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  1. (OCG) Booster Special: Raging Masters

    >constellar support   fack
  2. Bujin - Discussion

      yes you can.   mystical space typhoon would activate targeting your vanity's emptiness but then you would chain cairn to mst and redirect it to one of their backrow.
  3. Bear makes the Geargia match-up easier but due to taking out Artifacts you're making the Madolche and mirror (especially this) worse.   I dunno if that's worth it.
  4. Madolche - Discussion

    I've never felt as motivated as I did after meadowlands until now. I'm a persistent guy, once I set my sights on something its going to take a gang of people to break me.   How is Double Summon superior to Instant Fusion again? IF provides an easy way to either start/continue our best plays, make less resource intensive Rank 4's in a deck that struggles to do so outside of committing lots of cards to the board, and as an aside it can provide a DDW target (Mavelus) on the fly. It only requires 1 other card to be live... whether it be Mess + IF, Mag + IF, Hoot + IF, or Anjelly + IF. Double Summon requires it and in most cases 2 more cards to be made live. The only time it doesn't require itself and 2 other cards (3 in total) is when used in conjunction w/ Mag. This shit is a no-brainer. Maybe an argument can be made that Double Summon has slightly more uses when used in Madolche deck loaded w/ an additional 4-6 normal summons. But it still does not even compare to the versatility of Instant Fusion nor does it address the white elephant in the room, which is using a deck that requires gimmicky -1's to even be slightly successful because of how clogged you are w/ normal summons.   Based on this post its glaringly apparent you haven't played the card.   do tell how a card that only works with anjelly and magileine is better than a card that works every single monster in your deck   i'll be waiting.
  5. Evilswarm - Discussion

      takes away kerykeion food and takes away the battle phase which is important for this deck.
  6. YCS Philadelphia May 16th - May 18th

    what traps would you be playing? i mean i doubt you run more (effective traps) than the people that play ignition and beagalltach since the 'real' trap card pool we have atm is very limited.
  7. YCS Philadelphia May 16th - May 18th

      this is the big thing people are missing about artifacts - they look at it as just moralltach when really it's much bigger than that.
  8. yea it's just far better than a deck that has weak plays aside from soul charging into boards that honestly jsut get raped by nightmare moralltach and breakthrough skill   also better than a fat mermail deck that just has no plays that can really beat out a deck like "h.a.t.' or w/e you want to call this fucking deck full of generic good standalone cards that just shits on everything aside from armor
  9. Tremor. (ARGCS Washington)

    leaving armor face-up vs. a deck that plays moralltach is actually such a retarded thing and i'm going to ignore that you said it.   armor is honestly the only card i really fear in the geargia match-up when playing this deck, so it makes sense i want crossout to deal with that. mind control is also a great card to consider.
  10.   yea i mean your right, we definitely had dionaea pre-prio to have a complete deck. ~_~       you have searchable nightmare and bottomless which are obviously good cards.   moralltach and all your backrow shits on a majority of 'real' plays drawpasshopeigetsoulcharge.dek and mermail have.   dionaea is a 'wolfbark' that either grants you back bottomless/nightmare (dio) or pops an opponnet's backrow (myrmeleo).   it's just obvious shit man, basically a +1 stun deck that applies constant pressure on the opponent.
  11. gj and congrats on topping  :) 
  12. YCS Philadelphia May 16th - May 18th

      This is spot on, yet I get six negs for coming to exactly the same conclusion  :D   even though you both are wrong your conclusion was actually not the same at all   it's funny how you guys call bagelltach and ignition bad cards when they're what makes the artifact engine work to it's fullest capabilities.   like 902 is the only one who actually gets it. what the fuck.
  13. Let's Talk About Shadolls

    Artifacts aren't very good in a Shadoll meta, truly.   The main attraction to it would've been to summon Moralltach and pop Midrash but Konami finds it a good idea to make the best monster floodgate in the game immune to destruction effects, so that's not very wise, considering if you summon it during the battle phase it will get beat over since Midrash has 2200 ATK so your best bet is to summon it during the MP2 or end phase, but unless you have Falcon on hand you're not doing much. Regardless though, the appeal to Moralltach is the +1 but... all of the Shadoll monsters float in some way so you're not even getting that +1 from his effect. Beast can beat over an establish Moralltach, and Nephilim will just say no and either float or beat over it without second thought.   Regardless of that though, the better 'engine' to play in this deck really is Kuribandit and The Dark Creator for numerous reasons.   Kuribandit is.. Pot of Duality/Cardcar D on crack for Shadolls since it's basically thinning your deck by 5 cards getting you closer to Shadoll Fusion or even letting you grab it, potentially dumping BTS which is HUGE for the mirror, and also potentially triggering your Shadoll effects and setting up the graveyard for Dark Armed Dragon and The Dark Creator.   The Dark Creator... is this deck's main deck 'boss' because it gives you a follow-up play, so to speak, when the opponent can get over Midrash/Nephilim or your synchros like Moonlight (OCG), Armades, Leo, Star Eater, and whatever else you might summon. Once Shadoll hit the graveyard they'e doing nothing, truly, except being fodder for Falcon's effect so it makes sense you want something that makes a use of them, and this is especially true for the OCG since we don't have Pot of Avarice like the OCG does. In the mirror this card is the card you always want to see once the gamestate has been simplified, considering how complex the mirror tends to be, since it allows you to establish a board and retain control of the game. With the correct set-up you can put Moonlight and Midrash on board, which is extremely hard to get over without taking up at least 1 turn to set Dragon/Lizard and hope that the opponent doesn't have answers to simply put you further behind which will usually lose you the duel at that point.   There's no need for cute cards like Darklight. I mean what are you going to side that for? Doesn't work in the mirror since Midrash says no, Deltatheros will float (you can clear their smaller monsters but Deneb will have searched out Altair to do the same thing again so...), Baxia will have already made his impact and Yang Zing's will just float, Evilswarm has Pandemic, etc. It's not very practical at all and there are better cards to be playing.
  14. Artitrix, sounds about right.

    Explain how a one card rank 5 or a one card rank 4 that results in 2 backrow pops or 1 backrow pop and 1 trap is fucking bad.
  15. Elder Entity Norden

    this card could actually make instant fusion close to a freaking staple in korea. but korea yugioh is irrelevant so it doesnt matter.   btw by the time we get this card it won't be phased out at all because it's that good.   i'd die for a one card 2200 dweller or a generic wolfbark in general