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  1. Making the Transition

    Hello, Mags.
  2. [quote name="Vice Captain Sanada" post="3753220" timestamp="1399741003"][size=12]OP please lurk - thanks for posting the combo. I will say that if you have a hand of mathmatician soul charge and shrine, you can do a lot better with your deck than this carboneddon combo.[/size]][/quote] Do you mind if I ask what you have in mind to do with those cards instead?
  3. Train Signal Red

    [quote name="dexer008" post="3741525" timestamp="1398319194"]The op text is actually incorrect, and I get what Jeff was saying now.   "When your opponent's monster declares an attack: You can Special Summon this card from your hand, and if you do, change the attack target to this card and proceed to damage calculation. This card cannot be destroyed by that battle."   They included one word in the last sentence; and it immediately just dropped major play value :/[/quote] That's just cruel....
  4. Nanana

    I think you're taking the card with the Banana That Is Not a Banana too seriously.
  5. OK, so disagreeing with your objection to deliberately "tryhard-y" narrative qualifies as circlejerking now?
  6. Nanana

    I never thought I'd see a card with more deliberately childish art than Dandylion.
  7. Dragons of Legend

    Konami pulled a fast one on us with this set. We thought we were getting casual collectibles from the anime, stuff like the actual Dragons. Nope. This set is genericbrokenstuff.booster.
  8. Deck Discussion Rules - Read these

    Thanks for clearing up my error, then.
  9. Deck Discussion Rules - Read these

    Question regarding the first rule - Would it be outright forbidden to post a deck in the discussion and request help, or simply to do so without fulfilling some inevitably vague level of discussion on your deck or the deck in general? The first sentence seems to plainly state the latter, but the remainder of the text in the rule seems to at least suggest the former. I believe you refer to a demand on discussion to accompany a deck help request/deck post, but would you mind clarifying?
  10. Supply Unit

    Sadly, I think khalildh is quite serious, from experience.
  11. The Eye of Timaeus

    [quote name="NeoArkadia" post="3719091" timestamp="1395933076"][quote name="TheProtagonist" post="3719052" timestamp="1395925855"]Doesn't the OCG structure have an xyz that summons dark magician from the deck?[/quote]No Structure Deck. The issue of V Jump that came out last month came with 幻想の黒魔導師 (Dark Magician of Illusions), the Xyz you're talking about. Main problem is he's designed to be used in tandem with Magi Magi Magician Girl (unlikely to see the TCG bar a miracle).Though Konami seems to be shooting for. Some. Sort. Of. Making Dark Magician more worth it. Like Maiden and Azure-Eyes did for Blue-Eyes. But Illusions and Timaeus seem very roundabout.[/quote] Whoops. My mistake. Why aren't we expected to get Magi Magi?
  12. The Eye of Timaeus

    Doesn't the OCG structure have an xyz that summons dark magician from the deck?
  13. I pos rep every post in this thread. AMA

    What's your favorite idea?
  14. Dueling Network

    Ah. Thank you for explaining.
  15. Dueling Network

    I don't mean to be rude, but is there any reason you can't get more programmers?