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  1. Ipad 2 Tournament Report

    Very nice report, Luke. What I really respect about you the most is your humility, honesty, and willingness to learn. Don't change that for anything. Those are really good traits to have nowadays, even outside of yugioh. Also, don't worry about the luck factor too much; I think you're really good and that combined with your luck is exactly what you need to be great. Skill isn't the only factor that counts, remember that. I get savagely lucky sometimes too--everyone does. So yeah, congrats on joining our team and congrats on taking me down in the finals of the iPad
  2. WCS NA Top 64 Decklists

    My wind up decklist. 41 cards Monster: 20 3 wind-up shark 3 wind-up rat 3 tour guide from the underworld 3 wind-up rabbit 2 snowman eater 2 effect veiler 2 wind-up magician 1 wind-up hunter 1 sangan Spells: 13 2 mystical space typhoon 2 wind-up factory 2 soul taker 1 mind control 1 instant fusion 1 heavy storm 1 dark hole 1 monster reborn 1 book of moon 1 pot of avarice Traps: 8 2 solemn warning 2 torrential tribute 2 bottomless traphole 1 compulsory evacuation device 1 solemn judgment Extra deck: 15 3 wind-up zenmaighty 2 wind-up zenmaines 1 charubin the fire knight 1 karbanola warrior 1 flower wolf 1 leviair the sea dragon 1 acid golem 1 number 17: leviathan dragon 1 number 39: utopia 1 steelswarm roach 1 tiras, keeper of genesis 1 temtempo Side deck: 15 3 messenger of peace 2 level limit area b 2 shadow mirror 2 royal decree 2 maxx "c" 2 prohibition 1 effect veiler 1 mystical space typhoon
  3. [quote name='sb24stk' timestamp='1341133136' post='3221752'][quote name='kehw' timestamp='1341129150' post='3221740'] Smith Flip Summoned his Leviathan Dragon and attacked Ginsberg’s face-down [b]Gravekeeper’s Recruiter[/b]. [b]Gravekeeper’s Recruiter[/b] survived the battle with 2000 DEF. Next, Smith activated [b]Mind Control[/b] to take control of [b]Gravekeeper’s Recruiter[/b], and Flip Summoned his [b]Snowman Eater[/b], destroying his own Leviathan Dragon with its effect. He combined [b]Snowman Eater[/b] with [b]Gravekeeper’s Recruiter[/b] to Summon [b]Wind-Up Zenmaines[/b] and then attacked directly with it. I wish i could have 2 battle phases [/quote] it might be a typo same with this Ginsberg drew [b]Necrovalley[/b] and time in the round was called! He Flip Summoned [b]Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo[/b] and attacked over [b]Wind-Up Magician[/b] to tie up the Duel! Ginsberg Set [b]Gravekeeper’s Recruiter[/b] and passed. Smith activated [b]Heavy Storm[/b] to clear the back rows and then Flip Summoned [b]Wind-Up Magician[/b]. He Normal Summoned [b]Wind-Up Rat[/b] and activated its effect to Special Summon Magician from his Graveyard. His other Magician’s effect activated to Special Summon [b]Wind-Up Hunter[/b] from his Deck. He Tributed [b]Wind-Up Magician[/b] for Hunter’s effect to send [b]Gravekeeper’s Spy[/b] from Ginsberg’s hand to his Graveyard. Am I the only one wondering what happen to a face up fossil dyna[/quote] Lolol yeah my feature matches always get fucked up. Apparently I'm absolutely broken in them because all my plays are illegal. The truth is, I used soul taker on the fossil dyna. I also didn't attack into that recruiter, I just used mind control on it. There were several times where Kohanim got flustered because we forgot about him altogether and he would be like, "wait freeze play...what just happened???" Then, when we explain it to him, I have to assume that something gets lost in translation. This is just like my "duality then flip spy" shenanigans that never actually happened. I think it's kind of funny that it's always me. People are gonna start playing "who can find the illegal play in Frazier's feature match first."
  4. Inzektor - Discussion

