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  1. DN: StevenByerly Aim: d00dstevie   i'll try this game again
  2. I think my teams dead I just got back into playing ago but I picked it up pretty quick considering I only quit in December lol.
  3. Hi I'll play I like this game kinda again :)
  4. I remember this considering the time I was friends with both of them I also have messages from josh on Facebook stating he never planned on paying Sean and bragging about getting away with it. I didn't know the whole scenario, as in Sean taking it into legal matters or I would've told him this myself. Not until seeing this now I had no idea though. Not sure if there is anything as an outside party that I can do but I would like to also verify that Josh is scum and this all is true.
  5. I am too on just not always for long periods of time -.-
  6. DG Live 24: April 2014 (Pre-Prio)

    in StevenByerly
  7. I got a lot better when you know you just disappeared -.-
  8. okay well I need a lot of practice still since I havent played in like 6 months but lets definitely do this :)
  9. hi i might start playing again 
  10. i'll be on in a half hour or so :)
  11. yeah that should be what that means, when looking that up did you find out our overall record?