, please mention them to me or on Salvation's forums.
  11. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    Both Kozmo and PK BA will play three Strikes, that's pretty relevant. You don't need Ariadne to make it a consistent threat.
  12. Still working on fixing pre-erratas, but the Old Rules option is now fixed
  13. devpro/ygopro

    Only two guys do the updates for Percy, and they tend to slack on updating card legalities
  14. Monarch - Deck Discussion

      Did you know that there is a card called solemn strike ?There also happens to be a card called Phantom Knights' Fog Blade. Even if it's uncommon to see Veiler in game 1 going into the new banlist, those two cards alone will practically end your turn. If the side deck had enough room, maybe it would be neat to side out the Squires for Mithra and something else to play around the additional effect negation.
  15. Updated Forbidden & Limited List

    Plasma targets, so it makes sense for TER to as well.