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  1. Do your cards mean anything to you?

    Hey everyone! Quick question here. I feel really attached to a specific card and I feel alone because no one around me understands my connection to it. I've owned dante, traveler of the burning abyss since I was a little kid and he's been with me my entire life. He's my best friend and I love him. Sometimes I get so happy with excitement when I see him that I feel like I'll explode all over him. He's so chiseled and handsome and I just want to do so much to him. When he's cold I just want to warm him with my love. I can sometimes see the wanting in his eyes. Is it wrong for me to feel this way? I just want to let go off this heavy load onto him. Does anyone else feel this way about their soul card?
  2. Sage said he was gay then he disappeared

    hi @mark
  3. forgot to do this yesterday, won 2-0 vs blader98
  4. OD Superman Has Been Disqualified

    @OD Superman RED SALUTE
  5. Round 6: ALL THE OUTS vs .D.E.T.O.X.

    smh allen why're u tonguing kris' asshole so hard
  6. GOOD NIGHT SIGURIMI sign me up again same usernames as before
  7. Week 2: The Sigurimi vs Actual Literal Nuts

    won 2-1 vs cmeyer (pure zoo vs draco zoo)
  8. forgot to report earlier won 2-1 vs frogman goat format (42 junk vs chaos )
  9. Week 2: The Sigurimi vs Actual Literal Nuts

    won 2-0 vs jesse zoo > paleo
  10. wrinklywinkie won vs mark wrinklywinkie was on DDD and mark was using pure zoo
  11. arvin the thirstest indian alive i used pkba as the supplementary engine
  12. sign up for only current (wrinklywinkie on db) won 2-1 vs monahan using 60 card BA vs his dark synchro
  13. Opt in/Opt Out Thread

    opt in cd & u
  14. DuelistGroundz username: wrinklywinkie (????????) Discord username: arvin the 9gag mememaker/arvin the thirstiest indian alive Formats: prefer current Expected level of activity: 1 or 2 matches a day probably (things might change as my workload increases) Want to be on a team with (list any DGZ users that apply): digbick, satchmotot, kyou, fvfrythfng , monahan (Optional) Credentials/why you would be a good team member: i like apple juice and cheez its and i also have autism