    [quote name='Alistar' timestamp='1336870690' post='3178947'] i think ladybug and hopper are both trash in a meta without mirrors (circa Dallas), i firmly believe the trooper, triple call route with no hoppers OR ladybugs is the route to go. now that you have to build your deck for speed and not necessarily consistency, i.e. running even MORE combo only cards (ladybugs) as opposed to single card grinders like Trooper and TGU, the deck just feels like absolute shit to me. i went to baltimore randomly this weekend and have played in a couple locals while i've been here, and i've just trounced all the inzektor players with these new fangled builds D: now, granted they kind of suck and didn't know the more advanced plays, they still took me to game 3. problem is the deck draws so fucking shitty as it is, they just had no chance. i've been running into the same problem when i build it on DN. i'll get really pumped up and confident in my 20/10/10 deck (i mean, those numbers are so fucking rare), it looks so consistent on paper, then i'll just get thrashed by every deck under the sun with my ladybug only or double centipede hands. upsetting. i'd seriously put my money on rabbit or even chaos dragons. i realize that saying that doesn't bring much to this thread since it's ummm... inzektor discussion, but seriously. fuck this shit. [/quote] Well what do you know, you've seemed to take ALL the words right out of my mouth.
  5. YCS Philadelphia

    I'll be there I live a couple blocks down the street from the convention center.
  6. YCS Guadalajara, Mexico

    lol do they just NOT believe in Maxx "C" in Mexico??? I shouldn't be looking at decklists with 0 copies. Like is this real or am I being trolled?
  7. I think one of your reasons should have been something about how well the deck can side. Rivalry and Gozen are both game ending cards against Wind-ups. For every copy that you draw they will need to have an answer. Rivalry is pretty ruinous to Dino-Rabbit too. I don't think people are really siding leeching the light anymore considering all the slots needed for Inzektors, Wind-ups, and Dino-Rabbit.
  8. Wind-Up - Discussion

    [quote name='anzi104' timestamp='1328133459' post='3090422'] I feel like this deck doesn't handle t1 TK + backrow/hand traps well at all. Can someone reassure me that beyond TGU, Dark Hole, TT, and Book there are [i]good[/i] ways to answer such a scenario? [/quote] Heart of the cards
  9. TCG Premier Events Top Players List

    After YCS Kansas City, Robert Boyajian and Stephen Silverman have 7 tops. I now have 6.

    [quote name='Allenpennington' timestamp='1326900824' post='3078723']I like how they completely ignored the poll results. (I'm not being sarcastic. I actually do like it.)[/quote] yes the poll was only meant to account for 25% of the choice. This was obviously put in place because of the abusive nature of internet polls aka Sorosh lol

    I'm really happy this article won. When Jim asked me to submit my top10 articles I had this article as no.1 It was just so well written AND relevant which is hard to do. Congrats to the winner and the rest of the top4. Also, thanks to all the DGZ participants.
  12. Wind-Up - Discussion

    [quote name='Marcicus' timestamp='1326361983' post='3073896'] Go about the loop without tributing anything, then when you get to the last Rat + Hunter on field, XYZ into Invoker, special Soldier, pump to 2200 and swing for game. [/quote] hmmmm I think that Invoker says ss in face up defense position.
  13. Agent - Discussion

    First of all, Xyzs and Synchros are options. Therefore, to call an option "bad" when it has some real relevance, which was already stated, seems foolish to me. There is nothing wrong with Black Mist and it SHOULD be in your Agent extra decks because it's another option that answers certain scenarios. Also, Earth is a level 2 monster so there are other ways to bring it out other than having to use all 3 shine balls. What I really like about him is that he can beat just about any monster in battle and he's a dark so you don't need to draw a dark monster to make a Soldier or Sorcerer live. That in itself is worthy of a slot. I never understood why people complained about having more options as long as those options aren't ruining the game (like wind-up zenmaighty for instance) lol
  14. Agent - Discussion

    [quote name='yugioh twelve' timestamp='1326077809' post='3070961'] on average (because i know it depends on your hand), if you open up summon tkr set chain do you chain their tour guide [/quote] Well it does depend immensely on the matchup. BUT, if tking is my only monster than I would chain the guide. If I have like a venus or an earth I would just let them go through an xyz to kill tking. Holding traps for long periods is almost always beneficial and one of the many things that separates the good from the bad.
  15. Agent - Discussion

    Other than that he IS an agent and he has a little pop of grave manipulation built in. I wonder how it would work if I dropped 1 maxx c and mirror force for effect veiler and mind control or 2 veilers-- post ORCS of course. The biggest problem I had with the dark versions is that you really can't play tking because then you have a bajillion normal summons which create clumpy hands. "Planet Chaos," which is agents with dark monsters, as I call it, plays very different from "Pure Agents." I feel like it's extremely weak to dolkka and playing lots of traps in it takes away from the power of tragoedia which I think is a pivotal part of planet chaos. Idk maybe I'll make a list for that with rabbit in mind and see what happens.
  16. Agent - Discussion

