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  1. civil unrest in Canada

    Pretty much sums up my point right here and enjoy getting invaded by pretty much any country once we stop breast feeding you , how much does your country spend on national security/defense???? But from your liberal point of view war was probably so "barbaric" and could never possibly happen in this day and age.......NOT IN CANADA GOD FORBID Your economy flourhes because you;ve been our hat for over a century , and you've never had to deal with any sort of crisis , you just call the USA when you have problems ans kiss our ass and then say they're fucking trash behind our backs , you know why? because they cant handle the truth their still our hat , OURS , thats right you know why so many canadians are SO butthurt over america? because no one gives a flying shit about canada , it doesnt make world headlines , it doesnt create new technology (that matters) , it doesnt come up with new ideas , it doesn't fix anything....."superior country"
  2. civil unrest in Canada

    I love how canadains are so anti-american , and they're only argument is "your all stupid war monglers herp derp" , civilized genius's canada good job setting that bar for us war mongling idiots , staying classy vancouver Sorry just needed to vent , i live very close to canada , the elitism/liberalism is through the roof there when half of them would land you in prison if you spill there tim hortons coffee or wouldn't even step in to stop someone getting raped , you're nothing special canada , and as much as a wanted to see vancouver win , im kinda happy they didnt :\ and i hate boston with a passion Tell me when the last time a riot was this bad in america for losing the super bowl or stanley cup.......You wonder why america treats you like a little baby/half a joke , you cant even deal with a ice hockey loss
  3. NBA '10/'11 Season

  4. NBA '10/'11 Season

    miami fanbase is a joke....
  5. NHL '10 / '11 Season

    rofl @ series goal differential
  6. Smoke 4!

    microwaves , fucking miracles
  7. NBA '10/'11 Season

    lol miami choked , niggers got dirked
  8. Smoke 4!

    high as a bird
  9. Summer Soccer Thread

    Five players on Mexico’s Gold Cup squad have tested positive for a banned substance and will be removed from the roster, Mexican Soccer Federation general secretary Decio de María confirmed in a press conference on Thursday. dirty cunts
  10. You wish your balls were this big

    Essawy: By the Arab youth, which is about to explode. Soon, they will be ready to take on the mightiest foe. Pretty much sums up the arab community , fucking hatred filled and wanting to destroy and rape everyone but their own instead of bettering themselves in anyway It makes me sad these durka shits will be the majority of the population in 20 years Essawy: I think it’s time we start celebrating genuine talent. For years we’ve been celebrating nothing but sex. I’ve taught children how to chew glass and pull cars with their teeth - the proof is on YouTube. I can raise a generation of super soldiers. I’ve jumped from ten-story buildings, I’ve hung myself many times and have been repeatedly run over. So, when I say I have the intellect and strength to take a lion down, people should take me seriously. Why isn’t anyone listening to me? I don’t know, but it’s very frustrating... lmao
  11. South Park Season 15!

    yes it was the mid season finale , guess they are prepping all the fans for the last half a season?
  12. South Park Season 15!

    SP is ending
  13. South Park Season 15!

    what the fuck did i just watch
  14. Summer Soccer Thread

    USA needs to smash mexico