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  1. Reregistering for Warring, same information as previously
  2. Man this is a great way to wake up in the morning. RED SALUTE!
  3. Tungjatjeta, Comrades!
  4. Signing up for Current format only [Dgz] - FVFRYTHFNG [Discord] - Mike|
  5. Opt-In CD&U
  6. DuelistGroundz username: FVFRYTHFNG Discord username: Mike Formats: Current [I'll play Goat if I really have to but I don't enjoy it] Expected level of activity: Does Dodging count as activity? Want to be on a team with (list any DGZ users that apply): @wrinklywinkie @Satchmo@Digbick@Kyou (Optional) Credentials/why you would be a good team member: Best to never do it
  7. Personally I don't think you shouldn't worry about apologising for all this shit and if anything you should be more aggressive about names/pronouns, they're an integral part of your identity, and people treating them as nicknames or an quirk they can acknowledge when it suits them is pretty disrespectful, but I understand a lot of people are more laid back/understanding about that because you have to be cognizant that it takes some people a bit of time to adjust even if they're wholly supportive. Anyways glad this prompted you to get the whole official thing sorted out, it's been a pretty big milestone to some people I know.
  8. ~9ish this morning they updated with a message saying "the servers will be down for a few hours", I imagine they'll be down for a while longer since it's been 10 hours now
  11. Nah this dude has form, there was this kid who joined pojo/dgz at like 15 (I think he was banned for multis) and buckwheats cozied up to him pretty fast. I think he even mentioned meeting him irl + going to locals with him, be very interesting to know the intricacies of that relationship. I've also seen some very sus PMs, and this guy once sent me a long winded message about being in love with some mexican dude, idk if that dude was underage. I just thought this man was crazy but it the Pedo angle makes a lot of sense in retrospect, should have clocked earlier.
  12. Shitposting is good for the soul Naked - Give The Brave Little Abacus - (Through Hallways) Astronoid - November Suffering Astrid - Joy & Purity KA - Mourn At Night
  13. Kanye Earl Guwop M.I.A
  14. Yeezy Kendrick (Most difficult choice by far) Earl Gambino Push Guwop Death Grips Basedgod