    No birdman because I wanted to make maxx c as dead as possible and it doesn't help your bad hands to get any better. It's also shit after you already used up Venus and her balls. I dont play gorz because of the 3 fiendish chains. I actually like him in the side more which is where he is atm. Mind control is pretty good. It was underperforming for some reason though because outside of earth there really isn't much to do with it. Like I said, I would probably take out force for it. I don't like guide in this deck or any of that dark stuff. This deck plays almost like an antimeta-ish deck. If I add guides then the dualities must come out which I personally think makes the agent engine consistent. I'm not dropping kristya and I love thunder king too much. To answer the question about always going Venus first turn or whatever, my answer is that if you open with thunder king he should be the first monster you summon going first. Think about what happens turn 1 when you summon Venus and they use maxx c-- you end your turn with a super vulnerable field. However tking automatically puts a soft lock on the game in your favor, assuming your hand isn't just earths and dualities. Jupiter is fresh lol. He makes those other earths very relevant and he must be negated by laggia. Therefore, you can set up the Hyperion plays smoother which is also very relevant.
  17. Agent - Discussion

    Alright guys so the first thing I wanna say is that mirror force is for sure coming out but it was in there for the rabbit matchup and the suprise factor. Going forward I was thinking of mind control or effect veiler. Any questions or suggestions, please feel free to ask. I'll be up all night lol
  18. Agent - Discussion

    Well it looks like the article is being posted today instead @bodan: it's exactly 40 cards lol
  19. Agent - Discussion

    I have an article on ARG that will most likely be posted on Monday. It has my Agent list in it-- the same one that abkoolkid used to go undefeated at Philly and undefeated until the finals of a TGU tourney. To the few people who have my list, I ask that you don't post it here until the article is released because I want people to actually read it, or some of it, to see my logic on certain cards and the way the deck was built. It's not some crazy, draw-dropping, never before thought of deck. It's just consistent at what it does which is beating Rabbit and Plants. Once again, I'd advise reading the article for a little insight. After it's posted I'll discuss the deck in greater detail in this thread. I can't say everything that I want to say in my articles because we write for everyone but I feel that DGZ is for the more advanced players so I have no problem doing it here.
  20. Alternate Format: Top Deck'n Highlander Style

    so alistar and I just played like 2-3 hours of this format on dueling network and after that I think we both concluded that: Brionac should be banned Tour Guide should be banned Reborn is iffy for banning (he says it should be and I don't mind it) Infernity Guardian needs to be banned only IF brionac is banned
  21. Plants - Discussion

    I'm actually starting to get a little frustrated with the whole "samurai-esque" feel of that deck. The deck requires little to no skill in my opinion and it can just rape you as early as turn 1 if you didn't draw well. Also, finding a stable side against the deck is proving problematic. I've tried fiendish chains, d-prisons, bottomless, 3 reapers, etc. I haven't tried smashing ground yet but I doubt that will have much more impact than the aforementioned cards. It seems like you have to rely on them opening average or worse because a lot of their hands do not care about how good you are at the game. Actually, their hands don't even care how good they are at the game. They just have to NOT be a full blown retard, negating only specific cards that matter at the time. And yes, I'm aware that there are hands in EVERY deck that can outright win the game but the consistency of the dino-rabbit deck accomplishing this, and the overall EASE of it makes me despise it. Fuck rabbit season. Fuck Bugs Bunny. Fuck em. Also, has anyone noticed that more people are starting to play the deck now too? Like those people who can't play the plant mirror to save their lives, or the old samurai players. I find that funny. The deck is so expensive that I feel like konami is selling wins
  22. Top32 YCS Kansas City

