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  1. DN: StevenByerly Aim: d00dstevie   i'll try this game again
  2. I think my teams dead I just got back into playing ago but I picked it up pretty quick considering I only quit in December lol.
  3. I remember this considering the time I was friends with both of them I also have messages from josh on Facebook stating he never planned on paying Sean and bragging about getting away with it. I didn't know the whole scenario, as in Sean taking it into legal matters or I would've told him this myself. Not until seeing this now I had no idea though. Not sure if there is anything as an outside party that I can do but I would like to also verify that Josh is scum and this all is true.
  4. vs Xavier Institute
  5. i wasn't active this week but you can do it if you'd like I don't wanna go inactive for a week and than have a team die on me so go for it :)
  6. i'll do it i have enough free time currently message me if you're interested
  7. okay just post and let me know
  8. just something to throw out there when you guys see people posting in free agents instead of just the active teams grabbing people they should make a team with these people because we're wayyyyy to inactive in this section for one team to be stealing the only good players
  9. war xavier's institute 7 hearts?
  10. get a few people together and start a team :) we need more of those <3
  11. you should post our war
  12. since you archive and post all these you should get rid of the other complexity war