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  1. Ipad 2 Tournament Report

    Very nice report, Luke. What I really respect about you the most is your humility, honesty, and willingness to learn. Don't change that for anything. Those are really good traits to have nowadays, even outside of yugioh. Also, don't worry about the luck factor too much; I think you're really good and that combined with your luck is exactly what you need to be great. Skill isn't the only factor that counts, remember that. I get savagely lucky sometimes too--everyone does. So yeah, congrats on joining our team and congrats on taking me down in the finals of the iPad
  2. WCS NA Top 64 Decklists

    My wind up decklist. 41 cards Monster: 20 3 wind-up shark 3 wind-up rat 3 tour guide from the underworld 3 wind-up rabbit 2 snowman eater 2 effect veiler 2 wind-up magician 1 wind-up hunter 1 sangan Spells: 13 2 mystical space typhoon 2 wind-up factory 2 soul taker 1 mind control 1 instant fusion 1 heavy storm 1 dark hole 1 monster reborn 1 book of moon 1 pot of avarice Traps: 8 2 solemn warning 2 torrential tribute 2 bottomless traphole 1 compulsory evacuation device 1 solemn judgment Extra deck: 15 3 wind-up zenmaighty 2 wind-up zenmaines 1 charubin the fire knight 1 karbanola warrior 1 flower wolf 1 leviair the sea dragon 1 acid golem 1 number 17: leviathan dragon 1 number 39: utopia 1 steelswarm roach 1 tiras, keeper of genesis 1 temtempo Side deck: 15 3 messenger of peace 2 level limit area b 2 shadow mirror 2 royal decree 2 maxx "c" 2 prohibition 1 effect veiler 1 mystical space typhoon
  3. [quote name='sb24stk' timestamp='1341133136' post='3221752'][quote name='kehw' timestamp='1341129150' post='3221740'] Smith Flip Summoned his Leviathan Dragon and attacked Ginsberg’s face-down [b]Gravekeeper’s Recruiter[/b]. [b]Gravekeeper’s Recruiter[/b] survived the battle with 2000 DEF. Next, Smith activated [b]Mind Control[/b] to take control of [b]Gravekeeper’s Recruiter[/b], and Flip Summoned his [b]Snowman Eater[/b], destroying his own Leviathan Dragon with its effect. He combined [b]Snowman Eater[/b] with [b]Gravekeeper’s Recruiter[/b] to Summon [b]Wind-Up Zenmaines[/b] and then attacked directly with it. I wish i could have 2 battle phases [/quote] it might be a typo same with this Ginsberg drew [b]Necrovalley[/b] and time in the round was called! He Flip Summoned [b]Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo[/b] and attacked over [b]Wind-Up Magician[/b] to tie up the Duel! Ginsberg Set [b]Gravekeeper’s Recruiter[/b] and passed. Smith activated [b]Heavy Storm[/b] to clear the back rows and then Flip Summoned [b]Wind-Up Magician[/b]. He Normal Summoned [b]Wind-Up Rat[/b] and activated its effect to Special Summon Magician from his Graveyard. His other Magician’s effect activated to Special Summon [b]Wind-Up Hunter[/b] from his Deck. He Tributed [b]Wind-Up Magician[/b] for Hunter’s effect to send [b]Gravekeeper’s Spy[/b] from Ginsberg’s hand to his Graveyard. Am I the only one wondering what happen to a face up fossil dyna[/quote] Lolol yeah my feature matches always get fucked up. Apparently I'm absolutely broken in them because all my plays are illegal. The truth is, I used soul taker on the fossil dyna. I also didn't attack into that recruiter, I just used mind control on it. There were several times where Kohanim got flustered because we forgot about him altogether and he would be like, "wait freeze play...what just happened???" Then, when we explain it to him, I have to assume that something gets lost in translation. This is just like my "duality then flip spy" shenanigans that never actually happened. I think it's kind of funny that it's always me. People are gonna start playing "who can find the illegal play in Frazier's feature match first."
  4. Inzektor - Discussion