    This is my first ever tournament report DGZ so bear with me. I tried to make this as interesting as a plant tournament report can be lol I flew out with my usual cast and crew from my hometown Philly—Stephen Silverman, Sean McCabe, Jeff Walker, and Carolyn Colajezzi. We flew out on Wednesday since it was cheaper for everyone else and I refuse to travel alone if I don’t have to. Silverman and I decided early on that we were playing plants 100%. It’s just the best deck, etc. McCabe thought he was going to play rabbit for sure until Friday night when Alistar came to our hotel room and busted his shit like inf games. We all put together a side deck the night before but somehow everyone ended up making their own little changes to it based on our individual experiences and play styles. The build I decided on was: Monsters: 22 3 Maxx “C” 3 Tour Guide From the Underworld 3 Reborn Tengu 2 Thunder King Rai-Oh 1 Debris Dragon 1 Lonefire Blossom 2 Spirit Reaper 1 Glow-Up Bulb 1 Caius the Shadow Monarch 1 Sangan 1 Gorz the Emissary of Darkness 1 Spore 1 Dandylion 1 Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning Spells: 13 2 Mystical Space Typhoon 2 Enemy Controller 1 Foolish Burial 1 Heavy Storm 1 One for One 1 Scapegoat 1 Dark Hole 1 Book of Moon 1 Mind Control 1 Monster Reborn 1 Pot of Avarice Traps: 5 2 Solemn Warning 1 Solemn Judgment 1 Trap Dustshoot 1 Torrential Tribute Extra Deck: 15 1 Formula Synchron 1 Armory Arm 1 T.G. Hyper Librarian 1 Ally of Justice Catastor 1 Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier 1 Orient Dragon 1 Black Rose Dragon 1 Ancient Fairy Dragon 1 Stardust Dragon 1 Scrap Dragon 1 Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier 1 Leviair the Sea Dragon 1 Number 17: Leviathan Dragon 1 Number 39: Utopia 1 Wind-Up Zenmaines Side Deck: 15 2 Dimensional Prison 2 Fiendish Chain 2 Doomcaliber Knight 2 Mind Crush 1 Bottomless Trap Hole 1 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Leeching the Light 1 Royal Decree 1 D.D. Crow 1 Closed Forest 1 Spirit Reaper During the pairings/player meeting both Joe Bogli and I get called to be bounty duelists for YCS Kansas City which was pretty cool. Joe and I talked a lot before the match started since we had become formally acquainted in Toronto. [b][u]Round 1:[/u][/b] Frazier Smith vs Joe Bogli (Plants) Game 1: He wins the die roll and opens up with 2 set backrows, one of which turned out to be Dustshoot. I drew for turn and stared at him then said “anything?” He kinda realized what I was hinting at and then obliged to activate the Dustshoot revealing my hand and putting back my tengu. This also let him see that I had no Maxx C so on his next turn he goes Lonefire reborn and starts to get a pop of rape in but I decide to not scoop because I wanted to see where it would end up (librarian formula obv, oh and he had the avarice too). I somehow, and I still don’t know how, but I comeback with a Trishula play that utterly rapes him and then I start to draw nicely off the top like my own pot of avarice and thunderking and caius. I win this game and we both talk about how there was no way I was supposed to win that game lol Game 2: He wins fairly quickly opening Dustshoot this game as well. I’m noticing an annoying pattern already so we move on to game 3. Game 3: I am in complete control the entire game but I had to sacrifice a lot of my lifepoints to make sure everything worked out and since this is a plant mirror we didn’t have much time left so he is at 8000 and I’m at like 3600 with 4 minutes left. I get him down to 5600 with a direct shot from caius and then he topdecks tour guide, plays darkhole, hits me for 2k and I go down to 1600 in time. I was so mad about going into time because he started playing really slow at the end but w/e. I called on the powers of black god and asked for BLS 1 time and I legit topdecked it and slammed it down on his field of tour guide and Sangan. I normal crow, tribute it for econ, take his Sangan, and have soldier hit him for 5000 and Sangan hit for game. I claimed his bounty and mine and kept it moving. Juice! 1-0 [b][u]Round 2:[/u][/b] Frazier Smith vs Plants Game 1: He wins the die roll and sets 3 backrows. I summon tengu and he goes warning. I reborn it and attack for 1700. I don’t set any backrows or anything because my deck just doesn’t draw traps. He summons a tking which I use econ to take and make utopia by tributing my tengu. I win by just attacking him for turns with utopia. It was weird. Game 2: I remember we both have like 4 cards and I’m staring at my hand of tour guide and one for one so I check his grave and notice he already used 2 maxx c on me. I summon guide, grab Sangan, ram into his tengu, grab dandy, play one for one dandy, go off into librarian+formula and continue to bully him for the rest of the game until he scoops. The exact course of plays were absolutely absurd: · Summon guide, get Sangan and attack tengu with sangan · Get dandy off of Sangan’s effect · One for one dandy, glow up+guide+token into librarian · Mill top card make formula · Draw 2 · Mind control his tengu · Activate my maxx c and Synchro for Brionac with his tengu · Draw 2 · Discard for brio effect, bouncing his tengu · He summons another · I draw for maxx c again · Set Dustshoot and warning. Rapeeeeeeeeeee….. More bounty packs. Juice! 