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  1. YGO TCG Forbidden List July 2015

    Banlist is effective starting on my birthday. It IS a good present. They gave me the most valid reason yet to play FOW and ignore the existence of Yugioh.     What a joke list. I understand that people were sick of facing the same decks. I was too. But they completely killed 2 decks, did major damage to another, and slowed a few others. Nothing comes to mind that will compete with Majespecters on a consistent basis. This is the most blatant product pushing list I've seen, even moreso than March 2012. 
  2. Norden Mermail

    Fiend does hurt, but I can tell you from running both decks that dealing with Winda is a joke. You have so many outs. You can crash Linde and go into Megalo. Sphere into a Megalo. Or just plain drop a Megalo from your hand. With 2 Lindes (which I do believe to be the correct number), that's 7 cards that out Winda. Though you do need the fodder for an in hand Megalo, so there is that. And in that matchup, you can sort of get away with not using your extra deck. If they drop Construct or Shek, Infantry serves as a decent out. Plus, easy Dweller access makes grinding them out of resources pretty easy. Honestly, Shaddolls always seemed like one of Mermail's better matchups in the meta.     Regrdless, BTS, Fiendish, or even Chalice are probably overall better than Wrath, even with the nice Gunde interactions. Especially if you find yourself facing a Majesty's Fiend. BA often sides it, and that matchup can be rough as is.   Another small point since it was brought up, 101 is definitely still useful in this deck. Being able to perform a similar role to Castel but also triggering Goons is huge. Also, Armades is good in almost every matchup, and can be made off only Diva. I'm just unsure what would come out, especially considering Dweller also has applications in most of those matchups, plus some others. Therefore Second Dweller may still be better.
  3. Green points for everybody itt!

    Oh, rep is back. 
  4. The coconut debate

    I also hated it as a kid, but it sort of grew on me. Still not a huge fan of how it tastes when mixed with chocolate though.
  5. I iz fron DNF

    In related news, the linked "petition" made me feel better than ever about leaving DNF.
  6. Igknight - Discussion

    If you'e running Blazeman, you could run Polymerization and use that as a consistent way to fuse into First of the Dragons. Which is probably better than Dragon's Mirror because you could fuse with dudes on the field and have them go to the extra deck.   EDIT: Didn't notice foofatron mentioned that already.
  7. The chocolate debate

    We, the milk chocolate master race, will not allow the dark chocolate peasants to prevail.
  8. Kozmo - Discussion

    I believe he was thinking it would work with Kozmotown, which doesn't work either since losing LP isn't the same as taking damage.
  9. New YCS prize card

    What trap is this?     Lightsworn Judgment     "When this card is activated: Place this card on top of your Deck. If this card is sent to the Graveyard by the effect of a "Lightsworn" monster: You can add 1 "Judgment Dragon" from your Deck to your hand."     Personally, that strategy seems inconsistent, and frankly, win-more.
  10. New YCS prize card

    If it doesn't see much play like Blood Mefist or Ascension Sky Dragon, probably anywhere from 200-400 dollars. If it sees play like Giant Hand does, probably around 700-1000. 
  11. Say something to someone that will never hear it

    Sometimes I don't know if you're being honest with me. But that's probably just me being paranoid from being hurt before.
  12. Fucking kill me

    I hate that damn crying in laughter (whatever you'd call it) emoji so much because every time I see it it's tacked on to the end of a facebook post that dropped my IQ about 10 points.     This movie will be awful and only dumb people will get enjoyment out of it.
  13. The Spells look nice, and some of the Traps. But the monsters ended up looking like shit.
  14. Which DGZer is this?

    do not come nearest me foul succubi! thou wilt taketh my seeds for thy devil children!   Yes, more of this. 
  15. Which DGZer is this?

    I came out of boredom. I stayed for the au[color=red][/color]tism. I also stayed for the succubus talk, that was a bonus.