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  1. I remember this considering the time I was friends with both of them I also have messages from josh on Facebook stating he never planned on paying Sean and bragging about getting away with it. I didn't know the whole scenario, as in Sean taking it into legal matters or I would've told him this myself. Not until seeing this now I had no idea though. Not sure if there is anything as an outside party that I can do but I would like to also verify that Josh is scum and this all is true.
  2. Dude I thought you like quit yugioh or something man.
  3. Pandemic does nothing to dimension wall
  4. I'm gonna go back to not posting until i've played the deck more i didn't realize you could droll a maxx "c" which is neat. Also I'm not one of those people I didn't realize the merit it had vs the mirror as well. I agree and am gonna test/most likely give droll and lock bird a spot in the main thanks :P
  5. I don't think it looks fine, play your deck the way you want to i guess i just don't think droll and lock is worth a mainboard slot honestly it's so bad in the mirror that it's not worth maining to me half the time you just -1 yourself. Like awesome it shuts down the prophecy match-up, but it's nothing that just does anything for the other decks in the format, and for it to even be successful in the prophecy match-up it has to be in your opening hand half the time to do anything vs the prophecy matchup as well vs everything else in the meta i would rather have a lot of different cards over a droll and lock bird in my hand. It's a side board card that your maining for a match-up that you could be playing cards like BoM/BoE, or other cards that are good all around rather than just vs one meta deck. That's just my opinion and also his extra needs some works and dont side obelisk please. >.>
  6. i think you need to consider some better cards for your g1's, maybe idk read the thread a little but not too much cause this one pretty much sucks but just glimpse at the few good posts, I'm not 100% those exist but there has to be a couple of 'em.   also maybe thought ruler in your extra that's also like currently being discussed again if you read anything posted here.
  7. 1)Exploder does nothing but kill itself in the evilswarm matchup half the time.  2)BTS is your out to jowgen/ophion and is crucial and almost both of the non mirror matches as well as the mirror match. 3)Card Destruction is absolute ass in the mirror match because it does for them exactly what it does for you and is overall subpar imho, outside of a cute decking your opponent out I don't find it very useful and feel as though there are better card choices starting with Book of Moon being one of those, again an out to ophion/jowgen and great in the mirror test out Book of Eclipse at least before Card Destruction. 4)In any game you end up grinding out I always end up using my 3rd dracossack idk i don't think you should play 2 if you have the 3rd.  5)Ryko still losses to dress, don't side obelisk or exploder.   Also nice layout :)
  8.   Holy shit if the format wasn't so fucking fast, this card would be insane for blue decks. Mystical Teachings control plz Edit: nvm, this card is average after I had some time to think about it. Costs 10 mana :( It's cool for casual edh play though :P
  9. That wasn't the point i knew it was mandatory lol I just was telling him how pointless it was to call an admin like even if i didnt grab that dragon i still won that turn and i showed him but he made me wait a solid 20 minutes before he quit
  10. last i checked the more decknames you cram into a deck name the worse it gets lol
  11. some guy is trying to shark because i went to mp1 with sarco and i win regardless so i put it back but now he is waiting for an admin just because he's salty he losses can someone come help me >.>
  12. it's a good card but it's not a staple 
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EoCLFUQEStI
  14. makes it sound like you've played the deck 
  15. we dont want pics of your pocket