2-0 [b][u]Round 3:[/u][/b] Frazier Smith vs Plants Game 1: I lose game 1 because it literally takes me 7 turns to draw a monster other than 2 maxx c. It also took him ENTIRELY too long to kill me but he got around to it. It was quite a frustrating game. Game 2: I hit him with a surprise doomcaliber knight on his open field where I read a gorz. He looks like he is shitting bricks so he uses maxx c before I attack to kill doomcaliber and I use maxx c knowing he is trying to drop gorz. I draw 2 and make short work of him. Game 3: The most confusing shit happened lol. He opens foolish+debris and just makes a scrap dragon and passes with 3 tokens on board. I’m so lost so I just like summon guide, he veilers, I econ, take scrap, kill all his tokens and his scrap dragon with its effect and pass. He drops a tking and attacks the Sangan. I draw and pass with an open field. He summons another tking and attacks directly lol. I drop the obvious gorz and he says “chain maxx c.” I’m like you can’t do that. Then he just stares at the field dumbfounded for all of 30 seconds which causes him to end his turn with no backrows or anything. I rape with gorz, the token, and reaper. I walk him to the event stage to claim my packs and wish him well. Juice! 3-0 [b][u]Round 4:[/u][/b] Frazier Smith vs WhaTheFuck Game 1: I win the die roll for once and open soldier and 3 maxx c. I’m like well I hope this guy is playing fucking plants or else lol but little did I fucking know that he was using what SEEMED like T.G. judging by the pot of duality that revealed a horn of the phantom beast and tengu. All I remember is setting a reaper and him dropping an Exarion Universe on me and everyone around started laughing including myself. I scooped because not only was I losing horrendously but it was just game anyways. Game 2: Side decking was very weird for this matchup. I didn’t know what the hell was going on but I put in my 1 pop of decree, the 3[sup]rd[/sup] mst, and 2 dprisons. I drop a turn 1 tking and he summons berserk gorilla which I luckily have a econ to switch to defense and kill. At this point I’m so lost and it’s showing by my animated reactions to his plays. I keep wondering how the hell he beat 3 people before me lol. Somebody in Kansas City had to be tasting tears but I would share none of that salt with them. I ended up molesting him with scrap dragon and double spirit reaper taking away every card he had. Game 3: He opens with a set monster and a set backrow. I summon tking and attack into Exarion Universe who has a huge ass—1900 def!!! I’m like this cant be real. At this point all my friends are there watching and commenting and laughing at me get dougied on by this guy. I’m starting to slowly rage quit and it only gets worse when he end phase typhoons my warning and drops a gene-warped werewolf on my tking. I heard the crowds erupting behind me and the tears welling up in my eyes but I called on black god for some miracle work and he began to answer. I get a tour guide off the top and go into leviathan and beat the shit out of the gene-warped. He draws duality and it shows dark hole, exchange, and warning. Everyone laughs at me again because they see my hand of dark hole and he keeps touching the exchange like he wants to take it. I saw a savage dougie in my future but luckily he didn’t go for style points and just opted to take the dark hole. He dark holes the leviathan and I slowly come back from his deck just crapping out on him. It was a strangely close match but I pulled it out and walked his ass to the stage to collect my well deserved packs. He wasn’t fuckin wit my dougie. 4-0 [b][u]Round 5:[/u][/b] Frazier Smith vs Jesus Suarez (Plants) at table 120? Game 1: If you know anything about me you will know that my nose is like always running and I always have tissues because I’m congested. Well after about 2 minutes of sitting down my nose cleared up. I won the die roll and had +4 on him after a long drawn out game but he just decides to go for game after I used maxx c and I don’t have gorz so it gets there. I was upset that it happened like that but I just got back into the game and sided my doomcals and crow. Game 2: By the start of this game I have a headache. I play super fast because I just want to be done and move. I win fairly easy. Doomcal rapes his tengu and a Trishula play goes down for GG. Game 3: He opens Dustshoot and takes my only playable monster (tengu) and It takes me too long to rip a tour guide. When I do draw it however, I create a one for one dandy play by dark holing both of our Sangans (he has a librarian on the field too which I why I played the dark hole) and he searches crow. I assume he already has maxx c but he doesn’t and I get the play off while he looks depressed and says “damn I shoulda searched