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  1. Naruto

    yeah, the manga is wayyyy ahead of the anime...but I think in the anime Gaara is the *coughcoughkazekagecoughcough* because he was wearing the clothes he wears as a ^ *look up* and yeah...unless they just wanted to change his clothes... but, this is only a rumor, some of you people probably know this: they are possibly thinking of airing Naruto on Adult swim on cartoon network, scary thought, isn't it? Well wait until you hear the idea for the voices: Gaara: Kaibas voice Sakura: Misty from Pokemons voice Naruto: Vashs voice from Trigun very scary...
  2. Favorite Anime

    Well,theres moer than five for me, but, (oh yeah, since I couldn't decide, they are not in order) 1: Cowboy Bebop 2: Trigun 3: FLCL 4: Yugioh 5:Inuyasha 6: Kodocha 7:naruto 8:MARS (AAAAAHHHH BOOK 9 AND 10!!!!!) And I think thats all...for now
  3. Akutenshi vs .:rei no ikura:.

    Good luck with the war!
  4. The Dynasty Vs. The Souls