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  1. Current Orcust Build (This one is for real)

    No surprise these forums died. Everyone was always super hostile, not an environment you get on other forums
  2. So as I'm sure everyone is aware, 1st ed LOB cards are worth a fortune. My question is, how would the values be on the non-english versions of these cards (eg french, german, italian?). I'm aware the spanish version of LOB is mass-printed in 1st edition making them worth the same as unlimited english versions of the card, but what about the other TCG languages? Would a german 1st edition BEWD be worth about the same as an english one? The same question could be applied to other old sets like Metal Raiders or Magic Ruler.
  3. Yu-Gi-Oh! Quotes in the future!

    "Patrick Hoban? Idk who that is, but no way he's better than *insert future Dalton Bousman*"
  4. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    How unfortunate.
  5. Shaddoll - Discussion

    One thing i like about majesty over vanity is that the main out to it is shaddoll fusion, since all the other outs are usually limited or one ofs (plus DAD isn't even ran in most builds), and using a shadoll fusion with a majesty fiend is just such a neg. If your opponent has to go neg 2 to summon a construct that doesn't even get the effect to out only one of your cards, how is that not better than anything?   Edit: that makes your only real outs super poly, soul charge, and bls, while vanity is outed by the two (or maybe three) squamatas, two dragons, both of which are searchable by 3 maths and foolish assuming you have hedgehog in deck, so you essentially have 7ish outs, although math is a bit of a slow out.
  6. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    Interesting play mentioned during ARG stream if going second vs shaddolls and they open with a math: summon tgu, grab cir, make a dante, detatch the tgu to mill 1, crash with math, cir summons back dante. Manages to set up a turn 1 cir dante loop without having to fear shaddoll fusion. May also make some opponents use fusion without noticing they can't send from deck, which may result in them having to fuse with cards they wouldn't want to (e.g. bls, two of the same shaddoll)
  7. ARGCS Des Moines, IA

    Am I the only one who thinks its unprofessional as fuck that they're doing shit like calling Burning Abyss "Burning Thots"? I'm all for jokes but i dont get how any of these thot jokes are even funny. It seems like every commentator minus Joe Giorlando takes commentating as a giant joke. Idk maybe im just pissed because they decided to make it so subscribers can only talk.
  8. Amazing how difficult it is for most ygo players to do this during banlist season
  9. What does this have to do with how healthy the game is? It doesn't matter how insanely broke a deck is, as long as it takes still to play and has a complicated mirror match, isn't that was we're trying to achieve here? Just like E Dragons March 2013, super broken but super hard to play well in a mirror match, and the better player usually won. But Spellbooks, not so much. I don't really give two fucks about power creep, the game either has boring, simple decks like stellars or things like dragon rulers or mermails. At least that's how I see it.
  10. 2014 World Championship

    "Forbidden lance can also be used to drop the opponent's monster's attack, I dont think I've ever seen it used that way though."   well
  11. Literally got 700 rating on DN playing Red-Eyes deck

    And? you're running a meta deck. sad.    Holy fuck this redeemed you so hard I actually lol'd
  12. Has anybody had any experiences with selling to Troll and Toad?   How much did it cost to track and what did you ship it in? Sorry for dumb question etc
  13. [quote name="razoredgey." post="3767260" timestamp="1401695170"]Here's my dilemma, I am making a deck for my girlfriend. From an investment point of view, I am no sure what to do.   I want to pick up this for $100.   3 Hootcake 3 Magaline 3 Mewaffle 3 Messengalato 2 Maxx "C" 2 Chateau 1 Ticket 2 Palooza [size=14]2 Black Horn of Heave (rare)[/size] [size=14]2 Tiaramisu  [/size] [size=14]1 Invoker[/size]   [size=14]Only thing is, it will take me some time to trade for her Angelly's. Should I do it? I am uneasy on what could be hit after the ban list as the deck is sitting at a decent price right now. [/size][size=14]Or I could just build her LS with the new structure, and trade my Bujins for the Madolches and some of her extra deck.[/size]   Could option 2 be the better one adding value to my binder?[/quote] is your gf going to play competitively, as in go to nats? (This is also considering if she has her invite, which would be very unlikely to get at this point in time, as there are very few regionals left before nats and even then getting an invite at one regionals if you're new to ygo might be a little difficult) if not then just wait for like a month and a bit for the new list might be a better idea, as you really dont need a nats optimized deck to win locals. It would also be a little difficult to pick up all of that for only 100. If you do end up getting it anyways, then I have some anjellys to sell to you :p
  14. [quote name="Lang" post="3767315" timestamp="1401709679"]I wouldnt touch any tier deck atm, except maybe Fire Fist. Anything outside of that I can see being hit. The list is 1ish months away, so if u dont rly care go for it. Id go with a casual deck and make it an easy one to learn[/quote] I mean yeah if you dont want to lose any money play fire, but if your nats performance means anything to you at all then that's probably a terrible choice then again tenki is still a list candidate...
  15. ARG Washington D.C. May 31st - June 1st

      They constantly say how intentional draws are allowed so that's probably a good indicator