out maxx c, I misplayed.” The draw from formula only nets me more maxx c(s) and im at 1800 lp so they aren’t too helpful at that point. He makes a Brionac and kills me next turn. I was a little mad I got Dustshoot OTKd but I was like fuck it he isn’t awful so I hope he’s a good tie breaker (which he turns out to be since he also topped). Since it was my first loss he claimed like 16 packs from my bounty L 4-1 [b][u]Round 6:[/u][/b] Frazier Smith vs Trapless Agents Game 1: He wins the roll and opens Venus which I maxx c causing him to stop after I draw 1 and he just passes. I summon tengu and swing over her then he summons another Venus next turn and I maxx c him again but he still makes Gachi Gachi Gantetsu. I start to slowly notice that I don’t have any traps this game and as many times as I’ve drawn and searched my deck I NEVER draw one for over like 20 turns. It was so crazy and it made me super angry because he started to come back with hyperions and BLS, etc because all his summons just went through. I lose after a 30 minute game without trap cards and I make a comment about his deck. He was like “yeah I like trapless agents and I’m just like yeah I hate trapless plants.” Game 2: I kill him faster than Casey Anthony getting over her daughter’s murder. Game 3: We get into a simplified gamestate and once again I just do not draw traps. I remember that we went into time and I used leeching to drop his life fairly low and I check his grave to see what outs he has left in deck since 2 hyperion, BLS, and reborn are all in grave and there are soooooooooooo many fairies so no Kristya shenanigans either. He says “yeah I don’t think I can win.” I have a glow up and a fluff token in atk mode since I used them for the leeching push (formula was chillin in the grave from earlier this game). He topdecks, looks at me, smirks, and drops the last hyperion on me while it’s his last turn to deal damage to me. I sign the slip and just rage on the inside a little because of how non-cooperative my deck decided to be that whole round. He steals more bounty packs from me just like Jesus from last round and I die a little on the inside. 4-2 [b][u]Round 7:[/u][/b] Frazier Smith vs Roar, Roar, I’m a Dinosaur! Game 1: The mained reapers really just put in work and I win so easily that I’m not even present in the match. I just play on autopilot and basic instinct. It was very underwhelming. Game 2: I put in the 3[sup]rd[/sup] reaper and the 2 fiendish chains and his deck couldn’t deal once again. I made it so that he never summoned an Evolzar in either game and gave him some advice after the match. I collect my bounty packs and wait for the last round of day 1. 5-2 [b][u]Round 8:[/u][/b] Frazier Smith vs Karakuri Game 1: He uses 2 debunk on me in game 1 and I call a judge to have him deck checked because I don’t believe he is maining 2 of them. The first one was a red flag but I said maybe it’s a tech choice which has been done before in the past. When he flipped the second debunk game 1 I was like oh fuck this, raised my hand and yelled-- “JUDDDDDGGGGEEEEE!!!” He actually WAS playing with 2 debunks main decked. I still won and just sided in the 3[sup]rd[/sup] mst, 2 mind crush (yes I know all the Karakuri names and I can describe them in a time of need for mind crush purposes lol), and 2 dprison. Game 2: I remember him going off turn 2 and I’m staring at my in hand dark hole and gorz hoping that it can hold me down. He ends up making stardust at the end of his long ass turn which stymies the plans I had for dark hole but he swings into my gorz play with his 2600 karakuri Synchro. He legit sets 3 backrows and I’m like WTF! I draw, switch both gorz and the 2600 token to attack mode and just say “fuck it, if you got it, you got it. ATTACK.” He kinda just stares at the field and I realize that he doesn’t have mirror force otherwise he would’ve flipped it faster than the end of Kim Kardashian’s marriage. I win shortly after and his backrows were just msts and a gozen match. The reason I ASSUME he didn’t activate the gozen match was because he would’ve had to get rid of his stardust or 7 star Karakuri guy and I would just attack over it with gorz anyways. 6-2 [b][u]End of Day 1 Comments[/u][/b] So I’m really happy at this point because many of my friends have made it into day 2 including Stephen Silverman, Robert Boyajian, Patrick Hoban, Jessy Samek, Jerry Williams, etc. I have to win both of my games tomorrow but no worries because I’m used to this type of anxiety. Billy, Silverman, Jerry, Alistar, Shane, Spicer, Robby, McCabe and I all go out to this nice restaurant to eat. The food was delicious and the stories were even funnier. Silverman talked about how he OD’d on Evan Vargas for taking hours on his turn. Billy was trying to get drunk on long island iced teas lol. We decided to play a prank on Alistar when he came back from the bathroom, making it socially awkward. Shane discusses his fears of germany and how he is NEVER going to Africa because they just kill people in the streets and no one goes to