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  1. Trickstars - Deck Discussion

    At the time of posting it was right, but then by the end of NJ the Head Judge had ruled it differently, citing precedent in Cyber Jar (LUL nice UDE ruling), and this was subsequently picked up by AdjCon as official You can use FBG to dump Engage
  2. Sky Striker - Deck Discussion

    Something I forgot to mention: It is technically possible to maximize the value of Engage in Trickstar Sky Striker to a level almost present in the Pure Sky Striker deck because there are a few additional cards and interactions that enable you to put multiple spells in the grave t1. However it remains to be seen as to whether these are neccessary given the amount of handtraps you're required to play in order to not lose against Knightmare decks; and having a higher chance to hit a handtrap going 2nd probably increases your winrate higher than these inclusions which improve going 1st given the relative advantage of winning the die roll. Trickstar already plays a full suite of Terraforming, and it is a much more efficient card in Trickstar than it is in Sky Striker since not only does it immediately add the required card as opposed to scrying for it, you don't need the additional card to send, but most importantly, Lightstage is not OPT so Terraforming becomes a way to immediately put 2 spells in grave via Terraforming -> Lightstage -> Candina -> Lightstage ->Lycoris if you don't need/want to search Reincarnation. In addition, it is also possible to main Foolish Burial Goods in this deck alongside Metalfoes Fusion because whilst drawing Metalfoes Fusion is significantly worse in this deck the value of FBG increases the longer the game goes as Reincarnation does not have the "Except the turn this card was sent to the GY" clause, which significantly improves the longevity of the deck and enables more game attempts through Lillybell & Lycoris shenanigans. There is also the obvious interaction with FBG + Hornet but all this being said you're adding a functionally worse Upstart Goblin to your deck with a mediocre engine requirement in order to be able to resolve the 2nd Engage effect slightly more often, so it's questionable to say the least.
  3. Sky Striker - Deck Discussion

    The vast majority of Trickstar Sky Striker decks are fundamentally Trickstar decks but seeing how the core engine of that deck is only 17 cards at maximum; as we've seen in older formats Trickstar decks are usually just comprised of the strongest possible "generic" cards tooled towards the most common matchups in any given metagame. The new inclusion of Sky Striker cards is just an extension of that, but they're particularly effective because they solve a few inherent problems with Trickstar, and Engage is such a versatile card that they do so with a relatively low opportunity cost because the engine is incredibly compact. That being said though, there are reasons to play Trickstar more generally that hold true with or without Sky Striker cards, EOMP are a small part of that but there are a bunch of interactions that are just good in this format. What cards you're going to see: These are going to be the most frequent cards you'll find in Trickstar simply because they're the most "splashable", there are other configurations of the deck with more Sky Striker cards, but given the concessions necessitated by the format (handtraps for Knightmare Combo decks mostly) at that point you're better off just playing Sky Striker itself and maximizing the commitment to the engine, since you get more out of a smaller Sky Striker engine than you do a smaller Trickstar engine. Engage is just RotA, the draw effect seldom goes off early but because Trickstars main gameplay loop isn't reliant on this card it doesn't matter. Once you move into the mid-late game this card starts to become increasingly powerful in Trickstar though as that deck is based around an efficient 1-card loop and simplifying resources so the draws just let you pull ahead by grabbing more generic high EV cards. Afterburner & Anchor are pretty important because they give Trickstar a way to do things they've never been able to before; which is actually remove threats. Before Trickstar struggled really badly with reacting to monsters on the field, since all their cards are small and mostly oriented around effect damage & interacting with the opponents resources before they were established (Reincarnation doesn't actually remove anything without other cards or taking advantage of the opponent's actions, Lightstage only locks set cards etc.) so you had to play generic removal. These cards are just the most efficient generic removal in the format, and what's more also contribute to assisting with the other main problem Trickstar had, that of applying pressure, because Afterburner lets your smaller monsters get damage in whilst Anchor can steal big bois for gameshots, which in turn makes the incremental damage the deck racks up more valuable. You will often see a Jamming Wave in the side deck as a swap out for Afterburner or along side it against backrow heavy matchups where Lightstage isn't enough or where you need non-targetting removal (against say Diabolos for example), but Jamming Wave does have some cute interactions like prematurely putting your own Reincarnation in grave. The most important card by far though is Hornet because it's the biggest contributor to solving these 2 issues of Removal & Pressure. On the one hand it toolboxes all of the other cards through Shizuku, but on the other, much like Scapegoat it puts out free dudes that let you toolbox your extra (particularly pertinent with Knightmares, Kagari lets you double up on Burners/Waves through Phoenix/Cerberus/Unicorn) and actually try to win the game. There are a couple of specific combos that Hornet enables but there is a particular one which takes advantage of the Sky Striker matchup to set up the infamous Firewall OTK Loop. The combo is detailed in this video (also a deck profile): There are other reasons to play Trickstar outside of how good Sky Striker cards are in the deck though; Trickstar being a compact engine lends itself to being able to fit enough concessions to Knightmare decks and the fact that Droll & Lock Bird is so powerful this format makes this even easier, given the Reincarnation combo. In addition Reincarnation by itself can often be powerful enough to disrupt decks like SPYRAL + Gouki by utilizing it as search cards resolve to remove key combo pieces; make Super Agent resolve without effect etc. The most impactful trick that Trickstar can pull off though is probably the Lightstage interaction against Sky Striker. Big Multirole turns are among the most powerful things Striker can do; but as you'll always know where their re-set cards are, you can continually target the appropriate card to cut them off of lines like multiple engage resolutions in the same turn to keep up with them in resources, but also easily snipe unknown sets given you know the others. EOMPs are another part of this as mentioned, but the important thing to note is that the vast majority of when time is called will be in MP1, often the 1st turn of the match, so whilst Lilybell can attack directly, and Lightstage + Candina/Lycoris/Reincarnation can rack up effect damage, the only inherent way Trickstar has to do effect damage in G2/3 T1 MP1 is something akin to searching Lilybell or Lycoris with Lightstage then going NS Lilybell -> Lycoris eff bounce Lilybell, SS Lycoris -> Lilybell eff SS Lilybell -> Link Summon Bloom with Lilybell -> Bloom eff -> Lycoris eff, burn for 200/400. Everything else requires greater planning & timing given both players need to agree to move phases.
  4. Sky Striker - Deck Discussion

