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  1. slightly confused on this as many different answers have been given, need to clarify 100% senario:   p1 BotFF Bear attacks directly p2 Responds with Needelbug nest and mills 5 including Necro Gardna and Eclipse Wyvern, Resolved Wyvern (bannishes a JD) resolved *my question... can he now Banish that Necro Gardna to Negate BotFF Bears attack??? thanks  
  2. Bujin - Discussion

  3. Bujin - Discussion

    _vs Madolche to funni this DG guy giving the Thrasher a hard time, "who the F runs that" haha was abyss D face up, makes susa adds hirume ss hirume he plays TT, well, chains Abyss, then SS thrasher clear swing for gg
  4. Bujin - Discussion

    On a more serious note. what are we all side decking for the hate towards Bujin? eg Light Mirror, IIwall, Rivalry, Mistake, Debunk and so on. I have been running Bujin since/before release and enjoy them very much ( can't wait for Hare ) but sometimes feel we are very vunerable to simple sided cards.   All our main decks are 99% the same, what back row hate are you all using/ sideing in to?.  
  5. Lightsworn (outa the bag)

    yey lets all fucking run glads and dads aye, get real u fucking noobs, lil kids he no idea, i admit its a glorified startere but how are we 2 make it better even another day 2 sjc, mabey the number of LS decks in these events would help a lil
  6. Lightsworn (outa the bag)

    i would love 2 hear your oppinions on how 2 fix kk have resorted back 2 this build instead of running agro agro build +1 trap= CCV +3 x COSR +2 x My body as a shield +3 x wulf +2/3 x Pot of avarice -1 wulf -1 lya -2 beckoning light -3 threatnings -1 monster reincarnation went 20-21 dno y ive changed maby koz of M,Ex decks
  7. Lightsworn (outa the bag)

    (25) 3 x judgment dragon 3 x Celestia 2 x Wulf 2 x Ryku 3 x Lyla 3 x Lumina 2 x Garoth 1 x Ehren 3 x Honest 3 x Necro gardna (10) 3 x solar recharge 2 x foolish 1 x premature burial 1x Monster reborn 1 x heavy storm 1 x Lightning Vortex 1 x monster reincarnation (6) 1 x Crush Card Virus 2 x beckoning light 3 x Threatning roar
  8. LightSworn build for Philly.

    Geoff's (NZ) LIGHTSWORN(wrecks) Monsters (24) 3 x Judgment Dragon 2 x Celestia Lightsworn Angel 3 x Wulf Lightsworn Beast 3 x Lumina Lightsworn Summoner 1 x Ehren Lightsworn Monk 2 x Lyla Lightsworn Sorceress 2 x Garoth lightsworn Warrior 2 x Ryku Lightsworn Hunter 3 x Necro Gardna 3 x Honest Spell’s (12) 3 x Solar Recharge 2 x Foolish Burial 1 x Premature Burial 1 x Monster Reborn 2 x My body as a Shield 1 x Heavy Storm 2 x Pot of Avarice Traps’s (4) 1 x Crush Card Virus 3 x Threatning Roar/ COSR "if you must" Abuse Garoth instead, lmao ive gone right off the COSR, so so many bad hands with LS, 3 x JD 3 Wulf + Celestia's COSR's NecroGardnas@3 ffs, meh it sux !!!
  9. LightSworn build for Philly.

  10. I implore you to fix this lightsworn deck

  11. National's LightSwarn

    edited with ur fix's mate perfect shot, solemns are working f*ing wonders
  12. National's LightSwarn

    bump, bring on the HATE!!!
  13. LightSworn

    Herald uses your summon you might just need after you blow up the field,
  14. Light Lord.dek

    Have tryed build with Reasioning's@3, Hit n Hope a bit, you work out the odd's. doesn't matter what opponent call's The WULF will alway's be SSummonmed, Good for getting a Lightsworn to trib for Celestia LS Angel , really is a Bonus if ya get a WULF............. or 2,lol imo Reasioning pushes through deck faster than needs be, and i rekn foolish the WULF out is better, getting him outa ya deck is a must, ya dont want 2 drop WULF in EPhase, ya need the other LS's instead,