prison or gets convicted lol. It was a fun night. [b][u]Round 9:[/u][/b] Frazier Smith v. Luke Mattingly (Malefic Skill Drain) Game 1: I win the roll and open up with tking and a set mst which made me happy since Alistar lost to him round 8 yesterday and told me that his whole deck is kinda shut down by tking. It proves to be true as he sets 2 backrows and ends his turn. I draw and swing and he takes 1900. On the end phase he uses skill drain. I get happy on the inside because I know what’s about to happen. He plays duality when he draws and I chain mst to his skill drain which would make him go savage minus on the duality play but the other backrow he had was dark bribe and then he plays 2 terraforming, grabbing Necrovalley and geartown, plays both in the correct order, gets a 3000 asshole, plays royal tribute dropping only a spore from my hand but seeing that I have dark hole and econ. I already have a scapegoat and an econ set as well and he is below 6000 with no backrow besides skill drain. I know if I just draw a legitimate monster I have game but I get fucked when I topdeck gorz, and then a warning, and then another warning. When I do go for game he is at 2100 and I econ his 3000 guy, try to attack him directly with it but he had JUST drawn a fucking dark bribe so he negates it and I draw mind control lol (another shit card against this deck). Eventually he builds up some resources and goes for 1 huge attack that gets there. I was salty. Game 2: I win with ease because I open heavy and solemn judgment so I set the play up. He does take the bait by setting 4 backrows. I play heavy and to my fucking surprise he has no response (backrows were 2 royal tributes, skill drain, gozen match). I was so fuckin shocked he set all that. Game 3: I open 4 one-of cards à foolish, dark hole, heavy, and reborn. I only have TGU as a monster and my 6[sup]th[/sup] card is dprison. He drops a tking on his first turn and sets 1 backrow. I decide to just set prison and pass. He attacks, I prison, he dualities for royal tribute after much much deliberation which only broadcast to me that he did NOT HAVE a Necrovalley already. I was right. He summons a second Tking. I draw and set reaper pass again. He summons a barbaros, sets 3 backrows randomly and ends his turn after attacking the reaper. I go dark hole. He uses bribe. I then heavy storm clearing his backrows of skill drain and royal tribute. I summon guide and Xyz into leviathan forcing him to negate. I reborn his tking and foolish for bulb, mill top card and make Catastor against his field of JUST barbaros. I turn reaper to attack mode and swing with both dropping his in-hand malefic stardust dragon. At this point he has 1 card left total and I knew it was game after some more bullying. We talk a bunch about our top16 match in Providence and my misplay back then and then I walk him to the stage to collect my bounty packs. He wishes me luck on the bubble and I keep it moving. 7-2 [b][u]Round 10: - The Bubble[/u][/b] Frazier Smith v. Thomas Vo (Plants) Game 1: I roll a 12 and go first. I knew it was my fucking day at that point because I opened Dustshoot tengu and all these good things. He loses even after his signature BLS topdeck. Game 2: I open doomcaliber knight and double tengu so I’m sad. He opens with tgu into leviathan strangely (I’m just not a fan of this play in the mirror match). I set Sangan and goats and pray that he doesn’t have tking. He draws and uses mst on my goats which I chain and he swings on 2 of them. I have 2 goat tokens and a set Sangan so I summon spore. Make formula, then make Brionac, searching dandylion with the effect of Sangan, pitch dandy to bounce the leviathan, get 2 fluff tokens, activate my maxx c, swing over his tengu, draw a card, discard one of my 2 tengu for brio’s effect targeting tengu, I draw another card. I set torrential and pass. He makes librarian using a bulb and the tengu that I left on the field. He swings over my Brionac and passes. I draw and use the effect of spore which he has no response to. Wow. I summon tengu, make Trishula with the goat token, spore, and tengu. He asks me “do I draw for librarian first?” I look at him a little angry because I was wondering if his intent was to see if I knew the rulings. I obviously remove the librarian with Trishula so that he wont draw, remove the live bulb in his grave, and remove an in-hand tengu (I was a little salty about that part but eh you cant expect to dougie too hard after you already got off a Trishula). He draws and sets a monster and I assume he has gorz. I activate reborn, targeting my Brionac, he uses maxx c, I pitch my dark hole to bounce his set monster, drop that doomcaliber that I had been holding the whole game and declare an attack with it directly. He shuffles his hand and thinks and then puts his hand out offering me the handshake. I was very excited. We talked, he wished me luck in the top, and then I collected the remainder of my bounty packs. I packed an ultimate Leviair Finished swiss 8-2 End of Swiss Comments I went and bought