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  1. https://adnauseam.io/ This is a pretty strong argument for more banner ads, it literally uses ublockorigin so anyone currently using an adblocker doesn't really have a reason not to switch to this as long as they aren't a Chrome user (which you really shouldn't be using anyways). That being said this is somewhat of a controversial topic when we're talking about ad revenue for the site so if it's inappropriate feel free to delet.
  2. digbick

    The funniest thing about this is he ain't even post the full version
  3. [Current/Goat] Kolkata Street Pajeets

    Ayyy, this came out better than I expected, not bad for a bit of work in GIMP when you consider I have no fucking idea what I'm doing lmao
  4. The Next Season of Warring

    What points nigga? I see no points, all I see is you going on tripleposting spergouts in multiple threads because your daddy got DQ'd. It's interesting that suddenly now you wanna talk about aspects of warring and have "been active" all of a sudden, multiple other people know you're a bullshitter and have called you on being more interested in playing mafia. It's arbitrary? please tell me how it's arbitrary when we essentially know exactly what Kris was doing straight from the mouth of the person he told to sign up with an Alt, and an admission of guilt from the man himself as part of a series of incidents in which, according to your invocation of "occam's razor" or whatever Kris was essentially actively trying to fuck ALN. For all your posturing about "common sense" you seem to have a blind spot when it comes to this particular issue, you say you accept that the DQ was valid but now you're trying to pretend it's a technicality, convieniently ignoring the multiple other incidents that Kris was involved in. Why don't you apply your appeals to "common sense" to your own team my man? As for actual criticisms of the current warring system, I have my own and you can ask multiple other staff members about what i've layed out in regards to discussions and improvements on that, but instead of attempting to air dirty laundry and go on rants in public, I will be bringing this stuff up in the appropriate place, at the appropriate time, with the appropriate people [and it'll be a lot more constructive than your little performances here] instead of concern trolling. Take your own advice and sit down yourself.
  5. The Next Season of Warring

    Literally stop posting anytime It's funny that you bring up "common sense" like it's a justification when almost a dozen times myself [Literally from Week 1 btw, this man was sus the entire time] and multiple other people have directly/indirectly brought up issues regarding Kris' attempting to "skirt rules" [AKA cheat] and it was the integrity of War Council overall that led to him getting away with it because they only had circumstantial evidence and gave him the benefit of the doubt time and time again.. If that was enough to go on Allen, Satch & Frogman among others would have DQ'd your fucking team weeks ago and scrubbed their records. Regarding what actually happened with Matt, he drafted Markus for fun [he literally joked about starting each war with 4 hearts] because he liked Markus. Markus has fuck all experience with ygo, and Kris knowingly took advantage of that by attempting to target him and set up matches before/just after the war was announced because HE HAS HAD ACCESS TO THE SCHEDULE FROM ESSENTIALLY WEEK 1 [interesting how more people didn't rightfully call this out] I'm in no way defending Matt for what he did and as per the rules he should have been DQ'd but he posted 1 message telling Markus to dodge anyone attempting to snipe him, and that was the extent of his violations throughout the entirety of warring. It's interesting how Ant, who is Kris' friend IRL was the one to selectively take logs from our discord and then show them to Kris [in the same hotel room nonetheless, and the timeline doesn't fit him showing them as soon as he knew, with the intention to stop cheating, but that's a whole other story], who subsequently aggressively pushed for a whole team DQ, but y'know Ant was within his rights to do that regardless of whether his motives were suspicious or not. Stop trying to conflate Kris' actions with those of other teams in an attempt to minimize the harm he caused to warring as a whole, it doesn't matter if "multiple other teams" did it, the standard of evidence was set and those caught offending were rightfully punished Fuck you for attempting to poison the well, and undermine the authority of multiple team captains and war council members because apparently nothing is valid UNTIL you personally get provided enough evidence like you've even fucking been active in warring
  6. Reregistering for Warring, same information as previously
  7. The Gentleman's Club vs. The Sigurimi

    Man this is a great way to wake up in the morning. RED SALUTE!
  8. The Sigurimi

    Tungjatjeta, Comrades!
  9. Signing up for Current format only [Dgz] - FVFRYTHFNG [Discord] - Mike|
  10. Opt in/Opt Out Thread

    Opt-In CD&U
  11. DuelistGroundz username: FVFRYTHFNG Discord username: Mike Formats: Current [I'll play Goat if I really have to but I don't enjoy it] Expected level of activity: Does Dodging count as activity? Want to be on a team with (list any DGZ users that apply): @wrinklywinkie @Satchmo@Digbick@Kyou (Optional) Credentials/why you would be a good team member: Best to never do it
  12. ycs atlanta shitpost

    Personally I don't think you shouldn't worry about apologising for all this shit and if anything you should be more aggressive about names/pronouns, they're an integral part of your identity, and people treating them as nicknames or an quirk they can acknowledge when it suits them is pretty disrespectful, but I understand a lot of people are more laid back/understanding about that because you have to be cognizant that it takes some people a bit of time to adjust even if they're wholly supportive. Anyways glad this prompted you to get the whole official thing sorted out, it's been a pretty big milestone to some people I know.
  13. Duelingbook

    ~9ish this morning they updated with a message saying "the servers will be down for a few hours", I imagine they'll be down for a while longer since it's been 10 hours now
  14. Duelingbook

  15. DuelingBook usernames