    [quote name='Alistar' timestamp='1336870690' post='3178947'] i think ladybug and hopper are both trash in a meta without mirrors (circa Dallas), i firmly believe the trooper, triple call route with no hoppers OR ladybugs is the route to go. now that you have to build your deck for speed and not necessarily consistency, i.e. running even MORE combo only cards (ladybugs) as opposed to single card grinders like Trooper and TGU, the deck just feels like absolute shit to me. i went to baltimore randomly this weekend and have played in a couple locals while i've been here, and i've just trounced all the inzektor players with these new fangled builds D: now, granted they kind of suck and didn't know the more advanced plays, they still took me to game 3. problem is the deck draws so fucking shitty as it is, they just had no chance. i've been running into the same problem when i build it on DN. i'll get really pumped up and confident in my 20/10/10 deck (i mean, those numbers are so fucking rare), it looks so consistent on paper, then i'll just get thrashed by every deck under the sun with my ladybug only or double centipede hands. upsetting. i'd seriously put my money on rabbit or even chaos dragons. i realize that saying that doesn't bring much to this thread since it's ummm... inzektor discussion, but seriously. fuck this shit. [/quote] Well what do you know, you've seemed to take ALL the words right out of my mouth.
  5. YCS Philadelphia

    I'll be there I live a couple blocks down the street from the convention center.
  6. YCS Guadalajara, Mexico

    lol do they just NOT believe in Maxx "C" in Mexico??? I shouldn't be looking at decklists with 0 copies. Like is this real or am I being trolled?
  7. I think one of your reasons should have been something about how well the deck can side. Rivalry and Gozen are both game ending cards against Wind-ups. For every copy that you draw they will need to have an answer. Rivalry is pretty ruinous to Dino-Rabbit too. I don't think people are really siding leeching the light anymore considering all the slots needed for Inzektors, Wind-ups, and Dino-Rabbit.
  8. Wind-Up - Discussion

    [quote name='anzi104' timestamp='1328133459' post='3090422'] I feel like this deck doesn't handle t1 TK + backrow/hand traps well at all. Can someone reassure me that beyond TGU, Dark Hole, TT, and Book there are [i]good[/i] ways to answer such a scenario? [/quote] Heart of the cards
  9. TCG Premier Events Top Players List

    After YCS Kansas City, Robert Boyajian and Stephen Silverman have 7 tops. I now have 6.

    [quote name='Allenpennington' timestamp='1326900824' post='3078723']I like how they completely ignored the poll results. (I'm not being sarcastic. I actually do like it.)[/quote] yes the poll was only meant to account for 25% of the choice. This was obviously put in place because of the abusive nature of internet polls aka Sorosh lol

    I'm really happy this article won. When Jim asked me to submit my top10 articles I had this article as no.1 It was just so well written AND relevant which is hard to do. Congrats to the winner and the rest of the top4. Also, thanks to all the DGZ participants.
  12. Wind-Up - Discussion

    [quote name='Marcicus' timestamp='1326361983' post='3073896'] Go about the loop without tributing anything, then when you get to the last Rat + Hunter on field, XYZ into Invoker, special Soldier, pump to 2200 and swing for game. [/quote] hmmmm I think that Invoker says ss in face up defense position.
  13. Agent - Discussion

    First of all, Xyzs and Synchros are options. Therefore, to call an option "bad" when it has some real relevance, which was already stated, seems foolish to me. There is nothing wrong with Black Mist and it SHOULD be in your Agent extra decks because it's another option that answers certain scenarios. Also, Earth is a level 2 monster so there are other ways to bring it out other than having to use all 3 shine balls. What I really like about him is that he can beat just about any monster in battle and he's a dark so you don't need to draw a dark monster to make a Soldier or Sorcerer live. That in itself is worthy of a slot. I never understood why people complained about having more options as long as those options aren't ruining the game (like wind-up zenmaighty for instance) lol
  14. Agent - Discussion

    [quote name='yugioh twelve' timestamp='1326077809' post='3070961'] on average (because i know it depends on your hand), if you open up summon tkr set chain do you chain their tour guide [/quote] Well it does depend immensely on the matchup. BUT, if tking is my only monster than I would chain the guide. If I have like a venus or an earth I would just let them go through an xyz to kill tking. Holding traps for long periods is almost always beneficial and one of the many things that separates the good from the bad.