new sleeves since my white player’s choice were dirty as shit. Jarel wishes me luck. Then I go to see who else won their last round. Robby, Silverman, Maurice Brantley, Pat Hoban, Sam Jones, Barret, Jerry, and Steffon Bizzell. I was excited. I talked to a lot of people, signed a tour guide, an ultimate dark armed, some mats, etc. I briefly talked to Frank Debrito and he wished me luck. [b][u]Top 32:[/u][/b] Frazier Smith v. Karl Arbeiter (Karakuri) Game 1: I realized that black god was fucking upon me as soon as I rolled snake eyes but I wasn’t about to rage quit. Fuck that I’ll just rage win. Little did I fucking know that he was going to open with genex neutron and Dustshoot otk, putting back my only playable monster leaving me with mind control, avarice, glow, spore, and a warning. I make a librarian, with mind control and and bulb. Next turn he just msts my warning, drops cyber and a 3 star tuner. I drew another shit card (warning I think). Scoop. Game 2: I remember setting reaper turn 1 and my hand is not very good. I killed a cyber dragon and swung directly with reaper and he activated gorz. Next turn he just attacks into reaper and sets a backrow. He has 1 card in his hand. I draw and almost ended my turn until I realized I had a broken ass play that would just outright win the game. I heavy storm his backrow, reborn his cyber dragon, foolish bulb and mill top card to summon it and Synchro for Trishula removing his last in-hand card, the gorz itself, and the cyber dragon in his grave. He has literally nothing and I win shortly after. Game 3: Black god reminds me how cruel this world can be and that I was actually running Trapless-plants once again. I get a tengu th*rough on turn 1 and attack into a Ninishi (the boggart knight thingy). I mind control it and make black rose destroying his backrow and searching a tengu. He draws and sets 2 backrows and ends. I draw a mst (sigh). I set it and summon Sangan and attack for 2700. He draws, msts my mst, summons kuick to attack Sangan, I chain maxx c to the attack, he says fuck it and brings back Ninishi, uses his extra normal summon to bring out strategist, Synchros for the 7 star, uses its effect to bring out a merchant, makes naturia beast sets a backrow and ends. At this point im kinda furious because I sided in fiendish chains and dprisons and took out some spells but I drew like 3 spells off of maxx C L I summon debris and bring back maxx c to make an orient dragon which he uses solemn judgment on. I pass with the tengu on the field and a bluffed backrow (a spell). He attacks the last 2 tengus with naturia beast and the 7 star Synchro then uses duality to grab warning. I’m seeing my death before my eyes. I summon guide and go to make Zenmaines and he obviously uses warning. I set 2 more backrows and pass (giving me a total of 3 backrows). He attacks me with both and then uses another duality to grab tking. This is where I get mad because he for some reason decides to summon the tking while he has no backrows of his own or anything and if I just happen to have drawn torrential last turn he would’ve lost. There was legit no reason to summon the tking with the control he had on the field but he claimed he was scared of BLS. I spread my graveyard and show him that there are no lights. He says “oh I guess I’m just a bad player.” I lose. We talk and I wish him luck. He apologizes for being bad? I tell him he’s not awful but he only needed to keep attacking with beast and the 7 star to win. “If it worked last turn why change the game state and give me a chance to come back by sacking?” I sign the forms and do an interview with paul clarkà serioustreebornfrog All in all Kansas City was a pretty laidback event. Getting there on Wednesday night sucked because there wasn’t much to do except see twilight and we couldn’t find a good place for food until Friday when everyone else got there. The weekend became so much better though as it went on. I’m happy to have gotten yet another top this year, ending on a good note somewhat. I made a lot of money getting rid of my extra spellground and selling many many crap cards to Troll & Toad. Props: · Topping another event · Hanging out with my friends · Shane Scurry’s world views · Anime discussions with Ryan Newburn · Fucking with Joe Franzo about DW being awful · Fucking with Alistar about him being homeless · 3 ARG members topping (Me, Pat Hoban, Robby) · Having as many tops as Sean McCabe finally · Meeting many new people and supporters · Juicing · Black god helping me rounds 1 and 10 Slops · Breaking my “top with a different deck” rule · Losing to Karakuri in top32 AGAIN · Having a layover flight on the way back · Playing Trapless Plants for 2 rounds of the tournament · Certain body odors · The winner’s FB message to me · Black god fucking on me
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    [quote name='Captain Sure.' timestamp='1321938831' post='3036014'] I like how 2 people sided Tempest at KC! Get in there. [/quote] Poison lol
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