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  1. @OD Superman RED SALUTE
  2. smh allen why're u tonguing kris' asshole so hard
  3. GOOD NIGHT SIGURIMI sign me up again same usernames as before
  4. won 2-1 vs cmeyer (pure zoo vs draco zoo)
  5. forgot to report earlier won 2-1 vs frogman goat format (42 junk vs chaos )
  6. won 2-0 vs jesse zoo > paleo
  7. wrinklywinkie won vs mark wrinklywinkie was on DDD and mark was using pure zoo
  8. arvin the thirstest indian alive i used pkba as the supplementary engine
  9. sign up for only current (wrinklywinkie on db) won 2-1 vs monahan using 60 card BA vs his dark synchro
  10. opt in cd & u
  11. DuelistGroundz username: wrinklywinkie (????????) Discord username: arvin the 9gag mememaker/arvin the thirstiest indian alive Formats: prefer current Expected level of activity: 1 or 2 matches a day probably (things might change as my workload increases) Want to be on a team with (list any DGZ users that apply): digbick, satchmotot, kyou, fvfrythfng , monahan (Optional) Credentials/why you would be a good team member: i like apple juice and cheez its and i also have autism
  12. ???

    http://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/28/us/pepe-the-frog-is-listed-as-a-hate-symbol-by-the-anti-defamation-league.html?smid=fb-nytimes&smtyp=cur ???? ?????????????????????????????????????
  13. yeah lets just never play traps bc if u play trap u lose i too have autism
  14. i definitely dont think running 3 copies of dragon spirit of white and 3 copies of all our tuners is correct. the correct way to think about this deck is to probably think of it as a mythic ruler deck where blue eyes isnt a complete brick (also if our field dies we kinda die too). going off that, one of the first things we did was try and minimize the number of tuners so we wouldnt get fucked over by extra bricks (the stones arent really that strong so i dont think running more than 1 of each is correct). one thing ocg did with mythicc ruler in order to be able to consistently see a tuner was use corsesca with dragon ravine in order to have easy access to level 1 tuner for making syncrho/CoC as well as access to trade-in fodder. by orienting our deck around this idea, we can also use terraforming and mausoleum of white. mausoleum of white is a key card because it triggers maiden AND gives us multiple normal summons, which is really strong with sage with eyes of blue and where arf thou. sage is really strong because it can equate to double blue eyes with just maiden (which then leads to a dark matter to amorphage goliath play), search out a tuner for CoC if we need to fix our hand, or search the second tuner needed for the stronger mausoleum plays. where arf thou, when paired with another level 1 tuner (which we have plenty of thanks to being able to hard draw them or search them out with dragon ravine/terraforming) basically functions as a stronger sage. the key strength of this build imo is ancient fairy dragon since it lets you access crystal wing dragon. seeing maiden, any other 2 tuners, mausoleum, and another way to get a level 8 dragon on the field allows you to end with spirit + crystal wing dragon. 1) mausoleum on maiden -> summon bewd. 2) mausoleum to summon 2nd light tuner (note that in this step, you can use sage in order to get access to the third tuner) 3) make spirit -> then go to afd summon 3rd tuner and search whatever field spell you need) 4) summon 2nd level 8 5) make crystal wing + spirit with all the deck thin and drawing this card has, the odds of getting to this set up should be really favorable, but we still have other plays which are really strong if we dont see that. the side isnt really a side but just stuff that i didnt main but could be good. dragon spirit of white isnt really that great going first, but i think its really interesting because it also lets us run dragon's bind. mike/satch/kyou/me collab recipe: satch/mike/akd will get around to talking about pot of cupidity and running more than 40 cards later. basically though, its not correct and they have the math to explain why thats true.
  15. this is dgz not dnf. stop posting decklists which are obviously old as fuck to try and bait replies . if you dont have anything meaningful to post, then dont fucking post