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  1. gottem
  2. okay buddy
  3. hey guys, just wanna remind you of how cool amd smart and woke i am. im gonna do this by insulting a member who isnt here to defend themselves anymore because thats the coolest and smartest and wokest thing ever. anyways heres an unironic forum emoji in 2017
  4. itt people who care about how cool a forum was nearly a decade ago get incredibly woke
  5. hey now, lets not violate the NAP here anyone :^)
  6. thats because i cant be dethroned
  7. i mean the real issue is this thread isnt actually about the red pill, it was about shitting on "alpha" for being a predictable sad little turd and THAT purpose is now useless cuz hes banned
  8. ???

    when the content is bad
  9. but you know i dont expect great insight from someone so myopic!
  10. your actual in-game behavior, which i specifically warned you about. you misapplying the stuff i tell you to be a dick about how right you are when it didnt even apply.
  11. same with the nazis who say they wanna gas me then get really upset when im not nice to them! if you treat someone like shit youre gonna get it back and this is not an affront or me being a bad example or whatever shit. you earn what you get, whether its good or bad.
  12. i really legitimately wasnt a dick to you when i was offering you mafia advice but you lost that right so fucking get used to it. you made your bed sleep in it.
  13. nah you literally never listen to me cuz i told you to not be a dick first and foremost and look where that went