    I forgot to mention this because SPYRAL wasn't the focus of discussion at the time, but regarding Double Helix being selected as the correct Cherries target for that matchup, I'm sure that everyone who pays attention to ARG results will have seen Justin Singh's deck that uses Power Tool Dragon to perform Tri-Gate + Sleeper combos in the abscence of Ancient Fairy Dragon. If you haven't, then here it is (you can find the deck profile on the same channel): This combo is particularly powerful but there is also another one that does significantly more, ending on Extra Link + Tri-Gate + Sleeper with multiple cards in hand, D.D. Crow & Big Red to follow up, which is located here: Both of these combos are wholeheartedly reliant on accessing 2 ways to send both Destrudo & Master Plan to the graveyard, and as such since they don't use SPYRAL engine cards to start you'd imagine that they would be outliers. However on closer inspection it's actually much easier to build a deck with more ways to start the combo off like this (Grepher, Arma, Ravine, Shrine, Foolish, you can also play more than 40 cards whilst using Isolde to turn any 2 warriors into Arma/Grepher, Malicious, Vyon, generic warrior toolbox stuff etc.) which would lead to this combo being more prevalent than the starndard SPYRAL combos which are reliant on opening combinations of 1/5 + 1/X or limited cards. This presents a problem for Cherries because in these combos, Helix only gets summoned later on in the combo which leaves them with opportunities to improvise upon being hit with Cherries. It's possible that there is another chokepoint with a Knightmare card that most players may already be using but then at such a point is Helix even worth consideration as a Cherries target more generally, if we accept that we could perhaps hit say, Mermaid against the vast majority of these Knightmare combo decks (this is particularly pertinent in Europe & Australia given that Linkuriboh isn't legal there, leaving them with needing multiple additional materials to complete extra links or make Tri-Gate live) leaving them in a position where their board can be picked apart with much greater ease, which would be entirely possible for Sky Striker if Goblin were not providing them with Targetting protection, for example.
  5. Trickstars - Deck Discussion

    Well First off you have a bunch of completely irrelevant/unplayable cards in the OP that are just there because they're Trickstar cards, those should really be removed especially considering there isn't even any analysis of them; in addition Carobein isn't going to be TCG Legal for a long time so I have no clue why that's in there, you could footnote it but traditionally deck discussion has only allowed TCG legal cards in the two weeks before their release. Every link monster outside of Holly Angel is fringe, yet you've neglected to include all of the generic Link monsters and their comparative merits, which is really important because resolving Scapegoat is one of the only ways this deck does anything of note. Speaking of Scapegoat, with the advent of Knightmares a Scapegoat resolution with a Candina/Reincarnation goes a lot further than it previously did, especially if you elect to play Iblee so the Extra Deck certainly merits a lot of conversation, even moreso with Cherries being viable insofar as the only way that this deck competes as a Rogue strategy is by playing a ton of Handtraps. Outside of that you should probably talk about the potential of Sky Striker cards as a way for Trickstar to apply pressure with link plays and also toolbox removal which the deck doesn't inherently contain either of in-engine, but there aren't many specific interactions to talk about, IIRC there are a few Trickstar decks that have performed well at European Nationals over the past week so that will perhaps assist you in providing sample decklsits or whatever. There isn't really much else to talk about, Trickstar does Trickstar stuff you're just playing the more generic high EV cards in the format, just update those too (no idea why shit like TKRO is in the OP) but also actually explain why they're strong, against which matchups, where they should be utilized, any fringe interactions with such, whether they should be sided out vs x/y/z matchup etc.
  6. Sky Striker - Deck Discussion

    Yeah I don't outright disagree with the premise of still blinding 2nd you just can't really play cards like Twin, Evenly, Typhoon etc in the main, those being replaced by Handtraps like you stated, and you'll be required to play a higher amount of concessions since you won't have access to Anchor on T1 to stop shit. More generally I think a discussion on the hierarchy of handtraps if you will is probably going to be incredibly central as people discover exactly where to both play through and where to hit with them. I like Gamma a lot not only because it gets around Called but also because at the point where Firewall is forced to be the highest chain link it's equivalent to Ghost Ogre in value; and it naturally has utility going 2nd against say, Altergeist with a floodgate up (providing no Protocol) against Silquitous allowing you to synchro off for something that pops Village/Anti-Spell/Order etc. although the nature of these Knightmare Combo decks forcing other strats out of the metagame it doesn't seem like something that would come up much outside of using Gamma to force through a resolution against Tri-Gate if it were your 6th card for example. Of course, as you said it's complete horseshit going 1st since they're only going to be targetting Shizuku but going 2nd of course already assists with the Shizuku issue when you don't open Engage because not only are you not forced to play neccessary evil cards such as Eagle Booster which are only really effective in such scenarios if you play 3 of them but you also obviously increase the chances of hitting engage from 34% to 40%.
  7. Sky Striker - Deck Discussion

    How many copies of Gameciel does this deck play (In the past I 've rarely seen many decks use the full 9 copies and now with how powerful these Knightmare combo decks are without disruption I'd imagine that the engines with all the requirements and vanillas are somewhat encroached upon by the need for handtraps, especially considering that gameciel doesn't do anything going 2nd vs Knightmare) and how many routes to Skulldread are there, particularly through 1 of the commonly played handtraps? I think to consider the full scope of this calculating roughly exactly how often this play occurs would be neccessary, I'll look into it. Outside of that I'm not saying that the concern for the deck is invalid, moreso that I don't expect representation above perhaps a couple of percent. Extrapolating that to an event the chances of pairing vs such and then losing the die roll on top of not having any disruption (idk where the chokepoints are for the deck yet, maybe it's better at playing through disruptions than I expected) definitely seems like a much less common outcome than the Altergeist scenario as you noted. Perhaps as we get closer to NAWCQ it'll have picked up more steam. It's also worth noting that if we're talking about Duelingbook experience, there is data from the previous couple of weeks that puts Hexstia between a 70+75% winrate when it hits the field, above every other card in the format (It'll be interesting to see how this changes with DASA being TCG Legal). Of course, there are a series of assumptions in that figure similarly to the appearance of cards like Toadally Awesome in the same data in previous formats whereby these cards being so effective are predicated on the resolution of previous cards but if we're talking about the minutae of matchups for a card that doesn't require you to sacrifice anything other than an extra deck slot it's worthy of more attention imo. In regards to Isolde vs Firewall, the decks I've been playing with/against aren't really comparable to the standard Gouki combos so perhaps I'm missing something (I.E doing the entire Firewall play without using either the 1st or 2nd NS) but it is true that with respect to cherries hitting Isolde leaves you with less blowouts it's just that with an increasing number of Special Summons and ways to extend without the Normal Summon plus the discussions over the merits of forcing them to commit resources it doesn't seem a straightforward question. It's also true that Cherries on Firewall at the point whereby it would be possible leaves them with more options even before Soul Charge (I.E they have have Isolde, Octo, Batt into Rematch/Suprex, which to be fair, still doesn't extra link/trigate without something like Soul Charge, so they're presented with the issue of either stopping anyhow or risking wasting resources to get picked apart) but then at that point the question transforms more into the efficacy of Cherries as a whole compared to other handtraps since other handtraps are better at various chokepoints surrounding Firewall. If the metagame centralizes somewhat further so as to render the additonal Cherries targets moot that would be worth more consideration. I'm confused about why people are playing Lava Golem, you can't summon it against the full Gouki fields because it's a Special Summon whilst you have an Iblee up; so you'll be required to crash Iblee, move to MP2 and then Lava Golem their board on top of needing additional concessions or a way to get yourself back into the game beyond that point. Leaving up a majority co-linked board against a deck that is likely to have 3+ cards in hand to follow up with handtraps to potentially stop your play seems like an inelegant solution, but it's potentially workable in something like Sky Striker perhaps. Crashing Iblee becomes less of an option once Borrelguard dragon hits in BoL:RR (albeit the legality of that set for NAWCQ is unconfirmed to my knowledge), or even now with many people utilizing Necro Gardna, but also say, people choosing to either go Beatrice/Curious -> Gryphon with Mask of Restrict. But more interestingly I'd wonder about the structure of these decks in breaking up Knightmare Combo fields because Lava Golem over Ra Ball seems like a less effective solution considering that both take up the Normal Summon; does the WC Combo end on exactly 2 monsters to play around Ra Ball? There is seemingly a small contradiction in regards to playing Lava Golem as your only out to such fields in conjunction with handtraps insofar as it would seem more efficient to focus on or the other, and there are a few decks that can exclusively focus on breaking up the board after the fact, although idk whether other people have explored that option as much. I haven't been on Discord in ages lmao, didn't even know I had PMs
  8. Sky Striker - Deck Discussion

    World Chalice literally isn't a deck, and as long as I'm not missing something, if you just play Firewall over Isolde you solve both problems because World Chalice can't do anything meaningful without Firewall in the same vein that other Knightmare combo decks such as Gouki can't really do anything explicitly powerful without Firewall (I'm not sure if the core World Chalice extra deck cards have been supplanted by Knightmare cards but outside of them raw drawing Waterfront and climbing into Skulldread targetting Firewall cuts them off of Curious->Firewall as options for Gameciel anyway, I'd be interested in seeing whatever this supposed World Chalice strategy is post-FLOD/DASA if I'm wrong). Regarding the other Knightmare Combo decks, you're already forced to play Helix for SPYRAL, so discounting that, whilst all of the most exposed points in the combos of Knightmare decks are usually on Firewall, especially where a Link-2 Knightmare is turned into Mermaid, at which point Firewall is often forced to be CL2 otherwise they can't special from hand due to Iblee's effect on field, but also at any point where resolving the 2nd effect of Firewall is neccessary; it cannot be protected by a higher chain link either, so this naturally lends itself towards honing in on Firewall as the point of attack regarding Handtraps more generally, especially in the context of discussing Sky Striker as a deck that can quickly take control of the game and can't allow the full Extra Link combo to resolve lest they get locked out by the Iblee effect with no way to remove it. Standard Gouki decks are required to oftentimes use their Normal Summon and/or Rematch to set up the Isolde->Link-2>Firewall->Mermaid line even with the advent of DASA and the Engage/Hornet engine giving access to more free SS because you're required to resolve Gouki effects to continue fueling Firewall. This seems to support the concept of targetting Firewall as without Left Arm->Soul Charge (assuming they didn't Left Arm for Called) or other such outliers their ability to continue playing is severely hampered. Now as to whether this means that Hexstia is then the valid 15th card as a Cherries target despite it's perceived inefficiency across 3 games, it would seem to be in regards to your question, especially considering that without access to a Floodgate the only possible way that Altergeist can effectlively seal the game is the Multifaker resolution into the Marionetter double Hexstia play or something similar. I would imagine though that the contradictions presented to Altergeist in a format where every other deck does more powerful things going 1st whilst also possessing a greater ability to play concessions that aren't in opposition to each other across matchups would mean that the deck gradually sees less and less play as the format evolves, but I'm not sure that players who choose altergeist do so on the grounds that it's an effective metagame pick, as for example, a blind 1st Floodgate deck in the Nekroz format may have been, considering that Knightmare combo decks have shifted a perceived Sky Striker Mirror format in which going 2nd would potentially become the standard to a more ambiguous set of circumstances. It is true that Altergeist can utilize Secret Village & Rivalry as floodgates that would somewhat allieviate the issues of going 2nd in a strategy of that nature, however they cannot play cards such as Gozen Match or There Can Only Be One to ensure a consistent way to play going 2nd, on top of the fact that this would neccessitate playing Terraforming over the more popular and cohesive Metaverse. Furthermore, whilst Secret Village could be considered an effective floodgate going 2nd into a Sky Striker Field, the same cannot be said of such going either 1st or 2nd vs the majority of Knightmare Combo decks, and what's more, Rivalry, or even Evenly Matched also cannot effectively be utilized going 2nd against said Combo decks because Altergeist has 0 way to force the Tri-Gate wizard negation before resolving those cards in the respective windows. As such it seems that Altergeist is then forced to concede maining X Handtraps to deal with these strategies whilst somehow still maintaining a coherent structure for resolving Multifaker as often as possible. It seems to me that Altergeist is a strategy for those who feel confident in their ability to win die rolls above all else.
  9. "Forward" P.S. - "Starter Card" still doesn't mean anything P.P.S. - You're fucking retarded
  10. Trickstars - Deck Discussion

    t. guy with hundreds of both Stop shilling for dogshit cards anytime
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  12. Burning Abyss

  13. Duel Links Friend Code Thread

    100-702-681 Just started a new account a few days back due to the steam release the other week
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